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Last night F and I went to see Mike Doughty at World Cafe Live (downstairs). The tickets were his Christmas present. It was a great show.

Leaving for the show, we had difficulty escaping from our clingy child, and it was freezing cold. We stopped and got butter on the way to the city (it stayed plenty cold in the car while we were at the show). Had no trouble finding the recommended parking garage or finding our way to the venue (F's first time there; my first time in several years).

Our tickets got us seats at a table, which was a great idea because we could arrive when doors opened and actually eat dinner without our offspring. F had the braised pork sandwich, which he loved. I had the vegan cheesesteak, which despite no actual cheese or steak was delicious. F had two beers; I had a beer and a glass of sauvignon blanc, and then the waitress mistakenly brought me another beer, which I drank most of; if I was going to have to spend another $8 I would have preferred a creme brulee, but the beer was open and in front of me and I don't know how I could have sent it back. A friendly guy named Cliff had the seat across from us at our table and told us stories about past Doughty shows he'd seen.

The opening band was Wheatus, whose big hit in around 2000 was "Teenage Dirtbag". Since then they've released six more albums, and I really liked their energy and sense of humor. The Wheatus folks were also part of Mike Doughty's backing band.

From the concert description (link above): "Doughty is touring with the largest band he's ever toured with: a cello/bass player, drums, another guitar player, an organ player, and a backing vocalist--six people on stage. The show consists of basically live remixing. Using hand gestures, Doughty improvises changes in what the musicians in the band are doing--stopping, starting, getting louder or quieter, changing their parts, repeating their parts. The songs are Soul Coughing songs and Doughty solo songs, but none are ever performed the same way twice."

It was really cool to see Doughty basically conducting his band - and everyone in the band also got a chance to lead and conduct too. Doughty clearly likes to be in control, but it's obviously in service to making the music really tight.

I only recognized three songs: "The Bells" (so awesome! I felt for the first time in a long time like this is going to be a really good year), the one about "looking at the world from the bottom of a well", and the one about how you "don't need to walk around in circles, walk around in circles, walk around in". But I wasn't really expecting to recognize any songs, so I was pretty happy. The songs I didn't recognize were really strong, and I'm planning to look up Doughty's latest album, The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns.

After the show, we realized via Instagram that our friend Liz had also been there, but we were too late to find her and say hi. We had an uneventful trip home, which is just how I like things when coming home from the city late at night.


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