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Last time I posted about movies, I had just seen Deadpool. Since then, I've seen both the Mockingjay movies (pretty good), Mulan (hadn't seen it in years), Zootopia (really quite clever; f wants to be Judy Bunny for Halloween), and The Secret Life of Pets (a little more violent than I would have liked, but really cute, and the fluffy white dog was pretty kickass despite all her actions for the entire movie being based on searching for her "boyfriend" dog).

In TV news, I finished Vampire Diaries season 5. I think it's completely jumped the shark at this point. Read more... )

I watched all of The Flash season 1 and totally loved it. He's so sweet and earnest! (Meanwhile F was watching Jessica Jones, which I learned just by walking through the room while it was on that I should not be watching it.)

I'm halfway through season 2 of Call the Midwife and really enjoying it, although there are a lot of downer episodes. Top cryfest moments include: Read more... ) I cried so hard at that one. But it's SUCH a good show and so worth watching.

But now I'm watching Stranger Things and it's really really good! The story is compelling, and Winona Rider is killing it, but they're just doing such a good job of evoking a certain ambiance, not just 1983 itself but a creepy atmosphere where everything has meaning. The way sounds loop together (that a monster makes the same sound as the sprinkler system), the way the musical soundtrack ties in not just to 1983 but to actual events happening onscreen (e.g., "Should I Stay or Should I Go"). I've seen two episodes and I can't wait for more.
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Of all the stuff in my backlog to post about, this was the absolute most inappropriate pairing.

On Saturday January 15, we took f to see Daniel Tiger Live. It was playing at the Merriam downtown. It was chilly, so F drove and we parked in the city, then met up with our friends and their little daughter to see the show together. Oddly, we thought we were going to the Kimmel Center, and hung out in their lobby a while, and there were other children around but not in the quantities you'd imagine, so we eventually went to ask where we should be and were told to go a block further up Broad. Check, there are the crowds of children!

Seeing this show in such close proximity with Disney on Ice threw into sharp relief the budgetary differences between a Disney production and a PBS production. It was a fine show, don't get me wrong, but the costuming was... odd. Daniel Tiger himself was almost entirely plush, with a large cartoony face on his giant cat head and arms that didn't bend. By contrast, all the other animal characters had cutouts in their giant heads for their little human faces. It was kind of weird and creepy looking? Also, Daniel couldn't actually pick up or hold objects with his arms. This was hilarious during songs like "You can be a big helper in your family" because Daniel would just sort of flail near the thing he was supposedly doing to help. I wonder if any of the children noticed.

The casting was interesting for this. Mom Tiger, Katerina, and the chick in the Daniel suit were each played by individual actors, but for many of the other roles, they had one actor doing multiple parts. Teacher Harriet and Miss Elaina were played by the same actress, who was really good, though better at Teacher Harriet than at Miss Elaina (I overheard my friend's daughter whispering to her daddy, "Why is that girl dressed like Miss Elaina?" so she clearly wasn't buying the whole thing). The same actor played Dad Tiger, Prince Wednesday, and Mr. McFeely, and he was pretty great too, his Prince Wednesday was incredibly over the top and enthusiastic (although, when you thought about it, it was a little weird to see a six foot tall dude acting like that).

The weakest link was the poor guy stuck with four parts: O the Owl, Music Man Stan, Baker Aker, and King Friday. His Baker Aker was solid, and his Music Man Stan wasn't bad. His O the Owl was pretty awful, though - if you can't get that hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo down, it's just not believable - and this is despite the O costume actually being pretty cool. And his King Friday was downright awful. He was like a weird wizard. I felt a little embarrassed for him and ultimately unsure whether he'd ever actually seen the show. Then again, he got stuck with more characters than anyone else, and at least he pulled off two of them decently.

After the show, there was a restaurant we tried to go to but it was too busy, so we got crepes instead. f was not about this. We ordered her hot dog crepe completely deconstructed; we could have gotten her a PB & J crepe but when we described it to her it was clear she was envisioning bread and who knows how that would've went when it arrived in crepe form. I overindulged in a goat cheese-filled crepe and then got dessert too and felt bad about it afterward. And then I left the container with the leftover hot dog on top of the ticket machine at the parking garage. Hopefully a homeless person found it and enjoyed it.

In such unrelated news that it totally shouldn't be in the same post, a week and a half ago F and I got to enjoy a surprisingly epic date night. We had plans to go pick up the winemaking kit my mom Groupon'ed for us for Christmas, and while there we found out we had to actually get the wine kit (as the Groupon covered the supplies, like buckets and stuff, but not riesling juice). Over $115 later, we went for a wine tasting next door at Stone & Key Cellars and ended up spending like $40 on wine. And I got to try the mead! It was lovely. Then we hustled over to the movies, where we saw Deadpool. I loved it, it was so fun and fast-paced and smart and wrong and raunchy and so totally not where my mind is allowed to go anymore. And I am delighted to be posting about it on International Women's Day, which was actually a joke in the movie. After that we went for dinner to Bonefish Grill, which was pretty good once we landed a table. A really fantastic night. Yay.
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Here's a rundown of the movies we've watched recently:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: My mom took f for a weekend and we got to see Star Wars, on opening weekend, with other grownups, all of whom had dumped their small children with other people as well. It was awesome (both the childlessness and the movie itself). Afterwards we went out for drinks and dancing (even though we were the only people on the dance floor). And after that, F and I felt like getting pizza at midnight SO WE DID. And the movie kicked ass, and I suggested we skip the drinks and just try to get tickets to see it again immediately, but no one took me up on it, but days later several of my friends admitted we were wrong.

Brave: The last time I watched this movie was on the day before I gave birth (F and I were at the theater with my parents and I started feeling uncomfortable right as the credits were rolling, and 12 hours later I had a baby). On New Years Eve, we showed the movie to that baby, who is now three and a half, and she totally loved it. We watched it again the next day, and in fact watched it again last night.

The Box Trolls: I had been wanting to see this for ages, so after f went to bed on New Years Eve, we watched this. I totally loved it, and we totally made the right call that it was too scary for her. And it made us stay up all the way until midnight, so it worked all the way around.

Paddington: There was a movie night at our church, and f chose to watch Paddington, so I saw most of it. I actually liked it quite a bit and so did f.
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A few weeks ago, F and I went to stay at a B&B for our fifth wedding anniversary. On a whim, I grabbed the DVD of the movie Book of Life when we were at the library that morning, and then regretted it when I found out that (1) it costs money to check DVDs out of the library, and (2) it was only a two-day rental. But my whim was validated when we got to the B&B and discovered that our room included a TV with a DVD player! The innkeeper provides a box of DVDs for people to watch, but we actually had our own, one I really wanted to watch. And I loved the movie. The animation was truly beautiful, and the story was exciting. (Using my wedding icon in honor of the whole anniversary thing: five years!)

A few nights ago, my mom took f for a two-night sleepover, and F and I got to relax here at home a bit. We made a nice dinner and then watched a movie. F has been dying to make me watch The Blues Brothers, so I sat through it. It was okay. I can appreciate why he loves it so much, since he saw it when he was like 12 years old, and it's definitely a movie that would appeal to middle schoolers. I probably would've liked it more if I'd seen it at that age. And I did appreciate all the little cameos and appearances by famous musicians. Aretha was great. I didn't love how the plot (tenuous to begin with) devolved into a silly chase scene and we didn't even get to see the nun again. But now I have seen it! Cultural achievement unlocked.
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Well, thanks to my own mother, I am no longer the mother of the only two-year-old in America who hadn't seen Frozen; my daughter now belts out "Let It Go" along with the rest of the preschooler chorus. But it really is a pretty awesome movie. There are worse things to watch.
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Apparently the last time I posted about movies was over a year ago. I have no time to see movies these days but it's not THAT bad.

Last summer we went to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I hadn't seen the previous movie, but it was followable enough. It had its kickass moments - an ape shooting off a machine gun riding on a horse jumping through leaping flames, for example, which was just so laughable - but overall it was way too violent and depressing for me to be watching. If I'm going to take time and spend it watching a movie, it needs to not leave me feeling miserable afterwards. Meh.

At some point in the last godknowshowlong, F and I watched The Hangover as well as the first half or so of The Hangover Part 2. They are really funny movies.

On New Year's Day, we left f with my parents for a sleepover and went to a hotel for a night off. (The hotel was maybe 2 miles from my mother's house, and we stayed in the room for pretty much 22 hours straight. What?) While there, we watched most of Harry Potter #5 (the one with the Triwizard Tournament) as well as some portions of The Hangover Part 3 (we basically caught the very beginning and the very end). We also watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which we both really wanted to see and liked a lot.

Finally, on January 3 we got a babysitter and went to the movies. We saw Wild, the film based on the book by Cheryl Strayed. I really loved it and thought it was a successful adaptation.

OK so I've seen, tops, 4-5 movies in the past year. That's not too terrible, right?
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Over the Christmas holidays, my parents gave us a wonderful gift: they came and had a sleepover with ms. f at our house, allowing F and I to get a hotel room downtown, go out for dinner, sleep in, and order room service for breakfast. It was seriously wonderful. While we were there, we somehow scored a free movie to watch in our hotel room, and we ended up picking Despicable Me 2. We loved the first one; the second one isn't quite as good or quite as plot-driven and relies more on situational jokes, but it was still lighthearted, fun to watch, and just really enjoyable. I was on the edge of my seat a few times and also got teary a few times. Recommended.
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This was pretty awesome. I got sucked in and really enjoyed it. (Part of the appeal was, admittedly, actually sitting down! and watching a movie!)
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F and I watched Hot Tub Time Machine this weekend. It was epic and brilliant, one of the best stupid comedies I've seen in a long time. Incredibly awesome.
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I watched Moonrise Kingdom with F a week or two ago - taking advantage simultaneously of our summer of free HBO and a surprisingly efficient bedtime routine to actually watch a movie for once. And what an excellent movie - my favorite Wes Anderson by far. I was so caught up in the story, I was worried for all of the characters, and I loved the ending. I think it was so successful because of the children. They were written and acted so exceptionally well. I wonder if Wes Anderson is realizing that instead of making movies about childish adults (Royal Tennenbaums and Life Aquatic both, I think) he should perhaps just make movies about adult-like children. Anyway, loved it.
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A while back, F and I started watching Cave of Forgotten Dreams, a fantastic Werner Hertzog documentary about the oldest cave paintings that have ever been discovered. We watched the first hour of it and then I fell asleep on the couch; we meant to go back and watch the rest for a few months, and just last week we finally finished it. My unplanned nap and our long delay in finishing the movie have nothing to do with its quality, just with the state of affairs at our house right now. It's a beautiful film. Highly recommended.

Last week, F's parents were in town for the holiday weekend, and they watched the Frey for us on Friday afternoon so we could have a date. We went to see Much Ado About Nothing, which was absolutely fantastic and even better than I was hoping. I loved it. I got all teary. And the Frey had fun playing with Grammy and then took a two-and-a-half hour nap with Grandpa, so she had a good day too.
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I was just looking through some old entries and realized that I never posted about these movies. Maybe I didn't want to ruin my excellent 2012 movie record that no one but me is keeping, I don't know. But I did watch both of these: on my maternity leave, when I was staying up late with the baby. I liked Mystic Pizza a lot better than Muriel's Wedding. There may have been others that I watched but now I can't remember.

I do know that I watched Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day at some point, but I don't know if it was during 2012. I know it had been out for a while when I watched it; apparently it came out in 2008, so I guess I could have seen it anytime from 2010 to 2012. But I liked it a lot.
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The other night we watched Sleepwalk with Me. It was pretty good. We like Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass. It was a short movie and I enjoyed it.
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The primary purpose of this post is to share my frustration that we alone of all Doctor Who fans are apparently not subscribed to BBC America. It appears to be a FIOS SuperMegaBundle channel, when we only get the normal bundle. Most frustrating is the fact that, when we view the channel guide and select the option to only see subscribed channels, BBC America shows up in the list, but then we click on it and are told that we are not subscribed. FIOS YOU ARE TEH LIAR.

Consequently, we did not get to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special marathon that ran all day on Tuesday. Nor have we yet watched the new Christmas special, much to my extreme dismay. For some reason, we do get some BBC America shows On Demand, so probably the Christmas special will be available to watch in a few days, but ARGH, EVERYONE ELSE HAS SEEN IT ALREADY.

Further consequently, because we were not watching Doctor Who all day on Tuesday, we put on I think TBS, which was running A Christmas Story back to back for hours and hours. We left it on all day, and in between normal interruptions like opening gifts and eating meals, I think I finally managed to see the entire movie. I had only seen a few random scenes when I was a kid and had thought it was stupid, so I was pleasantly surprised at how funny it was and how much I enjoyed it.
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F and I actually went to a movie. In a theater! We had the day off on Wednesday but daycare was open, so we dropped the Freyster off, did a little shopping, went out for lunch (to a vegan cafe in Bryn Mawr, where I had the best falafel wrap ever), and then went to see Silver Linings Playbook at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute. I loved the BMFI, and I liked the movie a lot: realistic portrayals of mentally ill people, psychologists, and Eagles fans as real people instead of caricatures. However, I did find Jennifer Lawrence's cleavage distracting on several occasions. Oh my. Anyway, good movie, and yay afternoon out!
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This movie was delightful. I loved the way it clung pretty closely to the original book, and I loved the places where it deviated. I loved the look of the film, the old movie clips (which Selznick could never truly capture in a book, no matter how well written). I love Ben Kingsley, and I didn't even hate Sacha Baron Cohen. Really well done and highly recommended.
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I thought the Avengers movie was pretty awesome. It was filled with extremely pretty men. Although I had a few issues with the Black Widow character from a feminist perspective, I did enjoy the fact that, although she's fast and strong and kicks ass, her biggest asset is her brain. (I don't know if there was an individual Black Widow movie, and unless it's available on Netflix streaming I don't particularly care, but I did like her in this movie.)
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This was a cute French-language movie about two chocolate lovers with anxiety issues who all in love. Fun and funny.


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