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This is my absolute new favorite thing: a beautiful song, puppets, archaeology, and mummies, all together! You should all go watch it immediately!
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Last night, F made me go with him to an orchestra concert on campus. For some reason he really wanted to go and I kind of didn't, but then I think I ended up enjoying it a lot more than he did.

Orchestra 2001 is a group I'd never heard of before, but apparently they're a Philly-based orchestra that's been around since 1988. (I have no idea why their name is O-2001 when they were founded in 1988 and it's now 2009--it doesn't say in the program, even though there is a bio of the group--and it bothered me all night.) The orchestra has a relationship with F's college, such that whenever they play a concert there it's free, so that was cool. Looks like they play there several times a year. Last night they played a program of three pieces.

The first part of the program was a piece by Franz Schreker called Chamber Symphony, composed in 1916. Schreker was a European composer whose career pretty much got destroyed by the Nazis, leading to his death in 1934, after which he kind of fell off the radar and nobody played his stuff, but now there's a bit of a revival going on. I wasn't all that psyched about the piece, though. Honestly, we thought it was going to be played last on the program and were planning to sneak out at intermission and skip it, but it turned out to be first so we were stuck. Which makes perfect sense. I don't know, it was pleasant enough, and had a few really lovely moments, but it was nothing I would have left the house for on purpose.

After intermission, the second part of the concert was the best. They played a composition by Libby Larsen, who happened to be there to talk about it. She set six poems from Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnets from the Portuguese. Originally Larsen composed this for the soprano Arleen Auger, who wanted to sing songs about real, mature love (as opposed to the young, sweet, fluffy sort of love that she usually had to sing about), but unfortunately Auger died before they could premiere the work. Last night it was performed by Hila Plitmann, who if you haven't heard of her (and I hadn't) is an amazing classical soprano who's won a Grammy and who sang on the soundtrack for the movie The Da Vinci Code. (Apparently she's also a Buffy fan. Wow, I totally love Hila Plitmann now.)

Anyway, Plitmann's performance of Larsen's music for Browning's poems was terrific. I absolutely loved this, and I am so glad F dragged me out of the house. I was all teared up by the end (which was, of course, the "How do I love thee" sonnet). It was amazing. I really, really want a recording of this piece.

The last piece was a libretto composed by Esa-Pekka Salonen, a Finnish composer, based on ancient poem fragments by Sappho. F and I were expecting to love this but mostly we didn't like it at all. Plitmann sang this too, and sang it beautifully, but we felt that the music itself was overdramatic and too big for the poems. The one exception was part 4, "The Evening Star", which was lovely and glimmery like starlight. Unfortunately, it was followed by part 5, "Wedding", which went on and on and on and was really weird and didn't sound wedding-celebratory at all. Honestly, I was really sad that they ended on Salonen's work--it would have been better (for me at least) if they'd ended with the Larsen, and it also might have made more sense because she was actually there and they could have highlighted her awesomeness a bit more.

Overall, it was kind of an uneven program, but definitely worth it for me, mostly because of Larsen and also because now I've discovered Hila Plitmann. I'm really glad I went. It was nice to get back in touch a little bit with my musical past.
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Well, she left me for Jesus
It just isn't fair
She says he is perfect
How could I compare?

She says I should find Him
and I'll know peace at last
But If I ever find Jesus
I'm kicking His ass
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Today's "Welcome to my brain" moment:

At my work, I burn CDs using a program called Roxio. Every single time I use it, it reminds me of the old commercial jingle for Polly-o string cheese that went "Yo! Polly-o!" (The guys in the commercial were supposed to be cool rappers or something?) So my brain is happily singing "Yo! Roxio!", and from there, it suddenly occurred to me that the phrase "polly-o string cheese" has the exact same rhythm as "Eleanor Rigby". You can guess what's playing in my brain right now. I'm shocked that Polly-o has not yet jumped on this marketing opportunity.

Similarly, you wouldn't believe how many three-syllable words there are that can be substituted in for "erotic" in Madonna's "Erotica" song. It's disturbing.

Okay, time to get out the ipod.

This post brought to you by the same brain who brought you disturbing little penis songs.
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- Go to

- Enter the year you graduated from high school in the search function and get the list of 100 most popular songs of that year.

- Underline the songs you like, strike through the ones you hate and bold your favorites. Do nothing to the ones you don't remember/care about.

Read more... )

Wow. Some really damned annoying songs came out in 1997. That's impressive. And a lot of these I've never even heard of. But they're probably annoying too.
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Okay, so I hate Pearl Jam. Don't get me wrong, they have some decent songs, but every single one of them has been so overplayed I want to stab myself in the eye whenever they come on the radio. And many of their songs are just damn annoying. To avoid causing myself bodily harm, I change the station every time I hear Eddie Vedder's voice. However, tonight on the radio, I heard something that made me very, very happy.

When you get to the main menu page, click on "Pearl Jam the Musical" at the bottom of the lefthand toolbar. I laughed out loud several times. Some of the interpretations aren't as good as others, but on the whole it's a beautiful thing.

happy song

Mar. 21st, 2008 07:24 pm
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Possibly my favorite song ever:

I hope it makes you smile.
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Looking for yoga music. Suggestions?

Music I already enjoy doing yoga to:
- Anything by Loreena McKennitt is good
- Mus
- Nightmares on Wax

Music I might try doing yoga to:
- The Be Good Tanyas
- Gregorian chant (I might do that today, actually) (::edit:: yeah, a little too sleepy)
- Enigma
- Okkervil River
- Sigur Ros

I tried some Irish music on Monday (Danu was the specific band), but it was just a little too peppy for the most part. The thing about good yoga music is that it has to be beautiful and relaxing and not too peppy, but it can't be too slow or sleepy either because then I'll just pass out. Nick Cave's "The Boatman's Call" is a bit too sleepy.

F, what was the name of that Moby album we were listening to over Labor Day?
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There's several dozen interesting concerts coming to Philly this fall. I posted a bulletin and a blog on myspace with the details, since most of y'all aren't from around here, so if you're interested in going to something with me, check it out. But it's entirely likely I'll get to see Iron & Wine, Catie Curtis, Tori, Josh Ritter, and Peter Mulvey and Antje Duvekot (on a very sexy double bill). I'm just sad the TAI show is the same week as Amy's wedding, because otherwise I would have invited Bethanie down. Next tour, I suppose.

song help

Dec. 23rd, 2006 11:06 am
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I'm trying to think of a song. It's by Stephin Merritt, I just can't remember which band of his does it. A woman sings it (Claudia?) and the chorus goes "There's nowhere we can go but crazy / so we go". I woke up with it in my head this morning and I can't for the life of me think of the song title or even which Merritt project recorded it. I feel like it's Magnetic Fields or Future Bible Heroes but I just don't know. I looked at all my mp3s and no luck, even though I know I've got it on my iPod. Help!

::edit:: It's "Lonely Days" by Future Bible Heroes. Woot!
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Sunday December 10th 7:30pm - We Are Scientists - At The First Unitarian Church, $14 / All Ages - should I go see them? I know I've heard of them before.

Friday December 15th 8:00pm - Rainer Maria (second to last show ever!) - At The First Unitarian Church, $12 / All Ages - okay, have to go to this.

Saturday December 16th 8:00pm - Lucy Kaplansky - At Godfrey Daniels in Allentown - $18.50 Advance Sale - I wish Miles was around to go to this with me.
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Now up on yousendit:

The Tiny Goat - by The Gothic Archies

Now I will never think about this song again. Except that I will because that goat is inside my heart now, gnawing, and now that I know about him he'll make me sad forever.

::edit:: I realized what this song reminded me of. It reminded me of the short story "Miss Brill" by Katherine Mansfield. I had forgotten the title, so I looked it up online, and found the full text here (you can also download her entire short story collection from It's only maybe four pages long, quite short, but it will break your heart into little tiny pieces. Just finding it again and skimming through it, now I want to cry myself to sleep. I think you should all go read this story so I won't be all alone in this. But be warned--Mink, De, the sensitive ones among you--you will never forget this story and it will haunt you forever. I read it six years ago and I still remembered the whole thing. My mom never even read it, only had it described to her by me when she demanded to know what I was upset about, and she still remembers it. Go and be miserable, all my friends!
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The worst song ever just came up in my iPod's random play. It's called "The Tiny Goat", by the Gothic Archies. It's the worst thing I've ever heard. Now I want to cry, or beat Stephin Merritt with a frying pan. Remind me to upload this song to yousendit later tonight so that all of you can share in the misery. It's not a very long song, thank goodness.
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Forgot to mention, I went to the gym last Wednesday. (It was right before Lost, so I had other things to worry about.) I couldn't manage the elliptical machine two nights in a row, so I did the stationary bike for 27 minutes, then did yoga stretching.

Tonight, I remembered to make a working out playlist on my ipod, and so I did a full 31 minutes on the elliptical! I don't think I could have done it without Gunther cheering me on. But it was awesome. Then I did more yoga. I think I'm getting more comfortable with doing yoga stuff in the ridiculously small stretching area they have at my gym (where you are surrounded by mirrors and half the building can see your ass if it's in the air). I would rather just make it to the yoga classes, but at least I'm keeping up a little bit. Also, I am amazingly more stretchy after I've been working out and am all warmed up.

Haven't gone back to the weightlifting machines since the first night. I would like to do some work on my arms, but I'm not sure what machines or how much weight. I don't want to bulk up; I just want my upper arms to be not so... floppy. I've got a decent amount of muscle there already, though, so if my arms are going to look less fat maybe I just have to suck it up and lose the 5-10 pounds I want to lose.

Survey: what are your favorite songs to work out to? Mine tonight were "Toxic" by Britney (shut up, it's perfect for working out), "Like Fire Tonight" by Gunther (which I like more and more every time I hear it) and all the DDR songs I put on the playlist. Tell me what yours are!

Speaking of DDR songs, Jorn and Dann: do either of you have the regular version of "Will I"? I have some ridiculous five-minute extended version and I just want the normal one.
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Because I uploaded them for someone else (she asked about Sexy music), you can check these out too:

Jimi Tenor - Total Devastation

Jimi Tenor - Beach Boy

Sigur Rós - Svefn-G-Englar
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Okay, so I read about this band, Tilly and the Wall, in both Entertainment Weekly (the LOST issue, or else I wouldn'tve been reading it) AND this month's Jane, and they sounded interesting so I downloaded their new album. And I can't stop playing it. Jorn is thoroughly sick of it, let me tell you. But he sent me the review of the album that Pitchfork posted today, and they had good things to say about it. And I looked them up on myspace, and from there found their website, and discovered that they're playing a show at TT's tomorrow night!!! Jorn doesn't think he wants to go, so I will be going solo unless any of y'all would like to go with me. I am so excited. I never find out about bands all by myself! Go me!
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I was listening to The Smiths on my walk to work (in the rain) this morning, and I realized something: I can't listen to their version of "How Soon Is Now?" anymore without hearing TATU singing it in my head, cheerfully butchering the song with their adorable little Russian chipmunk voices. And as terrible as they are, I can't help being really, really fond of them.
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Yesterday when I was in CVS they had Tasmin Archer's "Sleeping Satellite" playing on the piped-in radio. I had not thought about that song in years. Last night I downloaded two versions of it (the first was extremely inferior--mixed way too quiet and with a weird bridge section I'd never heard before) and now I can't stop listening to it. Jorn thinks I'm crazy, but then he always thinks I'm crazy.
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If anyone is interested in seeing it all. The rows marked with NA are the ones I chose not to rip.Read more... )


May. 7th, 2006 06:28 pm
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I have ripped all of my cds. There are a few I decided not to rip, like Ministry, or the Ben Folds Five interview cd that otherwise is identical to the Reinhold Messner album--things I wouldn't want to come up in random play. There were only nine of those, out of 227 total cds. I also ripped the cds The Amy made for me last week and as many of Jorn's cds as it occurred to me to rip. I am quite satisfied with myself. Now I can pack the cds.


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