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I have a bunch of comics I wouldn't mind getting rid of. It's the Angel: After the Fall series published by IDW 2008-2009. I have issues 1-26, all in individual sleeves with a backboard. Issues 1-19 were read once, 20-26 have never been opened. Anyone want them, or know anybody who might? Is this the sort of thing I could put on ebay with any success?

I have the Dark Horse BtVS season 8s too, up to issue 40 or so (read 1-24, the later ones not), but those I think I would actually like to read and keep.
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Finally. It's been three weeks, I was a giant wuss. It also got a lot colder since the last time I was out. I couldn't remember my earmuff rule and so didn't wear earmuffs. Turns out my rule was earmuffs if under 65 degrees, and it was like 61. Lesson learned, ears now warm. F came out with me too. We are perfecting the art of speaking in short phrases while out of breath. About a 25 minute jog total.

Last night F and I finished watching season 5 of Buffy. I cried. I always cry. F, knowing there are two more seasons to watch, just said something like, so they bring her back somehow then?

We are also almost all the way through season 1 of The Big Bang Theory, and a few episodes in to Doctor Who (where Doctor = Christopher Eccleston). Both of these are extremely fun to watch and do not make me cry. I expect to pick up again with Buffy season 6 sometime, but maybe not till after Christmas. I also find myself missing Angel lately, but F has expressed a pointed lack of interest in going there. I'm wondering whether I can press season 1 on him anyway. Also, there's Star Trek--now that we're married, he can't get away. Time to make it so!

Yoga # 39

Apr. 26th, 2010 02:53 pm
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Yoga # 39
Monday April 26, early morning
20 minutes
1185 minutes total

I have that allergy/cold/flonase drug reaction/rhinoceros infestation/sinus infection thing again. The thing that no drug will cure? Where my nose gets rubbed so raw that Puffs Plus with lotion feels like sandpaper? Yeah, that thing. Unfortunately this morning I had a bit of a Nyquil headache so I didn't feel much like doing yoga. I only did weights and some floor stretches.

It seems like Zyrtec is helping a bit this time, though. And we bought a Neti Pot yesterday, though I haven't tried it yet. Also, I decided that, since this is pretty much the exact same thing I had a few weeks ago, and I've been off the flonase for longer than that, therefore this can't be a reaction to the flonase. So I started using the flonase again, and I think it helps.

F and I are halfway through Buffy season 4. We just watched "Hush". Good stuff. I'm really looking forward to the last episode of this season, it's one of my favorites.

TV update

May. 1st, 2009 11:02 am
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I'm majorly peeved at the season finale of Heroes. Read more... )

F and I are about halfway through season 2 of Buffy. We just watched "Phases", which is a fun episode. F thinks he knows all about what's going to happen, but he totally doesn't.

Regarding LOST. Read more... )

The Chuck season finale was awesome. The wedding sequence, with Mr. Roboto and the fight and the ice sculpture, was all so perfectly done. It was wonderful. I'm a little concerned about the ending, though--Read more... )
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Okay, so in the letters at the back of Buffy season eight #8, a letter writer asks if we will ever find out who kissed Buffy in issue #3. And the response was that a lot of fans missed it, but that it was actually revealed. I went back and looked at #3 and #4 and couldn't find it. Anybody else?
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I think I'm pretty much done writing Buffy limericks now. I'm not sure, but I think I wrote more than Chrysta, and that was most important. And Jorn did manage to contribute a limerick, and I'm totally proud of him for working bukkake into the Buffyverse, so that rocked.

Anyway, here are the limericks I wrote. Limericks! Limericks! Limericks! )

...Crap, Chrysta did write more than me. Okay, now I have to write four two more limericks. Dang it!

But maybe this will inspire the rest of you to be prolific and write stuff for the Alli's Limerick contest. Today's the last day to enter!
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my buffy season 5 dvds arrived in the mail yesterday. this caused me to run around the apartment shrieking BUFFYBUFFYBUFFY!!!!!1!!!. dann says now he's only going to refer to the show as buffybuffybuffy. i watched the first two episodes with jorn last night. dann had planned to watch a hockey game because the washington caps were playing boston, so he would actually get a chance to see his team on tv. so i grudgingly gave up the tv after watching only one episode, but then his team actually won so i was glad. and the game ended early, so i had time to watch the second episode too. i wanted to stay up all night and watch all of them, but jorn thought that was a bad idea and made me go to bed. he and dylan kept saying things like "they're not going anywhere" and "it'll still be here tomorrow", but they don't understand. i miss rhett. but i was right about how my life suddenly and magically seems much better now that i have buffy again.

another thing. jorn, you have to check this out. there's a store on mass ave, right near the hi fi pizza place, that usually has, like, corsets and leather stuff in the window. they currently have a holiday display that features three pee wee herman dolls dressed up like the three wise men, bearing gifts. it's totally hilarious. at first i wasn't sure that they were pee wee dolls, only that they looked really familiar, but then i saw the white shoes peeking out from under their wise men robes. it's awesome.

when i got on the T this morning, the automated voice said, "next stop davis square." for those of you who don't live in boston, this is notable because davis square is three stops in the opposite direction from the way i was going, so there's no possible way for davis square to be the next stop after central. so i got to thinking, wouldn't it be awesome sometime, like april fools day or something, for the automated voices to just spew out crazy stops, like if i got on the red line it could say "next stop aquarium" or "next stop malden center" or something. i bet half the people on the T wouldn't even notice, though.

this job is pretty okay. i've been getting a lot of reading done. i finished Sarah Orne Jewett's A Country Doctor last week, which i'd been meaning to read for a long time, and two days ago i read The Joy Luck Club, which was also really good. today i'm either going to do The Color Purple (which i never read in school, because, you know, catholic school i guess) or My Antonia by Willa Cather. if i stay here much longer, i'll actually have a chance of making it through the collected works of D.H. Lawrence. or at least of borrowing dann's collected Oscar Wilde and getting through that.

one last thing. this morning i decided to treat myself to a nice beverage. i was on the T thinking i was thirsty, so i was thinking maybe i'd get coffee, or maybe a coke. the coke sounded really good, but the only place open inside the management building was starbucks, and i realized i wasn't in the mood for something hot. so i got a caramel frappucino, and OH MY GOD. ymmuy.
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things that are good:

i bought some christmas gifts for jorn online today. i'm excited about that. dylan made a miniature roll of toilet paper. my plants aren't dead. dann didn't seem to mind when i told him i'd cried and sniffled all over his nice fleecy blanket. jorn held me while i cried and sniffled. and i ordered buffy season 5 today. (i remembered that during the crying and sniffling, and it just made me cry harder, because my life will be so much *better* when i can watch buffy.) oh, and jorn will go with me to see RotK on opening night even though he doesn't want to deal with the crowds, and dylan might go too even though he's getting to see it the night before opening night. i think basically they're going because i got really upset when no one was going to go with me, since i can't go by myself because i don't know where any theaters are. i don't even know where the fucking library is. this list isn't making me feel much better. i'm going to call lauren now.
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this morning on the T i saw a man whose ear hair was so thick it looked as if furry black mold was creeping out of his brain.

we finished watching season 2 of Angel last night. "There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb" was an awesome episode. now i have to wait until december for season 5 of buffy, and next july for season 6 (which means that i could quite possibly be watching season 7 of buffy next christmas--hopehopehope), but i have no idea when the next Angel will be coming out--probably not till next spring. they really should be releasing them concurrently with the corresponding buffy season, because there are occasional crossovers, like one we saw last night. jorn was kind of confused, but i was able to fill him in (since it was a major enough plot point i had heard about it in advance). anyway, i want more buffy and angel, and i want it now.

oh, and two nights ago i got a call from someone at the harvard business school, calling about my resume (!) in reference to a position with the harvard business review: primarily a layout/technical position, lots of quarkXpress and computer usage. i probably will not get another call for an interview, since i'm just not as advanced with the computer stuff as they would like. again with the not enough experience thing. but at least i got a call. i hope i don't have to send out 40 resumes for every one phone call. god, what do i have to do to get an interview??
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so here's the annoyance of the day. i *was* logging on to my work computer with a temp ID, but that was just good for the workstation, so i couldn't access any of the files on the network, which i needed to be able to access. also, we didn't think i was set up to print to the office printer. so shelley my boss put in a work order for me to get my own ID and to get set up with the printer. so two days ago i think it was, she got a notice saying that i had a network ID set up for me, and so we try it and hey, it works, except it's logging me on to the network and not to the workstation. fine, i say, and use the temp ID and password to log on to the workstation. this works just fine--i can access the folders on the network now. now all i need is printer access. so a guy from IT comes by to set me up to print, and he realizes that this computer was set up all along to print. great, i say, no problems then. but then he finds out that the computer people didn't send someone over to "set me up" with my network ID, that i'm still logging on to the workstation under the temp ID. so he fixes it. now rhalpine is the only user who can log on to the network at this workstation. before he left i said, hey, am i going to be able to access the files i had saved on this computer under the temp ID? and he says, sure, let me move that folder over for you. he moves the folder, reboots the computer so i can log on fresh, and leaves. and i sit down, log on, and click on my folder, and i get an error message saying that access is denied to that folder. everything i had that i was working on is in that folder (as well as a few really awesome icons i found yesterday, but that's beside the point). i wasn't finished working on several of the pagemaker layouts, so i hadn't put them on a disk and given them to shelley yet. so shelley just has the old copies, and all my updated files are in the folder that i can't open. as soon as i realize this, i leap from my seat (bill from IT had seriously just walked out the door) but i couldn't catch him. i called IT, explained the problem, and told them to get bill back here so he can fix this. and it's around 4:20 by now, and i can't do any work anyway, so i left. i wrote out a long note to bill in the hope that perchance he might make his way back here to fix my computer before the end of the day, but when i got in this morning, the note was still there and the folder still inaccessible. this is flippin' great. i don't think shelley's here yet, so i can't even tell her and hope she's got something else for me to work on. actually, she should, because there were a few files yesterday afternoon that she meant to put on a disk for me and never did, so hopefully she can do that and i'll have something to do today. of course, hopefully bill will come back and fix his mess. teh, bill, teh. and i had been having such a good day yesterday, too.

anyway, even though i'm grumpy about work (they do casual fridays here, i just discovered, as all my co-workers walk past me in jeans while i'm sitting here in a short skirt and tall sexy boots--i totally could've just worn jeans and my hiking boots, which is what i was really feeling like wearing this morning. but i digress), i still had a really good night last night. i got an email from dr. langenfeld saying i can take my time on the proofs and send them next week, so i played some celebratory majora's mask and also got to watch dann play some nintendo too. i called my old landlord about my security deposit, and apparently someone had been holding on to a form or something instead of giving it to the secretary, but she promised me they'd have it in the mail tomorrow. i better have the thing by next week--i need that money. or, rather, my current landlord needs that money. (fucking piano). anyway, i didn't do any of my proofreading last night, and i applied to a bunch more jobs online, and i managed to get my office cleaned up some more. i stopped at the hardware store and got more of those little round pads with sticky stuff on one side, so that i could not scratch my hardwood floors. now my desk chair and my other green trunk are no long scratchy.

also, i took my Spike stand-up out of the box and stood him up in the corner, and he's lurking there now, looking all cool. that inspired me to get out all my buffy action figures (on a side note, moore action announced that they're going to make more action figures after all, but why are they not doing preorders on the website then? i want a willow! and a tara! and, i guess, an anya!). but my collection's getting a little large now. i have the stand-up Spike, and then i have buffy barbie still in the box, and then all my action figures: buffy, giles, oz, drusilla, vampire drusilla, and spike. i even took some of their stuff out of the boxes now (i was keeping it all in pristine condition) so i could coughplaywithcough oh excuse me display them better--i took out the bases for vampire dru and oz and giles, and i took out oz's guitar and i have him playing it, and i took out all of giles's stuff except one of the stakes (because those could get lost so easily). but giles comes with a handy black bag to put stuff in, so that's useful. i didn't take out any of little buffy's stuff, because she's probably the most valuable one i have, but i did give her one of giles's stakes to hold. i also left regular dru's and spike's stuff in the package, and i set the two of them up so they're dancing. it's really cute. i love my action figure collection. but i don't want to look like i'm a big obsessive freak, you know? but i do need a willow. at least a regular one, if not also the vampiric and evil witch versions. i wish i had a xander, but he's pretty expensive now, and i wish i had werewolf oz. and angel, and faith especially, too. i also really wish i had prophecy girl buffy, wearing the prom dress from the end of season one, but that's just a bit too expensive for me. anyway, i was excited to take them all out and set them up.

not much else for now. i'm going to post this and then go see if shelley's here yet. maybe if she calls the IT people and bitches then bill will get himself back over here.
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so i'm at my new job today. it's good so far: i'm helping put together the student directory and the faculty/staff directory for harvard. mostly proofreading so far, but also promises to include plenty of data entry and layout in Pagemaker. hooray for jobs i'll actually want to put on my resume. i should be here till mid-october, barring any unforeseen problems. that'll be fine with me; my obsessive job hunt (i've been checking around eight different job sites every day) is getting a little stale--i'm hardly sending out two resumes a day anymore, not like before when i was sending out a half-dozen at least. i just need to get some kind of health insurance thing worked out, either on my own or with my temp agency, because my interim insurance is going to expire (i think) at the beginning of october. oh, and this job is really close to home--being at harvard, it's near the harvard t-stop, so it's not far at all. or at least, it wouldn't be if i hadn't gotten lost this morning. hopefully when i go hometoday i'll find a much more direct route to take in the future.

other jobs: i still need to finish up my proofreading for dr. langenfeld. i've had the proofs almost two weeks, and i'm i think around two-thirds of the way done. i really wish i had started sooner, because i know he wants them back by the beginning of october (i'll need to mail them by the end of this week at the latest) and it's going to be harder to do them when i need to do it in the evenings after staring at directory proofs all day. but i was getting other things done that first week i had them, like putting the bed together and stuff, so it's okay really. i didn't really have a reliable quiet place to work then anyway, so i'm not going to feel guilty. i'll just need to work really hard this week, that's all. oh, and i haven't heard back from the nice ladies at the Harrison Gray Otis House. they said monday or tuesday, so i guess it could be tomorrow that they'll call. i'll be so sad if i don't get the job. i don't know why i wouldn't get it--i've pretty much done this exact job before, and done it reliably and well, so that's not a problem (and i know david from blandwood will have glowing things to say about me when they call him), and i really seemed to get along well with both the people i talked to (although anya and i did have more time to chat and get to know each other than i had with caroline, whose decision it ultimately is). but i really do hope i get it.

oh, this was a super weekend. after the riveting spine-tingling events of friday's Government in Action luncheon, i mostly ended up hanging out with jorn and playing nintendo and watching Angel. it's getting really, really good now--we just watched the part in season two where darla returns and angel tries to save her soul but then drusilla arrives and remakes darla, and then they wreak havoc and kill half of wolfram & hart, and angel lets them get away with it and then fires cordy and wes and gunn. very intense stuff. on saturday i did a lot of work around the house--tidying the kitchen, doing a bunch of laundry (my smelly mothball sweaters mostly), and moving that bedside table out of the hallway to the bedside. and a few hours of proofing, too. sarah and steve arrived into town on saturday night, and after they finally found our place, we went to mr. crepe for dinner, and it was awesome. sarah loved mr. crepe, as i knew she would. on sunday we went to the boston folk festival at umass, and we had a great time. we got smoothies and fries and lemonade and pad thai and coffee, and ice cream and falafel and a gyro and hungarian sausage. oh, and there were some musicians there too: we saw emmylou harris, and catie curtis, and a good irish band called Danu, and some other good people. but yo, any day with battistini is a day full of food. we had a really great time, and we're talking about getting together again in a few weeks, either for a renaissance faire in conn or MA (need to do some more research, but apparently there's a good in conn near her as well as a good one in MA too) or for a weekend at her place--she lives with steve right on a nice lake, and they have a jacuzzi that she's all excited about. either way, it'll be awesome to see her again so soon. but that's just how life can be when you don't live 15 hours away from your best friend, i guess. although i do now live 15 hours from other good friends, and i've been feeling that pretty hard (you shoulda been there for the darla/dru episodes, girl). anyway, i'm going to see if there's some other work i can do.

angel joy

Aug. 8th, 2003 10:04 am
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we finished Angel season one last night. good stuff. when we started watching, i was really skeptical that it would be good, but now i'm totally hooked. i really like what they've been doing with the characters--Angel has so much more depth now, his brooding is justifiable, and what they did with Lindsey the Lawyer in those last few episodes was awesome.

season two comes out september 2nd--we can preorder on amazon and get it for under $40 with free shipping (not to mention The Two Towers extended edition dvd, which comes out on november 18th--amazon has it for around $26 with free shipping). we really have too much stuff to buy. but season two--i was reading reviews, and there's all the darla stuff coming up, plus the black guy becomes a regular and spike and dru show up and willow and faith have guest spots and i'm all excited just thinking about it. yeah.

my problem, though, is that i'm not going to be able to catch up to the present time. i would really like to be watching the current season of Angel, but i think i've missed way too much in between. and is there going to be another spin-off, does anyone know?

hey jorn, speaking of amazon, did you ever send back the defective dvd of This is Spinal Tap? you should really do that, or else if too much time passes they might not take it back.

today: out to lunch with jorn and his friends from work, then frisbee at 5. tomorrow: going for my massage and facial and manicure at chakras spa! i'm excited. this weekend i'm also going to finish my proofreading job and get the proofs back to dr. langenfeld, so that'll be some nice extra money. oh, and saturday night, while jorn's conveniently at his radio show, i'm going to watch my new Dirty Dancing dvd with emily and possibly xina. yay! i just wish elan and rhett were around to watch it with me, too (rhett's going out of town for the weekend). and i'm going to start packing, really i am.
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i just realized that when you search by interest, the communities who are also interested in that don't come up anymore. it used to give a list of the communities before the list of users, but now it doesn't work like that. when did that happen and why? there are at least two johnny depp communities out there and i had no way to find them!

at least i found this one: [ profile] _jacksparrow_: not exactly what i was looking for, but it's something.

oh, and we watched the season 4 episode of buffy last night where jonathan is the coolest guy in the world. the best part was the opening credits. it was really funny.

i'm seriously thinking about getting a paid account. i want more icons. i want a johnny depp icon and an orlando bloom icon and a buffy icon. hey, look: [ profile] buffyicons! but then there's that whole thing where we're trying to save money...
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yeah, so last night jorn and i finished another disc of Angel--we watched the two Faith episodes. i'm guessing her character's not going to pop up on either show for a while, which is kind of a shame because her episodes in the fourth season both on Buffy and Angel have been really, really good. i'm impressed with eliza dushku as an actress (making her recent appearance in some lame teen horror movie all the more sad). the "who are you?" episode of buffy was really amazing; she and sarah michelle gellar played each other so perfectly. and on Angel, even as faith was torturing poor wesley (who, by the way, is no longer really "fucking wesley" in my head, since he's apparently found a pair somewhere and is redeeming himself), you kind of felt bad for her.

and this morning, listening to my evanescence cd, i was totally reminded of faith. the singer's voice and the style of the music was totally her. almost every song in the cd is applicable to faith in some way, particularly "bring me to life", the big single. the chorus goes, "wake me up inside wake me upside call my name and save me from the dark bid my blood to run before i come undone save me from the nothing i've become bring me to life". so i'm all faithed out this morning.

in other news, i guess i'm getting together with janel tonight. she and aaron are in winston-salem visiting ashley, and when ashley suggested going clubbing at the blind tiger in greensboro, janel decided to call me. i guess she didn't think to call me and let me know she was coming to town? whatever, at least i'll get to see her, and it totally would've broken my heart if she had been in winston-salem and not called at all, so at least she did call. even if it was to ask me to go out at midnight on a tuesday when i'm working full-time. i'll skip the gym and take a nap after work so i can stay awake, and maybe come in late to work tomorrow. it'll be good to see aaron too, it's been a while since i've seen that boy.

well, teh.
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yo. it's been a while since i've written anything. well, i was on vacation for a while. i don't really feel like saying much about it right now--it was orlando, it was fun, no we didn't go to disney world. dolphins are cool. that about sums up the trip.

oh, and while hanging out with my parents, the line "i am the great cornholio" came up, and my dad says, "what was the name of that show? Bunghole and Face?" well, that cracked me right up.

on saturday, rhett picked me up from the airport, and that afternoon i proceeded to play a lot of mario64. it was fun. i have around 79 stars now, but haven't been able to get through the final bowser level to the very end yet. yesterday for my BIRTHDAY, jorn gave me good presents, and then we went over to rhett's to watch some buffy season 4. oh my GOD, the end of disc 4 totally left us hanging. i was worrying about poor buffy all night (alternating with worrying about money; i woke myself up ten minutes before the alarm thinking about money without even realizing i was doing it).

one of my birthday presents was a life-size cutout of spike. dood, you guys are so cool.

tomorrow i get to mail all my money except for this month's rent plus all of jorn's money to boston, and it still won't be enough to cover how much we owe. this is a little scary. thanks, guys in boston, for covering us till we can get you the dough. and it better be the bestest apartment ever and just as fun as we've all been hoping.

things to do:
-call mom to say happy birthday
-pick up proofs at 4pm from the ELT office
-read the proofs and return them
-pay august rent; write letter giving one month's notice that we're moving out
-fill out rental application and fax back to dylan
-make deposits tomorrow, write checks and send to dylan
-package up elan's stuff and mail it to her
-make appointment for massage and facial at chakras spa
-get wedding gift for amy and josh
-do more laundry
-go to aqua aerobics
-look up shipping info for locks of love and send my hair
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anyway, tuesday night jorn and i went to the laundromat. boy, was *that* necessary. yesterday was the aforementioned buffy-watching with rhett and jeff (my, hasn't jeff been around a lot lately?). we watched two episodes all together (while i ate my steamed garlicky zucchini-with-spaghetti for dinner--yumyum!), and then rhett needed to go to bed, so jorn and i stayed up and watched the last episode on disc 2, and she'll watch that one on her own before we start watching them together again. i just love buffy.

in other news, my job. have i mentioned hating my job? yeah. yesterday wasn't too bad--both allie and debbie were here, and the three of us ended up laughing all morning at each other. it was pretty fun, i like them a lot. i didn't even mind so much when, after updating someone's account so that he can use another program and then emailing him to let him know about this, he replied with an irate email saying "is this a joke? i already have access. what i need is (blahblah mortgage thing)..." the dude was obviously clueless about what had just occurred, and was just as obviously a jerk to send an email to someone in a different company saying "is this a joke?" yeah, funny haha, you've been given access to our online systems. allie actually called the guy (we're the helpdesk, so she kind of had to) and he kept talking about what he needed and then would ask her what she was going to do for him, and then wouldn't let her say anything! he was all like, i need to access such-and-such, and she said, you received that email to let you know that now you can access that. what a stupid fuck, seriously. and there's nothing that nice people can do in this situation except let the jerk walk all over you, because otherwise it'll reflect badly on your company's image. well, i would never do business with his mortgage company after dealing with the kind of people that represent them, that's for sure. fucker.

this weekend's plans:

tonight: leave work around 5:15, go to the Old Town for drinks with the poets. come home, heat up the chicken and whip up some garlic mashed potatoes for jorn's bizrthday dinner. celebrate.
the 4th: sleep in a bit, work blandwood 11-1, check out the downtown Fun Fourth Festivities, then hit the barbecue on carr street.
rest of the weekend: no plans. watch buffy maybe, play some nintendo. awwww yeah.
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wow, it's been like 18 years since i posted. okay. here's what happened last weekend. )
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workworkwork. i'm sick of working. this real-job thing is so not for me. maybe i'll get myself psyched up to teach--my mom gets paid to have summers off. that could make teaching actually worth it. or maybe i just need a job that doesn't blow.

i want the new harry book. maybe jorn'll find it tonight. we could get it on amazon for $17.99, and if we spent over $25 we could get free shipping. but we don't want to spend over $25.

all i really want to do is go home right now. when i first started this job, i was all excited about getting out early at 4 or 4:30 because i had all this free time to run errands and stuff before swinging back downtown to pick up the jorn. i've been working late the past few days, and today i'm leaving at 4:30 again; i was thinking i could run to the bilo and drop off my film, but just thinking about it makes me tired. i haven't been to the health club in over a week and just thinking about that makes me tired too. after my sunburn heals i'll go again. but i just wanna go home. maybe i should get to bed earlier.

hey [ profile] reticentdream, have we met in real life? i was reading your journal and i can't figure out if we know each other.

yesterday rhett called and told us she had just gotten her buffy season 4 in the mail! so we went over and watched two episodes. i was so, so excited. she and i are going to have a crazy buffy marathon on sunday, i can't wait.

i'm thinking about buying angel season 1. i'm not sure, though. i *love* buffy more than i even thought i could, but i've never seen an episode of angel. i've heard that season 1 is the best season of angel and the one to buy, but i hate to spend like $50 on a show i've never even seen just because of the relation to buffy. i suppose i could get it used and then sell it to rhett if i don't love it. but i'm thinking i should get it soon if i'm getting, so we can watch it at the same time as season 4 buffy, for the crossovers.

poll: should i get season 1 of angel? leave comments.
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i am so sick of talking to students. really sick of it.

i didn't take a shower yesterday. i usually shower in the afternoons (after work and yoga or self-defense, since when i'm doing those things it doesn't make sense to shower first), but yesterday i just felt like reading when i got home in the afternoon. so i read, and then all of a sudden it was like 6:30 and i hadn't eaten and i needed to talk to my mom and jorn and rhett all at the same time. so i did all that and then went to rhett's for some buffy. we've finished the third season and now we're going back and watching all the special features, and we're going to watch all the commentary, starting with season one. we watched welcome to the hellmouth last night. it's fun to watch these now that i've seen so much more--when i started watching buffy, i started at the beginning with very little corruption from the later seasons (ie, a conversation with terri senior year in college: "so that girl is buffy? and that other girl is her sister?" "well sort of, she's actually a key." "okay, whatever."). so now that i have a real idea of where the characters got to (by season three at least), the season one stuff is sort of richer. even though i loved it to begin with. whateva.

i think my next student is here. hot damn.

did i mention i have a full working draft of my final thesis that is organized into three sections with the poems in a particular order and is about 35 pages long and even has a working title?


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