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So the wall in our bedroom that clangs when the heat is on has started to leak. Melting snow must be getting in somewhere. The paint is peeling, and apparently the water is leaking into the heating apparatus somewhere, because that whole corner smells like cigarette smoke and a thick dark sludge is also leaking down the walls. F theorizes that some sort of sealant got wet. I theorize that the landlord had better fix this ASAP before all my clothes start smelling like smoke (my closet is on the other side of this wall and also shows signs of the leak, though not as bad, and I've been burning a candle in there nonstop since yesterday). Yesterday we moved the bench that usually blocks that wall off to the side, and today I put away the drying rack and covered all the clothes in my closet with trash bags to protect them from whatever dust is going to be kicked up during the work. I just cleaned out my closet yesterday, too, it looked so nice.

I am forcing myself to look on the positive side of things. I just cleaned out my closet yesterday, so there was room in there to shove all the clothes over to the side to make room for the workmen to see the wall and get in there. Only three skirts have absorbed the smell so far (the ones that were pressed against that wall during the night) and nothing else has been damaged yet. Our landlord has been pretty good about maintenance lately, so hopefully this will be resolved soon. And I am indecribably lucky to only be worrying about a wall dripping when so many other problems could be happening to me. One of my friends just buried his brother and I feel terribly for him. Puts things in perspective in a big way. It's just a wall.

Still, this has not been a banner year for my landlord. Since our lease renewed in July, we've had (1) alarms going off in the middle of the night and summoning the fire department every night, (2) a leak in our kitchen ceiling resulting in water pouring through like a fountain, (3) December's tub and toilet overflow disaster, and now (4) this. That's four major maintenance events in seven months. I think we are going to recommit to our budget and saving for a house.

yoga # 113

Dec. 27th, 2010 11:13 pm
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Yoga # 113
Monday December 27, 9:30-10:30am
60 minutes
3760 minutes total

In addition, F gave me a Wii fitness game for Christmas, so we tried that and each got a 20-minute workout. I think the game will be very good for F since he doesn't really have a gym he can go to right now.

In other news, both of our tubs and both toilets filled up with filthy water today and overflowed. We had to call maintenance. There was bailing of water out the windows, and mopping up of water with various towels, and a shop-vac was involved, and then we had to clean the whole house. And because we hadn't done floors in a while, we had to sweep the whole house first, then because of the unsanitary conditions we had to steam-mop, then wet-swiffer to ensure that the ick was truly gone. Now the floors are indeed clean. It took a lot of wine to get the floors this clean, let me tell you.
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I'd been planning to go jogging this morning, but last night it was so nice out walking home, and then I checked the weather and saw that today's low was supposed to be 31, so I thought jogging last night might be a better idea. It was a good jog--I went my usual route and cut through the park, but then I cut over to the right and went up the hill over there to take the long way. Then I stopped at the Co-op for apples (no pockets in my runnin' pants, so I hid a $10 in my sneaker). Somehow I managed to drop my change all over the floor twice while checking out, making me look like a crazy person (but the first time she handed it to me funny, and then the bottom of the grocery bag broke and everything fell out). I walked the rest of the way home from the Co-op and even took off my fleece and walked in my tank top to cool off.

The apples I bought are currently in the crock pot turning into applesauce. Yum. Tonight I'll also do some baking--definitely gingerbread, and maybe pumpkin stuff too. I'm excited about the gingerbread because this year, instead of using my man-shaped pan, I'll be using the amazingly awesome dinosaur-shaped pan I got at a yard sale last summer. A gingerbread dinosaur! What could be more fun?! I ask you. Then, I really want to do pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and since that only calls for half a can of pumpkin, I usually make pumpkin bread at the same time to use up the rest of the can. But all this would mean a lot of baking and mixing tonight, resulting in an awful lot of yumminess for just four people tomorrow, but it's never gone to waste and pumpkin bread for breakfast for the next few days is in no way a bad thing.

Tomorrow F and I are going to get up at a decent hour and go to the 9:30 yoga class at Enso. It'll be F's first trip and Adam is teaching the class--I think F will like him. Then it's home to shower before heading up to my parents' for the day. I'll be bringing the applesauce, the baked goods, and the fixings for corn pudding (a single batch, since Mom can't eat it). I also need to bring measuring tape (for nefarious purposes) and laundry. We'll possibly change our sheets, just because laundry is free and plentiful at my parents' house.

We're considering whether to stay overnight at my parents' to get up early for the traditional Black Friday mall trip. We don't even need anything from the mall really--the trip is traditional because JC Penney's gives out free little snowglobes every year, and we always go to get them. Then we walk around the mall a bit, maybe stop at Starbucks for peppermint mochas, and when it gets too crowded, we go to Burger King for breakfast. This is the tradition. It's a great me-and-my-parents thing but it's a little different now with F in the picture.

At first we were thinking we weren't going to do the Black Friday morning thing. Then it occurred to me that we've been sleeping pretty badly lately due to our heat kicking on and clanging--it wakes us up at least twice a night, but always at 5AM, which is the crappiest time to wake up when your alarm goes off at 6:10. Last year the clanging seemed to subside a bit after the first month or so, or else we just got used to it, but we're not used to it yet this year and we're both grumpy about it. So I said, if we sleep over at my parents' house nothing will clang. F said, yeah but then we have to sleep on an air mattress that will squeak every time we roll over, to which I answered that we can take our brand-new wedding registry really nice air mattress with us instead of using my parents' air mattress, which does squeak and which leaks air just a little bit and therefore dips in the middle. We haven't tried our brand-new wedding registry really nice air mattress yet. And it's not like we'd have to take a lot of extra overnight stuff with us; we're already taking all our laundry, we can just wear clothes out of that, and my parents have shampoo and toothpaste and stuff. So I think we're actively considering the possibility.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating it!
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F and I went jogging this morning. It had been since (checks) July 13 since I jogged (I was sick the week after that, and this week we had some late nights and also my birthday, so I didn't go this week, and I really wanted to get back out there). We jogged for a while (out past the school and then looping back past the school again) and then walked the rest of the way home. We were out for probably 45-50 minutes total.

When we got back, we ate breakfast, then cleaned the kitchen. Since our kitchen has recently been a flood zone and construction area, we needed to do a big clean, and we did--the top of the fridge, side of the fridge, the entire stove top, taking everything off the counter and scrubbing it down, etc. We didn't even get down to cleaning the floors, which is tomorrow's project. All the countertops are all shiny now, and we were able to put some stuff back on top of the fridge.

After cleaning, we took a walk into town. On the way we dropped off my wedding dress at the dry cleaners. It's been sitting in a plastic bag in our bedroom since the wedding, because I honestly don't know what to do with it and I don't want to even think about it, but the guilt about leaving it sitting there crumpled up in basically a trash bag was really getting to me. We decided just to get it cleaned and not to do the whole preserved-in-a-box thing. Our dry cleaner is really nice--he said that if we had an old sheet at home, he could sew it into a dress bag easily and that would be better for the dress than to be in a plastic garment bag, so that's what we're doing. The preservation box is really expensive, for one, and also I don't know that I necessarily want to preserve the dress forever, or that we've got room to store a huge dress box. I don't know what I want to do with it. I love the dress so much, but obviously I'm never going to wear it again. Right now I can't conceive of getting rid of it, but in a year I might be okay with that. I could donate it or take it to the bridal consignment shop or sell it on ebay. If I did that, then the whole expensive preservation thing would be kind of a waste. I can't imagine that I would want to just keep it, preserved, forever. I love the dress, but I love it too much to let it go to waste like that and I'd rather know that someone else was enjoying it than have it sitting around doing nothing. And my dress, while beautiful, is very much MY dress--I can't imagine that my future offspring would be interested in wearing it. So just getting it cleaned for now seems like the best option, because then I can hang it up in the office closet until I decide what to do.

After dropping off the dress (and the rest of the dry cleaning), we walked up to the farmers market. Today we also knew there was a barbecue festival in town, so we planned on having lunch there. We picked up our farmers market stuff then got our barbecue. OMG. We each got a two-meat plate: I had the chicken and the beef brisket, and F had the ribs and the pulled pork. We also each got two sides: I had the corn on the cob and the grilled vegetables, and F had the spicy collard greens and the baked beans. Everything was absolutely delicious. We also each got a piece of cornbread. All the meat was so tender it was falling off the bone, and I was easily cutting my beef brisket with a plastic knife. I even tried F's pork and liked it, and even his baked beans weren't bad (two foods I don't traditionally like at all). We sat under a tree and ate, and then just sat there a while watching the people and listening to the band. It was absolutely lovely.


Jul. 28th, 2010 03:03 pm
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I had a great birthday evening. F and I had a fabulous dinner out in Media, and Wanda Sykes was at the next table.

I bought a new suit that looks fabulous on me. Apparently I am a size 6 on top and a size 10 or so on the bottom. That means that I can't shop for suits at Macy's. Stupid Macy's. Mad points to Express, of all places, and a secondary shout-out to the Gap, which also sold pants and jackets separately and which had a jacket I loved and pants that almost were great--it was just that the suit at Express was entirely awesome and had a skirt instead of pants. (Although I suppose they had pants too--I just tried the skirt--but anyway Express wins for having the most options and best outfit available.) I also bought a black blazer--it's not the awesomest one ever but it was on sale for 30 bucks and will be a good thing to have.

Turns out my recurring sore throat issue can be pretty much solved by Benadryl. Even CVS-brand Benadryl. I've been feeling so much better since I started taking it. I suspect that taking Benadryl daily might not be the best thing ever for my health, but at least I'm not feeling crappy like I was all last week.

The Super Awesome thing going on right now is that I was prompted to download the latest version of iTunes and did so, and now iTunes won't communicate with my ipod. When I plug the ipod in, it starts to connect but then iTunes just freezes up and I have to ctrl-alt-del to end the program. Apparently, from what I'm seeing on Apple's tech discussion boards, this problem has been going on with this version of iTunes for a good two months and Apple Support isn't dealing with the problem at all or even acknowledging that there is a problem. Meanwhile I just bought two albums of mp3s on amazon and I can't put them on my ipod to listen to, nor can I do anything to change my playlists or add new playlists. One guy on the boards recommended returning to an archived iTunes library file, which I tried and it didn't work. My next plan is to uninstall iTunes completely and then reinstall an earlier version, but I expect this to be a real pain and so I haven't started on it yet. Argh.

My name is officially changed on my social security card and my driver's license. Working on the credit cards now--I'm supposed to start getting new cards in the mail any time now.

I had sort of planned to go running this morning, but when the alarm went off I really didn't want to. I just snoozed it and coerced F into snuggling with me for an extra 20 minutes. I haven't snoozed the alarm like that in almost a year. Maybe I'll go running tomorrow or Friday instead.

The kitchen ceiling was repaired last Friday afternoon. Woot. Now a nice man named Bobby is refinishing the walls. He's scraped off the nasty stuff and I think he's plastering today and maybe painting tomorrow. He left us a nice note.

Look at me, trying to post more substantive content! I hope you're all excited.
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Saturday F and I went to IKEA. We love IKEA. It's so much fun. We came home with a new rug for the office, and new curtains, and a bunch of other things (most of which were actually on the list) and we have ideas and measurements for what we want in a new TV stand now. (The current TV stand is a repurposed microwave cart that the wheels fell off of--it's really ugly but so far is succeeding at the basic function of holding up the TV. I would be okay with keeping it as-is but F really wants a new one, and I can't argue considering that the current one really could collapse at any time.) Then after IKEA we got dinner at Baja Fresh and I had the yummiest burrito I've ever had there (the new BFF with shrimp). Saturday was good stuff.

Sunday we got some chores done, including putting out the new IKEA rug in the office, where it looks awesome. Then we drove up to my parents' house for birthday dinner. There was a thunderstorm and my parents lost power, and then their grill wasn't working right, but we managed to construct a delicious meal anyway.

Sunday night we went to the PA Shakespeare Festival. We've been going since at least 1997, maybe earlier. This year we saw Romeo & Juliet. It was a pretty good production: I liked a lot of the choices. The set was beautiful, and Juliet's costumes were all terrific. The Montague guys were well portrayed as, well, a bunch of goofy young drunk guys who get in over their heads. All the young actors were exceptionally pretty (which doesn't happen every year). Romeo and Juliet were both well cast. Papa Capulet was an actor we've seen probably a dozen times before (he was in The Sixth Sense too, as the dad of the little ghost girl whose mom poisoned her)--we always like finding the familiar faces. The only thing we really didn't like was the crazy dance scene to a Prince song in the middle of the party in the first act--a Prince song, really? It seemed like they were trying to depict Romeo's fantasy here, but it was distracting, and I thought it undermined the resonance of the scene, this moment where they see each other for the first time. I also thought it was interesting how the whole first act was like a party, lots of physical comedy and laughter, very light-hearted up until the part where people start dying--other productions of R&J I've seen have carried a dark cloud over the whole thing, but this show didn't seem to realize it was a tragedy until people started killing each other.

Overall, though, it was a good production, but next year I think we all want to see a comedy. The past three years we've seen King Lear, Antony & Cleopatra, and now R&J. That's some depressing stuff. R&J for me is even more depressing than the others because the title characters are such idiots. Even Friar Lawrence is an idiot--I mean, he sends another friar to Mantua with a letter for Romeo, so why not just send Juliet with that guy as her escort and just skip the whole fake-dying scenario? Or, I mean, Romeo has to leave by dawn to escape the city--why didn't she just go away with him right then? He was her husband, what's wrong with setting up house in Mantua together? I guess at that point they still thought they could smooth things over, bring Romeo back to town, and then joyfully announce the marriage, but later on, really, why not just sneak her out of town in the middle of the night instead of trying to fake her death? They already had a handy rope ladder from when Romeo had to sneak out of her room. Anyway, I do understand that a fatal character flaw is what makes for a real tragedy (as opposed to a regular ol' sad story, like when 15 people are killed in a hurricane--it's sad and terrible, but it's not technically a tragedy, and I am always annoyed when the news media refer to such events that way). Part of why Shakespeare is still so compelling is because he's so good at writing these complex flawed characters. But still, next year, maybe a comedy.
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I once again have the weird non-curable cold/flu/allergy thing. The thing that starts with a sore throat and continues to have a sore throat but adds on stuffiness and exhaustion. The thing that doesn't respond to cold meds or allergy meds or OJ or vitamins or herbs. The thing that I at one point suspected of being related to taking Flonase regularly, so I stopped taking the Flonase and then a few weeks later I got it again so I should safely be able to assume it's not the Flonase, but I still have suspicions. I'm now also suspecting really random things: we changed the sheets this weekend, could it be the sheets? But I had this thing all the time during the spring, and we don't change the sheets all THAT often, and I generally wash clothes with my sheets and I've never gotten sick just from wearing freshly laundered clothes before. Unless THAT's been the reason all along! But why am I not sick constantly then? And we've been using the environmentally friendly detergents all year! Maybe we should switch back to super-chemical-ly detergents! Could the problem be hot dogs? And etc.

Current strategy: F said the doctor once told him to try Benedryl, so we're trying Benedryl. It seemed to work last night--I slept really well, anyway, until I woke up at 4:30 from a dream about two murdered little girls and staggered to the bathroom to take some tylenol for my sore throat.

Marginally related to the Benedryl issue, my office is trying a pilot project with the Flavia and Keurig fancy coffee machines. My office previously had ancient diesel-fuel-producing coffee makers, so this is a welcome change but also probably a bad thing too--I should be able to cut down on Wawa and Starbucks coffee runs, which is good for my wallet, but I think my overall coffee intake will increase drastically. The only real problem with the Flavia machine is that it only dispenses liquid in the approved 4 oz. amount. The people who want 16 ozs. of coffee are annoyed, and the people who just want a big cup of hot water so they can make their own tea are annoyed. I'm trying to think of it as a bonus--this means I can try three different flavors of coffee instead of just one! In fact I may go try the cappucino in a few minutes.

Unrelated to sickness, sleep, or coffee: for over a week now, the ceiling above our refrigerator has been leaking. By "leaking" I mean sometimes it's like a babbling brook in our kitchen--not all the time, apparently only when the people upstairs run the dishwasher or take a shower or something (the water tends to be warm and sometimes foamy). We've called maintenance every day and they haven't figured out how to fix it yet, nor have they been particularly communicative about their efforts to do so, which has been maddening (i.e., did they even show up to look at it?). The other day F called maintenance from the kitchen while the river was flowing and held the phone up to the deluge so the voicemail could hear it gushing. Meanwhile we keep emptying buckets. With this and the fire alarm issue (which did eventually get fixed, at least, but not nearly quickly enough) I can say that I am not overly thrilled with my landlord. There are also several places on our walls where there were leaks after all those big storms in the winter where the paint has bubbled and chipped, and it looks like crap and they haven't fixed it yet, although at the moment I would rank the kitchen fountain as a higher priority. Silver lining we are trying to keep in mind: at least we don't own this place ourselves, so this is better than if we had bought a house and had to fix these problems personally.
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Fire alarm went off at 4:10 AM, stopped about ten minutes later, then went off again at 4:27. Our building's fire alarm must be automatically linked to the town fire department, because we heard the town fire horn go off twice (or possibly three times) in conjunction with our building's alarm going off. It's ridiculous.

But I still got up in time for my morning jog! And I was absolutely dripping with sweat afterwards! Not having been an athlete as a kid, I wasn't used to that at all. It's hot out there!
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Yoga # 62
Wednesday July 7, morning
25 minutes
1870 minutes total

I wasn't really into yoga this morning. I did mostly seated work and legs-up-the-wall.

I've been feeling sickly all week--sore throat, upset stomach, feeling weak and shaky. It's been on and off, but I haven't been having a great week health-wise. Also not helping is that the fire alarm in my building has gone off the past two nights in a row--that's three times in the past week and a half. What the hell?

Last week when the alarm went off at 12:15 at night, we were freaked out and scared and went outside right away and stayed there until the firemen said we could go back inside. Two nights ago, when the alarm went off at 2:45 AM, we checked our apartment to make sure we weren't on fire, looked outside at the firemen to make sure they weren't evacuating the building, and stayed awake until the alarm went off and the firemen drove away. (We're on the first floor--with no actual sign of fire, we figured we were safe enough and could escape out the window if necessary.) Both of those incidents kept us awake for more than half an hour in the middle of the night, making it hard to get back to sleep again and also hard to wake up the next morning.

Last night, though: the alarm went off again, at around 11:15, and F just shut all our connecting doors to block the sound and then cranked up the AC, and we went back to sleep. I don't even know if the firemen came out again. I feel more rested than I have all week.

There's obviously some sort of technical glitch going on with the fire alarm system.* I don't know if the hot weather is affecting it or what. This is really frustrating, first of all because it keeps going off in the middle of the night! And waking us up! For no reason! And also because in the event of an actual emergency in the building, at this point we would totally ignore it. Not cool. It's not acceptable and our freakin' landlord needs to do something to fix the damn system.

*(it's extremely unlikely that some idiot is pulling the fire alarm--there are very few students in our building, and it's summer anyway so there's no reason for students to be around. Most of the people in our building are quiet people like us, and many of them have small children, which frustrates me even more about the whole thing, because this alarm is waking little kids up in the middle of the night and scaring them!) /rant
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My dad had spinal surgery this morning. My parents were up at 4 AM, at the hospital at 6 AM, and my mother called me at 9 AM to let me know she'd just talked to the surgeon and the operation went well. Go, efficient surgeon man, go. Dad just called me from Mom's cell phone to let me know they're on the way home. (His SPINE was operated on this morning and he's on the way home! So amazing!) It was really great to hear his voice--I hadn't realized how worried I'd been until I felt that relief to know he's awake and okay.

In other news, I skipped jogging this morning because I have yet another cold. However, this time I did a (teeny tiny) bit of internet research. I've been using Flonase for allergies and to improve my nighttime breathing, and it totally works, but apparently side affects can include a mild sore throat or flulike symptoms. This is unfortunate! I've been using the Flonase since probably October-November, and I've had a LOT of colds this winter, always starting with the sore throat. And OTC decongestants haven't seemed to work at all (I've tried store-brand ones, TheraFlu, and just today took Mucinex, none of which did anything at all, and Mucinex totally cleaned me out when I took it last year). If my theory is correct, and I'm not having colds but experiencing Flonase side effects, then it totally makes sense that drugs wouldn't work, because the actual condition is chemically induced to begin with. Argh. New plan is to discontinue Flonase usage for a few weeks and see what happens. Hopefully the sore throats will cease and desist.

Yesterday the computer network went offline for everyone in my company's Philadelphia office. The problem started around 9:30 AM and affected network drives (where everyone stores all of their files), email, and internet. Internet came back eventually, but not the network drives. At 1:45 I decided to take a half sick day and go home to at least get something done. So yesterday I:
- called four hair salons, got good information about wedding hair, made a preliminary decision (pending paperwork to be sent from the first choice salon either yesterday or today)
- unloaded the dishwasher, washed all remaining dishes, tidied the kitchen, rearranged the freezer
- got the mail, opened the package with the sample bridesmaid bouquet in it, squealed with delight
- cleaned both toilets, wiped down the sink, scrubbed the tub with the scouring pad until it was whiter than I'd ever seen it
- took a nap

It was a pretty delightful afternoon. Then F came home ("Honey, go look at the tub--isn't it magnificent?") and he played me acoustic versions of various songs that we could use for our wedding ceremony, and we had comforting soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, and watched last week's episode of LOST (the Richard one, I haven't seen this week's yet). Overall, a pretty excellent day, and I got a lot done, but none of it was the work they pay me to do.

This Week

Nov. 8th, 2009 05:07 pm
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This week was crazy. It was not the best week ever. Read more... )
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This weekend F and I went down to Long Beach Island, NJ with my parents. It was lovely. We did some shopping, some reading, went up to the light house, went out for dinner, played some cards. F had never played progressive rummy before, and he concentrated very very hard. He did really well, too, but lost in the last hand of each game. I lost dreadfully, which is just what happens sometimes, with what was possibly a personal best score of 349+.

The house we stay at has an attached miniature golf course, which is now closed for the season, but we had the keys! So we had an epic minigolf battle. F won, but his game was much more consistent on the front nine--on the back nine, he got three holes-in-one, but also had a couple of rougher holes where he scored a 4. Final score was I think 41, F, 47, R. At least I acquitted myself decently.

On the way back we stopped at a farm stand on route 70 and got pumpkins, and then stopped at the Dairy Bar a little farther on route 70 and split a pumpkin custard. Yum.

It is getting to be very autumny here. F's new favorite sentence is "It's chilly." He says it often. This is going to be his first full winter in PA since he was in high school. He will be whiny, and understandably so. I promised to be patient with him. We need to buy him some thicker pants and more wintry sportcoats, perhaps some turtlenecks and things--all his business clothes were purchased with Florida or California in mind. Khaki sportcoats are nice, but just aren't going to cut it in PA past October. I suspect we need to make a signficant investment in wool and corduroy. F also needs some long underwear. He was whining that he gets cold on his ten-minute walk to work, and I told him that his legs would be warmer walking to work if he had some long underwear on under his khaki pants. He said he doesn't want to have to wear the long underwear under his pants all day. I may have told him to suck it up, or I may have said "welcome back to the northeast", but see, that's the sort of thing I'm not going to say anymore now that I've promised to be patient. Now I'll just buy him some long underwear and quietly put it with his pants. I'm going to work very hard to be sensitive and supportive.

Last night we made really good progress on our apartment. We got all the excess stuff out of the dining room. The dining room is now totally done. It is my favorite room in the apartment. We also cleared several boxes out of the living room, which made me really happy. The boxes mostly contained my knicknacks and little bookshelf treasures--F had already unpacked a lot of his treasures, so I'd been feeling underrepresented. Now no longer! So what if half my knicknacks are action figures and the rest are sheep? My stuff is awesome. F also hooked up his stereo and figured out how to hook up his big speakers without wires everywhere. He very deviously ran the speaker wire around the fireplace by tucking it into the crack between the brick and the wood. You can't tell at all that there's speaker wire there, and it hardly shows otherwise. He did a very good job. Then we listened to Tori Amos to test it out, and it was great. His big speakers sound good when you get them working.

Short term apartment projects:
- hanging the mirror above the fireplace
- figuring out where to hang all the family photos, possibly getting more frames
- getting a book stand for the proposal book
- putting out the Halloween decorations!!!!!!!

Long term projects include sanding and staining the dining room table, and sanding and painting/staining my desk. Those might wait until spring. We also need to organize the bookshelves in the office and unpack the very last of the books. That's more of a medium-term project. And then there's the junk closet, where we just stick everything we don't know what else to do with. There are two short bookshelves in there. (It's a pretty big junk closet.) Right now the plan is to keep them in there and unpack all the photo albums onto them. There are a lot of photo albums. But this is a long term project for sure, so we'll just have to see.
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F gives a tour of the new apartment:

(Hang on to your seats--the way F handles that camera, the video's like a roller coaster ride...)


Jul. 17th, 2009 01:39 pm
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Last night, I had yoga class, so I got home late. F's new phone that he ordered on ebay got delivered to our old address by mistake, so he had to drive all the way to the other side of the city and back to pick it up, so we actually got home at around the same time. Then we made zucchini and squash wraps for dinner, which was awesome, even though I had to walk down to the coop to get more tortillas. The goat cheddar was AWESOME with the zucchini and we were literally licking our plates after we were done.

Then we moved the couches all around the living room and came up with an arrangement that will hopefully work for a while. And we moved the spare mattress (anyone need a mattress?) and hooked up my computer in the bedroom, which was excellent and which ceased all productivity because I had to go play spider solitaire (no internet yet), but by then it was around 9:30 and we were slowing down anyway.

Today has been a good day! I knew I had to stay late today for a meeting, so I went in late, which gave me time in the morning to work on my closet. The Good Closet. Which has proven itself to be a little bit less good, as the shelves were totally covered in paint/plaster dust and we were really disgusting. It took me 40 minutes to clear them off satisfactorily. If I die from asbestos poisoning now you all know why. But the closet is ready for action now!

Then here at work I actually had something useful to do--calculate page counts per chapter and work on writing author instructions. Logical problem solving skills and creative writing skills. No wonder I actually enjoyed my work today. And Dr. S was actually available for our conference call, and apologized for being MIA for the last month, and suggested himself that the rest of the chapters will be submitted by the end of the summer, so that is also excellent.

Now, home, to do more closet work, and take the Comcast cable box and cable modem back to the service center. Where they WILL accept them and give me a receipt, because I am not driving my ass back over to the other side of the city to the closest service center to my previous service location. The one that's close to my new home will just have to freakin' deal.


Jul. 6th, 2009 09:58 am
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Hey, we moved!! And everything went abundantly well, really smoothly, and happened amazingly fast!

Friday morning, F and I got up pretty early. We disassembled the bed, took apart his desk table, I made a Dunkin run, and we got some other things done. By the time friends started arriving at 10:30, there wasn't much to do besides eat donuts and chat and wait for the truck to arrive. And arrive it did! We had managed to block off parking right outside our apartment. People started carrying things, and it went so fast. We had budgeted two hours to load the truck, and we were done in 45 minutes. It was insane. And everything fit in the truck, too--we had been planning just to get the big furniture in, like the pull-out couch and mattress and box spring and book shelves, and then the larger boxes, and then see what else would fit, but EVERYTHING fit. I didn't even get to see the finished packed truck because I was scrabbling around in the apartment looking for more things to put on the truck. And we remembered everything in the basement, even the laundry detergent! We left around 12-12:30ish, I think, and got to the new place around 1? I phoneposted at apparently 1:07 PM, so maybe that's not right. F and I were the last ones to leave the old apartment, though, but we made up time on the road--it only took us 30-35 minutes to drive to the new place. And when we got there, most of our friends had come too and found parking and helped unpack the truck. I mostly stood inside and directed traffic, because we have so many rooms in the new place that traffic direction was necessary. And then we put together the bed (thanks to Liz and Mike, who are hella competent!) and ate pizza! Everybody left by like 3:00. It was so amazing. I am insanely grateful to all the wonderful people who helped us (for the record: Liz and Mike, Rick, Joanna, Sam, Connor, Lauren, Michelle, Jean and Dennis, and Reagan and Mark--I think that's everyone, plus the affordable and helpful Patrick and Olu from UPenn Movers, highly recommended to anyone moving in the Philadelphia area!).

F and I spent the weekend together dealing with apartmenty things. Friday night, we did some unpacking, but also did some much needed flopping on the couch and reading and watching Six Feet Under. Saturday, we worked on the kitchen for a bit, then went back over to the old apartment to clean. The old place is now very shiny. After cleaning we took a walk over to Pastorius Park and sat in the shade and watched the dogs play. Then we drove into Manayunk/Roxborough for dinner at the Adobe Cafe. Yes, we got Mexican food on the 4th of July. It was awesome. Back at our new home, we worked in the kitchen some more and then watched more Six Feet Under.

Sunday, slept in a bit, worked in the kitchen (it's amazing how much kitchen stuff we both have, and also what a crazy packer F is--we find the weirdest stuff in his boxes). After lunch (the last of Friday's leftover pizza) we practiced some shock-and-awe grocery shopping--we left the house at 1:15, hit both Trader Joe's and Genuardi's, spent $144, and were home by 3:15. Woot. Fridge and cupboard are now completely stocked, and I'm snacking on the good banana chips. In the afternoon we did two loads of laundry in our new building's basement--a little pricey, but can't beat it for convenience, and the machines hold more than the machines in my old place--and also worked on closets. There are many closets, some Good and some Bad. ) Anyway, when F started throwing hangers on the floor in frustration, we decided to make dinner, which was just a basic spaghetti with spinach and zucchini in the sauce. Tonight we'll have the leftovers and will also finish off the meatlessballs from the freezer.

These banana chips are amazing. I love them so much. But not as much as I love F, despite all the closet-related concerns. Even though we've been living together for several months now, this is really the first time that our stuff has lived together, and that's complicated to navigate, but overall it was a really joyful and wonderful weekend and our new place is going to be so happy when we get it all set up!
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F and I went for a good hike on Sunday. We walked over to Wissahickon Valley Park, entered the park from Rex Ave, hiked all the way over to the Valley Green Inn, stopped for a pee break, then hiked back. We also stopped by a pretty stream and waterfall for a picnic lunch, and then again along the creek to dip our toes in. It was a wonderful afternoon. The only downside was that we only packed one bottle of water, so after it ran out, walking home again was rather unpleasant. But then we drank a quart of lemonade and watched Buffy, so all was well again. Overall it was a lovely day.

Yesterday was my last comp theory class. I handed in my paper, gave my little presentation, filled out the evaluation form, etc. It was a really good class, and now I have a ton of new things on my To Read list, and I feel like I learned a lot and that I could be a pretty good teacher. I don't know if I'll continue with the masters program at SJU--it's a fine program, but it's not the most convenient place to get to from either my current apartment or our new one over in Swarthmore, so I don't know. But I'm glad I took the class. Now just to receive my grade and then submit the paperwork to my company in the hopes that they'll pay me back for it.

And now that class is over, I can go back to my regularly scheduled reading, instead of focusing on comp all the time. I celebrated by filling up my library hold list with some travel writing, archaeology, women's history, a mystery novel, and a Guy Gavriel Kay fantasy novel. Score.

Oh yeah, I don't think I mentioned--F and I found a new apartment. It's a three bedroom, 1.5 bath place, spitting distance from the Swarthmore train station and a quick walk from F's office. His entire commute will pretty much disappear. The apartment itself is really nice. It's in a building that used to be an old fashioned hotel, and it's the suite that the really rich people rented--so the third bedroom was intended for the servant's quarters, and the half bath is actually a small toilet and a little hobbit-sized tub, no sink, attached to the little third bedroom. Because I'm guessing the servant couldn't possibly use the same bathroom as the family. So that's kind of cool and quirky. The third bedroom setup will be perfect if we decide to have a child while we're in this place, and will be perfect for a little yoga room for me until that happens. The rest of the rooms are quite large, and there are tons of large closets. There's a dishwasher too (the machine kind, not the kind that lives in the third bedroom). No laundry, unfortunately, which is the main downside, but several nearby laundromats, and walking distance to the Swarthmore co-op and some restaurants and a ten-minute drive to Media, where there are many cool and excellent things. Overall, we're really excited about the new place. Move in date is July 1, which is unfortunately a Wednesday. I still need to give notice at my current place, so I'm going to ask them if we can extend our lease just a little into July at a pro-rated rent so we can move over July 4th weekend. So we'll see about that.

I was also going to post about Heroes and a few other things, but I was just reminded that I have to be at a training at 10 am. Whee.
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So, F moved in just over two months ago! Things have really been going well. Not that I'm surprised, but still.

The first week or so was difficult. F was dealing with being in a new place--a place with snow--and being around me all the time, plus not having any of his stuff. I was dealing with a drastic decrease in personal space and alone time plus F's entirely different style of kitchen-using. Most of that, we've gotten past or found a workaround.

It turns out that I seem to be a complete psycho about dishes for some reason--I never would have suspected ten years ago that I'd turn out to be a dish psycho. I mean, F willingly washes dishes, without even being prompted, even making statements like, "Boy, I'd better wash those" and then following up with dish-washing action, yet still, I am psycho about his STYLE of dishwashing. I think this might be related to the fact that all of my apartmental systems of doing things are in complete disarray now that he's here, which is normal and expected, and it's normal too that I be upset about all the upset, but for some reason I'm taking it out on the dishes. So now we have worked out a nice arrangement where F does more of the cooking and I do more of the dishes. I'm totally cool with that. Also, when F does the dishes, I do not watch.

Other difficulties for me have been F totally taking over my stuff that I love, like my car (he needs to drive to work), my computer, and my ipod (he couldn't update his ipod from my computer and anyway it's too small for audiobooks). Now, though, F's computer is all set up and has the internets, so he can download his darn podcasts to his own ipod and he can do his writing on his own computer and I can have mine back. So I am excited.

F has had his own difficulties, obviously, which he can talk about himself, but the commute is a big unlikeable thing. He used to walk 5 minutes to work and now he drives 50 minutes. Hence the gracious lending of my ipod, but it still sucks. The personal space issue and lack of his own stuff issue is also a problem, but we talked it over and had good communication that led to setting up his computer, which is awesome for many reasons. So, yay communication. Also, I keep making him hang out with my parents, who keep bestowing lovely dollar store holiday decorations upon us. They are entertained by how quickly F covers his horror with a smile and also by his sarcasm!

I am also finding out lots of fun new things about F. For example, he listens to NPR constantly. I'm beginning to suspect that he somehow gets NPR secret radio reception in his brain. Most of our conversations involve something F heard on NPR. However, I am discovering that NPR covers a lot of really interesting stories, so it's all good.

Also, F is just as much a list maker as I am! We have hours of fun. On Fridays, we email back and forth at work to compile a list of things to do over the weekend. Then we print it out and spend the weekend crossing things off. During the week we flip the list over (so as not to waste paper) and re-list everything we have to do and add new items. We get so much DONE!

We're also having a great time with cooking. Every week we make our grocery list and plan our meals for the week (see above RE list-making) and go to the store. We've been making really good food. This week we tried basa, which is a kind of fish. We cooked it in a tomato-pepper sauce which we made from scratch in the blender and then ate it with couscous and asparagus. I also made Stew, which involves a bunch of stuff getting thrown in the crockpot, so we're varying things up and doing meals that involve both high and low time investments. F tends to cook more veggies than I do, and more Mexican and spicier food, and I tend to cook more pasta, so we're expanding each other's repertoires. Now I can eat asparagus, zucchini, squash, green beans, AND snap peas. We keep staples in the kitchen, like potatoes and onions and basil, and when we throw together a meal we don't just take a Lean Cuisine out of the freezer, we actually cook something. I'm so happy with these developments in our diet.

Best of all is the part where I get to spend all my time with this awesome person. We take long walks, we cook, we watch TV, we read, we fall asleep together, and it's every single day and I hardly ever get sick of him (except when he talks about NPR too much). It's so nice! Even though there are many things in my life that aren't ideal right now, there is F, and so that stuff doesn't really matter.


Jan. 31st, 2009 05:49 pm
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F is in the air. He'll be landing in Philly around 11:00 PM. Sheets are changed, laundry is done, dishes are done. My apartment is totally clean. I am totally clean. My paper that's due for Monday night class is written. I think the only things left to do now are to rub on some lotion, cook some french toast, and then play Zelda all night until it's time to go to the airport. Goodbye, bachelorettedom!
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I just had a really terrific yoga practice. I felt so strong and centered--my body really wanted to be doing yoga. I did my strength-training circuit, AND I did my first-ever all-by-myself headstand. I did one a few weeks ago in Lucia's class, but that was with Lucia standing there to catch me if I fell on my head. Today it was just me, leaning against my front door. It really is all abs. I mean, I knew that, but experiencing it is different. I'm hoping if I work on headstand some more I might be able to work up to handstand in a few months. Whee. Probably a 50-55 minute practice altogether.

AND I finished the first draft of a really difficult essay this morning. And read some poetry. Now I'm going to work on sending out submissions and maybe downloading new yoga music. (I also watched two hours of HGTV today and ate several pieces of greasy restaurant cornbread, but small steps, right, and I clipped the coupons and did dishes at the commercials.) Yesterday I put away all the Halloween decorations and cleaned the apartment (including sweeping the dreaded floors). Overall I feel like I'm in a genuinely healthy place, location and body and mind, for the first time in weeks.
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Things to do before F's visit:

swap summer clothes for winter clothes
put out halloween decorations
vacuum, dry swiffer floors
wipe down kitchen
clean bathroom
wet swiffer bathroom, rest of apartment
hide F's christmas presents
take clothes to consignment shop
iron suit and put away
take dress to dry cleaners
mail packages
write fandom_grammar feature about verbs
come up with list of questions for St. Joe's open house
do church website research (or inquire RE putting off till next month)
change sheets
swiffer one more time before F arrives
make chai; make hummus

I also sent out two submissions today. Setting my sights too high, but we'll see.

And now I'm going to bed.


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