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I just beat Prince of Persia: Two Thrones. Overall it was a pretty awesome game. Read more... )

Lest ye think I did nothing all day but play video games: I also did a load of laundry and scrubbed the bathtub. That makes twice in one month! And I drove out to Harleysville to go to Carolyn's Becoming-a-Nun party. It was nice to see Lauren and Rose and John, and Carolyn of course, and all the siblings. And I took the car to the car wash, and when I got home I took out the Windex and did all the windows, and stuck my new sexy reading mudflap girl on the window. Woot!
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Was planning on going to the gym tonight, but decided that that would involve too much running around, as my main objective for the evening was to go to Pep Boys and get myself some new hubcaps. Yes, I know I discovered that the hubcaps were missing a full month ago. I found hubcap shopping to be a really stressful prospect; also I had the impression that hubcaps were something you got a mechanic to deal with. Since I would also go to a mechanic to get a tire changed, I guess? Anyway, it was ridiculously easy and much cheaper than I was anticipating, so I'm pretty pleased. I got cheap generic hubcaps in the hope that no asshole will steal them this time. I even passed up the shiny ones in favor of something less eye-catching.

Anyway, after getting the hubcaps, I decided to make myself a nice dinner. I had a grilled chicken breast in a pomegranate chipotle marinade, and asparagus steamed with garlic. The asparagus was delicious, as always, but the chicken got a little burned on the Foreman grill. The pomegranate chipotle sauce is a little expensive, and I was disappointed that it was a bit hard to taste it through the burnedness. Next time, I will watch the chicken more carefully, or else just bake it in the oven. Baking chicken has never gone wrong for me.

Then, in place of going to the gym, I took a half hour walk in my neighborhood. OK, I admit, part of the prospect of the walk was that I might find myself at Bredenbeck's for ice cream at the end of it, but they were closed anyway, so I was a good girl and got in a nice walk and didn't indulge. I also had a nice walk Saturday night, after procrastinating all goddamn day about going to the gym and finally leaving the house at 7:45 only to discover that the gym closes at 8 on Saturday nights. (They close at 10 on Fridays, so I wasn't that out of line in assuming they'd be open.) The nice long walk option is a really pleasant alternative to going to the gym. Not nearly as intensive, and I don't get any yoga stretching or weight lifting, but it does mean that I'm out and about and not wasting away on the couch. Which is the whole point, right? And I walk briskly. Anyway, I can foresee myself taking a lot of nice long walks now that it's getting warmer. It's an absolute joy to be outside in my lovely neighborhood in the fresh air after being cooped up all winter. I think that if I still make it to the gym twice a week, and then supplement with nice long walks, that will be a good plan.

I am using my "Philly love" icon, because my neighborhood is technically part of Philadelphia. For tax purposes, at least, which are the most annoying and therefore most important purposes.
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Oh, and I just found out that my hubcaps were stolen at some point prior to Saturday night. My friend Christine noticed their absence on Saturday afternoon, but it was the first time she'd ever seen my car, so she didn't mention it at the time.

So, my hubcaps were stolen at some point before 2 PM on Saturday afternoon. They could have been stolen during the hour or so my car was parked in the train lot on Saturday before I picked up Christine, or they could have been stolen two weeks ago while I was in Florida, or any time in between (or even before that--how often do I closely examine my car?). I was sick the past two weeks, so I wasn't exactly out driving around. It seems doubtful to me that they would have been stolen while the car was parked in the off-street lot behind my apartment building. All the other cars back there still have their hubcaps. But maybe that's what happened. I have no idea when this occurred. This is very annoying, and kind of odd. My neighborhood seems so very safe, so I'm kind of floored.


May. 2nd, 2007 11:33 am
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I forgot to say, I got my car back last night! I was so happy. I *missed* my car. The loaner Mazda was perfectly fine, but I love my Rabbit. He's all fixed up now, and not dented or banged up anymore, and he's all shiny and clean and they even vaccuumed the inside. He's the bestest car ever, which I told him repeatedly while driving home last night.

Also, I am still very very pleased with how well my insurance company handled the situation, and with how well the body shop handled the situation. Everything that needed to get done was done, done well, done quickly, done without any fuss, and done without any unnecessary intervention or nagging on my part. Everyone did their jobs and did them well. It really sucked to have had an accident, but the insurance company and body shop made it bearable and made it as easy as possible. Nothing but praise from me.
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I missed my 8:36 train this morning by mere seconds. However, this gave me time to go home and pack my lunch and call the body shop at the VW dealer where I bought my car. And then, right after I got on the 9:07 train, I received a call from my insurance claims adjuster. He sent an appraiser out to my house to look at the car. The appraiser called before going to look at the car, and then called after to let me know how much his estimate was. Once the claims adjuster had the appraisal, he also called me back to let me know how much it was, and told me he'd called the body shop to tell them what parts to order and to confirm my appointment for tomorrow and check on prices of things like a rental car for me. Then, just to make sure, because I am very suspicious, I also called the body shop, who told me everything was all set and they'd have the loaner car for me tomorrow night. So I am duly impressed so far by the conduct of absolutely everyone who was involved in or is dealing with the aftermath of my accident yesterday. Thank you, auto insurance industry and auto repair industry, for functioning properly! I will drop off my car tomorrow night and it'll be fixed in a week or so. I really, really appreciate that this hasn't yet been a huge hassle. The $200 deductible is an owie, but could have been a whole heck of a lot worse.

Tonight I'm returning my library books, maybe going to the grocery store, and WATCHING HEROES. OMG I'm so excited it's back. Peter Petrelli squee!
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I got a new car! I got a new car I got a new car I got a new car!!

It's... shiny.

car stuff

Jun. 30th, 2006 11:23 am
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Apparently my car needs new brakes, to the tune of around $375. Plus new freon so the AC will work (around $100, and essential for my road trip this summer) and $30 for the oil change. Yikes. Not money I was planning to spend today. But it's money I've got and can spend, so that's a plus. I'm glad I have a mechanic I can trust, and I am very, very glad I remembered to take the car in today, because I wouldn't want to drive on Monday with bad brakes.

It's just... you know, that's a lot of money to spend on my last day of work. :/
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it's wednesday. i made jorn do the car dance this morning--i thought jorn and dylan had done the car dance last night, because no one told me ben upstairs wanted to wait until morning. if i had known, i might've set my alarm ten minutes earlier so i could do it, but as it was, at 7:30am i needed to be leaving the house to get on the T for work (i've been leaving early lately because the T has had a lot of delays with all the snow piled up). so jorn had to do the car dance, and i just found out he got stuck behind a fed ex truck and didn't get back home til 7:50, so he didn't have time for a shower. boy, did i feel bad, especially when the T ran on time and i got to work at 8:10 instead of 8:30. jorn's been so good to me lately, what with the shoveling and the car dancing and all. i hope i can do something for him sometime soon.

in other news, i've been watching the new battlestar galactica miniseries on the scifi channel. i'll just tuck this behind an lj cut for y'all. )
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so it snowed this weekend. a lot. friday night, jorn and i went to harvard square for mexican food, and when we were on our way home it started. it didn't stop till sometime yesterday. on saturday, i only left the house to go pick up my suit from the cleaners and stop at blockbuster for some snowed-in entertainment. i got ed wood and kiki's delivery service. ed wood was awesome--now i want to see plan 9 from outer space--and kiki's was also really good, except for the defectiveness of the dvd that made it cut out the last five minutes. that was very disappointing. the extras disc had the entire movie in the original sketches, so we watched the last five minutes of that and got an idea at least of what happens at the end, but it's still frustrating. we're planning on taking it back for a refund (and eventually buying a copy, so dann will get to watch it someday, seriously).

buffy season 5 shipped yesterday. not sure how, since i didn't think it was arriving out till tomorrow, but i'm not complaining. i want my buffy.

on sunday miles picked me up and we went out to braintree to see amy & josh while they were in town. we hung out at dunkin donuts for an hour or so. it was definitely better than not seeing them at all, i'll tell you that much. when i got back, i decided to investigate the car situation to see how feasible it would be for me to make it to my interview today. the guys from the third floor had dug out two-thirds or so of the driveway, nicely, so all i had to do was dig out the rest back to the garage to my car, which, being in the garage, wasn't covered with snow at all. so i borrow a shovel from the guys upstairs, let them know we'll need to do the car dance later that night, and start digging. of course i had grabbed the heavier shovel, and i haven't used any of my muscles in six months, so i got tired out really fast. i hardly was able to do half of what needed to get done. at this point i realized i probably should give up and reschedule the interview, but i was stubborn, so i went up to ask jorn to help me. he grabs the other shovel and we start working together, but there wasn't a lot of room and i was shivering from the cold (had taken my coat off before) and shaking from being tired and not strong. so he sent me inside to warm up, and he finished it himself. i felt so bad. he did a really good job, too. when i got in, i was upset (me? upset? no way), and dylan said he'd go out and help jorn shovel. when jorn came in, i asked if dylan had been helping him, and jorn said, well i passed him on my way in... it turned out dylan had gotten outside and decided to do the front walk instead of the driveway. the sidewalk is quite nice now, though.

so jorn took a shower and sarah farbo came over and we went to amy & alyssa's to watch Angels in America part 1. it was good. of course. it was perfect. the scene where harper and prior share a hallucination was just beautiful, and the scene where prior/louis and harper/joe break up simultaneously was so amazingly well done. we were all crying. i also loved the scene where harper arrives in antarctica. her delusion is so heartbreaking and beautiful. i can't wait for next week. and hey, slogging through the snow with jorn and sarah was fun.

when we got back, i found that sarah from downstairs had brought her corolla home from wherever it was and left it in the driveway. so i got jorn and asked him to move it, and then went up to the third floor to get ben to move his and his girlfriend's cars. it was not quite midnight, but they had gone to bed and didn't want to do the car dance then. i lent him the spare key to downstairs sarah's car, so that his girlfriend could get out at 5:00 am when she needed to leave, and we agreed to meet at 7:30 to do the car dance then. ben even said he would move both his car and downstairs sarah's so i could switch mine out. i was skeptical of this plan--the car dance never seems to go well in my experience--but this morning he was ready to go at 7:30. he pulled out downstairs sarah's car, then came back and moved his. i backed out (the driveway is now even more narrow with all the snow, and i would've clipped off my driverside mirror if i hadn't done that already), and went around the block, and by the time i got back, ben's car was in the garage and downstairs sarah's was in the driveway. i parked mine, and i'm not worried about getting it out again in a few hours for the interview. this whole process has reminded me once again how i didn't want a job i had to drive to. but we'll see how the interview goes today.

overall, i had a surprisingly good weekend, with just a few bad notes. and i'm pretty awake for as little sleep as i got last night. i hope i get a job this week.

in other news, i'm sore from shoveling yesterday. my back, mostly, but also my arms, and thighs and tummy a little. i bet jorn is really sore. i'm not sure how to make it up to him and let him know how much i appreciated him doing that. i'll do laundry tonight--his favorite clothes got all gross in the shoveling--and maybe make a nice dinner. i wish i had thought to put chicken soup in the crock pot. maybe tomorrow.
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yeah, so i'm feeling better about prety much everything now than i was on wednesday. first of all i feel better--i haven't kicked the cold yet but hopefully i will soon. it's to the point now where i don't really feel too sick except for the cough. which, yes, is fairly horrid, especially late at night or first thing in the morning, but at least i'm not "feeling sick" all day.

last night i made chicken caesar wraps again, this time enough for dylan and dann too. i would've made for jorn, but i took the three-chicken-breast packet out of the freezer rather than the four-breast packet, thinking i would only be making one for myself, but then all the guys were like, hey i'll have one too! and i didn't have enough to make one for jorn. he had an elio's pizza instead. the chicken was pretty good but i think i cooked it a bit too long--for next time, i should remember that it only needs to be lightly browned.

i finished Stephen Dobyns' "The Church of Dead Girls" last night. hella good. i'm doing pretty well at my plan to read all the books i have that i haven't read yet. probably the plan is working because i haven't gone anywhere and bought any new fantasy novels. i only had one new one last week because jorn found it at work and was told to keep it ("Fortress in the Eye of Time", by C. Cherryh - it was pretty good, good enough for me to be all sucked in to it and now to want the sequel, which is now on my amazon wish list). i picked out several good books from the To Read shelf that i'm taking with me on my trip this weekend to read at the airport and on the plane.

speaking of. i got most of the clothes together that i want to bring with me, and wrote a note on the marker board to remind myself of some other things to pack. i'm really looking forward to it now. i just can't forget to pack my motion sickness pills. i hope i've got some Vomex left.

and susanna's party tonight should be really fun.

finally, i should mention that i have the best boyfriend in the whole world. he's been so sweet and so good to me lately with me being all stressed & depressed, and since he's not working right now he offered to take my car to get inspected. he'll be doing that today, and it's definitely one of the nicest things anyone's done for me. a major weight off my mind. love you, baby.

car help

Oct. 29th, 2003 09:47 am
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I need to get my car inspected. I also need to get the driver's side mirror reattached or replaced. I need to find a car place where I can do this, preferably someplace that won't charge me too much and that won't be too hard to find, and I need to get it done this week. Please help.
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so this morning i get up almost half an hour early to go to the RMV so i can get there right when it opens. i want this trip to be one-stop shopping, so i have packed my bag with all my paperwork the night before: the license form (which i've printed out from the internet and filled out already), my out-of-state license, passport, soc card, copy of my lease, copies of my phone bill and a letter from my student loan people as backups, the NC title and registration for my car, all the other papers about my car that seem remotely applicable, and of course, the RMV-1 form that Amica, my beloved new car insurance company, has sent me.

so to back up a sec, the Amica people have already proved their cluelessness to me by not sending me the RMV-1 form in the first place and then bouncing me around on their phone lines and in general not knowing what to do with me. right after i got my policy with them they sent me a notice about how i needed to have the car inspected by october 7, which happened to be the day i received the notice, and how if the inspection wasn't completed by then they'd cancel my policy. so i call them up, feeling more than a bit miffed, especially since someone from Amica had called me the week before to let me know they were going to start a policy for me and never mentioned this inspection thing. so i got a lot of runaround, because apparently no one in their after-hours call center knows anything about the way things work in massachussetts (dude, people in massachussetts work during the day), but eventually someone does say that she'll change the date by which i need the inspection and send me the RMV-1 form. so i thought, okay, and then the form came in the mail, and i was happy.

so on to this morning. i get to the RMV around 8:45 and go upstairs to the license line first, because that usually takes longer. so, in the words of Chef, i wait, and i wait, and i wait and i wait, and eventually they call my number and i go up and give the girl my stuff and she looks at it and gives me the eye test thing and takes my picture and it's not awful and she gives me a temporary license and i pay her $90. great, maybe this won't be a nightmare after all. so i go downstairs to the registration area and take a number and wait some more, and they call my number and i go up to the counter and the woman looks at my RMV-1 form which i've proudly handed her and she tells me that someone from the insurance company has to sign it on this line clearly marked signature. i say, but she mailed it to me, she said on the phone this was all i needed, and the woman says, i'm sorry but i can't take it without a signature. so i go outside. i get out my cell phone and call Amica. i am Mad. i let them know it. the girl on the phone tells me they'll send someone out from their office to meet me at the RMV and sign the form. i say, how long will this take, and she tells me 40 minutes to an hour. i say, what else can we do? because by now it's almost 10am and i need to get to work. she tells me she could send someone to my work and then they'd take the stuff to the RMV and process the registration for me. frankly, i wouldn't trust this company to feed my fish, let alone process my car registration, so i ask if i could come there. they're not T-accessible. so i say, okay, send someone out, and i call my boss and leave a message letting her know i'll be even later than i thought. so i go back inside. i wait, and i wait, and i wait and i wait. then i wait, and i wait, and i wait and i wait. thankfully i've brought a book. a very nice guy shows up and finds me and signs the form. he doesn't seem like a moron. he even looks over the form to make sure everything else is okay. i apologize for him having to come all the way out there. i want to tell him i'm sorry he works for such a cruddy company, but i figure that's his own fault. so he leaves, and i take another number. i wait some more. they call my number. the form is accepted. i am given my registration and a license plate, and i relinquish $86. then i finally leave and take the T to harvard and go to work.

i am glad i wore sneakers instead of good work shoes.

next ordeal: getting the car inspected and the driver's side mirror fixed. this will probably cost a lot of money. it needs to be done in the next seven days. coincidentally, the rent also needs to be paid in the next seven days. isn't that special? i'm also flying to greensboro this weekend and wishing just a little bit i hadn't made that plane reservation. i found out from jay that the halloween party will be on friday night instead of saturday, so i won't get to go to the party after all. plus i'll have to leave susanna's party on friday night early (well, semi-early) so i can get to bed and get up for my flight in the morning. i will be glad to see rhett and jay and anyone else who actually wants to see me, but i really did want to be at the party. i'm disappointed, and spending a big chunk of money too. nothing goes right anymore. why did we move here again?
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so i'm feeling better today, due in large part i think to the various medications i took right after i woke up this morning. the sickness began yesterday as a Sore Throat, Achy, and then last night progressed to Sore Throat, Achy with Fever and Chills. thankfully that didn't last long and by this morning i was up to REALLY Sore Throat, Achy, with Congestion. if it keeps up at this rate, i should be Sniveling and Coughing by sunday. but hopefully if i'm careful i should be able to avoid the Sniveling and Coughing part of the sickness altogether. that's the goal. so this morning when i got up i took acetominophen and sudafed sinus and vitamins, and i had another glass of orange pepper juice. now i'm actually breathing through my nose. (isn't it the worst thing when you're too stuffed up to breathe through your nose so you have to hold your breath to brush your teeth?) i'll have oatmeal with lunch, and i haven't decided what to do about dinner yet--i was planning on making garlic-lime chicken, but i doubt i would enjoy it as much as usual, so maybe i'll postpone that (again) and do chicken noodle soup instead.

anyway, the job things. last night after work i got to drag myself out to dedham again for the copyediting test, and the whole way out there i'm thinking this is too far. then i get there and holly and christine are just so nice, and i think i did really well on the test, and then the whole way back i'm thinking it's not *that* far if they make me a good offer.... well, i was thinking that the whole way back except for my scenic detour through brighton. but i know what i did wrong now, and it won't happen again. now i totally know the way. seriously. so when i got back dylan had parked his car right at the end of the driveway, so i had to perch mine right behind his almost in the street and then go inside and get him and do the car dance. exactly what i felt like doing. but then jorn heated up some soup for me and cuddled with me on the couch for a little while, and i felt better. then dylan came home and also cuddled with me on the couch, and then i got to bed early. i'd only been in bed for an hour or so when dylan came to wake me up to do the car dance yet again, but i was shivering under four blankets (the aforementioned feverish part of my evening), and i begged him to please not make me do it because i was so cold, so dylan moved my car himself. i appreciated that. around midnight i woke up drenched in sweat and hot as hell, so i guess the fever broke. then i slept pretty well.

woke up at 6 this morning, though, which was Fun, but not that bad because i was sort of awake anyway. got all ready for my copyediting assessment this morning and got there on time and everything--the company is right in harvard square and easy to get to and only two blocks from where i'm currently working, which is nice. i think i did well on the test, and i hope i get that job. i mean, a biological journal is better than nothing. think of how much i'll learn. just this morning on the copyediting assessment i learned all about genomes.

oh, and my hair looks rockin' today. need to invest in some different gunk, i think--today i tried using the redkin salon stuff i got a sample of when i first got my hair cut, and it's much nicer than the citreshine paste. the citreshine stuff was perfect when i wanted my hair to stand up on end all the time, but now my hair needs to have some movement. that shit's expensive, though, so we'll see if i actually buy some.

the hard scabby skin where i burned myself last friday night is now starting to crack and peel. not sure if i should peel it or slick it with lotion. i think i'll try lotion first.

car dance

Oct. 23rd, 2003 09:06 am
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so this morning i wake up with a sore throat. in the shower i realize that i need to move my car to the front so that i can go to my second interview in stupid dedham tonight. i was a little nervous because dylan wasn't home, but then he came back from his hockey game (yeah, he plays hockey at 5am, he's a psycho) and he agrees to do the car dance after his shower. so i get all ready for work and have some nice instant oatmeal for breakfast and a glass of orange juice with cayenne pepper for my throat, and i'm all ready for work and we go out to do the car dance. i had to get sarah from downstairs to move her car too, because i was in the back of the driveway, so dylan pulls out and she pulls out and i'm in a rush because i want to get to work on time and so i pull out and i'm not good at backing up anyway and i knock the rearview mirror off my driver's side door. so i'm crying when i get back, and somehow i remember (thank god) that i forgot my tampons, so i have to go back inside and get them, and i tell dylan what happened and i'm all upset because this is going to cost a lot of money and make my brand-new insurance go up if i tell them about it and i need to get the car inspected and i'm all upset. and then i have to get dann out of the shower because he has latched the bathroom door and my tampons are in there. and it's snowing outside.

so now i have a sore throat, a crampy tummy, a bleeding personal area, a mirror in the backseat of my car, and a job interview tonight. i do not want to be at work right now.
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jorn and i are going to the movies after work today. hooray! i'm excited to see the pirates again, and to see them with jorn.

got a coupon in the mail from jiffy lube--i was glad i didn't follow my first instinct and just throw it out, because it's for $4 off my next "signature service oil change", which i'm thinking would be a really good idea before i try to drive the car all the way to boston. i also looked on and saw that they offer a windshield wiper change service, so i'll do that too--i don't think i've mentioned it, but my drivers side wiper is doing this weird thing where it keeps sliding out, to the point where when it's raining the wiping motion makes it slide out further and further until the lower half of the windshield is covered with water and there's a big rubber piece flapping around at the top of the wiper. i certainly don't know what to do with it besides just slide it back, and it just keeps sliding out again, so i'll get it changed. i think i'm going to be trusting my car to jiffylube from now on. yeah.

if you see me around, remind me to do this stuff, okay?

things to do:

-stop at target after the movie to get sandwich bags and more packing tape (i've already almost used up the one jorn got for me on saturday)
-pancakes on wednesday
-keep packing! bring the rest of the boxes in from the car
-take car to jiffylube for an oil change and get the windshield wipers changed too
-make an appointment for a haircut for this weekend (and then remember to go to the appt)
-watch the last three episodes of buffy season four with rhett
-work on getting a new NC drivers license (so i can sneakily keep the one with the good picture after i move)
-tear the lining out of the lemon dress
-find out specifics about the bats game--time and how to get there
-stop by uncg: ask jim to write me a reference letter (hey, it can't hurt), and stop by CASA to say hello
-call uncg's career services people to make sure they received reference letters from everyone who was supposed to write me one, and give them my new address
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hey y'all. thanks to everybody who said my hair looks cute. i really appreciate it. and i'm starting to get used to it and think it's cute too. everyone who's seen it (except for certain people whom i'm never speaking to again) has said it looks really cute, so i'm just going to go with that.

in other news, arturo's got his ZOOM back. we picked him up from the mechanic just an hour ago, and he was ZOOMier than he's been in a while. i'm leaving first thing in the morning to drive back to greensboro. i can't wait.

my dad is burning copies of a bunch of cds for me. i know jorn will hate them all, except that one evanescence song and david bowie (dad copied ziggy stardust for me) and maybe traffic or the warren zevon. don't worry, babe, i'll play them at work.
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hey. i'm in pennsylvania. on tuesday morning i just couldn't stay at work--i had to see my daddy. what if something had really been wrong? so i left work and drove eight hours to the hospital where he was and surprised him, and we both cried and stuff. he was allowed to come home today, which was really good, and he's feeling much better. his cigarettes have been packed away (to be given to a coworker) and i washed out all the ashtrays and put them away. mom and i went shopping for low fat and fat free foods, and she cooked a ymmuy meatloaf for dinner that didn't seem at all low fat but was in actuality much healthier than a normal meatloaf.

in other news, my car is in the shop with a transmission ish. mom talked the people into looking at it because of our situation, but we don't know how bad the problem is, if they'll be able to fix it easily or quickly, how much it'll cost, or if our extended warranty is still good. i'm worrying: i can't afford a new car, or even afford to fix up the current one. it only has 48,000 miles on it, it shouldn't even have transmission problems now. so i'm dependent on my parents to bail me out of this one, when my dad won't be able to work for a month. but if we hadn't discovered it now, i probably would've driven it till the transmission fell out or something, so maybe it's a good thing.

getting my hair cut tomorrow morning. i have an appointment and everything, at the salon where i got my hair done for prom. i trust them; i had gorgeous prom hair. when it's all over i'll have my dad take some pics with his digital cam (and hopefully i won't be weeping in them).

i miss my jorn. and i won't get to see elan again before she moves, so i'll have to wait till i go to tennessee again (not likely any time soon) or she comes to boston (slightly more likely since she's got family there). i miss her already too.

susanna wants to go to backpacking in europe next spring. i would love that so much, but things are too mixed up right now to even think about it. but i'll think about it anyway.

i'm glad my daddy's okay.
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oh, and some old fucker clipped my car this morning after i dropped jorn off at work. i was stopped at a red light, strategically and appropriately stopped in the center of my lane, and i feel the car rocking, so i look over my shoulder. there's a car trying to pull into the left turning lane, and the old guy driving it has no idea he's scraping my car, just that he's stuck and can't pull forward. he backs up and tries to move forward again, making contact with my car again. i'm amazed, and i scoot forward a bit in the hopes that this idiot will then have enough room to get into the lane he's so desperate to get into. then the light changes and he zooms off. i'm like, WDP? i looked at the car when i got home and there's a bit of a scratch--not that big a deal, since the paint on my car has a number of scratches on it. i mean, jorn's scratched the paint and i didn't make him pay for it. it would've been silly to chase down the old guy to try to make him pay for the damage, but i'm still like, hello, what was he thinking?

pissy thing #2: the mail. i ordered my Drusilla action figure from on february 20, and she still has not arrived. i emailed on thursday last week, since it had been two weeks since i placed my order, and it should have arrived within 7-10 days. i noted in my email that i had paid $9 for shipping and handling and expected better service. when i arrived back from myrtle beach, i found one thing: a note above the mailboxes in my apartment building from one of the other residents, letting everyone know that someone is stealing mail and he's had several packages stolen. i did not find two things: 1) my drusilla doll, and 2) a reply email from the good people at so i emailed them again last night, a good bit more annoyed, because first of all i'm a concerned customer and they're alienating me, and more importantly, if they haven't sent the package yet or if they can track it to see if it was delivered, i kind of need to know. if it hasn't been delivered yet, that's a different story than if some fucker has stolen it. so to the folks at hello, write me back.

secondly about the mail, i picked it up on monday night when i got back into town, so that was the saturday and monday mail and the sunday paper. okay. then i slept at jorn's house, and i didn't come back to my place till this morning (wednesday). so there should've been tuesday's mail in my mailbox, right? no, there was nothing. i am all paranoid now, because i'm first of all wanting my drusilla and also expecting a car insurance bill which i'm not sure if they've sent yet. maybe they haven't sent it, or maybe they did and it disappeared. so i ask you, what fucker steals people's mail? why would you want to do that? i mean, i can understand stealing the credit card applications and other stuff, or even the packages (regardless of what's inside), but you're still an asshole, and you're fucking with people's lives even worse than if you broke into my house and took my tv or something. and what are you going to do with the bills and the personal letters, just throw them out? up yours, mail thief, i hope they catch you and you do serious time for your federal offense of assholery.


update: someone just knocked at my door--it was the mailman. i guess he's started bringing packages right to people's doors instead of leaving them downstairs, since stuff has been getting stolen. anyway, i had TWO packages--one from (it'll be stuart's book--i ordered it--not as exciting, since i knew it was on the way) AND a st. patrick's day package from my mom! it contained an odd stuffed kitty with a green shamrock hat; a phone card; two dollar-store leprechauns figurines (one of which broke in transit and needs supergluing); a pair of metallic shiny green underpants; a pretty hippy shirt; a book about "Yeats: Romantic Visionary" that she got on sale (it has some poems and some really pretty artwork, and it'll look nice on my shelf); and two kitchen towels (not specifically st. patricky, though they have green stuff on them). so now i am much less pissy about the mail in general, though i do want my Dru to arrive RIGHT NOW.
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i've been meaning to tell y'all about how i went shopping at kohl's on tuesday. so pretend you read this a few days ago.

i went shopping at kohl's, and they were having some really good sales! i spent $25, and i got three shirts, one long black skirt, a bra, and a pair of undies. the bra was price at $27 and i got it for like $6. i was so so excited.

there. glad i got that off my chest.

i got a bunch of around-the-house things done today: i did a load of laundry, paid all the bills, wrote a letter to aunt lucinda & uncle pete, and sent a card to sarah b. i also worked hard to eradicate the odd smell that's been lingering in the house for a few days: i took out the trash (AGAIN, but i also got the trash from my room and from the bathroom), and i sprayed the trash can with disinfectant stuff and left it open to air dry; i gathered all the recycling and dragged it outside (although i can't take it out to the curb till monday night, but it'll be okay on the porch till then), and i opened the windows in the living room and dining room. now it's freakin' cold, but at least it doesn't stink like rotting food.

about paying the bills--one of the bills i paid was my car insurance bill. this is notable because in the past, my car insurance has been so high that i couldn't afford to make monthly payments and had to throw the whole amount on my mastercard every six months. that made for a rather nasty mastercard bill. BUT in november, my speeding ticket FINALLY disappeared from my record, so my car insurance rate dropped by almost three hundred dollars. now i can make the payments. woohoo! also, i transferred my mastercard balance to a new card that offered 0% interest on balance transfers till april '04. so no more high monthly fees. and the balance that i transferred was finally less than $1500! i am feeling good about my finances. yay.
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oh, and hey--hi to [ profile] ame0toko! welcome to LJ, former goth boy. you should add "spoons of mild discomfort" to your interests.

i would also like to say that on the way home from the bank this morning, i stopped at the lazerwash to (what else?) get my car washed. alas, the lazerwash was out of service. now it is not my fault that the car is filthy with snow gunk.


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