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Yes, Chef, by Marcus Samuelsson: Finished 5/7/17. I enjoy Samuelsson on TV and was curious about his story, so I thought I'd check out the book, and it was light and fun. Not a great work of literature, but enjoyable, especially if you like fine cuisine, cooking, or TV chefs.

The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper, by Phaedra Patrick: Finished 5/8/17. A really fun, fast read in a subgenre I love that I’m calling “charming geriatric adventurers.” I loved all the places this charm bracelet led Arthur, and I particularly loved the ending. Highly recommended if you also enjoy stories about old people who thought their lives were over rediscovering themselves and the world.

A Bear Called Paddington (Paddington #1), by Michael Bond: Finished on 5/8/17. My daughter really enjoyed this book. We would read a chapter each day at bedtime, and it's really funny. She would laugh and laugh! Then it would be time to turn out the light, and she'd be all jazzed up. Oh well. This is definitely an older book but it held up pretty well against modern standards; the downside was that no one says things like "darkest Peru" anymore and there were a few lines that were a little colonialist, but we talked about it. Overall: bear! adventures! messes!

Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Read on 5/9/17. Suggestions for how to raise your child as a feminist, written as a letter to a friend of Adichie's who had asked her advice. A quick and worthwhile read.

We Should All Be Feminists, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Read on 5/9/17. Short and well worth reading. (Weirdly, both of these came available through the library on the same day, so I read them both together. They were fast.)

The BFG, by Roald Dahl: Finished 5/19/17. This was a pleasure. Freya enjoyed this a lot, particularly the whizpoppers, and the other giants were just the right level of scary. (We watched the movie a week or two later, which she also loved, and I was delighted to find it a really excellent adaptation with a perfect BFG and less gory than the book!)

Replay, by Ken Grimwood: Finished on 5/16/17. A really good entry in the “Groundhog Day” genre (i.e., a protagonist living his life over and over again). Not as good as The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, but pretty close. I really enjoyed the structure of this one, as well as the ending, which felt unexpectedly fresh to me.

Grindhopping: Building a Rewarding Career Without Paying Your Dues, by Laura Vanderkam: Finished 5/22/17. This book is aimed at a younger demographic than I am at this point: Vanderkam is writing to inspire twentysomethings to pursue their dreams rather than investing years in an unfulfilling career, while I’m more at the “years of investment” stage and looking to get out of the career grind. But Vanderkam still had some decent advice, and the book felt inspirational; it helped me feel like I could just maybe make it work. One criticism is that, having been written in 2006, a lot of the content feels a bit dated; I’d love to see Vanderkam do a revision. Still glad I read it, and I’ll likely come back to it.

Windthrow, by K.A. Hays: Poetry. Finished 5/23/17.
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Really enjoyed this. Many of Greenberg's preoccupations mirror my own, and she writes them really well. Sometimes the ending to a particular piece (poem/mini-essay/whatever) felt a little flat, but overall this was clever and really resonated.
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Really enjoyed this. Didn't even catch that they're sonnets until coming onto Goodreads to post this (my library copy is a plain hardback with no blurbs on the back cover), but it makes sense as a form for this character and the way he sees the world. I'll be reading this again before it goes back to the library.
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There were very few poems here that didn't sing for me. Ross Gay's work is so important in this world.
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Tony lost me with What Narcissism Means to Me, but he has won back my heart with this book. I am already rereading it.
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Not my favorite of Claudia's books, but still strong. Last book read in 2015.
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According to Goodreads I started this on August 20; I've just finished it now on November 9. This was difficult to read on an emotional level (it took me 2.5 months) but I'm very very glad I read it.
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Poetry, finished on 10/3/15. I really loved this.
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Really enjoyed this. Lantz really gets a lot of mileage out of juxtaposing Donald Rumsfeld and Pliny the Elder, two humans who you'd think have nothing to do with each other. You're reading this description right now and thinking it must be a joke of a book, but there's an unexpected lot of emotional resonance here, as Lantz also, somehow, works in the narrator's mother's illness as a recurring theme. My favorite piece is probably the Notes at the end but you really have to read the whole book to get there. It's worth doing.
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Poetry, finished on 8/17/15. Really, really enjoyed this.
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Poetry. Finished this on July 26. Solid and enjoyable.
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Five stars. Not much more to say but that it's a grief that we won't have any more poems from Claudia, which, along with rejoicing in the beautiful poems we do have, is what I think about when I read her work.
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Finished this a few weeks ago and hadn't had time to type it up, but this book was really, really good.
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I wasn't totally in love with this at first, but the second half of the book really sucked me in. "You Are Jeff" in particular was haunting.
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According to Goodreads, I read this back in 2010. Other than a few poems towards the end, I didn't remember it, but I did note in my 2010 review that "the whole book went by very quickly" so maybe that's why. Anyway, I was looking for poetry that would really move me; I've been reading a lot of poetry lately but it's not necessarily getting to my heart, and I thought this might since there's some motherhood in there. (Maybe the problem is that I'm reading poetry before bed and I'm just too tired? But before bed used to be a good creative time for my writing, so I don't know.) Anyway, the few poems toward the end sung for me, like they apparently did before, but again this went by pretty quickly but enjoyably.
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I really enjoyed this book. Nebel does a good job of being brutally honest, capturing difficult emotions that no one wants to say out loud.
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Finished this last night and really, really enjoyed it. Sarah's doing something here with intertwining meditations on Kanye into her own very different life that feels very fresh and is incredibly accessible while remaining poetic and meaningful.
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I really enjoyed this collection of thoughtful prose poems. Some particular favorites: "Breaking the Glass", "Music Like Dirt", "Midnight Salvage", and "The Surrendered".

(Reading a lot of poetry lately because my friends keep publishing books - a situation that is annoying, because I am not publishing books, but ultimately lovely, because there's some really strong work and also somehow I'm up with the times on the cutting-edge poetry coming out these days, for the first time in years!)
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Poetry! My friend's first book. I was not as excited about the God-heavy poems - I don't have the depth of experience with that language and style - but overall I really enjoyed the collection. Only spotted one poem from our grad school days but it was fun to spot that one.


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