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In honor of tonight's season finale, I present to you:

The Brotha Compilation.

And also, hilariously,

Three seasons of Sawyer's ridiculous nicknames for people.

(This makes me wonder how anyone has ever understood anything Sawyer ever said.)

Lost update

Feb. 3rd, 2010 10:47 am
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I finally bought the Desmond t-shirt. I've been eyeing it since June 2008. Hopefully it will arrive quickly and I'll be able to enjoy it for the rest of the last season of Lost! Because, really, I've pretty much given up on the show and at this point an episode is worthwhile just if Desmond shows up and says "brotha" a couple of times. Hence the shirt.

So, yes, I watched last night's episode and was held captive by the TV the entire time. I don't have much to say about it, really, but I'd be happy to discuss. And can I just say that I really like Mysterious Hot Asian Temple Master Guy? He's my new favorite character.

TV update

May. 1st, 2009 11:02 am
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I'm majorly peeved at the season finale of Heroes. Read more... )

F and I are about halfway through season 2 of Buffy. We just watched "Phases", which is a fun episode. F thinks he knows all about what's going to happen, but he totally doesn't.

Regarding LOST. Read more... )

The Chuck season finale was awesome. The wedding sequence, with Mr. Roboto and the fight and the ice sculpture, was all so perfectly done. It was wonderful. I'm a little concerned about the ending, though--Read more... )
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I am now officially caught up on Heroes and LOST. We missed last week's episodes, and I had been really worried that I wouldn't have time to catch up and would be really behind. But we're caught up!

Thoughts on LOST )

Thoughts on Heroes )
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Whoa. OK, I just saw a video online. Of Juliet from LOST. In an intimate scene with Angelina Jolie. My mind is completely blown. (Link totally not worksafe, but dude, watch it when you get home!)
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Last week was a long, rough week. My mom's dear friend Denise, whom I'd asked you to pray for/send positive energy towards, passed away just over a week ago. I got approval from my boss for a day off to attend the service, so my week pretty much revolved around that--because F and I only have one car, he had to take me to my parents' house on Wednesday night so I could go to the service with them on Thursday, and then he had to come back Thursday night to pick me up. Including our usual Tuesday dinner, I was at my parents' house three nights in a row. Of course the service was difficult too--I'm glad I went, that I was able to support my parents on such a sad day, but it was really draining.

By the end of Friday, I had a sore throat and was feeling worn out, so F and I just stayed in and watched a movie. We had a pretty mellow weekend overall--errands and around-the-house stuff on Saturday, and some hiking in the park on Sunday. It was a good, restful weekend, and I'm feeling much better now.

Movies: We watched "Four Weddings and a Funeral" on Friday night, which I'd never seen before. It was fun! I can't believe I never saw it before. Last night we watched "Milk", and it was excellent. I highly recommend it.

TV: We just finished Disc 2 of Buffy season 2. I'm having so much fun seeing it all over again. Disc 3 starts with the "What's my line" episodes, so the awesomeness of this season is just kicking into gear. After finishing this season, we'll be taking a break from Buffy and starting Six Feet Under, which F loved and which I'd never seen. Very exciting.

I also caught up on LOST last night. Read more... )


Feb. 19th, 2009 10:04 pm
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on yesterday's LOST )

On this week's Heroes: I like the FishMan, he's cool. I feel a tiny bit bad for Bennett, but only a tiny bit. The last five minutes KICKED ASS. Nicely done, gentlemen.

In other TV news, F and I are watching Buffy. He's never really seen it. We watched "Welcome to the Hellmouth" and "The Harvest". I had forgotten that the show opened with Darla biting someone. Also, I was excited to see that the very first person to die in the entire series was played by someone I recognized: Carmine Giovinazzo, who is now playing Danny on CSI: New York. Exciting! I'm also really enjoying seeing the show from the beginning all over again. So much awesomeness ahead! F isn't hooked yet, but he will be.

In movie news, I saw Mamma Mia! last weekend. My friend Signe had a karaoke birthday party and that's what we watched. I actually really loved the movie! It was so over the top. The boys in the swim fins! Awesome.

F and I also went to see Coraline in 3D last weekend. Completely awesome. I recommend that all of you go see it in 3D. You've got probably a week more to catch it before it leaves the 3D theaters and the Jonas Brothers movie starts, so get on that, ok, y'all? It's totally worth it.
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Lucia yoga last night. It was a really good class. I think I needed a nice gentle class that was still challenging. I rocked my headstand too, and left feeling refreshed.

And then I went home and watched LOST on demand and, lo, I am totally hooked on it right now and it's amazing. LOST hasn't been like this for me since at least the second season. It's really intense and excellent!
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And dammit, I am sucked in again. Read more... )
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OMG. I may have to buy this shirt when I get my government stimulus check. Oh holy crap that's awesome.

This website has so many awesome shirts. I'm enjoying the Rick Astley one, except I could never wear it because then I'd be singing all damn day. I am also enamored of the "make it so" shirt and the Bob Loblaw shirt, but the Desmond one is just squeeable. I might get "make it so" for my mom for her birthday, if I'm ordering the Desmond one anyway. Hmm.

What colors would Desmond look good in? I will take suggestions.


May. 29th, 2008 11:12 pm
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OMFG I can't even talk about it

Scattered thoughts )
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On TV this week:

New Amsterdam: I watched both episodes. WTF with them showing an episode on Tuesday, another on Thursday, and then moving it to its "permanent" slot for next Monday? Seems like a gigantic ploy to get the American Idol viewership interested before pitting it against Heroes (when it comes back). Which pisses me off, because nothing decent should be pitted against Heroes because Heroes will win. And this show is pretty decent. One thing I like is how absolutely straight up our main character is about his immortality. Another kind of guy would always be lying to try to hide it. I also like how he hasn't wasted his time sitting around brooding like some other immortal detective we all know and love. John has lots of talents and hobbies, he's had lots of different occupations, he's known all different kinds of people. I think he's interesting and I'll keep watching.

American Idol: Goodbye, Danny Noriega!! Don't let your purple scarf get caught in the door and strangle you on your way out. He was so freakin' shocked to go home. He honestly didn't pay any attention to what Simon had to say, and Simon was absolutely right about him. Mom had theorized that the gay viewers were all voting for him and that he'd be in the competition a while longer, but I guess not. I was also glad to see Luke Cheekbones go--way too Broadway, as my mom's best friend Debbie put it--and glad to see Bland Blonde #2 disappear. Only one more Bland Blonde to go! The remaining Bland Blonde, Kristy Lee Cook, is of course my least favorite, the wench who sold her beloved horse to try out for the show. I agree with Simon that she's forgettable, and her eyes are too small, and I really dislike her. Next week, Kristy Lee Bland Blonde, next week. A little surprised that Asia'h went home so early--I had thought she'd be around a while longer--but oh well. My favorites are all still in: David Cook, Li'l Davey Archuleta, Male Stripper Hernandez, and Brooke White. I still like Rockin' Amanda but she needs to make eye contact with the camera. Girl needs to learn to work that. I still have high hopes for her, though, and I'm glad she made the top 12.

LOST: Best line of the week: "It's stressful being an Other, Jack." Juliet won so many points with that. I think once this show is over I want to go back and watch the whole thing over again to see how it all fits together. Read more... )
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Yesterday I went to Lucia's first yoga class. She's teaching a yoga class at our work, on the 20th floor. It was pretty good--she has to move kind of slow because there are some beginners in the class, but it felt good to take the time to hold the poses. I was pretty sore today, but I also haven't really done yoga in two months.

Today I meant to go to the gym, but I was headachy and grumpy so I didn't. I was still sore from yesterday anyway. Instead I walked to the liquor store and bought three bottles of wine. I drank most of the cheapest bottle, the Sutter Home white zin, tonight. The nicest bottle I'm saving for my V-day pampering, with the second nicest bottle as a backup in case I finish the first one, which is skinny. I also read my Buffy comics, clipped the coupons, ate Annie bunny pasta, and caught up on LOST, even though I didn't really know it was going to be on. When I sat down to eat the bunny pasta, I was clicking channels and saw that last week's new 4th season episode of LOST was on, so I could catch up. I only missed the first 20 minutes. So then of course I sat through tonight's new episode. I'll keep watching, but I'm telling you right now I am not getting sucked in to this bullshit.* Although I was glad Locke asked what the black smoke was. Also I hope someone shoots Juliet. But at least Poliwhirl is happy.

This weekend:

Friday: gym!
Saturday: world's largest sausage patty, and new grocery store grand opening, with my parents, then going to Walmart for new speakers and then Kohl's or Famous Footwear for new sneakers. Speakers and sneakers--HA! Also I need to stop at Whole Foods for truffles and cran-actin. IN THAT ORDER.
Sunday: church, then gym.

Sometime this weekend: cleaning the apartment!
Sometime soon: sending out submissions, and doing my taxes.

*Ok, fine, maybe I'll get a little sucked in. I missed Desmond. His sweaty chest was all gleaming!
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Last night was really nice after I finally dragged myself into doing some yoga. It's so hard to get myself to do it, and so hard to stay focused while I'm doing it, but it's so rewarding when I manage. It makes me mad at myself for shirking. Anyway, I made myself a delicious omelette for dinner (swiss, cheddar, and spinach) and then watched LOST while eating an obscene amount of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Thoughts on LOST )
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Fridays are great! I can sleep in tomorrow!

I just watched this week's Lost. Read more... )

Today I petted the cat for half an hour. He looked like he wanted to come down off the window sill. I also picked him up and held him for a minute. I put him back down as soon as he started to squirm. He didn't run away and let me pet him again right away. I think that's a good sign.

I think I will take a bubble bath tonight!
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There are lots of good things going on that I haven't been posting about.

- I won Scrabble last week and this week. (This week's awesome moment: Christine was considering putting down UZI, which isn't in the Scrabble dictionary, and I theorized that that's because it's a brand name, like XEROX, which Tariq pointed out is actually in the dictionary. He said he remembered that because one time he had the X and a blank tile and was able to play it. I looked down at my letters, which included the X and a blank tile. Tariq unwittingly set me up for it beautifully, and I played XEROX on my next turn for 38 points.)

- My cat now lets me touch him. He in fact is a downright little touch slut, but only when he's safe in an enclosed space. I have him figured out now--I can pet him like crazy when he's behind the TV or on the windowsill behind the microwave, and he'll be all purrpurrIloveyou. And this makes sense, because when we were petting him at the pet store, he was in his cage, which was enclosed and safe. Now I just have to make him feel safe elsewhere in the apartment. I have been gradually trying to lure him out from behind the microwave with scratching. He still refuses to be picked up, and really wants me to pet him with both hands but is still too scared to let me do that. But the petting, in general, is making me much happier with the situation. He is terrified of open spaces, not me.

- I received a box of chocolate in the mail. Dudes, take note: sending a girl a box of chocolate will earn you major points toward getting in her pants. (Well, *this* girl, anyway.)

- I did yoga last night even though I got home late and I was tired and totally didn't feel like it. Go me! And I felt better after the yoga. I'm all sore and stretchy today.

- I watched last week's LOST last night also (so that I'm only behind by one episode). Jin tells the best ghost stories EVER! And I still love Desmond.

- It's been pretty warm here all week. I wore pretty skirts and flip flops both Monday AND Tuesday.

- I scored a free ticket to go see Erin McKeown tonight - fourth row, too, right in the middle. I was planning on going even when it was going to cost $17.50, but now it's free! My dad gets major coolness points!

So, yes, good things are going on! I'm pleased.

Things I need to do, hopefully this weekend:
- pay bills, including mail a check for the rent which is due on Tuesday
- vaccuum (cat litter gets everywhere) and mop (cat food gets everywhere)
- clean the bathroom
- change the sheets and put the new comforter on the bed
- do the clothing switch and get out all my t-shirts and tank tops! so exciting!
- make the mix cds I've been thinking about
- buy cards for the children being baptized and communioned this weekend
- revise poems; send out submissions


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