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I have a bunch of comics I wouldn't mind getting rid of. It's the Angel: After the Fall series published by IDW 2008-2009. I have issues 1-26, all in individual sleeves with a backboard. Issues 1-19 were read once, 20-26 have never been opened. Anyone want them, or know anybody who might? Is this the sort of thing I could put on ebay with any success?

I have the Dark Horse BtVS season 8s too, up to issue 40 or so (read 1-24, the later ones not), but those I think I would actually like to read and keep.


Jul. 6th, 2009 09:58 am
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Hey, we moved!! And everything went abundantly well, really smoothly, and happened amazingly fast!

Friday morning, F and I got up pretty early. We disassembled the bed, took apart his desk table, I made a Dunkin run, and we got some other things done. By the time friends started arriving at 10:30, there wasn't much to do besides eat donuts and chat and wait for the truck to arrive. And arrive it did! We had managed to block off parking right outside our apartment. People started carrying things, and it went so fast. We had budgeted two hours to load the truck, and we were done in 45 minutes. It was insane. And everything fit in the truck, too--we had been planning just to get the big furniture in, like the pull-out couch and mattress and box spring and book shelves, and then the larger boxes, and then see what else would fit, but EVERYTHING fit. I didn't even get to see the finished packed truck because I was scrabbling around in the apartment looking for more things to put on the truck. And we remembered everything in the basement, even the laundry detergent! We left around 12-12:30ish, I think, and got to the new place around 1? I phoneposted at apparently 1:07 PM, so maybe that's not right. F and I were the last ones to leave the old apartment, though, but we made up time on the road--it only took us 30-35 minutes to drive to the new place. And when we got there, most of our friends had come too and found parking and helped unpack the truck. I mostly stood inside and directed traffic, because we have so many rooms in the new place that traffic direction was necessary. And then we put together the bed (thanks to Liz and Mike, who are hella competent!) and ate pizza! Everybody left by like 3:00. It was so amazing. I am insanely grateful to all the wonderful people who helped us (for the record: Liz and Mike, Rick, Joanna, Sam, Connor, Lauren, Michelle, Jean and Dennis, and Reagan and Mark--I think that's everyone, plus the affordable and helpful Patrick and Olu from UPenn Movers, highly recommended to anyone moving in the Philadelphia area!).

F and I spent the weekend together dealing with apartmenty things. Friday night, we did some unpacking, but also did some much needed flopping on the couch and reading and watching Six Feet Under. Saturday, we worked on the kitchen for a bit, then went back over to the old apartment to clean. The old place is now very shiny. After cleaning we took a walk over to Pastorius Park and sat in the shade and watched the dogs play. Then we drove into Manayunk/Roxborough for dinner at the Adobe Cafe. Yes, we got Mexican food on the 4th of July. It was awesome. Back at our new home, we worked in the kitchen some more and then watched more Six Feet Under.

Sunday, slept in a bit, worked in the kitchen (it's amazing how much kitchen stuff we both have, and also what a crazy packer F is--we find the weirdest stuff in his boxes). After lunch (the last of Friday's leftover pizza) we practiced some shock-and-awe grocery shopping--we left the house at 1:15, hit both Trader Joe's and Genuardi's, spent $144, and were home by 3:15. Woot. Fridge and cupboard are now completely stocked, and I'm snacking on the good banana chips. In the afternoon we did two loads of laundry in our new building's basement--a little pricey, but can't beat it for convenience, and the machines hold more than the machines in my old place--and also worked on closets. There are many closets, some Good and some Bad. ) Anyway, when F started throwing hangers on the floor in frustration, we decided to make dinner, which was just a basic spaghetti with spinach and zucchini in the sauce. Tonight we'll have the leftovers and will also finish off the meatlessballs from the freezer.

These banana chips are amazing. I love them so much. But not as much as I love F, despite all the closet-related concerns. Even though we've been living together for several months now, this is really the first time that our stuff has lived together, and that's complicated to navigate, but overall it was a really joyful and wonderful weekend and our new place is going to be so happy when we get it all set up!
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Tonight after work F and I will be breaking down our computers to move them to our new place (TOMORROW! MOVING TOMORROW!). We haven't yet signed up for internets at the new place (I currently have Comcast, but we're considering Verizon since both our cell phones are currently Verizon, which would be fine except that F wants an iPhone, so it's up the air). So after today I will be out of internet contact until Monday, and then I'll only be online at work. I may try to make a phone post this weekend, though.
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My mom just wrote me back all disappointed that [college campus] is all booked up for next June. She sent me a list of alternate sites that she looked up. I feel so discouraged right now. And overwhelmed. (Which are two words my mother used in her email, regarding the [college campus] situation.) I am sick and I need to pack and plan a move and go on a weeklong road trip. I DON'T HAVE TIME TO BE RESEARCHING POSSIBLE WEDDING SITES RIGHT NOW. I liked the [college campus] site! But if I don't research it NOW and get it done NOW, then we won't get a date next spring or any date in the remotely near future and WE'LL NEVER GET MARRIED.

I feel like the responsible thing to do would be to cancel the road trip. It's true that being out of town for those 10 days is adding a lot of stress, because we need to get all the packing done and all the moving planning done before the road trip because there won't be time to do it when we get back. I don't know if I can get the date set before the road trip too. We should cancel the road trip. But I really want the road trip! I want to go to Cecily's wedding and see Chelsea and Terri and Miles and Sim and everyone in Boston!

We totally did this to ourselves, too. We scheduled ourselves to move on July 1. That's totally our own fault. And now we're locked into it, and if I make it through the next month without stabbing myself or others, I'm going to really drink a whole lot on Bastille Day.
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OK, so I'm really kind of concerned about our move. Here's why:

1. We need to move over 4th of July weekend, when people are out of town and/or busy. Including my parents, who will be in Paris.

2. F and I each own a few items that are really so heavy that we won't be able to carry them just the two of us. So we definitely need help.

3. F needs to arrange to have his Cube O' Worldly Possessions delivered. The Cube people seem oddly difficult to negotiate with regarding Cube delivery. For example, F knows from past experience that they do not like to deliver a Cube on the weekend, and they charge extra if you want to keep the Cube over a weekend. I don't know yet, but I'm imagining the holiday will only exacerbate this problem.

4. My current apartment and our new apartment are roughly a 45-minute drive apart. So even if we can mobilize any friends (who are in town and not busy on 4th of July) to help us at one end, I don't feel comfortable asking those same friends to help at the other end. So that means I need to mobilize at least two, possibly three (if Cube must be dealt with on a weekday) groups of people who love us enough to carry our heavy shit around in JULY.

5. We're going to be out of town on a road trip from June 19 through June 28--that's two weekends, the two weekends right before the July 4th weekend. That means I need to get the entire apartment packed up approximately NOW.

6. I am sick and I don't want to deal with any of it.

So far, I'm thinking that we can utilize my church friends to help pack the truck on Friday July 3. Several of them have graciously offered (and I helped two of them move last fall). So, pack truck at my current place Friday July 3 in the afternoon, feed friends, then drive to new place, crash out on air mattress. That leaves unpacking the truck on Saturday July 4. Liz has (graciously, graciously) volunteered herself and her man, and my friend Samantha might be able to help too, which might be enough. And if not, or if they understandably can't do it on July 4, my thought is, Screw it and hire some guys on craigslist.

That plan, though, doesn't really cover What To Do With The Cube. I was thinking, we get the apartment on July 1, which is a Wednesday, and the one good thing is that F will only be a 5-minute walk from the new place, so they could drop it off and he could run over and sign for it or whatever. So I was hoping, maybe we could get the Cube on July 1 and get it over with before we need to do my stuff at all. (And then F would be able to wear SHORTS!) But I asked the friend who lives near our new place and she and her husband totally can't do it that day. So now I don't know what to do. Again, I am thinking, Screw it and hire some guys on craigslist. Or maybe F can post on his college's Intarweb and see if any students are in town for the summer who would like some extra cash.

Anyway, that's the current stress. It's enough to make me really want to work on setting the date for my wedding instead.
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I am trying to post more Actual Content here (not just book reviews and yoga posts and where I last jogged), so here's what's going on lately:

Last week (May 31), F's good friends Sara and Gene got married. We flew out to Ann Arbor, Michigan for the wedding, along with a whole crew of F's Florida friends. We rented out an entire B&B together and had a really excellent time. Most of them went to college together (New College; F went to Eckerd and met them all a few years later) and they're all close and know each other really well, but I'd met most of them before (Sara and Gene were the only ones I hadn't met yet) and I wasn't even worried about fitting in. As F's friend Molly said, "You're like the friend we hadn't met yet!" So that was awesome. I really like all of F's friends and I can't wait to see them at our wedding. Or sooner, if they come visit. Also, Ann Arbor is a really cute little town with lots of shops and restaurants. We passed three different chocolate shops (and sampled from two of them). And in Michigan, you can buy liquor at the Rite Aid. Overall, an excellent weekend.

We woke up pretty hung over Monday morning, and our flight home wasn't until after 8 PM, so we had the whole day to kill. So we went to the movies. We stopped and got sandwiches and smuggled them in in my purse. We saw Up in 3D, and it was terrific. I cried several times and so did F. Then, because we still had plenty of time, we snuck into Star Trek. And that was also awesome. I really liked it very much, and I have a lot of respect for J.J. Abrams for how well he walked the line between respecting the old series and creating something new. I am entirely psyched for the next movie. And Simon Pegg is the PERFECT Scottie, and I was completely enchanted by how well that kid nailed Chekhov's accent. Really excellent.

Of course, as soon as we got back, F started feeling sick. He had the sore throat ick, which developed into the sinus congestion ick, and just today is starting to become the chest congestion ick. Incidentally, F had to spend all week working because it was Reunion Weekend at his college, so his department was really busy, and then he had to work all day Saturday at the reunions. He left the house at 7:30 AM and didn't get home until 9:45 PM. It was F's Bad Week.

I had a pretty good week last week. I went to my parents' on Wednesday to see Vegas Week on SYTYCD. Thursday I had Small Group with my church friends. My friend Cara has an excellent apartment, and at her wedding, she will be using large plastic (or rubber, I didn't touch them) dinosaurs as the centerpieces. She insists on sitting at the Brachiosaur Table. I am enchanted. We ate a lot of food and talked until late, but F was very understanding and still watched the end of Vegas Week on SYTYCD with me to see who the top 20 would be (and I have to say, wrong call on the Broadway Brothers, WRONG CALL).

Saturday I was supposed to be packing all day, but I only packed for maybe half the day. I am still sore from that amount of packing, so I am concerned for my moving stamina. All day Sunday I would clutch my back when I stood up, just like my dad. Not good. Perhaps this is a clue that the book boxes are too heavy, but I'll be damned if I'm repacking them now.

Sunday morning I woke up with a sore throat that hasn't gone away yet. It is even more Not Good than my back is. I'm drinking ThroatCoat tea right now and hoping it'll go away before it settles in. I was just sick last month!!

F and I have been watching Six Feet Under. We've finished the first two discs of season 1. I'm entirely hooked. David needs to get back together with Keith! And I'm totally betting that Brenda has slept with Billy (and I said so, even before Brenda accused Nate of suggesting it).

I think that's good for this post. That's a lot of stuff.
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I love my apartment. Every pain-in-the-neck about moving was totally justified by the morning I just had. I got to bed early last night, slept very well in my extremely comfortable new bed under my warm new comforter, and started waking up shortly before my alarm went off at 6:15 (instead of 5:45). I got up just after 6:30, which is what I usually did at my mom's house too, only getting up after 6:30 when I lived there meant I had to rush around like crazy to get out the door in time for my train. Getting up at 6:30 today meant I didn't have to rush at all, I had plenty of time to make my bed and take my shower and get dressed and dry my hair and watch Angel on TBS while I ate my breakfast. I left my apartment around 7:55 to catch the 8:11 train, because I wasn't sure how long it would take me, but even with dropping my trash in the dumpster I was still at the station at 7:57. OMG. Because my station is the end of the R8 line, the train was sitting right there, and I got on and it was empty and I had a seat, and my ride in only took 35 minutes. It was a lovely morning.

My apartment is wonderful. It's peaceful. It's pretty. It has my stuff in it and no one else's. There's no one else there to tell me what to do with my stuff, and I don't have to nag anyone to do anything with their stuff. I am putting things where I want them to be, and no one will tell me that's not where they go. And there's enough space in the apartment to be as tidy as I want! No one else's stuff is getting in the way of my being tidy! Everything will have its own place, and it will be organized and nice. And peaceful. And I will hang pretty pictures. And I have two closets in my bedroom and they are both wide enough that I don't have to put the hangers in on a sideways slant and large enough that I have used up all the hangers I own and need to go get more hangers because there's still a lot more space for me to hang clothes in. I can hang up *everything*, and then I can buy more things and hang them up too.

I still have a lot of work to do to get all the way settled in. My books aren't arranged the way I want them, and I haven't done anything with my desk drawers yet, and there's nothing on the walls, and the kitchen's still a big mess, and there are boxes and boxes of knicknacky stuff that it will take a while to find homes for. But it's coming together, and I am just so content.
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A lot got done today. I have an empty storage unit, and an apartment with stuff in it. I have a bed. I have a desk (in pieces in my car). I have most of the shit in my bedroom at my mom's house packed and ready to go in the morning. I have many useless possessions.

My new apartment is beautiful. The walkways in the apartment complex are slippy. IKEA is a wonderland. Lauren is my best friend.

I am really really really tired. But I didn't forget to buy the mop.

Last post for a while until the internets happen. Hopefully the internets will happen on Monday when the comcast guy arrives to hook them up. That would kind of be ideal. Let's go with that.

I haven't changed my address officially anywhere yet. Driver's license, car insurance, credit cards, work, all that stuff. I did the post office but that's it.

I get no cell phone reception at the new apartment, unless I hang my head out the side window in the kitchen. Lauren and my Dad had cell reception all over. Might be time to switch carriers. That could be convenient, with the whole needing-a-new-phone-number-anyway thing. Must ask Laur what she uses.

My next door neighbor at my new place seems to own a very large, very loud bird of some sort. It squawks when people move furniture. Let's hope it doesn't squawk at other times.


Feb. 1st, 2007 10:41 pm
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I got a free dresser from Mrs. Chancellor (my "other mom"). My dad sanded it down over the past two days, and tonight he helped me paint it. It's now a nice deep red that I think will look interesting with the oriental rug. It turned out really, really nice. I am very excited about the dresser. And I got new knobs for it at Home Depot. They're black with silver vines for the big drawers, and plain silver for the little drawers. For around $55 and a little work, I'm getting a lovely new dresser. I feel all HGTV. Amy and Heather, I was thinking of you.
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This is a collection of Woolf's autobiographical writings. She didn't write a lot about herself, but what's here is terrific. The first piece is not spectacular--she wrote it when she was younger and still learning, and before she got to be brutally honest with herself. The second piece covers almost the same time period as the first, but was written towards the end of her life, so she's very candid. The two are completely different and each illuminates the other. The last three pieces were written for her memoir club, where the members were required to write memoirs that are honest, funny, and entertaining, and to read them aloud to the group. These three pieces were my favorites--the first two pieces are more introspective, and they're lovely, but the last three were very funny and very clever. For all that she never polished these stories for publication, the writing overall is artful and good. It'd be great if the crap I wrote for fun came out this well. Highly recommended for people who care about Woolf; probably won't be that interesting if you don't.

I was working on this one for a couple of weeks. It's hard to read Woolf at 8AM on a train; I kept falling asleep, at least until I got to the later pieces in the book. I'm going to take a few weeks off from Woolf but my next book of hers will be To The Lighthouse. It's currently packed in my Top Priority box.

I think, after the move is over, I will celebrate by ordering some things from amazon and having them delivered to my new address. It's definitely been too long since I had a new Mrs. Pollifax book. And there are lots of other things I want to get, and I have gift certificates. I will probably be good and get a new Woolf book as well, since she's my current ongoing project. But definitely Mrs. Pollifax, and at least one fantasy novel. Is it a little pathetic that I'm already excitedly planning what books I'm going to order after I move? (Especially since I just bought 15 new books at that sale last weekend?)

::edit:: Ten books already this year! Four of them were YA fiction, but I also read two nonfiction, two mainstream novels, and two "smart" books (Gilgamesh, and Woolf). That's not a bad balance, I don't think.
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Got some packing done this morning. Mrs. Chancellor is going to give me an old dresser of hers and Mom and I are going to paint it a burgundy to (hopefully) go with my rug, and we'll put funky new knobs on it so it'll have a whole new look.

Went to the Outlet Marketplace this afternoon. They're apparently phasing out their book section--hardbacks were $2, and paperbacks $1. I spent $23: six hardbacks and eleven paperbacks. Two of the hardbacks are books that I read and loved and wanted my own copy of, and two of the paperbacks are gifts: one on wedding planning for Rose, and one on sex and the Church for Lauren. :) All the rest are just for me. Notably, I picked up Heart, You Bully, You Punk in hardback, which I found really exciting--I've been wanting to check it out since Jack posted about it--and a Jasper Fforde book (the third Thursday Next, but do they need to be read in order?). I am a happy camper. I also got a cute off-white summer top for $3 and a pair of really godawful bright green sandal heels for $2.80. I figure if I wear them once I'll get my money's worth. So it was a profitable and fun trip to the Outlet Marketplace.

Tonight we might go pick up my new dresser. I haven't seen it yet, but hey, it's free. And the Chancellors volunteered to help move stuff on Saturday, and Bessie offered to go pick up my keys for me so my parents and I can get into the apartment on Friday night with rugs and stuff. She lives really close to my new apartment. And she loves Mr. Sam. I have a feeling she might be a frequent visitor, but Bessie is awesome so that's okay. I'm hoping I can get a nightstand that looks at least a little bit like the new dresser, and that I can get it soon so we can paint and re-knob both at the same time. I may stop at a thrift store or two on my way home tomorrow.

Still need a new desk. I'm really partial to this one at Ikea. It looks all sleek and robot-shiny. If I bought that, I would also buy this because the desk doesn't have drawers, and I kind of need desk drawers. That'd be a total of $60 for a cool desk. I could just order it off the website, but I could also actually just go to Ikea and get it. I don't think the Ikea is too far from my new place.


Jan. 27th, 2007 11:29 pm
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I'm tired of moving. I would like to be done now.

Please note that I have not yet moved a single object. I have, however, bought a couch, a bed, three bookshelves, sheets, and a bunch of crap at Walmart, and I have thought very hard about packing. And about what vehicle I can acquire with which to accomplish the moving. And about how I'm going to move all this stuff when I know very few men in this area, and one of them is my father, who has been really sick lately and can't lift anything. Rose's fiance John is my new hero.

I spent most of this afternoon with Laur, Coll, and Rose, doing bridal shower planning stuff. Going well. Invitations are ready to go out, and Lauren's little siblings are cute.

I am tired and lonely and tired of being lonely.

I would like Team Sexy (ie, the well-built and mostly male cast of LOST) to rescue me. Sadly, the first thing that comes to mind to do with them is put them to work carrying boxes. I could probably come up with something more interesting after that, though.
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This afternoon I went to the gym and did 42 minutes on the elliptical and managed to squeeze in all my pushups and squats and stuff even though all the classrooms were being used for some training seminar and I couldn't do my whole yoga routine. Tonight I cleaned my room, changed my sheets, called to cancel (finally) my Sovereign bank account, showered and shaved my legs (just because I've discovered it makes me feel a teeny bit more feminine to have bare legs under my umpteen layers of winter clothing), packed my lunch, talked to Lauren about moving planning and bridal shower planning, and finished sewing all the patches onto my backpack. This last one is monumental: I've had the Endless Caverns patch since 2002. For as long as I can remember I've had a bunch of cool patches I keep meaning to sew on there. Tonight I finished it off. I had to cut off the Xena patch and replace it with Buffy, but they all fit and there's even room for a few more if I'm careful. And it looks awesome. And Mrs. Chancellor fixed the bottom of it for me, so it's not falling apart anymore. This makes me very happy. I'm just going to keep thinking about my lovely colorful fixed-up backpack to keep from worrying about how I'm going to plan my move and a bridal shower at the same time.
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I got the 2007 Buffy calendar for $4 at the mall today. \m/ I also broke down and bought Twilight Princess for the Gamecube, along with the appropriate game guide. Total cost for that was $65, because of some discounts or something that you get when you buy the guide along with the game. So, not too bad. My mom was very upset that I bought this game only two weeks before I move out, so I promised her that since I'll be busy in February anyway, she may keep my Gamecube and the game until March. I will pick up the Gamecube and the cat at the same time. But she's not allowed to spill anything on the guide, or I'll have to whack her.

In other news, my room is a complete mess and I'm not at all packed for the move. But we found a different bed that I like even better at Boscov's, so that's cool. Hopefully I can find out what my new address will be so I can order the furniture soon and make the delivery arrangements.

Oh! For the moving! I think we're going to do furniture on Saturday February 3, and all the boxes from storage on Sunday February 4. So if anyone is around and wants to help carry things, Sunday 2/4 would be the day to do it!
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Went furniture shopping with my parents today. We were looking primarily for a bedroom set, since that's what they're going to pay for, but we also looked at couches and futons.

This was my favorite bed. It's a queen size, and it's pretty and simple and classy without being gigantic and imposing and un-me like most of the big heavy wood things you find in a furniture store. It looked even nicer in person. So that's the bed pick. The problem with picking a metal frame bed is that they don't often have a dresser and nightstand and all to match it. So we'll have to find that ourselves.

The thought occurred to my mom, though, that her friend Denise paints furniture (and murals, and all kinds of things) and we could get a cheaper nightstand and dresser and ask Denise to paint it so it looks nice with the bed and rug. I'm thinking the metal frame bed would look really nice with my oriental rug (from the living room in our old apartment), and she could paint something that would match the rug. She can do antiqueing and flowers and stuff, and the things she paints look really nice. I coudl get funky knobs from Home Depot or something to make it look even cooler. So I would actually love that, to have a customized bedroom. My biggest concern with that is when it could logistically get done. I'm moving in two weeks, and it would be better to get it done as soon as possible while I'm still at Mom's house--it's an hour from here to Denise's house, and then after I move it's another hour from either of those to my new place, so I would rather get it done sooner. Of course, a bed is way more necessary than a dresser, so I don't technically *need* the dresser in order to move in. But still. Want to get it done, don't want to drag it out.

Regarding the living room. If the oriental rug goes in the bedroom, then the green muppet rug goes in the living room. (If you haven't seen it: I bought this rug because when we first saw it, it was so soft and fluffy and GREEN that Amy wondered how many muppets had to die to make it.) So, muppet rug in the living room. We were figuring a futon would be the cheapest way to go for a couch, but then we stopped at Jennifer Convertibles and saw this sofabed. The one we saw was brown corduroy, which was more expensive, and the one in the picture is a beige microfiber. It's really nice, and really soft and comfy, and it folds out to a full-size bed. So I like that a lot, and I'd spend probably $200 at least on a futon since I want a better one than the black one I left in Boston, so I might as well get something really cute like this. And Mom and I picked up these cheapy-cheap throw pillows for $1.75 each in green and blue that would be perfect on this sofa. So I'm really leaning towards this, and the muppet green rug with the beige couch and green and blue pillows would make for a very Rox-esque living room.

So, haven't bought anything yet, but I've got some things picked out. What else do I need?
- Bookshelves. I need at least three bookshelves. IKEA has decent-looking ones for $49.99. That's not too bad, and they also come in green for an extra $10 each, but it might be too bright a green for my living room. They've also got this one for $29.99, but that looks cheap-assier to me. I'd rather go with white, to match the TV stand thing I've got for the living room, than the fakey wood look. OfficeMax has similar plain white ones for $34.98; Staples has pretty much the same thing, for $49.99, and if I'm spending that I'll just get them at IKEA, thanks. If anybody knows of other affordable bookshelves out there in the world, let me know. They don't have to be strikingly beautiful, they just have to, um, hold books.
- VCR and DVD player.
- desk - Mom says I can have the one they've been using to put crap on in the attic.
- drying rack and over-the-toilet shelf thing
- cat supplies, but that can wait until the place is settled enough for the cat to move in

I've got $100+ in Target gift cards I've been saving up that could go towards electronics, or could go towards stuff like curtains and pillows and sheets (at least two sets of queen sheets for myself and a set of full sheets if I get the sofabed so y'all can have something to sleep on), all of which I will need.

I wish I could just get all of this done right now, at one location that will deliver the crap.

Haven't gotten the lease in the mail yet, but they did cash my deposit check. I'm guessing that means I'm good to go, but I will call on Monday to make sure.

in PA

Jul. 3rd, 2006 10:37 pm
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I'm in PA. The drive went fine, no traffic, nothing fell out the windows or broke as far as I can tell. We made it intact. Now I'm in PA. Colleen came over and my parents cooked dinner for us. Everything's unpacked into the storage unit. I called up Amy in Denver and chatted with her for a while. Mostly just feeling kind of numb.

Don't know how often I'll be posting from now on--my parents have a decent internet connection, though, so you can expect to hear from me pretty often.

On Saturday I get to go to Bermuda.
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I'm so sick of packing. I'm sick of my stuff. I'm sick of being in the pantry and all that crap that's in there. I'm sick of worrying about how I'm going to get all of this stuff to Pennsylvania. I'm sick of feeling rushed to get this stuff done. I want this week to be over, I want it all to be done already. I just want to go play nintendo.
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I'm all organized all of a sudden. Here's what I got done this afternoon:
- looked up benefits information for layoff candidates on the intranet
- called the benefits services group with questions; received helpful answers
- changed my address in the Harvard system effective July 1 so that my health insurance mailings after that date will go to the right place
- printed out flex spending account reimbursement forms
- printed out the rate schedule for Cobra coverage and also emailed it to my mom for advice
- called the doctor's office and managed an appointment for next week to have her look at this ugly thing on my foot
- called and scheduled my last hair appointment with awesome Linda for next week before K's housewarming party

This is all stuff I've been meaning to do for WEEKS. Literally. And now it's done and it took maybe 40 minutes including talking to the benefits lady and asking lots of questions. Next week is going to be insanely busy, but it will involve doing cool things like taking a cooking class, and awesome people like Amy helping me move, and going to my last two Harvard yoga classes, and having lunch with good friends and going to fun parties and getting a lot done. So it's okay that there's an awful lot of ink on next week in my planner.
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Dude, where is everybody? This is my sixth post in 27 hours and I've received only one comment. Come on, people, I'm bored!

Once I again I think you should all go vote for hotness in the Who Would You Do? contest. I'm pleased to report that Henry Ian Cusick is doing quite well, and that Stephen Colbert has entered the running. Unfortunately I forgot to vote for Audrey Tautou today. Or Neil Gaiman. He's getting added to my list tomorrow. And there is lots of worksafe delicious picspam, so go check it out (said picspam includes hella sexy pics of Amber Benson, Sophie...). It's not too late to start nominating.

In other news, I started my file purging project yesterday afternoon. There's now a hip-high wall of files outside my office waiting for the giant recycling bin to arrive. Since said wall is located in front of the window that faces into the building, I could almost stand around pantless in my office and no one would know. I'll try to remember to bring my camera tomorrow so I can show you. The wall of files, I mean. I'm not going to take pictures of myself without pants because that would just be silly.

I got a lot done at home last night, too. Played Prince of Persia for an hour--now I'm 70 percent through and have been playing 4 hours. I think if I really work it I could possibly finish it in around 5:15. Then I pretty much finished cataloguing books. I may decide to catalogue the unread books, too, in which case I'll have a lot more to do, but I'm also going to pack those shelves last of all the books, so I won't have those to do for a while. I packed up my desk drawers, most of which fit in one box with room to spare. I packed my stuff in the bathroom (well, put everything of mine that I don't use daily in my blue tupperware bin and threw out old stuff and set aside things I'll never use for the Party Favors box at the party). I started organizing in the pantry, putting away some dishes and packing up the humidifier and rearranging so it's possible to actually turn around in there.

And later on, I played some Guitar Hero and rocked the hell out, getting five stars on three different really tough songs. I now only need to get five stars on three more songs to have conquered the medium setting. Then I'll need to do all the bonus songs, but if I can get five stars on "Cowboys from Hell" or "Bark at the Moon" I can do anything (those two and "Godzilla" are my last three, but I'm really close on "Godzilla"). I've found that I do the best when I first sit down to play and skip around among the songs, rather than working on one song over and over. I try not to do a song over more than three times, because then it's not fun anymore and it probably won't get any better. And if I play for longer than, say, an hour, my fingers just can't handle it anymore and it again gets to be unfun. So, I do better in this game with pacing and limits. Slowly but surely, I will become a guitar goddess. (Though last night Jorn said I'm already his guitar goddess, and that was really sweet and made me blush.)

Someone's graduating on the Harvard campus sometime today and it's pouring teeming horrific bucketloads of rain. Yesterday's commencement was I think the undergrads, and tomorrow is the law school, but I feel bad for whoever's trying to graduate today. Ugh.


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