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Friday night, F's sister Meg and her boyfriend Nick were in town to visit. We went all over downtown--F parked in the lot underneath Love Park (which I didn't even know existed), and we walked all the way up to the Art Museum, did the steps, walked back down, tried to eat dinner at a few different restaurants that F had researched but everyone else apparently had the same idea, so instead we ate at Fado, an Irish bar, which was totally fine and tasty. Then we walked down to 13th to go to Apothecary, a bar F had found online, which had really creative and interesting cocktails. Meg is a bartender, so she particularly likes creative and interesting cocktails. Then Meg and I got gelato from Capogiro, which is the best ever. I had the vietnamese cinnamon and the dark chocolate, and it was awesome. Then we walked back to the car, but by the time we got there Nick wanted another drink and Meg and I really needed to use a bathroom, so we stopped in at Tir Na Nog briefly, then got the car and headed home. It was a good night, but a lot of walking, especially when I'd just had dance class the night before. My legs and feet hurt a lot by the end of the night. Google pedometer tells me we walked around 4.5 miles.

Saturday F and I made scrambled eggs and homefries for breakfast. We walked around campus for a couple of hours, then F's parents arrived like a whirlwind and suddenly our apartment was full of chairs, baskets, and huge potted plants. We all got dressed and went to F's cousin's wedding, which was lovely. After the reception we stopped to get eggs and milk for Sunday's breakfast, and we also got a pizza, and ate it while having a few more drinks and watching CSI. Bed around 1 AM.

Sunday, Meg wasn't feeling so hot. I made us banana pancakes for breakfast, and next time I have to remember that I can put the bananas directly in the blender with the pancake batter! This time I just dropped banana slices onto the cooking pancake on the griddle, which worked fine and was tasty, but blending the bananas right into the batter might be much more effective. Need to remember that for next time.

We took Meg and Nick to the airport and dropped them off at 2:00, then drove over to my old stomping grounds, Chestnut Hill, to meet Molly and her friends Adrienne and Fred for drinks and appetizers at Solaris and eventually dinner at Earth and Bread, one of our very favorite restaurants. Molly was just in town for the night, but Adrienne and Fred live in Mt. Airy, and we liked them a lot and hope we can hang out with them again sometime soon.

We got home at 7:30ish and were pretty much zonked, but we managed to clean up a bit from the family explosion weekend and then watch an episode of Firefly. Only one more episode to go to finish the series.

I did not do any yoga in the hecticness of this weekend, but Friday was a double workout day (with yoga in the morning and all that walking at night), and Saturday we did take that nice walk on campus, so I don't feel like I slacked. I do, however, need to climb right back on the workout horse, because I ate decidedly non-healthy things all weekend long and also drank a lot, way more than usual.

This morning I got up early enough to do 30-35 minutes of yoga, which was a very good thing. Not enough time for all the yoga I wanted to do, though. Tomorrow will be a jogwalking morning, and then Wednesday I think I might try to get up extra early and do a full hour of yoga. We'll see if that happens.
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My friends just came over to watch Heroes! They ate the food I made and they liked it. I had made applesauce and hummus and chai, and I had got nice bakery bread to dip in the hummus and nice chips and salsa. The applesauce turned out particularly well--I wish I remembered what kind of apples I bought. I don't think the hummus was as good as the last time I made it--too much tahini--but Julius commented on how nice it was to finally find someone who made hummus with enough tahini. :) They also admired all my books. I like it when people eat my food and admire my books.

I went to the podiatrist this morning and she didn't do anything that will make me limp! So exciting!

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In other news, the Evil Superfresh that is the closest grocery store to my house is now a PathMark. Not sure yet if the PathMark is evil or not. On one hand, it's shinier, and in some ways is organized better, and seems to be a bit cheaper. On the other hand, the bread aisle is very poorly set up--too narrow! Everyone buys bread, you need a wide aisle for it so people have room to stand there and look at the bread! And no other store I know puts the bread in the same aisle as the baking supplies! WTF?? Also, the checkout situation is still horrific. I was ready to try slitting my wrists with a corn chip (sharpest thing in my basket). But maybe PathMark will improve the checkout situation in time.

gym tonight

Sep. 8th, 2008 10:21 pm
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Gym tonight: 20 minutes on the elliptical. Did my weights, was feeling meh, then did a bit of yoga stuff and felt better. Arms improving, I can feel it.

Dinner: asparagus baked in olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper; chicken breast cooked on the stovetop in olive oil, with pepper, dried onion, garlic salt. YUM.


Aug. 23rd, 2008 05:38 pm
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Got up at 7:45 this morning and went to the gym. Go me. 30 minutes on the elliptical (the non-moving-arms one, the others were all taken). Did all my weights, did a bit of stretching but not much because I had to get home and shower. Met my parents at the arts festival in the park at 11:15. Busy morning!

The weather is really beautiful today. I saw a lot of dogs out and about. I lost count after 15 or so, but there were definitely more after that.

Best line of the day: "I want to make a picture of a bird." My dad is awesome sometimes.

Tonight: small gathering at Lisa's. Don't know what I'm wearing. Argh. I made hummus, though, in my new food processor. That thing is fierce! You should've seen the way it went after that garlic! I am humbled and awed by it. I put in too much tahini, I think, but that's my fault, not the food processor's, and the hummus is still tasty.

I have been thinking about it, and I have decided that I'm looking forward to fall. I hate to admit it, with all the griping I do about when's it going to be summer, but fall might actually be my favorite season. I love halloween, I like that back-to-school feeling, I like a little bit of crispness in the air, and I'm looking forward to watching the Eagles screw things up again. Fall is a pretty good time.
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I didn't make it to the gym tonight, but I did spend 2+ hours working on my PA Arts fellowship application! I'm pretty excited about it. I think I will have one of my friends at work proofread it one more time, and then, out it goes!

I also ate a healthy lunch and dinner today. Lunch was a granny smith salad from Peace-A-Pizza. I brought an extra container and split the salad in half (it's a darn big salad) so I'll have half to eat tomorrow for lunch. For dinner, I made low carb pasta with red sauce and zucchini. Mmm. I have a leftover serving of that, too, for dinner tomorrow or Thursday. Yay.
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[ profile] dreda replied to my last post, wondering if I might be especially sensitive to foods with a high glycemic index. I had never heard of this before, so I've been looking around online. OMG. Paying attention to the glycemic index of the food I eat has the potential to solve all my damn problems!

First of all, links:

- "Glycemic Index" on wikipedia
- A story in the Sunday Times Online about a woman who discovered the "GI diet" and how it worked for her (this sounds exactly like me, seriously)
- Another article from the Sunday Times Online about the GI diet and what it does
- Online searchable database listing the glycemic index of various foods, sponsored by the University of Sidney (a bit limited because they don't have a ton of American brands on there, but they do have food from all over the world)

Basically, the glycemic index measures how quickly the carbohydrates in your food turn into blood sugar. A high GI food is digested really quickly, flooding your blood with sugar and giving you an energy rush, but then that blood sugar also disappears quickly, letting you down and causing cravings for more high GI food. High GI foods include candy, cakes, pancakes, white bread, and potatoes. These also tend to be foods that have other bad things in them that cause you to gain weight.

A low GI food, by contrast, is digested slowly, gradually releasing sugar into the blood over a few hours. It keeps you going longer and fulfills hunger better. Low GI foods include fruits, vegetables, grainy breads, pasta, milk. These tend to be the foods that are healthier anyway.

I guess I had known some general info about glycemic index, but not much (like, runners eat pasta before a race). I hadn't known there was a systematic approach to dieting according to GI. I think that [ profile] dreda may have been spot-on in pointing this out to me. Now that I'm looking, I see the effects of high GI foods in my life all the time. For example, yesterday I was in a rush and I had two pop tarts for breakfast on the way out the door. I spent the entire day hungry and craving chocolate, then I snacked a bunch last night (a raspberry freezie thing after dinner, then a piece of cake, and then I was starving by 9:45 so I ate a bunch of potato chips). On the other hand, Tuesday was not nearly such a bad day--and I had a nice big salad for lunch. Today I started off with a bowl of healthy cereal (Great Grains!) and I am not having cravings so badly.

So, if I pay attention to what I eat, it will reduce cravings, keep me from getting so hungry, and help with weight loss. And there's no calorie counting--you just have to be sensible. Overall, planning what I eat according to the GI diet basically just seems like another way to think about eating healthily. This makes a lot of sense to me.

A possible typical day for me. )

The GI index goes from 0 to 100 (100 being straight glucose). Most of the things listed in my possible day are in the middle somewhere, in the 50s or lower. This is a totally do-able day for me. I already eat like this most of the time! I always get frustrated when I think about dieting, because I eat pretty decently for the most part but snack on crap--I can never identify what a healthy yet tasty snack replacement would be, but I need to snack on something, so I get frustrated. This system makes it easy to identify what some healthier snacks are that I would, um, actually want to eat. The fact that Dove dark chocolate is on the low GI list makes me so incredibly happy.

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Was planning on going to the gym tonight, but decided that that would involve too much running around, as my main objective for the evening was to go to Pep Boys and get myself some new hubcaps. Yes, I know I discovered that the hubcaps were missing a full month ago. I found hubcap shopping to be a really stressful prospect; also I had the impression that hubcaps were something you got a mechanic to deal with. Since I would also go to a mechanic to get a tire changed, I guess? Anyway, it was ridiculously easy and much cheaper than I was anticipating, so I'm pretty pleased. I got cheap generic hubcaps in the hope that no asshole will steal them this time. I even passed up the shiny ones in favor of something less eye-catching.

Anyway, after getting the hubcaps, I decided to make myself a nice dinner. I had a grilled chicken breast in a pomegranate chipotle marinade, and asparagus steamed with garlic. The asparagus was delicious, as always, but the chicken got a little burned on the Foreman grill. The pomegranate chipotle sauce is a little expensive, and I was disappointed that it was a bit hard to taste it through the burnedness. Next time, I will watch the chicken more carefully, or else just bake it in the oven. Baking chicken has never gone wrong for me.

Then, in place of going to the gym, I took a half hour walk in my neighborhood. OK, I admit, part of the prospect of the walk was that I might find myself at Bredenbeck's for ice cream at the end of it, but they were closed anyway, so I was a good girl and got in a nice walk and didn't indulge. I also had a nice walk Saturday night, after procrastinating all goddamn day about going to the gym and finally leaving the house at 7:45 only to discover that the gym closes at 8 on Saturday nights. (They close at 10 on Fridays, so I wasn't that out of line in assuming they'd be open.) The nice long walk option is a really pleasant alternative to going to the gym. Not nearly as intensive, and I don't get any yoga stretching or weight lifting, but it does mean that I'm out and about and not wasting away on the couch. Which is the whole point, right? And I walk briskly. Anyway, I can foresee myself taking a lot of nice long walks now that it's getting warmer. It's an absolute joy to be outside in my lovely neighborhood in the fresh air after being cooped up all winter. I think that if I still make it to the gym twice a week, and then supplement with nice long walks, that will be a good plan.

I am using my "Philly love" icon, because my neighborhood is technically part of Philadelphia. For tax purposes, at least, which are the most annoying and therefore most important purposes.
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F and I had the awesomest dinner tonight. F made caesar parmesan crusted chicken drumsticks, and then I made almond and parmesan asparagus that was so amazingly tasty. He sort of made up the chicken recipe and it worked so well! And I found the asparagus recipe on and added garlic and pepper and it was excellent. Definitely have to make that again. Such a good dinner. A really good day, too. Yay.
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Friday: out to dinner with Rose and Lauren. Rose suggested we go to Exton but wouldn't pick a specific restaurant, so Lauren just googled "restaurants in Exton" and picked one. Their menu was online and sounded really good. The place ended up being nowhere near downtown Exton, but the food was really really good and we had a nice time.

Also, Friday night when I got home, I found a message in my inbox letting me know that one of my essays has been provisionally accepted for publication in Saw Palm! Very exciting!

Saturday: Richard the Couch-Cleaning Man came over and cleaned a spot on my couch. Then I caught the 12:15 train downtown to meet up with my mom. We had a nice lunch at the Marathon Grill (I got the hot dog! Yum!) and then we went to see the Salzburg Marionettes at the Kimmel Center. I had seen them before, in Salzburg, and thought they were terrific, so I was psyched to find out they were on tour so I could take my mom. They were performing The Sound of Music, too, which is one of Mom's favorites. We both really enjoyed the show.

Saturday night: I went to the grocery store, then cleaned out my closet and switched all my summer stuff for winter stuff.

Sunday so far: I decided to make my applesauce today, as a pre-Thanksgiving run-through. I'm using Gala apples, which I think are good--I can never remember what kind is best, although I do know that neither Granny Smiths nor Red Deliciouses make for good applesauce. I am trying something new and added walnuts to the applesauce, so we'll see how that goes. I'm planning to add chopped cranberries to the T-day applesauce too. Yum!

After doing the apple prep and turning on the crockpot, I went to church this morning, then to the gym after church. 35 minutes of fat-burning elliptical, then about 30-40 minutes of yoga. For some reason I've been seriously lacking an interest in yoga lately, plus I've just been mad busy in general, but I'm trying to stay on top of it. A good workout overall. Came home, had a sandwich and relaxed a bit, then cleaned out my basement storage space! I had a ton of empty boxes tossed in down there just in case I needed them, plus cat supplies I'm not going to be needing for a while, plus a lot of random crap. I'm seriously considering selling off most of my Buffy action figures on ebay. Anyway, the storage space is cleaned up now, the random boxes are broken down and stacked or else trashed in the dumpster, and the boxes of Christmas decorations are right at the front of the storage room so I can get to them easily later this month.

I washed all the dishes, and chatted with my mom on the phone for a bit--the Eagles won, holy crap--and then did some basic revising on a poem and an essay that I've been meaning to do for a while. Next up, sending out that now-finished poem, and revising up that provisionally-accepted essay. I have applesauce crocking that'll be ready any time now, and chicken in the oven that'll be ready in maybe 45 minutes, so I have a good dinner on the way, and it's enough for good leftovers tomorrow, too.

Overall, an excellent and productive weekend!
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Last night I:

- stopped at the library, returned two books I'd read, and picked up four new ones (two were on hold for me, and the other two were exciting surprises).
- did yoga for almost an hour!
- typed up a draft of an essay. When it's a little more polished, I'd like to send it to someone to read (warning: graphic and hilarious menstrual details). Any volunteers? ([ profile] pocketwitch, I'm sending it to you whether you volunteer or not.) ::edit:: okay, *I* think it's hilarious, but I'm not making any promises. It might just be disturbing.
- cooked crab alfredo cavatappi (aka "crabby pasta"), now with spinach. I have leftovers for dinner tonight.
- watched Chuck and Heroes

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Aug. 4th, 2007 01:09 pm
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The couscous salad turned out excellent, the chai is delicious, and my tooth doesn't hurt as much and I can chew on that side of my mouth again. I'm driving down to MD to hang out with Jerod and Chelsea in a bit. It looks like a lovely sunshiney day for a drive.
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Tonight I was planning to sit on the couch and play through some Zelda: Twilight Princess, but then I didn't feel like doing that. Instead I felt like cooking. So I went to the grocery store and bought supplies to make my couscous salad and chai. I don't know why I keep making the couscous salad and the chai at the same time. Possibly because I hate myself and love ridiculously hot humid kitchens? No wait neither of those are true. Anyway, due to appliance failure--my food processor died AND my knob on my toaster oven is completely broken and I've used the thing maybe five times--my cooking experience was not entirely fun. I don't think the dressing for the couscous salad turned out quite right--my arm and a fork don't do quite the same job of emulsifying that a food processor can do. It smelled right, at least. Hopefully it'll taste right. The completed couscous salad looks wonderful. I will have some for lunch tomorrow. And the chai of course smells heavenly. So I was really bummed out while I was cooking, and as I washed up, but now I am looking forward to the deliciousness.

Then I curled up on the couch and watched the first two episodes on the last disc of Wonderfalls. Yes, I know I'm woefully behind the times and should be ashamed of myself. But now I am all worked up because I can't watch the last three episodes right now!!! It's horrible!!! Read more... )
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Awesome moment yesterday: there was a young guy with a violin busking in the train station. At first I just walked past and got in line for a soft pretzel, but then he started playing the Super Mario Brothers theme song! I went back and gave him my dollar and told him he was awesome. Then he played the Zelda theme. Totally made my day.

Last night I did my yoga for almost an hour. It felt sooooo good, and made me really happy. I'm continually surprised at how I can go for two weeks without yoga and still not lose much ground in my flexibility. I've found, though, that when I go without for a while, my body is so happy to be doing yoga again that the poses come really easily; the next time after that, when I'm a bit stiff from the previous workout, it's harder to get as far into the poses. Which I guess makes sense. I skipped most of the seated work last night (which I'm hoping to do tonight, as a less intensive workout), focusing on standing work, balance (really need to work on this), and strength. Did squats and pushups, backbends, tabletops, navasanas, and also added an exercise that Lauren taught me involving a chair, which really works the tricep, I think it's called--the back of the arm, the part that turns into floppy wings in very fat people. This is part of my arms I'm least happy with, so if I can tone that muscle back there, I'll be really pleased. If I can tone it noticeably in the next month or so before I'm wearing tank tops regularly, I'll be even more pleased. I'm thinking ten reps a day at least to start.

I was talking to my friend Lucia on Tuesday. She's going to take a yoga teacher training course this fall, at Yoga on Main in Manayunk. We've talked about yoga before--she's given me good pointers on places to go, and she's the one who told me about the arboretum yoga class, but for some reason I didn't realize she was that serious about it. That's awesome. It's too expensive for me to afford right now, besides just being beyond my level of expertise, but I want to keep checking in with her to see what she thinks of it, and I'll try to save up and maybe consider doing it in the spring. I would *love* to be a yoga teacher. I'm hoping that if I do the arboretum yoga class for June, then keep on top of it on my own this summer to save money (it's easier for me to stick with yoga in summer anyway), then in the fall I'll sign up with a studio and really pursue it more. And then maybe by next spring I'll be ready for a teacher training. Lucia's class is 200 hours over the course of four months I think, so it's a lot of work besides a lot of money, but it's something I really want to do eventually.

Anyway, in addition to my yoga last night, I also did a load of laundry, washed the dishes, and made my couscous salad. I was surprised--it really only takes an hour or so to make, not counting the time for the couscous to cool after it's cooked. But there's a lot of steps--cooking and draining the couscous, making the dressing in the food processor, toasting the almond slivers (which I *never* thought I'd see myself doing), hydrating and chopping the figs, dicing the red pepper. I combined it all and then left it in the fridge overnight to make sure it would really be cool before crumbling the goat cheese into it--don't want it melting and smearing in the couscous. So I have that for lunch today, and I'm all excited. And there's plenty left for the next few days, too. I *love* the couscous salad!

I meant to clean the floors last night but I just didn't get to it. Hopefully I'll do that tonight. I also want to do my yoga seated work, go to the library and the grocery store, and take a nice long bath. Grocery store might take a backseat, though.

I'm making such long-winded posts lately! Aren't you all glad work is slow right now and I can keep you updated on the minutiae of my couscous salad making??
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Some other updates I forgot:

Fondue party: AWESOME. The cheese fondue was so terrific. I want to make it for all of you!!

Cat: Returned to foster mom. Sad, but sadness deflected by the tour of foster mom's cat-ridden house and introductions to all the cats and descriptions of their various disabilities. OMG. It takes a special person to do what this woman does. Also, sadness deflected by totally not having to clean the litter box! Planning to get a new cat after Missi's wedding, or maybe for my birthday.

Chai: Excellent.


May. 12th, 2007 07:57 pm
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I just caught the last 20 minutes of The Two Towers on TBS. Those goddamn Rohirrim make me cry every single time. Just hearing the Rohan theme music makes me tear up. I love the Lord of the Rings movies so much. (I don't, however, love the TBS commercials, one of which features clips of Frodo and Sam walking through Mordor to "5000 Miles" by the Proclaimers, another of which features Pippin picking up a sword and saying "They don't expect me to fight... do they?" to wacky music--as if these movies are some sort of slapstick bullshit. Worst commercials EVER.)

I am trying Jess's chai recipe. It's simmering right now. I used my biggest pot instead of a two-quart one, so I improvised a bit and tossed in some kind of random amounts of the ingredients, but the way my apartment smells right now, I can't have gone wrong!


Sep. 21st, 2006 05:00 pm
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Today is a beautiful early autumn day. It just goes to remind me that the seasons other than summer don't always suck.

Now let's just hope my parents don't hate the nice dinner I'm making them. Thursday is my cooking night, and I am endeavoring to make new and different things every week. This week is maple-basil salmon with a couscous salad. The salad has figs and red peppers and toasted almonds and goat cheese, in a maple-basil vinaigrette dressing. I personally toasted the almonds and made the dressing. Jorn hated this salad when I forced him to try it, but I absolutely love it and I really hope my folks don't hate it. It took a while to make.
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Last night I went to my cooking class at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. It ran over an hour and a half longer than I expected it to, but I learned a lot and had a good time. I can now pan-sear chicken with confidence, and I learned the easiest and yummiest roast potato recipe ever. There's a maple salmon recipe with a couscous salad that I'm definitely going to try, and a pork tenderloin recipe that I might actually try despite my dislike of pork.

The other girls in the class (it was all women) were mostly really cool. Four of them were from Saudi Arabia, vacationing in the US for the summer. Haneen wrote my name in Arabic for me. I thought that all of them were really beautiful. However, I hit it off best with another white girl, Kim, who had some of the same culinary confusions I did:

Kim (as I emerge from the walk-in freezer carrying three large bundles of Swiss chard): Wow, I thought chard was going to be a cheese!
Me: Well, I thought couscous was going to be a meat!

Our teacher, Jenn, was supercute. She made cooking look all graceful and artistic. Watching her sprinkle salt on a piece of pork was artful. I think she got a kick of out of me, too, especially when I said things like "So the maple syrup in this recipe... we're not talking Aunt Jemima here, are we?"

Overall? I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it, but it was an awesome thing to do, and I'd totally do another such class. I would be more confident next time, because I can in fact follow recipes accurately, even if I can't pick a stainless steel saute pan out of a lineup. Last night it was largely my lack of confidence that was holding me back, since I was too intimidated to try a food project that was unfamiliar to me (hence me making the pan-seared chicken instead of the couscous). Kim told me that she had asked for gift certificates to the place for the last few holidays, and now she had enough for several such classes, which I thought was an absolutely awesome idea. Once I get to Philly, I'd like to find a cooking school and do the same thing.
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okay. i feel seriously wiped out right now.

the job i mentioned yesterday? (it's req. # 18516 on the harvard job site, if you feel like looking at it.) i kind of had to let them know today if i wanted it. it's a permanent position. i thought a lot about it, and today i explained to laurie that first of all, since this has been a temp position and i had no thoughts of it becoming permanent, i've been applying to lots of jobs. i'm waiting to hear back from interviews i've been on, i have other interviews scheduled for next week, and i have my resume in at a ton of places, including for several harvard jobs. all of these are for jobs that are related to my skills and background and interests. and yes, i'm interested in the telecom job and have enjoyed working here and would like to stay on, but i don't feel i can make a permanent commitment to a job that's not related to my goals. i suggested that if they want to hire me for the job, maybe we could work something out where i could take the job on a trial basis for a month or two--enough time for me to hear back from the loose ends i've got right now, and enough time to see if i would like this position. if i like it and i don't get any other offers, fine, i'll accept it permanently. if i get a dream job offered to me, i could take it without feeling guilty that i'd broken a promise here in telecom. laurie liked the sound of that idea and had been toying with something similar, since i'm already with spherion, and she said she'd talk to the person who would be my new supervisor.

she stopped back a little while later to let me know that she had talked to steven and he said he's not interested in the trial period idea and would only want to talk to me if i'm interested in actually applying for the permanent job. she said she'd leave it up to me.

the whole situation has made me feel a little boxed in. today is technically my last day here, i found out. if i want to take the telecom job, they'd find a way to extend me next week or something so i could start the training. at least that's the impression i got. so now i'm feeling like if i want to be working next week, i need to accept a permanent job today right now. that's not a position i really want to be in. so what i have done is this. i submitted my resume and a cover letter on the harvard website for this job. and i am going to go home in a few minutes. if steven wants to interview me for the position, he can call me like anyone else. if not, then not. i'm not going to back myself in and i'm not going to force myself to make a decision at this point. i don't like making decisions when i don't have all the pertinent information, so i'm going to wait till i hear back from some places and have the HM interview to consider this further. i think i'm being more than reasonable. i think i've handled this well.

so that's today's gnu gnews. i'm going to finish clearing off my desk, and i'm going to let shelley know the status of the last few things i was working on, and i'm going to fax in my timesheet. then i'm going to leave early, go home, and get changed. tonight i'm (hopefully) going to the grocery store, and i'm going to bake some bread with dannbrown, and maybe some gingerbread cake too. but only if i can find a man-shaped pan. or, hey, a woman-shaped pan would be fine, i'm not gingerbread-sexist, but it doesn't taste as good if it's not a gingerbread person. tomorrow i'm going to make garlic mashed potatoes and then go have an awesome thanksgiving dinner with my friends, and friday i might go to sarah b's to visit her. sunday i'll be at the Otis House, and monday i've got my HM interview. i'm not going to worry about job stuff till next week. it's the holiday and i refuse to stress out. i plan to have fun and watch some movies and enjoy kd's visit and spend time with my "family" up here. no more worries.

ps. one more thing: i took advantage of the printer here for a few things. printed out a few extra copies of my resumes and my references, and i decided what poems i'm sending out and printed them, plus the cover letters to go with them. i'm submitting four poems each to five different journals. i feel i've accomplished something. we'll see what happens. oh, and i'll finish my description of the nyc trip soon, i promise. getting some pictures back today.
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yeah, so i'm feeling better about prety much everything now than i was on wednesday. first of all i feel better--i haven't kicked the cold yet but hopefully i will soon. it's to the point now where i don't really feel too sick except for the cough. which, yes, is fairly horrid, especially late at night or first thing in the morning, but at least i'm not "feeling sick" all day.

last night i made chicken caesar wraps again, this time enough for dylan and dann too. i would've made for jorn, but i took the three-chicken-breast packet out of the freezer rather than the four-breast packet, thinking i would only be making one for myself, but then all the guys were like, hey i'll have one too! and i didn't have enough to make one for jorn. he had an elio's pizza instead. the chicken was pretty good but i think i cooked it a bit too long--for next time, i should remember that it only needs to be lightly browned.

i finished Stephen Dobyns' "The Church of Dead Girls" last night. hella good. i'm doing pretty well at my plan to read all the books i have that i haven't read yet. probably the plan is working because i haven't gone anywhere and bought any new fantasy novels. i only had one new one last week because jorn found it at work and was told to keep it ("Fortress in the Eye of Time", by C. Cherryh - it was pretty good, good enough for me to be all sucked in to it and now to want the sequel, which is now on my amazon wish list). i picked out several good books from the To Read shelf that i'm taking with me on my trip this weekend to read at the airport and on the plane.

speaking of. i got most of the clothes together that i want to bring with me, and wrote a note on the marker board to remind myself of some other things to pack. i'm really looking forward to it now. i just can't forget to pack my motion sickness pills. i hope i've got some Vomex left.

and susanna's party tonight should be really fun.

finally, i should mention that i have the best boyfriend in the whole world. he's been so sweet and so good to me lately with me being all stressed & depressed, and since he's not working right now he offered to take my car to get inspected. he'll be doing that today, and it's definitely one of the nicest things anyone's done for me. a major weight off my mind. love you, baby.
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so my hair is around 200 times better this morning. i blow-dried the mirror (!) so i could see, and then blow-dried my hair on the lowest setting so that i had more control over it, and it turned out much better--fluffy and cute in the back (not like straw), and normal in the front (not greasy or doing an annoying wave thing). thanks for all the hair support, y'all.

last night i used up the leftover crab meat and made crab alfredo cavatappi (thusly titled because dann said it was too good to keep calling it "crabby alfredo pasta stuff"). the boys were very impressed. i would say i'm getting to be a better cook if i didn't know how easy it was to make. but that's definitely something i could do again. oh, and i still haven't done the garlic-lime chicken again. it's so good, too. maybe that would be a good thing for friday night? we'll see.


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