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I had the day off on MLK day. I always forget about this, so I never plan anything exciting, but that was perfect because instead I got a lot of useful things done. And I always feel like I never get useful things done, so I am posting my list of things I accomplished that day so I can look back on it and feel better sometimes. Like now, in fact.

Things I Did on MLK Day (January 17, 2011):
had breakfast with F
reorganized my cookbook binder (while watching all the HGTV shows I could get On Demand)
wrote a letter to Leilani
sewed patches on my backpack (again, while watching HGTV shows)
played nintendo
had lunch
worked on my poetry
worked on poetry submissions
4:30: got ready for yoga class
4:45: started dinner
had dinner with F
attended yoga class at East Eagle

This Week

Nov. 8th, 2009 05:07 pm
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This week was crazy. It was not the best week ever. Read more... )
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NPR's Top 100 Beach Books Read more... )
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Things to do before F's visit:

swap summer clothes for winter clothes
put out halloween decorations
vacuum, dry swiffer floors
wipe down kitchen
clean bathroom
wet swiffer bathroom, rest of apartment
hide F's christmas presents
take clothes to consignment shop
iron suit and put away
take dress to dry cleaners
mail packages
write fandom_grammar feature about verbs
come up with list of questions for St. Joe's open house
do church website research (or inquire RE putting off till next month)
change sheets
swiffer one more time before F arrives
make chai; make hummus

I also sent out two submissions today. Setting my sights too high, but we'll see.

And now I'm going to bed.
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Things to do before F's visit:

swap summer clothes for winter clothes
put out halloween decorations
vacuum, dry swiffer floors
wipe down kitchen
clean bathroom
wet swiffer bathroom, rest of apartment
hide F's christmas presents
take clothes to consignment shop
iron suit and put away
take dress to dry cleaners
mail packages
write fandom_grammar feature about verbs
come up with list of questions for St. Joe's open house
do church website research (or inquire RE putting off till next month)
change sheets
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The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed.

1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read.
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Strike out the books you have no intention of ever reading, or were forced to read and hated.

Read more... )
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Full title: Talk to the Hand: The Utter Bloody Rudeness of the World Today, or Six Good Reasons to Stay Home and Bolt the Door. Truss wrote Eats, Shoots and Leaves, which I loved, and which is really a very well thought out and well researched rant about how people should use correct punctuation and how the lack of correct punctuation both contributes to and is a result of illiteracy, and therefore by using good punctuation and correcting bad punctuation we are supporting literacy efforts in society. I picked up this book because I was excited to see her name on it. In essence, Truss rants about rudeness for the same reasons that she does about punctuation: that the lack of good manners and the escalation of rude behavior both signals and contributes to the downfall of society. She makes a good argument for just being nicer to each other, for pity's sake.

Truss covers all varieties of rudeness, from drivers who cut you off on the highway and give you the finger, to loud cell phone conversations on the train, to the endless automated menus you get when you call your bank, to retail clerks who can't be bothered to be pleasant, let alone helpful. She also covers the "Universal Eff Off Reflex", by which any person's response to any sort of criticism is to tell the other person to "Eff Off", rather than considering whether maybe just maybe oneself might have been at fault.

Truss talks about how in modern society we've lost all the social niceties that characterized, say, upper class Victorians, and in a way that's a good thing, because a lot of those "manners" were there to exclude and mark out the lower class people who didn't belong. However, nothing has really replaced those old rules--we don't have a new set of social values to act on. Everybody has their own set of rules they think are correct, and everybody's set of rules is different, and everybody thinks they're right and everyone else is wrong. Everyone disagrees about what constitutes "good manners". Also, Truss argues that people are becoming less aware of each other, and less aware that other people deserve respect, and so don't notice or care when they are rude.

One thing I liked was the following list (pp. 152-3), which Truss describes as "twenty (mostly lapsed) reasons to show special politeness to other people that have nothing to do with class":

1. they are older
2. they know more than you do
3. they know less than you do
4. they got here first
5. they have educational qualifications in the subject under discussion
6. you are in their house
7. they once helped you financially
8. they have been good to you all your life
9. they are less fortunate than you
10. they have achieved status in the wider world
11. you are serving them in a shop
12. they are in the right
13. they are your boss
14. they work for you
15. they are a policeman/teacher/doctor/judge
16. they are in need
17. they are doing you a favor
18. they paid for the tickets
19. you phoned them, not the other way around
20. they have a menial job

For me personally, I am courteous in the vast majority of situations on that list just by instinct. Clearly my mama raised me right. It comes as a shock to me that (for example) someone would not be polite to a person who had been kind to them all their life. I have always been horrified to hear stories of people being rude to someone while in that person's house, or after that person had bought the tickets, or to someone who's doing them a favor. I think one of the scariest aspects of those situations is that the rude person has no idea that he's being rude, and it's rude to tell him so, and he'd tell you to Eff Off if you did, so in essence you're helpless. I find that really horrifying. I think it's really sad that Truss needed to make a list of these reasons to be polite to others. I thought it was an interesting and useful list, and that we can all use some reminding to be kind to the people on that list, so I am posting it without an LJ-cut even though it's long. I hope you have all read it.

A line I really enjoyed:

After discussing the many, many role models in pop culture for rudeness, crassness, and nastiness, Truss states, "Count the role models for respectfulness, on the other hand, and after a couple of hours you will have to admit there is only one: Babe. That's it. Just one small sturdy imaginary sheep-pig stands between us and total moral decay." (pp. 172-3) It's true. And I absolutely adore Babe, I can't help it.

Truss is remarkably funny and sharp in her writing. As in her earlier book, she is also extremely British, and focuses on the British specifics of the problem, but I'm okay with that because most of what she writes is completely applicable to Americans as well, and also because it's such fun to read her.

Conclusion: definitely a worthwhile read. I enjoyed Eats, Shoots and Leaves more, but this book is also highly recommended, particularly to old fogies who will enjoy having someone to rant about those hooligans with. I don't know if the hooligans in question would get anything out of it, but I would recommend it to them as well in the hopes that they would.

To Do

Feb. 24th, 2008 10:21 pm
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To Do this weekend this week:

- laundry??
- read poems
- write!
- buy stamps and mail out submissions
- pack for Florida
- move rugs
- haul sorry ass to the gym on Monday
- to Mom's for American Idol on Tuesday
- watch Idol on Wednesday, Lost on Thursday
- clock 3+ extra hours over the course of the week to cover leaving early on Friday
- get bandaids, dental floss
- find sewing kit(s); tighten buttons on favorite jeans

Yes, I am missing multiple sewing kits. I don't know how long they've been missing, but it's definitely been a while since I sewed anything. However, I think I still have the tote bag I took to Amy's wedding sitting around somewhere--I would have had my sewing kit with me for sure that day. I don't want to pop a button on the jeans, so that definitely needs doing; it would also be awesome to stitch a few new patches on my backpack before the weekend, but I'm not holding my breath.
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To Do this weekend:

- edit Lauren's group project
- dishes
- laundry
- purge filing system and file stuff
- read poems
- write!
- haul sorry ass to the gym
- send out submissions
- pack for Florida
- move rugs

See how I put some things on the To Do list that I already did? That's so I won't feel so bad about already having wasted most of my Saturday. Clever, huh?
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Sublist A: Things to remember to pack for Key West

camera charger
cell phone charger
multiple swimsuits
ipod speakers?
flip flops
postcard stamps
yoga mat if it'll fit
capri pants
writing notebook; multiple fast pens

I'm going to forward-date this post so it hangs out at the top of my journal for a few days, and I'll update as needed.


Jan. 12th, 2008 11:08 am
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To do today:
- take laundry to mom's house
- get gas
- go to CompUSA Walmart and the internets for external hard drive, new speakers
- stop at Target for stuff
- laundry, hang out with mom, maybe a movie
- get groceries on the way home (if not got at Target) (no longer necessary; Mom gave me milk)

To do this week:
- take down holiday decorations
- gym as often as possible
- figure out new security box and put things in it
- WORK ON FINISH ESSAY and make copies
- find doctor, make gyn appointment
- see Lisa and Trish
- put a hold on my mail while I'm away
- don't kill self with work
- pack for Key West (remember to make copies of essay!)
- pay bills and/or schedule payments, at the end of this week, for payment after 1/15
- wash dishes
- return library books
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1. My amazing, wonderful, wonderful, amazing boyfriend, and the promise of the future we're going to have together
2. The fact that I'm close enough to my parents to see them twice a week instead of twice a year
3. A job that challenges me, and excellent coworkers
4. Enough money to make all my bills, with enough left over to travel and do things that are important to me
5. Amazingly wonderful friendships that enrich my life
6. My ability to write, my talent, my recent acceptances, and the time to write - even if it's not as much time as I'd like, it's more than a lot of people get, to be able to practice the art they love
7. The fact that I haven't gotten sick yet this season, when I'd already been sick at least three times by this time last year
8. That my body is healthy and strong and able to take long walks and do yoga and dance and other fun things
9. My bridesmaid dress for Amy's wedding - what a fabulous dress - and that I'll get to wear it again for Sarah B's wedding
10. That all the people I love are for the most part healthy and happy
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Okay. I have finally figured my shit out for the holidays.

Sat 12/23: make pumpkin cookies. get manicure. holiday party at the Chancellors'.
Sun 12/24: Christmas Eve.
Mon 12/25: Christmas Day.
Tue 12/26: taking the day off. maybe shopping with my mom, maybe shopping with amy. we'll have to make plans.
Wed 12/27: taking a 2/3 day off. maybe shopping with my mom, maybe shopping with amy. my mom was talking about going downtown maybe, so this might be a good day for that since I'll need to go downtown anyway for work.
Thu 12/28: normal day at work :(
Fri 12/29: taking a 1/3 day off. leaving work to catch the 3:30 R1 train to the airport. 5:50pm flight to Denver with sarah, arriving at 8:11pm Denver time. hugs and squees with pregnant amy & josh to follow.
Sat 12/30-Mon 1/1: festivities in Denver, exciting new year celebrations, getting together with chrysta and tammy.
Tue 1/2: 1:45pm flight from Denver to Philly, arriving at 7:08pm Philly time. sarah will have an 8:10 flight back to CT, and hopefully someone will pick me up at the airport.

These are my Official Plans. Now everyone who needed to know that can plan accordingly. \m/
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Because I don't want to get caught without my paper list again, I'm typing it up.

Things I Need To Do Before I Go To Phoenix This Weekend:

- purchase small bottles (less than 3 oz.) of contact cleaner, saline, and face wash (possibly also shampoo, need to see what I have)
- pack all my liquid less-than-3-oz. toiletries in a large plastic ziplock bag
- pack two nice outfits for the weekend (outfits should be able to transition from air-conditioned hotel conference room to desert heat to air-conditioned restaurant)
- pack a sandwich-sized ziplock with all the useful items from the Planning Meeting informational handout (i.e., paperclips, business cards, some rubber bands, post-its, flags, etc)
- don't forget the stack of papers from the office (meeting agenda, book TOC, flight and hotel info, etc)
- don't forget corporate card!
- figure out how I'm getting to and from the airport

Airport transportation is something significant to figure out. My flight to Phoenix is at 6:15pm on Friday night. Easy enough to get there: I can just take the R1 train from my work right to the airport. I could take the 3:30 R1 and arrive at terminal B at 3:50, or the 4:00 R1 and arrive at 4:20. No problem.

No, the problem is with getting home on Sunday night. My flight from Phoenix lands in Philadelphia at 10:33pm. It's possible I could catch the 10:42 R1, but not likely, so I would probably end up catching the 11:12 R1 instead. That would put me at 30th Street Station at 11:30pm, when unfortunately, the last R5 to Lansdale leaves 30th Street at 11:15. If by some miracle I was able to get off my plane right at 10:33 and book it to make the 10:42 R1, I would be in time to catch that last R5 from 30th Street, but that's just not something I can count on.

Okay, so the train won't work for getting home. And I refuse to ask one of my parents to pick me up at the airport at 11:00 on a Sunday night when they have to get up at 5:30 Monday morning. That's just not fair--my company's not paying *them*, after all. I could take a taxi, which the company would pay for, but 40-some miles in a taxi is crazy and would be ridiculously expensive. And I don't really want to sit in a taxi for an hour to get home. My mom suggested I get a room for the night at the airport Microtel, and just pack enough clothes for Monday at work and take the R1 right to work Monday morning. That's an option if the company will pay for it--it'd probably be cheaper than the taxi but I think they're less likely to pay for a hotel room than a taxi just on principle. According to the website, a room for one night at the Microtel would be $70-80.

Another option would be to revise Friday's transportation arrangement so that I would be driving to the airport and parking my car there, where I can get it on Sunday and then drive myself home. So on Friday, instead of leaving at 3:30 and going directly to the airport on the R1, I could instead leave at 1:20 and ride home to Lansdale, arriving at 2:15 to get my car, which would leave me two hours to get to the airport if I want to get there at 4:15 (two hours before my flight time), which would be more than enough time if there is no traffic and just enough time if there is traffic. The 1:20 train back to Lansdale is the only one that would be a viable option, since they go on the hour during the day and a 2:20 train would get me back at 3:15, which would leave me only an hour to get to the airport with no wiggle room in case of traffic. And yes, I want to get to the airport a full two hours before my flight leaves, because I do NOT want a repeat of the nightmare experience I had last time.

The company will pay to park my car at the airport all weekend, so that's not an issue. Other options might be driving to work on Friday and then driving directly from work to the airport (which I don't want to do because it would involve driving, and parking, in center city Philly, which I just am not willing to do), or at the outside of ridiculousness, driving to the airport before work on Friday, parking my car in the long-term lot, taking the R1 to work, and then taking the R1 back to the airport at 3:30. But I really don't want to do that either--I don't think anyone should have to visit the Philly airport more than once a day, and besides which I'd have to get up stupidly early to be able to do this. Ugh.

I'm leaning towards taking the 1:20 train home on Friday and then driving to the airport so I can drive myself home Sunday night, but I'm going to ask my boss what she thinks. Maybe there's some awesome company-approved car service I could book that will take me home. That would be ideal.
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To pack for this weekend (duffel bag):
- pretty dress, strapless bra, white sandals
- pretty skirt, black top, black sandals, black sweater-something, black bra? (or possibly: the awesome stripey pants, brown tank?)
- the hot jeans, comfy sandals, something appropriate to wear dancing, two cute t-shirts
- something to sleep in, three pairs of underwear, two pairs of socks just in case, bathing suit??
- cell phone charger, ipod charger, battery charger, camera, batteries

To pack for this weekend (backpack):
- homework: any essays for workshop, assignment for editing class, Orwell essay
- books - Lawrence, TotS v.4, something else?
- wedding card
- Bear
- toiletries in virgin atlantic bag (see below)
- lotion?
- sandals if they don't fit in the duffel
- leave some room for sweatshirt

To pack for this weekend (virgin atlantic bag):
travel shampoo/cond., soap, toothbrush, travel toothpaste, lens disinfectant, contact cleaning cup, hair goop (curling or de-frizzing? or both depending on room), razor, deodorant, face cream, face wash, pills (tylenol, vitamins, allergy), contact case with lenses in it, makeup? just in case

To wear on Friday:
- the favorite jeans, t-shirt, favorite bra, green sneakers, grey sweatshirt, corduroy jacket, glasses

To do before Friday:
- go to CVS for travel-sized items, contact cleaning solution, allergy eye drops
- shave everything
- try on clothes to make sure they go with each other


The weather looks like it's going to be beautiful this weekend. I'm so glad. Wedding will be at the Maitland Art Center--if you click on their weddings/events link, you can see some pictures of past weddings there. The gardens and all look really pretty.

The Alli and The Amy, can you think of anything I should have that isn't on these lists? I can borrow a towel, right?

I am so excited to be going somewhere where warmness will not be an issue!
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Novels that have won the Hugo Award (I guess I should consider this a reading list?). I've read woefully few of these... )

to do

Oct. 16th, 2003 09:02 am
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here's what else i need to do before the party (just so i remember):

-call amica and find out WDP is up with my insurace/inspection/registration etc.
-call judy jetson hair and see if i can get an appointment for saturday
-call my mom
-prepare for my interviews tomorrow
-eat dann's yummy chicken, and hopefully watch last night's enterprise which jorn so thoughtfully taped for me

-go to 8:00am interview, bring change of clothes so folks at work don't think i'm nuts for wearing my good suit on casual friday (i'm thinking i'll just switch to a white shirt with my suit pants to look a little more laidback, then switch back to suitness for my next interview at 4:00).
-make sure to leave work by 3:00 so i can be on time for 4:00 interview.
-tomorrow night, wear comfy pants and refuse to leave the house. bake bread, make fudge.

-before i go anywhere, start the fondue cooking
-hair appointment?
-go to the Otis House for a few hours, hopefully in the morning, and try to shadow a tour or two
-make sure my room is clean, jorn's room is clean, and that someone is going to run to the store for mass quantities of strawberries and bananas
-set out candles, ask dann to light them while i cook cook cook
-cook cook cook!
-get changed, take tylenol, have fun
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so. much. to. do. and i'm spending way more money than i want to be, because i want to see all my greensboro friends and have a good time with them before i leave, since who knows if i'll make it back for halloween or when i'll see them again. hopefully i can get a lot of errands done today and this weekend so i won't have to worry about it all next week while i'm trying to finish packing. and of course, with all this stuff to do, i'm sitting here at work being bored. argh.

in other news, i have a job interview set up. it's funny, i sent resumes to (let me count) 13 different magazines/publishing companies/other editorial jobs and haven't heard from any of them, and i sent resumes to three historical sites a week ago and have gotten two phone calls already. ha. anyway, i'm going to the peabody essex museum in salem for a 2pm interview on thursday september 4. (hey, dann and jorn, would it be easier to get there by car or by T? here's their directions.) i was looking at the website, and it looks like it would be an absolutely awesome place to work. except for that whole it only pays $9/hour thing. there's no way i could make rent on that and still eat and stuff. i'm going to the interview anyway, for practice, and because i am interested in the place, so we'll see what happens. the other place where i think i'm going to have an interview is the Mary Baker Eddy Library, which sounds really interesting too--the interview hasn't been scheduled yet because i'm still playing phone tag with the woman there, who is currently out of town. that one supposedly pays from $10-12/hour. i think i could live on $12/hour. i'd rather work at the Peabody-Essex Museum, but then again i'd rather have an editing job, so we'll see what happens. teh.

anyway, here's some lists that will hopefully help me plan my damned weekend:
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jorn and i are going to the movies after work today. hooray! i'm excited to see the pirates again, and to see them with jorn.

got a coupon in the mail from jiffy lube--i was glad i didn't follow my first instinct and just throw it out, because it's for $4 off my next "signature service oil change", which i'm thinking would be a really good idea before i try to drive the car all the way to boston. i also looked on and saw that they offer a windshield wiper change service, so i'll do that too--i don't think i've mentioned it, but my drivers side wiper is doing this weird thing where it keeps sliding out, to the point where when it's raining the wiping motion makes it slide out further and further until the lower half of the windshield is covered with water and there's a big rubber piece flapping around at the top of the wiper. i certainly don't know what to do with it besides just slide it back, and it just keeps sliding out again, so i'll get it changed. i think i'm going to be trusting my car to jiffylube from now on. yeah.

if you see me around, remind me to do this stuff, okay?

things to do:

-stop at target after the movie to get sandwich bags and more packing tape (i've already almost used up the one jorn got for me on saturday)
-pancakes on wednesday
-keep packing! bring the rest of the boxes in from the car
-take car to jiffylube for an oil change and get the windshield wipers changed too
-make an appointment for a haircut for this weekend (and then remember to go to the appt)
-watch the last three episodes of buffy season four with rhett
-work on getting a new NC drivers license (so i can sneakily keep the one with the good picture after i move)
-tear the lining out of the lemon dress
-find out specifics about the bats game--time and how to get there
-stop by uncg: ask jim to write me a reference letter (hey, it can't hurt), and stop by CASA to say hello
-call uncg's career services people to make sure they received reference letters from everyone who was supposed to write me one, and give them my new address
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i've been eating a lot of chocolate at work lately. ever since allie showed me the secret candy stash. i was being so good before that, but now that the candy is secret *and* free, i can't help it. and today, i really, really needed some chocolate. i'm sleepy. one of the AEs sent in a list of eleven people who all need the same account setup profile, and the system is going so slow it took me almost an hour. so. boring. and there's this weird rumbling in the building that started maybe fifteen minutes ago, and since it's so gray and nasty out, i was thinking maybe it was a thunderstorm. it's totally not, though, the rumbling is way too regular--oh, debbie says it's the air conditioning. i guess jorn's the only one lucky enough to have the power go out in his building so he can't work for hours. damn.

just thinking about packing is making me tired, too. it's overwhelming. i need to pack up everything, every single item in my apartment. i need to dig up stuff i no longer want and take it to ed mckay's and the clothesline and try to sell it, and if that doesn't work, unload it on friends or goodwill. most of the larger stuff, like chairs and that desk, is going to friends, i think. i'm going to try to make tom take all the literary journals i've already read, and i bet he will, he's like that. oh, and i need to modify the pig and give that to tom too (damn him for going home to do his puking instead of staying at the party and winning it himself). i need to send some things to some people (kd, when are you moving again?). and when we actually start packing the truck, we'll need to fill it wil all my stuff and all jorn's stuff from the storage unit. hopefully jake will help, he's such a good packer he could fit it all. hey, is it skeevy to take a Budget truck to our Uhaul storage unit? whatever, we'll have to do it, and like we care if the Uhaul people get pissy. oh, jorn, you're going to have to cancel the storage unit rental, too, don't forget.

and we've still got to do all those one-more-time-before-we-move things, like getting all-you-can-eat pancakes at tex & shirley's one more time, or going to the waffle house one more time. and then there's the things we never did in the first place, like the greensboro historical museum, which i really wanted to do. and all the friends we're going to want to see again--some of that we can do through the one-more-time events, though. it would be cool to get a big group of people to go to tex & shirley's, for instance. hmm. i should send an email about that. how does next wednesday work for you?
some lists i'm making for my own self )


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