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Jan. 8th, 2004 08:22 am
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okay, so here's my big update post. ready?...


Harvard Law School. Editorial Assistant/Managing Editor of the Journal of Risk & Uncertainty. the salary is... more than comfortable. there seem to be amazing benefits, like health and full dental and three weeks' vacation a year plus the week off between christmas and new years, plus a T-pass program, plus huge discounts on the harvard fitness facilities and classes in the extension school, plus stuff i can't even comprehend like retirement accounts and annuities. it's an easy commute, and i get my own office, with a door and a window.

there were 71 applicants for this job. and i got it.

i am psyched beyond belief. i'll be able to pay dylan back all the money i owe him, and pay jorn back what i owe him so he can pay dylan back too, and get all my credit cards paid off too. and after that, i don't even know.

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new years was fun. i left work at 3ish, went to harvard to get my january t-pass, got a bagel for dinner, then headed to Otis house to sell cookies and coffee till 7:30. wonder if i get paid for that. when i got home, i played scrabble with jorn and dann, and then farbs and miles and sarah ee and benjy came over and we played apples to apples till after midnight. it was a good time. yesterday, sat around, watched the end of season 5 of buffy (i cried; no more til july!) and then missi and mike came over. they had spent new years with their friend dave in lowell, so they visited me too and stayed over. we got chinese food from the mysterious mary chung's (closed on tuesdays, as it turns out) and watched the Pirate movie. i love the Pirate movie.

today. back at EF. today was supposed to be my last day, but caroline would like me back for next week. that's fine, since they're nice here. my only ish is with the hours: since i'm sharing a desk, i can't come in til 11:00, when the other guy leaves. it's still 6 hours, since i don't take a lunch, but at only $9/hr it's not a lot of money. at least it's something. so monday, when i have my second interview at harvard law at 11:00, i'll come here at 2 and stay late maybe, then no work on tuesday while i interview for the HR job at millennium (the interview was supposed to be on monday, but oh well), and then work here wednesday-friday 11-5. and maybe someday i'll be able to pay dylan the rent. more later, maybe, since i'm still at work now.


Dec. 29th, 2003 09:11 am
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so, rox's stupid morning (all before 9am!):

i get up at 6:15 to get ready for work. i'm off to PSG staffing because they've got a program where, if they don't have an assignment for you, you can come into their office and do work if they've got some but otherwise hang around, and get paid to hang around, in case a company calls in a temp request, and then you go right out. so i guess it's a good system for them, because they can have people waiting right there ready to go at a moment's notice. so i'm psyched and i get there at 8am and sign in and have a seat. then i decide to call marjorie at abbott temps and check in with her, because she and i had talked about an assignment for this week but it had seemed tentative to me. i find out she had not thought it tentative at all. she had put me down definitively for this assignment this week and freaked when i told her i was somewhere else. so i assured her that i'd show up to the assignment and told her i was so sorry and had gotten mixed up with the holidays and blah blah but was so glad i had called. THEN i had to tell melanie at PSG that i had gotten mixed up and couldn't stay there that day because there had been a miscommunication between myself and another agency and i'd made a prior commitment. melanie is so, so nice. so, since i didn't have to be at the other assignment till 11, i came home. i got home at 8:40. it's been a busy, sucky morning already, and only provides further proof that if i don't get a freakin' permanent job soon i'm going to go crazy.

in other news. dann, did you clean out the lint filter thing in the bathtub at all while you were here alone last week? because this morning it was... gross. and because it was so caked with grossness, there was a layer of sliminess on the bottom of the tub. i can clean the tub tonight, it's no problem, but i just wanted to let you know, because i'm betting you hadn't been looking at the tub with your glasses on lately.

instead of unpacking or doing something useful, i'm going to go veg out on the couch now for a while before i have to leave at 10. argh.
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i'm home. christmas was good. gift highlights included the battlestar galactica original series on dvd (in an attractive collector's edition ceylon head case), the pirate movie on dvd (yum), several sweaters (because my mom's worried about me being warm enough in boston), shamu-shaped bedroom slippers, and... the voltron castle. this is one of the most awesome things my mom's come up with yet. see, when i was little i had the voltron castle (voltron being an awesome japanese cartoon, if you haven't heard of it), and i had all the robot lions and figures and everything, and i was keeping it in pristine condition till mom decided we were selling it at the yard sale. i was heartbroken. years and years later, i looked it up on ebay and saw that a mint condition voltron castle could go for over a hundred dollars, and i was still wishing i had mine, and i started guilting/teasing my mom about it. i even wrote a poem about this and put it in my thesis. so she went on ebay and got me my own voltron castle. it even has quite a few of the original pieces. she also got me all the lions and all the little figures, plus two videos and a t-shirt. the t-shirt is all worn and soft and wonderful. it was the sweetest gift ever.

also, at one point in the weekend we went shopping and mom & dad bought me a new interview suit. a really nice one, from casual corner. it's gorgeous. the woman who sold it to us told me, "this is a lucky interview suit--everyone who wears it gets the job." she had bought one for her daughter too. and aunt carole gave me a really pretty, really classy silver necklace which will be perfect with the suit. so i am excited about the second interview i have next week (harvard law school--they want to talk to me again!!!). but now i'm off to bed, because i've got to be at PSG tomorrow morning at 8am. yay for actual work.

oh, and my parents gave me mad gift certificates. after jorn and i exchange gifts, i've going to spend $25 on amazon (probably to preorder my angel season 3 dvds), and i've got over $50 to borders, since i never spent my borders gift card from last year. i am so psyched. also, i have $25 to spend at victoria's, which will be exciting. which pair of panties will i get?? oh the suspense. yay for free shopping.
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i haven't talked about Return of the King yet, have i? no, i've been obsessing over my joblessness. let's chat about something fun then, shall we? yehy spoilers. )

so anyway. i'm feeling better on the job thing. still fragile (almost started crying in the middle of government center today), but i got everything cleared up, registered at two more temp agencies, and landed a job for monday. it's only $9/hr, and the hours are only 11-5, but that's still better than what i would've been earning on monday, which was nothing. and nice melanie at PSG thinks she can definitely find me something good for longer-term temp or temp to perm. which is good news, because kelly services has been pretty ineffective, and i know preferred is pissy at me over the weather thing (did i talk about that? it wasn't even my damn fault), and i think spherion might be pissy at me too? the last time i talked to kate at spherion, i was in my car at 2:55 getting lost on the way to a 3:00 job interview, so i think was a little short with her letting her know i couldn't accept an assignment right now. i haven't heard from spherion since then. i should probably give them a call.

yeah, so job interview news. i'll be kind and hide this for ya'll too. ) it's really bad when i think an interview has gone well and then i don't hear and don't hear and then finally get rejected. that's bad, but worse is not hoping anymore. i tried that this week, and it was really bad. as hard as it is to keep hoping i'll find a job, the alternative is much more miserable. i cried a lot this week. so i will try to keep my spirits up. which should be doable, considering the good friends i have. ya'll are just so nice. christmas should help, too. i miss my mom.
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i want to curl up in ball somewhere and eat chocolate till i puke. i will never find a fucking job. i hate the cold and i hate boston and i hate everything. my room's a mess and i don't care. i didn't get the job at shambhala, and i haven't gotten a call back from HM or the harvard law school job i interviewed at on monday. they were planning on doing second interviews at the end of this week, so i'm guessing i didn't get that one. i just can't do this anymore. i made cookies with dannbrown today and that didn't even make me feel better. i'm betting that the more desperate and unstable i get, the less likely i am to find a job, so that means i'll never find one. i don't want to be dead, not exactly, but i would like to be able to hide in a hole for several months and not be aware of anything until it's spring and there are more jobs. there's just no way out, i can't find a job so i can't pay bills and then there's more debt that i can't pay off because i can't find a job. i would be calling my temp agencies but there's no way they're going to find me a job that would work around christmas. we're leaving the night of 12/23 and coming back the following sunday, so that makes two, probably three (with new years) weeks of no work. i won't be able to make rent. i just don't know what to do.

i wish i could find a used book store that has a lot of paperbacks, so i could get a bunch of fantasy novels and go to a good place for a while. jorn, would you mind if i watched buffy while you're at work? or maybe someone could show me where the library is so i could get some books? i need someplace to hide so maybe i can stop crying all the time.
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so i have an interview on monday with harvard law school for an editorial assistant position. also. i talked to nicole at houghton mifflin, and she said they're still considering me for the editorial assistant position there and may want to set up an interview for next wednesday.

also. i finished The Color Purple. what a good book. i think maybe Alice Walker must really love people, love everything, to be able to write like that. i remember now how i felt when i finished The Temple of my Familiar: i wanted to run out and buy everything she'd ever written and read it all. i got stuck in the first chapter of some other book of hers that i'd gotten at the used store, but that book clearly must've been her one bad one. now i am once again inspired to read everything she ever wrote.

also. i'm psyched to be going shopping with sarah farbo tomorrow, and i'm psyched to be watching Angels part 2 on sunday, and to be watching all the lord of the rings movies next week. and tonight, i'm going to watch a bunch of buffy. things are pretty good.
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So where to start. I'm kind of bumming tonight. My roomies and I just had a "discussion" about money and paying bills and how to split up paying for the groceries, so that was fun. I hate money discussions. The money discussion was sparked by the fact of our heat not currently working, and what I think the temperature should be versus what others think it should be. Right now I'm sitting in my room wearing fleece-lined wind pants, a thermal shirt, a sweatshirt, and wrapped in a big blanket, and I'm still freezing. Also, I received my student loan coupon book in the mail today and discovered that I need to make a payment of $189 in less than two weeks. This is money that I don't have. When I tried to call them to try to negotiate a lower payment, I got stuck on hold for twenty minutes on my cell phone before I got cut off (I think my phone hung up on me?). Dylan thinks he might not have a job next month. And I am SO SICK of going on interviews. Here's how my week's been so far. click here to read a bunch of stuff about interviews I went on )

The job thing is so just exhausting. I got a temp job for tomorrow, answering phones at BU, that should last me till christmas. I'm sick of this stuff, though. I either want to have a job, a real job, or not have one at all. My hands are so cold. I'm going to go watch star trek.
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okay. i feel seriously wiped out right now.

the job i mentioned yesterday? (it's req. # 18516 on the harvard job site, if you feel like looking at it.) i kind of had to let them know today if i wanted it. it's a permanent position. i thought a lot about it, and today i explained to laurie that first of all, since this has been a temp position and i had no thoughts of it becoming permanent, i've been applying to lots of jobs. i'm waiting to hear back from interviews i've been on, i have other interviews scheduled for next week, and i have my resume in at a ton of places, including for several harvard jobs. all of these are for jobs that are related to my skills and background and interests. and yes, i'm interested in the telecom job and have enjoyed working here and would like to stay on, but i don't feel i can make a permanent commitment to a job that's not related to my goals. i suggested that if they want to hire me for the job, maybe we could work something out where i could take the job on a trial basis for a month or two--enough time for me to hear back from the loose ends i've got right now, and enough time to see if i would like this position. if i like it and i don't get any other offers, fine, i'll accept it permanently. if i get a dream job offered to me, i could take it without feeling guilty that i'd broken a promise here in telecom. laurie liked the sound of that idea and had been toying with something similar, since i'm already with spherion, and she said she'd talk to the person who would be my new supervisor.

she stopped back a little while later to let me know that she had talked to steven and he said he's not interested in the trial period idea and would only want to talk to me if i'm interested in actually applying for the permanent job. she said she'd leave it up to me.

the whole situation has made me feel a little boxed in. today is technically my last day here, i found out. if i want to take the telecom job, they'd find a way to extend me next week or something so i could start the training. at least that's the impression i got. so now i'm feeling like if i want to be working next week, i need to accept a permanent job today right now. that's not a position i really want to be in. so what i have done is this. i submitted my resume and a cover letter on the harvard website for this job. and i am going to go home in a few minutes. if steven wants to interview me for the position, he can call me like anyone else. if not, then not. i'm not going to back myself in and i'm not going to force myself to make a decision at this point. i don't like making decisions when i don't have all the pertinent information, so i'm going to wait till i hear back from some places and have the HM interview to consider this further. i think i'm being more than reasonable. i think i've handled this well.

so that's today's gnu gnews. i'm going to finish clearing off my desk, and i'm going to let shelley know the status of the last few things i was working on, and i'm going to fax in my timesheet. then i'm going to leave early, go home, and get changed. tonight i'm (hopefully) going to the grocery store, and i'm going to bake some bread with dannbrown, and maybe some gingerbread cake too. but only if i can find a man-shaped pan. or, hey, a woman-shaped pan would be fine, i'm not gingerbread-sexist, but it doesn't taste as good if it's not a gingerbread person. tomorrow i'm going to make garlic mashed potatoes and then go have an awesome thanksgiving dinner with my friends, and friday i might go to sarah b's to visit her. sunday i'll be at the Otis House, and monday i've got my HM interview. i'm not going to worry about job stuff till next week. it's the holiday and i refuse to stress out. i plan to have fun and watch some movies and enjoy kd's visit and spend time with my "family" up here. no more worries.

ps. one more thing: i took advantage of the printer here for a few things. printed out a few extra copies of my resumes and my references, and i decided what poems i'm sending out and printed them, plus the cover letters to go with them. i'm submitting four poems each to five different journals. i feel i've accomplished something. we'll see what happens. oh, and i'll finish my description of the nyc trip soon, i promise. getting some pictures back today.
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tonight i need to talk to everyone AND my mom about job things--there's a telecom job here in the info sys department at harvard, where i am right now, that shelley thinks i could put in for and get fairly easily, but i have to decide if i want it. otherwise my job ends next week. thinkthinkthink. houghton mifflin on monday. argh.
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and so my job search kicks, if possible, into an even higher gear, as shelley and i had the chat just now. the "well, things are starting to slow down now..." chat. so i am duly warned about the impending unemployment. while losing this job means saying goodbye to that nice 35 hours a week at $11.85 an hour, it also means: no more bus!! and it'll be much easier to schedule and get to job interviews when i don't have to worry about planning around the bus schedule. and i think until the job actually ends, shelley will be cool with whatever time i need to take off for interviews and such--i will likely take off the monday after thanksgiving, so i can get ready for the HM interview at 4:00. i may try to squeeze in a few other appointments that day, too--need to call planned parenthood on monday and see if i can get my yearly scheduled for that morning. depending on when i can schedule that, i may also call up linda at judy jetson and get my hair cut that day, too (ensuring gorgeous fun professional hair for the interview). if i can get those two appointments in the morning, and then get home by 1:00 or so, i can change and get out the door for the interview in plenty of time. here's hoping.

i made popcorn for lunch so i wouldn't have to pack anything. miss you, rhett-head.


Nov. 20th, 2003 03:18 pm
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okay. i just got a call from Nicole at Houghton Mifflin. i have an interview set up for the monday after Thanksgiving. wow. she's going to send me a copyediting assessment in the mail and i'll have to do it and send it back. it's for an editorial assistant job, in the college textbooks division, working with primarily math and science books. who cares what i'd be working on? Houghton Mifflin would be such a great place to work. and i got this call on my own, because i haven't gotten a chance to drop off my resume with margaret ann over at Otis house. i'm really nervous now and it's over two weeks away. shit. there will be no mention of cartoons this time, i freakin' swear it.
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i am boreder than bored. i hope my complete and total apathy for any work-related activity doesn't continue when i get a "real" job. and the stuff i'm doing today is actually sort of interesting, too--looking at the departmental webpage to see if the address got changed everywhere, if it's navigable, if the sections on directory stuff are up to date and make sense. i procrastinated on it for a while but eventually went through and made a list of stuff that could change, but it's a very well-maintained webpage. now i'm flipping through the procedures manual to try to update it (again, sort of interesting, requires organizational skills and stuff), and i found this line in a list of directions: "Invoke your standard Web Browser..." I was highly amused at the thought of "invoking" my Web Browser. don't people ordinarily "invoke" the Powers that Be? dude, it's just a web browser, you just have to double click---

oh wow. i just got a call on my cell phone from the HR people at Tufts about a job i had applied for there and would i be available to come in at 9:00 tomorrow morning? i was like, no, i need a little more notice than that to schedule an interview, especially because they are questionably located and i'm not sure how i'd get there and i'm already taking some time off this week. i don't think it was unreasonable of me to say that, i mean, that's less than 24 hours away. so i said, what about a later time, and she suggested 4:00. oh great, require me to take even more time off work. i said, how about next week? and she said they're hoping to wrap up their search soon. so she started giving me directions and it would involve either a 20 minute walk from davis square (in heels? ick.) or riding the bus from there--i'm hesitant to try catching a bus i've never had to catch before and trying to get somewhere by a specific time, especially when i don't have a lot of time to research the route. she decided she would transfer me right to the woman i'd be interviewing with--without telling me she was going to do that--and the woman suggested we talk a little now. so now i'm on the spot trying to do a phone interview. kind of scary. when they ask, what attracted you to this position? and you're applying for 10 different jobs a day, it's hard to remember what was good about this particular one without actually looking it up. which i would do if i had time to prepare. thankfully while i was on hold i pulled up the job description on the tufts website, so at least i had something to look at. and the woman said that they're very close to hiring someone but they want to be sure they've explored all their options first. dood, if you pretty much know who you want and it's not me, i'm not hauling ass in to see you. at least not for an admin job. so she said she'd consider her options and perhaps call me back. i think it's a little cruddy to call someone on wednesday and expect her to be able to come in for an interview on thursday or even friday. if i didn't have to take the damn bus out to work now it wouldn't be so bad. before, i could have a 9:00 or 4:00 interview and only miss like an hour of work. now it's like a half day process. fucking bus. i should've told her i'd drive, since i can drive to work, basically, and park at the grocery store, but i am so not enthused about driving to interviews after i clipped off my damn mirror. motherfucker.
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so i give up on trying to understand the evening schedule for the #70 bus. last night i left work a bit later than i meant to but got out to the bus stop by like 4:23, and at 4:25 along arrives the #70! now, i know for a FACT that the 70 didn't arrive at that time two days ago. so was yesterday's 70 running early? late? just a fluke? how can i possibly plan for this? i think in the future i'll just leave at 4:20 and take whatever bus arrives first.

i got to the bus stop this morning just in time to catch the bus. i looked at my watch and it was 8:12. there was an old black lady sitting across from me, and when she got off the bus a few stops later i realized that i have a sweater absolutely identical to the one she had on (my blue one that's open in the front with the pockets). i got mine at a thrift store in pennsylvania. i wonder if she got hers new?

last night was supposed to be game night, but only susanna came over, and she was feeling a bit unpleasant due to her uparriving menses (just how i'm feeling this morning, in fact), so we ordered pizza (the best pizza yet, i think, although i wasn't so fond of the crust) and watched a movie. we couldn't decide on anything, so it came down to jorn holding Mission: Impossible and Run Lola Run behind his back and susanna choosing a hand. we watched Lola, which i had never seen before, and it was awesome.

i found my david bowie cd. it was in my traveling cd case. i felt much better.

there were three different editorial jobs on the harvard website yesterday. i carefully worked up my cover letters and applied. i wonder if there's something wrong with the harvard job website? i've never ever gotten a call about a resume i sent through there, and i've applied for so many you'd think i'd at least get one or two calls. especially since i have harvard experience. (i did get a call from harvard business school publishing once, but they had posted the job on bookbuilders and i had emailed them my resume.) anyway, shelley asked me how the job thing was going, and i mentioned the three jobs and that i never get calls, and she seemed perplexed and even said she'd put in a call for me to those departments. she's really nice. if there was a chance this job would go permanent, i'd stay here. but maybe she can help me get something permanent.

it's freezing here in the office today.

to do: help jorn finish the laundry. stop at Tello's on the way home and get a black slip to wear with the fun dress (possibly to a show on saturday night). email missi the details of the bus i'm taking on friday. pack up my stuff to take to nyc. call ralph at the bank to see if he ever looked into me getting that damn money back for the bounced check. call planned parenthood to get an appointment for my yearly exam sometime this month (damn it, i wanted a real job with health insurance by now). meet david for coffee tonight. clean my room so it'll be nice when i get back on sunday.
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my parents were here this weekend. it was awesome. i picked them up at the airport friday morning and we came back to my place and spent the afternoon just hanging around talking. they really liked my place and weren't too skeeved by the neighborhood, which was good. friday night we went to mr. crepe for dinner, and they loved that too--i wasn't sure at first if they were just saying they liked it when they didn't, but my mom said that right after she finished her apples & cinnamon crepe she was already thinking about what she'll get next time (something with turkey and monterey jack cheese) so i was all excited. that night we played yahtzee and tiles and it was fun.

saturday we got up reasonably early (or, my mom got up really early and i got up at 8:00, followed by my dad, then jorn, and then finally dann) and went to the aquarium. it was awesome too. i wasn't all excited at first (even though i got in for free), but after a while my feet were doing the happy excited dance. we saw puffer fish and an octopus and lots of rays and a few big turtles and sea lions and otters and seals, and they're getting the sea dragons exhibit in a few weeks so i'm going to go back with jorn for that. and we'll spend all the time we want watching the penguins, too. yay for rockhopping.

after the aquarium, mom and dad took jorn and i out to legal seafoods for lunch, and it was super ymmuy. we got two bowls of the lobster bisque soup to split, and a serving of the crab dip (which was fabulous, and i'm not the biggest crap dip fan), and i got coconut shrimp that were magnificent. then we booked it to get to the Otis House before they closed, but we still had to rush a bit to see the whole house, and i couldn't show my mom the slide show like i had wanted to. but they'll be back in the spring sometime, and then i'll be able to give them the beacon hill walking tour too, and that'll be fun. saturday night we rented A Mighty Wind and they liked it, but not as much as Best in Show.

sunday we all slept in, and then i made scrambled eggs for breakfast and we sat around until the Eagles game came on at 1:00, then ordered pizza and watched the game till 3:30, when we left for the airport. i hugged them goodbye and went home and baked sugar cookies with dannbrown because i felt like it. and later last night i actually started working on poemy things. i read through my whole thesis, and really, there are chunks of it that are quite good (i have a bit of objectivity with it now, since i haven't even looked at the thing since may--six whole months). and i decided that i'm going to start sending out poems to magazines. it would be a disservice to myself if i didn't, i think. so i started looking at journals online last night and deciding where to submit. i was even starting to get excited.

in other news, my mom is now officially Highly Qualified to teach middle school language arts (she got her scores back from that test she had to take, because it's how she performs on a TEST that shows what kind of teacher she is, not her degree in teaching or years of experience or anything). but yeah, Highly Qualified. i, on the other hand, am not Highly Qualified to do anything. i'm not even Sort Of Qualified for much. this point was driven home to me once again this morning as i looked through the job ads on monster and bostonworks and bookbuilders. i wonder how the hell anyone gets a job doing anything. i used to think i was pretty highly qualified to do administrative work, but apparently not even for that, judging from the flurry of calls i get. there has to be something wrong with me. i mean, we're starting to get into the hundreds of resumes, here, with hardly any response. and i never heard back from Cell Press. i guess they didn't like me that much after all. stupid cartoons.
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so i'm feeling better today, due in large part i think to the various medications i took right after i woke up this morning. the sickness began yesterday as a Sore Throat, Achy, and then last night progressed to Sore Throat, Achy with Fever and Chills. thankfully that didn't last long and by this morning i was up to REALLY Sore Throat, Achy, with Congestion. if it keeps up at this rate, i should be Sniveling and Coughing by sunday. but hopefully if i'm careful i should be able to avoid the Sniveling and Coughing part of the sickness altogether. that's the goal. so this morning when i got up i took acetominophen and sudafed sinus and vitamins, and i had another glass of orange pepper juice. now i'm actually breathing through my nose. (isn't it the worst thing when you're too stuffed up to breathe through your nose so you have to hold your breath to brush your teeth?) i'll have oatmeal with lunch, and i haven't decided what to do about dinner yet--i was planning on making garlic-lime chicken, but i doubt i would enjoy it as much as usual, so maybe i'll postpone that (again) and do chicken noodle soup instead.

anyway, the job things. last night after work i got to drag myself out to dedham again for the copyediting test, and the whole way out there i'm thinking this is too far. then i get there and holly and christine are just so nice, and i think i did really well on the test, and then the whole way back i'm thinking it's not *that* far if they make me a good offer.... well, i was thinking that the whole way back except for my scenic detour through brighton. but i know what i did wrong now, and it won't happen again. now i totally know the way. seriously. so when i got back dylan had parked his car right at the end of the driveway, so i had to perch mine right behind his almost in the street and then go inside and get him and do the car dance. exactly what i felt like doing. but then jorn heated up some soup for me and cuddled with me on the couch for a little while, and i felt better. then dylan came home and also cuddled with me on the couch, and then i got to bed early. i'd only been in bed for an hour or so when dylan came to wake me up to do the car dance yet again, but i was shivering under four blankets (the aforementioned feverish part of my evening), and i begged him to please not make me do it because i was so cold, so dylan moved my car himself. i appreciated that. around midnight i woke up drenched in sweat and hot as hell, so i guess the fever broke. then i slept pretty well.

woke up at 6 this morning, though, which was Fun, but not that bad because i was sort of awake anyway. got all ready for my copyediting assessment this morning and got there on time and everything--the company is right in harvard square and easy to get to and only two blocks from where i'm currently working, which is nice. i think i did well on the test, and i hope i get that job. i mean, a biological journal is better than nothing. think of how much i'll learn. just this morning on the copyediting assessment i learned all about genomes.

oh, and my hair looks rockin' today. need to invest in some different gunk, i think--today i tried using the redkin salon stuff i got a sample of when i first got my hair cut, and it's much nicer than the citreshine paste. the citreshine stuff was perfect when i wanted my hair to stand up on end all the time, but now my hair needs to have some movement. that shit's expensive, though, so we'll see if i actually buy some.

the hard scabby skin where i burned myself last friday night is now starting to crack and peel. not sure if i should peel it or slick it with lotion. i think i'll try lotion first.


Oct. 16th, 2003 09:16 am
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oh yeah, and the interview last night? it was for an editorial job. in dedham, but still. the interview tomorrow morning is with a staffing agency, but the guy called me because he found my resume on monster and wanted to talk to me. apparently he only does direct hires and temp-to-hire positions. and the interview tomorrow afternoon is for an editorial coordinator position. and i got an email from a marketing company letting me know that i should call them for an interview too. if i get time tomorrow, i'll call to set that up for next week, but next week i'm also going to have to be doing the car switchover stuff, so i don't know if i'll have time. yeah, i'm having interviews. AWWW yeah.
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this morning on the T i saw a man whose ear hair was so thick it looked as if furry black mold was creeping out of his brain.

we finished watching season 2 of Angel last night. "There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb" was an awesome episode. now i have to wait until december for season 5 of buffy, and next july for season 6 (which means that i could quite possibly be watching season 7 of buffy next christmas--hopehopehope), but i have no idea when the next Angel will be coming out--probably not till next spring. they really should be releasing them concurrently with the corresponding buffy season, because there are occasional crossovers, like one we saw last night. jorn was kind of confused, but i was able to fill him in (since it was a major enough plot point i had heard about it in advance). anyway, i want more buffy and angel, and i want it now.

oh, and two nights ago i got a call from someone at the harvard business school, calling about my resume (!) in reference to a position with the harvard business review: primarily a layout/technical position, lots of quarkXpress and computer usage. i probably will not get another call for an interview, since i'm just not as advanced with the computer stuff as they would like. again with the not enough experience thing. but at least i got a call. i hope i don't have to send out 40 resumes for every one phone call. god, what do i have to do to get an interview??
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so yesterday, i decided i was going to be determined. i went to Filene's Basement after work, knowing that i was going to find some damn pants no matter how many pairs i tried on. and damn it, i found pants--three pairs. i could have gotten even more, because there were more that fit, but three pairs was all i could really afford. i got one black pair, one pinstriped pair (those look really really good), and a pair of green cords (i would have preferred brown or khaki-colored, or even blue, but they only had size 12 in green for $19.99). i was so psyched, though. filene's is going to be my stop for all future work-related fashion purchases, because if you dig around long enough, you can find stuff that fits and is affordable. i only had to try on i think 14 pairs of pants, and i found four pairs that fit decently. that comes out to 29% of the pants i tried on. compare that to my mall visit on sunday night, where i tried on (let me think) twelve pairs? thirteen or fourteen maybe? and there were lots i didn't try on because they just weren't in my price range, and anyway only one pair actually fit, and they were ass pants instead of work pants. even if i only tried on 12 pairs of pants, that's still only an 8% success rate. Filene's is the clear winner. also, one can get to Filene's from the T stop at downtown crossing without actually going outside--there's an underground entrance that leads directly into the Basement. which is definitely a plus for my winter shopping expectations.

also yesterday, i decided to seek help in my job quest. i wrote to Gar and asked him if he had any contacts in boston he could give me (how did i not think of this before?), and i sent my cover letter template to susanna, miles, and my mom. susanna gave me some really good pointers for it, which i incorporated immediately upon getting home from my successful shopping trip. part of the job search depression, i think, is the fact that i felt so absolutely helpless to do anything about the fact that no one wanted me. but susanna gave me a good way to rearrange my cover letter to better highlight my talents and schmooze, and then i did a search on yahoo for more job sites, and i found a bunch. i also made a bookmark folder on my computer at home for job sites, and i bookmarked all the job web pages of universities in the area, so that should make it easier to remember to check them all--i'll just go down the list. now i have more than 20 different websites to check on a regular basis. i rewrote my resume so it actually looks decent (uploading it as a word doc to the monster server was messing with my formatting, so i opted to just cut and paste). and i updated my monster cover letter templates as well. i'll also do that for my account too, when i get home. i feel much better about the way i'm presenting myself now, and hopefully i'll look more appetizing to companies too.

anyway, i should get back to my proofing--student directory listings, now. joyful joy. that reminds me of a song from church--the chorus goes, "Joy, His joy, is all around you, Joy, His joy, is everywhere," but when i was younger i thought we were singing about "joyous joy."
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so here's the annoyance of the day. i *was* logging on to my work computer with a temp ID, but that was just good for the workstation, so i couldn't access any of the files on the network, which i needed to be able to access. also, we didn't think i was set up to print to the office printer. so shelley my boss put in a work order for me to get my own ID and to get set up with the printer. so two days ago i think it was, she got a notice saying that i had a network ID set up for me, and so we try it and hey, it works, except it's logging me on to the network and not to the workstation. fine, i say, and use the temp ID and password to log on to the workstation. this works just fine--i can access the folders on the network now. now all i need is printer access. so a guy from IT comes by to set me up to print, and he realizes that this computer was set up all along to print. great, i say, no problems then. but then he finds out that the computer people didn't send someone over to "set me up" with my network ID, that i'm still logging on to the workstation under the temp ID. so he fixes it. now rhalpine is the only user who can log on to the network at this workstation. before he left i said, hey, am i going to be able to access the files i had saved on this computer under the temp ID? and he says, sure, let me move that folder over for you. he moves the folder, reboots the computer so i can log on fresh, and leaves. and i sit down, log on, and click on my folder, and i get an error message saying that access is denied to that folder. everything i had that i was working on is in that folder (as well as a few really awesome icons i found yesterday, but that's beside the point). i wasn't finished working on several of the pagemaker layouts, so i hadn't put them on a disk and given them to shelley yet. so shelley just has the old copies, and all my updated files are in the folder that i can't open. as soon as i realize this, i leap from my seat (bill from IT had seriously just walked out the door) but i couldn't catch him. i called IT, explained the problem, and told them to get bill back here so he can fix this. and it's around 4:20 by now, and i can't do any work anyway, so i left. i wrote out a long note to bill in the hope that perchance he might make his way back here to fix my computer before the end of the day, but when i got in this morning, the note was still there and the folder still inaccessible. this is flippin' great. i don't think shelley's here yet, so i can't even tell her and hope she's got something else for me to work on. actually, she should, because there were a few files yesterday afternoon that she meant to put on a disk for me and never did, so hopefully she can do that and i'll have something to do today. of course, hopefully bill will come back and fix his mess. teh, bill, teh. and i had been having such a good day yesterday, too.

anyway, even though i'm grumpy about work (they do casual fridays here, i just discovered, as all my co-workers walk past me in jeans while i'm sitting here in a short skirt and tall sexy boots--i totally could've just worn jeans and my hiking boots, which is what i was really feeling like wearing this morning. but i digress), i still had a really good night last night. i got an email from dr. langenfeld saying i can take my time on the proofs and send them next week, so i played some celebratory majora's mask and also got to watch dann play some nintendo too. i called my old landlord about my security deposit, and apparently someone had been holding on to a form or something instead of giving it to the secretary, but she promised me they'd have it in the mail tomorrow. i better have the thing by next week--i need that money. or, rather, my current landlord needs that money. (fucking piano). anyway, i didn't do any of my proofreading last night, and i applied to a bunch more jobs online, and i managed to get my office cleaned up some more. i stopped at the hardware store and got more of those little round pads with sticky stuff on one side, so that i could not scratch my hardwood floors. now my desk chair and my other green trunk are no long scratchy.

also, i took my Spike stand-up out of the box and stood him up in the corner, and he's lurking there now, looking all cool. that inspired me to get out all my buffy action figures (on a side note, moore action announced that they're going to make more action figures after all, but why are they not doing preorders on the website then? i want a willow! and a tara! and, i guess, an anya!). but my collection's getting a little large now. i have the stand-up Spike, and then i have buffy barbie still in the box, and then all my action figures: buffy, giles, oz, drusilla, vampire drusilla, and spike. i even took some of their stuff out of the boxes now (i was keeping it all in pristine condition) so i could coughplaywithcough oh excuse me display them better--i took out the bases for vampire dru and oz and giles, and i took out oz's guitar and i have him playing it, and i took out all of giles's stuff except one of the stakes (because those could get lost so easily). but giles comes with a handy black bag to put stuff in, so that's useful. i didn't take out any of little buffy's stuff, because she's probably the most valuable one i have, but i did give her one of giles's stakes to hold. i also left regular dru's and spike's stuff in the package, and i set the two of them up so they're dancing. it's really cute. i love my action figure collection. but i don't want to look like i'm a big obsessive freak, you know? but i do need a willow. at least a regular one, if not also the vampiric and evil witch versions. i wish i had a xander, but he's pretty expensive now, and i wish i had werewolf oz. and angel, and faith especially, too. i also really wish i had prophecy girl buffy, wearing the prom dress from the end of season one, but that's just a bit too expensive for me. anyway, i was excited to take them all out and set them up.

not much else for now. i'm going to post this and then go see if shelley's here yet. maybe if she calls the IT people and bitches then bill will get himself back over here.


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