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Here's the book's description (copied from goodreads): Bell's Big Move tells the story of Bell and her girl, Sofia, who move from the big city to the quiet town of Pineville, where life is a lot less busy. Will their new friends, Jingle and Andrew, help make Pineville feel like home?

Little ones will love hearing this story as a narrator reads to them, page by page. And if she's nearby, the Bell Story Buddy stuffed animal will respond when you read key phrases from the story.

And here's the feedback letter I just sent to Hallmark about this book:

First, the book is really cute, and my daughter loves the way the stuffed dog interacts with the book. It's a great product, but I'd like to recommend some improvements if you continue this series next Christmas or offer a similar series in the future.

First of all, although my daughter speaks very well and understandably for a three-year-old, she does lisp a bit on the double-L in Bell's name (like many children would!), so the dog never responds when my child tries to talk to her. You have never seen frustration until you've seen a crying toddler screaming "BEWW, CAN YOU SAY THANK YOU?!" She just doesn't understand why "her" toy will only talk to me! Next time, it would be great if you could either improve your voice recognition software to allow for better recognition of children's speech, or give future characters easy-to-say names like "Bob".

My other feedback is with regard to the book's content. As the mother of a girl, I don't think I'm alone in being very sensitive to the messages my daughter receives from the media, and here your book completely fails: Bell is described repeatedly as being lovable only because she is pretty. The first page reads exactly as follows:

"There are lots of lovable puppies in the world, but of all the little puppies anyone could possibly know, there was probably none as lovable as Bell. She had style, charm, and flair. She even had a fancy little collar. There was no denying it, Bell was one pretty puppy!"

This tone continues throughout the book; three of the eight sentences that the plush dog responds to are about how pretty she is. I find this really unfortunate, because Bell as a character has a lot of redeeming qualities: she's friendly, loyal, fun-loving, and smart. None of these qualities are ever mentioned, though. The book continues to emphasize the dog's physical appearance even though that has nothing to do with the main storyline: helping a child through a tough move to a new place. Although there are many girls and women (and boys and men!) who enjoy pretty jewelry, looking nice, and being pampered, I don't want to prioritize such things to my child at such a young age. I also question whether the corresponding "boy" book about Andrew and Jingle even mentioned what Jingle looked like (although we do find out here that he goes to a groomer).

Overall, even though the book is cute and my daughter likes it, I find myself hiding it behind the couch cushions rather than have to keep editing myself as I read it aloud to her (for example, I give her a completely different reading of the first page quoted above). You don't need to write a pretty pink "girly" book to reach female children in the market; girls often like the same things that boys do (for example, my daughter loves dinosaurs, trucks, and baby dolls about equally). I strongly encourage you to think about the messages you're sending to children when you commission such books in the future, and I would be pleased if you would pass my feedback along to the author.
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I just read a really smart blog post about stupid yoga, smart yoga, and life. The writer has met David Williams, the first non-Indian to learn Ashtanga yoga back in the 1970s. He talks about how yoga is about enjoyment, not about competition.

I think this is a pretty interesting topic. Yoga originated as a practice for spirituality and stilling the mind. In the US, though, it's often treated as simply a good physical workout. I have definitely seen, and occasionally been guilty of, the sort of competitiveness that the blogger describes. But I also was lucky enough to have good teachers, teachers who made good adjustments and paid attention and told us over and over again that if it hurts you're doing it wrong. I am happy to say that in 6+ years of practice I've really hurt myself only maybe twice (the one time I accidentally punched myself in the kidney a few years ago, and when I lost my balance and fell on my head last week).

For people who treat yoga as just a workout, though, it's hard to fault them. It *is* a good workout. The physical benefits of a regular yoga practice are just out of this world, no matter what age you are (and I think practicing good balance and flexibility becomes more and more valuable the older you get). I recommend yoga to people all the time for the physical benefits. I wish my dad would do some yoga--his knees are a mess and maybe it would help. One reason I love yoga is that I love seeing my body get stronger, seeing my strength increase and my abilities stretch farther. It's really neat to catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and think, "Holy cow, that's MY body doing that!" I've always been completely unathletic, so this is an aspect of yoga that I really enjoy. But it's not the only aspect of yoga that I enjoy.

In the NYT article about competitive yoga, the Bikram people make the point that getting people in the studio is the most important thing and if the workout gets them on a mat, then they're far more likely to find the spiritual benefits as well. They have a point. But I will make a statement and say that I really don't think yoga should be a competitive sport, much less an Olympic level sport. Olympians strive and strive for victory--that's what we love about them!--but how often do Olympic level athletes injure themselves in pursuit of their sport?

When I was a kid I knew a girl who was training to be an ice skater. She'd chosen the path as a small child, and pursued it so strongly that she was at a rink two hours from her house at 5 AM so she could practice before school. She had to be homeschooled for a time to fit her skating schedule. She was really good, but she got injured when she was a teenager and never quite bounced back to the same level. (She eventually went on to skate in Disney On Ice as the Little Mermaid, which is pretty awesome, and then I think she went to college for marine biology. Not an Olympic destiny, but not an unhappy one either.) Anyway, what I'm getting at is that calling yoga an Olympic sport would mean children would be training for it the way that they do for things like ice skating and gymnastics. The spiritual benefit of the yoga just would not be there for an Olympic level yogi. It would not be yoga anymore, it would be just a series of poses. Ultimately Olympic yoga would become so far removed from the original intention of yoga as to be something completely separate. That is not the yoga that I practice.

Part of me wouldn't mind exhibition-style yoga. It's the part of me that used to love watching my teacher Gene (a 63-year-old bald hairy little italian man) demonstrate poses for us. Yoga can be impressive and surprising and beautiful. I would kind of like to sit and watch people do yoga. But I think that a yoga exhibition like that would be very difficult to separate from a yoga competition. I don't want to be a part of anything that says one person does a pose better or worse than another person does it. I believe that one person does the pose, and another person does the pose, and both poses are beautiful. There's no comparison needed, or even possible, because the two practitioners are different people with different bodies and abilities.

I also read David Williams' Open Letter to students about his view of yoga practice. I think I would really love to be a teacher like Williams. Yes, there's a part of me that wants to be a yoga teacher so I'll stay in great shape and bounce back well when I decide to have a child. And yoga teachers are hot. You know they are. Mostly, though, I want to be a yoga teacher because I love yoga. I'm the kind of person who falls in love with something and gets excited about it, like a little kid wanting to show everyone he meets this awesome thing. Yoga is my awesome thing and I want to share it. I want to help people take better care of their bodies and stay healthy. My former teacher Gene told us about the classes he taught at a retirement home, and how much the yoga helped those elderly students. I watched my grandma gradually decline and lose her sense of balance until she could barely walk. I was a kid--I don't know how much of that was medical in nature and how much was a result of her sitting in a chair all day. How many grandmas could be helped by yoga, could stay mobile and live on their own longer? How many people have serious injuries that could be helped through a gentle and dedicated daily practice? How many businessmen and housewives and ordinary people need to give themselves a little time to reconnect with their spirit? This is what I want to do. This is what I feel the spirit of yoga is about.

yoga # 63

Nov. 19th, 2009 10:28 am
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I skipped yoga yesterday morning for the dumbest reason: I got a haircut Tuesday night, and it looked all nice, and I didn't want to muck it up with yoga. I did like ten minutes just to stretch a little without getting sweaty and then I got ready for work. Last night I actually did my practice. I'd been hoping to get in a full hour, since I have more time at night and F wasn't around, but I ended up going to the mall and watching SYTYCD and then getting caught in the internet vortex, so I didn't start until late and only got in half an hour before bed. Better than nothing, though! It felt really good to be doing yoga at night until I tried to do crow and lost my balance, falling forward and banging my head. I have never done that before. Seriously. Somehow when I fall out of crow I usually fall in some other direction? Anyway, I banged my head, and then I got all worried that I'd have a concussion and with F out of town I'd die in my sleep. And then I got to worrying about what would have happened if I'd banged my head really hard and passed out and died there on the floor in the yoga room. And then I got all mad that I'd die so stupidly from doing yoga alone in the house when I have so much else to do in my life. I really need to stop getting caught in the internet vortex and write. I mean, did cave people waste time like we do? Was there some cave man grunting about how he'd work on painting that buffalo he killed in a little while but right now he was going to go toss twigs in the fire just for ten minutes? I would say probably not. I swear, The Onion is right and glowing boxes are destroying our culture.
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Today's hilarious spam subject:

"Jackson," she remembered.

I am amused first of all that it was correctly punctuated. Also, it's kind of fun to try to fill in the previous line: what question was she trying to answer? Feel free to comment.

Note to anyone writing anything to be published that involves illustrations: FOR THE LOVE OF SWEET BABY JESUS, PUT YOUR FIGURE CAPTIONS IN ONE WORD DOCUMENT. DON'T PUT EACH IMAGE IN AN INDIVIDUAL POWERPOINT FILE WITH THE CAPTION. Your editor will be able to match them up, I promise. Editors are smart like that, they can match an image labeled "Figure 1.tif" to the Figure 1 caption on the list. Or at least make it one big powerpoint file instead of 20 single ones.

Also: how is it hard to JUST SEND THE ORIGINAL GODDAMN IMAGE FILE? Don't embed it in your Word document! Don't stick arrows on it in PowerPoint and then make a tif out of it and then embed it in your Word document! Every time you move it through another program, it loses quality! JUST SEND THE GODDAMN ORIGINAL IMAGE AND WE WILL STICK THE ARROWS ON IT FOR YOU! THIS IS WHY SWEET BABY JESUS MADE ART DEPARTMENTS!
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So, in the pictures we are having a great time. Because we were drunk. But here's what we really thought of the party. We still had a good time and all, but we all felt like we got ripped off and none of us will ever go to a thing like this again.

letter of complaint inside! )
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Okay, since Lucas was talking about myspace dating over on his journal, and I got a really godawful message this morning, I'll post a tutorial. People, especially men, should listen up. First of all, here is an excellent example of what NOT to do. Here's the message I received this morning:

Subject: hi
Your look is not material for me. If my married status and age is not a problem for you, we can talk and meet.

Okay, first of all, what in that message would give me any incentive to write back to this dude? My look is not material for him? Is he saying my pictures are ugly? Or that he doesn't care what I look like as long as I have a vagina?

So now I'm curious, and I go over to this guy's profile. He's 5'7", 254 pounds, and 37 years old. Nothing about his marital status in the profile, except that he doesn't want kids. He lives in my town and is "financially secured", and he lists his ethnic background. And that's it. No other information at all. Does he like movies or music or books? Does he have hobbies? There are no pictures either. There's nothing to make me think this guy is an interesting person, and I'm sorry, but if you weigh 254 pounds you've got to have some serious personality going on. I am repulsed and a little creeped out, and so I click delete. Three more messages, and their varying degrees of successfulness, behind the cut. )

What have we learned here?
- Do not message a woman until you have your own profile filled in, including pictures, or you'll get deleted.
- Don't go for women who are over 100 pounds lighter than you are or more than ten years younger. Such women are out of your range, at least if you're meeting them on myspace, and you will be deleted.
- For god's sake, punctuate! I have "grammar" listed in my interests! Plus it's just respectful. This one isn't going to be a rule for every woman, but just in case it is, cover all your freaking bases. Put a little effort into it and read the message over before you send it.
- Don't act like you're applying for a job, even if you sort of are.
- Don't message a woman who doesn't at least live in the same state. Unless she specifically says in her profile that she likes torturing herself with long distance relationships, what's the point?
- It's okay to use a subject line other than "hi". Three out of four messages surveyed used a "hi", and it didn't win them any points. A subject line is just one more chance to catch the lady's attention and be witty and interesting, and "hi" does no work for you; it's a lost opportunity. At least with something like "Greetings from Ohio", the guy was being polite and letting me know where he was from. It's not the best subject line ever, but it's certainly better than "hi". (Note, however, that the winning message still had "hi" as the subject.)
- Any woman on myspace is going to know why some stranger is sending her a message, so you don't have to explain anything. The winning message was short and to the point and also said nice things about me. It was flirty but not creepy. Therefore, this is the course we recommend.

*Note: I'm not necessarily looking to meet someone new right now. Lucas's question for me was, Well then why do you have the dating option checked off on your profile? My answer is, first of all, I am single, so it's true. If one of these messages really caught my attention, I'm open to the possibility. Also, I want the dating option checked off so that people I actually know will know that I'm single. I communicate with a lot of friends on myspace and I want them to be up to date, and further, if a guy from my past looks me up, someone I might have been interested in before but never had a chance to date, I want it to be clear that I'm single. Just because a woman on myspace says she's there for dating, that doesn't mean she wants to meet overweight 44 year olds who live in another state. There are many reasons to check that little box.
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it's wednesday. i made jorn do the car dance this morning--i thought jorn and dylan had done the car dance last night, because no one told me ben upstairs wanted to wait until morning. if i had known, i might've set my alarm ten minutes earlier so i could do it, but as it was, at 7:30am i needed to be leaving the house to get on the T for work (i've been leaving early lately because the T has had a lot of delays with all the snow piled up). so jorn had to do the car dance, and i just found out he got stuck behind a fed ex truck and didn't get back home til 7:50, so he didn't have time for a shower. boy, did i feel bad, especially when the T ran on time and i got to work at 8:10 instead of 8:30. jorn's been so good to me lately, what with the shoveling and the car dancing and all. i hope i can do something for him sometime soon.

in other news, i've been watching the new battlestar galactica miniseries on the scifi channel. i'll just tuck this behind an lj cut for y'all. )
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So where to start. I'm kind of bumming tonight. My roomies and I just had a "discussion" about money and paying bills and how to split up paying for the groceries, so that was fun. I hate money discussions. The money discussion was sparked by the fact of our heat not currently working, and what I think the temperature should be versus what others think it should be. Right now I'm sitting in my room wearing fleece-lined wind pants, a thermal shirt, a sweatshirt, and wrapped in a big blanket, and I'm still freezing. Also, I received my student loan coupon book in the mail today and discovered that I need to make a payment of $189 in less than two weeks. This is money that I don't have. When I tried to call them to try to negotiate a lower payment, I got stuck on hold for twenty minutes on my cell phone before I got cut off (I think my phone hung up on me?). Dylan thinks he might not have a job next month. And I am SO SICK of going on interviews. Here's how my week's been so far. click here to read a bunch of stuff about interviews I went on )

The job thing is so just exhausting. I got a temp job for tomorrow, answering phones at BU, that should last me till christmas. I'm sick of this stuff, though. I either want to have a job, a real job, or not have one at all. My hands are so cold. I'm going to go watch star trek.
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i am boreder than bored. i hope my complete and total apathy for any work-related activity doesn't continue when i get a "real" job. and the stuff i'm doing today is actually sort of interesting, too--looking at the departmental webpage to see if the address got changed everywhere, if it's navigable, if the sections on directory stuff are up to date and make sense. i procrastinated on it for a while but eventually went through and made a list of stuff that could change, but it's a very well-maintained webpage. now i'm flipping through the procedures manual to try to update it (again, sort of interesting, requires organizational skills and stuff), and i found this line in a list of directions: "Invoke your standard Web Browser..." I was highly amused at the thought of "invoking" my Web Browser. don't people ordinarily "invoke" the Powers that Be? dude, it's just a web browser, you just have to double click---

oh wow. i just got a call on my cell phone from the HR people at Tufts about a job i had applied for there and would i be available to come in at 9:00 tomorrow morning? i was like, no, i need a little more notice than that to schedule an interview, especially because they are questionably located and i'm not sure how i'd get there and i'm already taking some time off this week. i don't think it was unreasonable of me to say that, i mean, that's less than 24 hours away. so i said, what about a later time, and she suggested 4:00. oh great, require me to take even more time off work. i said, how about next week? and she said they're hoping to wrap up their search soon. so she started giving me directions and it would involve either a 20 minute walk from davis square (in heels? ick.) or riding the bus from there--i'm hesitant to try catching a bus i've never had to catch before and trying to get somewhere by a specific time, especially when i don't have a lot of time to research the route. she decided she would transfer me right to the woman i'd be interviewing with--without telling me she was going to do that--and the woman suggested we talk a little now. so now i'm on the spot trying to do a phone interview. kind of scary. when they ask, what attracted you to this position? and you're applying for 10 different jobs a day, it's hard to remember what was good about this particular one without actually looking it up. which i would do if i had time to prepare. thankfully while i was on hold i pulled up the job description on the tufts website, so at least i had something to look at. and the woman said that they're very close to hiring someone but they want to be sure they've explored all their options first. dood, if you pretty much know who you want and it's not me, i'm not hauling ass in to see you. at least not for an admin job. so she said she'd consider her options and perhaps call me back. i think it's a little cruddy to call someone on wednesday and expect her to be able to come in for an interview on thursday or even friday. if i didn't have to take the damn bus out to work now it wouldn't be so bad. before, i could have a 9:00 or 4:00 interview and only miss like an hour of work. now it's like a half day process. fucking bus. i should've told her i'd drive, since i can drive to work, basically, and park at the grocery store, but i am so not enthused about driving to interviews after i clipped off my damn mirror. motherfucker.
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so this morning i get up almost half an hour early to go to the RMV so i can get there right when it opens. i want this trip to be one-stop shopping, so i have packed my bag with all my paperwork the night before: the license form (which i've printed out from the internet and filled out already), my out-of-state license, passport, soc card, copy of my lease, copies of my phone bill and a letter from my student loan people as backups, the NC title and registration for my car, all the other papers about my car that seem remotely applicable, and of course, the RMV-1 form that Amica, my beloved new car insurance company, has sent me.

so to back up a sec, the Amica people have already proved their cluelessness to me by not sending me the RMV-1 form in the first place and then bouncing me around on their phone lines and in general not knowing what to do with me. right after i got my policy with them they sent me a notice about how i needed to have the car inspected by october 7, which happened to be the day i received the notice, and how if the inspection wasn't completed by then they'd cancel my policy. so i call them up, feeling more than a bit miffed, especially since someone from Amica had called me the week before to let me know they were going to start a policy for me and never mentioned this inspection thing. so i got a lot of runaround, because apparently no one in their after-hours call center knows anything about the way things work in massachussetts (dude, people in massachussetts work during the day), but eventually someone does say that she'll change the date by which i need the inspection and send me the RMV-1 form. so i thought, okay, and then the form came in the mail, and i was happy.

so on to this morning. i get to the RMV around 8:45 and go upstairs to the license line first, because that usually takes longer. so, in the words of Chef, i wait, and i wait, and i wait and i wait, and eventually they call my number and i go up and give the girl my stuff and she looks at it and gives me the eye test thing and takes my picture and it's not awful and she gives me a temporary license and i pay her $90. great, maybe this won't be a nightmare after all. so i go downstairs to the registration area and take a number and wait some more, and they call my number and i go up to the counter and the woman looks at my RMV-1 form which i've proudly handed her and she tells me that someone from the insurance company has to sign it on this line clearly marked signature. i say, but she mailed it to me, she said on the phone this was all i needed, and the woman says, i'm sorry but i can't take it without a signature. so i go outside. i get out my cell phone and call Amica. i am Mad. i let them know it. the girl on the phone tells me they'll send someone out from their office to meet me at the RMV and sign the form. i say, how long will this take, and she tells me 40 minutes to an hour. i say, what else can we do? because by now it's almost 10am and i need to get to work. she tells me she could send someone to my work and then they'd take the stuff to the RMV and process the registration for me. frankly, i wouldn't trust this company to feed my fish, let alone process my car registration, so i ask if i could come there. they're not T-accessible. so i say, okay, send someone out, and i call my boss and leave a message letting her know i'll be even later than i thought. so i go back inside. i wait, and i wait, and i wait and i wait. then i wait, and i wait, and i wait and i wait. thankfully i've brought a book. a very nice guy shows up and finds me and signs the form. he doesn't seem like a moron. he even looks over the form to make sure everything else is okay. i apologize for him having to come all the way out there. i want to tell him i'm sorry he works for such a cruddy company, but i figure that's his own fault. so he leaves, and i take another number. i wait some more. they call my number. the form is accepted. i am given my registration and a license plate, and i relinquish $86. then i finally leave and take the T to harvard and go to work.

i am glad i wore sneakers instead of good work shoes.

next ordeal: getting the car inspected and the driver's side mirror fixed. this will probably cost a lot of money. it needs to be done in the next seven days. coincidentally, the rent also needs to be paid in the next seven days. isn't that special? i'm also flying to greensboro this weekend and wishing just a little bit i hadn't made that plane reservation. i found out from jay that the halloween party will be on friday night instead of saturday, so i won't get to go to the party after all. plus i'll have to leave susanna's party on friday night early (well, semi-early) so i can get to bed and get up for my flight in the morning. i will be glad to see rhett and jay and anyone else who actually wants to see me, but i really did want to be at the party. i'm disappointed, and spending a big chunk of money too. nothing goes right anymore. why did we move here again?
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so here's the annoyance of the day. i *was* logging on to my work computer with a temp ID, but that was just good for the workstation, so i couldn't access any of the files on the network, which i needed to be able to access. also, we didn't think i was set up to print to the office printer. so shelley my boss put in a work order for me to get my own ID and to get set up with the printer. so two days ago i think it was, she got a notice saying that i had a network ID set up for me, and so we try it and hey, it works, except it's logging me on to the network and not to the workstation. fine, i say, and use the temp ID and password to log on to the workstation. this works just fine--i can access the folders on the network now. now all i need is printer access. so a guy from IT comes by to set me up to print, and he realizes that this computer was set up all along to print. great, i say, no problems then. but then he finds out that the computer people didn't send someone over to "set me up" with my network ID, that i'm still logging on to the workstation under the temp ID. so he fixes it. now rhalpine is the only user who can log on to the network at this workstation. before he left i said, hey, am i going to be able to access the files i had saved on this computer under the temp ID? and he says, sure, let me move that folder over for you. he moves the folder, reboots the computer so i can log on fresh, and leaves. and i sit down, log on, and click on my folder, and i get an error message saying that access is denied to that folder. everything i had that i was working on is in that folder (as well as a few really awesome icons i found yesterday, but that's beside the point). i wasn't finished working on several of the pagemaker layouts, so i hadn't put them on a disk and given them to shelley yet. so shelley just has the old copies, and all my updated files are in the folder that i can't open. as soon as i realize this, i leap from my seat (bill from IT had seriously just walked out the door) but i couldn't catch him. i called IT, explained the problem, and told them to get bill back here so he can fix this. and it's around 4:20 by now, and i can't do any work anyway, so i left. i wrote out a long note to bill in the hope that perchance he might make his way back here to fix my computer before the end of the day, but when i got in this morning, the note was still there and the folder still inaccessible. this is flippin' great. i don't think shelley's here yet, so i can't even tell her and hope she's got something else for me to work on. actually, she should, because there were a few files yesterday afternoon that she meant to put on a disk for me and never did, so hopefully she can do that and i'll have something to do today. of course, hopefully bill will come back and fix his mess. teh, bill, teh. and i had been having such a good day yesterday, too.

anyway, even though i'm grumpy about work (they do casual fridays here, i just discovered, as all my co-workers walk past me in jeans while i'm sitting here in a short skirt and tall sexy boots--i totally could've just worn jeans and my hiking boots, which is what i was really feeling like wearing this morning. but i digress), i still had a really good night last night. i got an email from dr. langenfeld saying i can take my time on the proofs and send them next week, so i played some celebratory majora's mask and also got to watch dann play some nintendo too. i called my old landlord about my security deposit, and apparently someone had been holding on to a form or something instead of giving it to the secretary, but she promised me they'd have it in the mail tomorrow. i better have the thing by next week--i need that money. or, rather, my current landlord needs that money. (fucking piano). anyway, i didn't do any of my proofreading last night, and i applied to a bunch more jobs online, and i managed to get my office cleaned up some more. i stopped at the hardware store and got more of those little round pads with sticky stuff on one side, so that i could not scratch my hardwood floors. now my desk chair and my other green trunk are no long scratchy.

also, i took my Spike stand-up out of the box and stood him up in the corner, and he's lurking there now, looking all cool. that inspired me to get out all my buffy action figures (on a side note, moore action announced that they're going to make more action figures after all, but why are they not doing preorders on the website then? i want a willow! and a tara! and, i guess, an anya!). but my collection's getting a little large now. i have the stand-up Spike, and then i have buffy barbie still in the box, and then all my action figures: buffy, giles, oz, drusilla, vampire drusilla, and spike. i even took some of their stuff out of the boxes now (i was keeping it all in pristine condition) so i could coughplaywithcough oh excuse me display them better--i took out the bases for vampire dru and oz and giles, and i took out oz's guitar and i have him playing it, and i took out all of giles's stuff except one of the stakes (because those could get lost so easily). but giles comes with a handy black bag to put stuff in, so that's useful. i didn't take out any of little buffy's stuff, because she's probably the most valuable one i have, but i did give her one of giles's stakes to hold. i also left regular dru's and spike's stuff in the package, and i set the two of them up so they're dancing. it's really cute. i love my action figure collection. but i don't want to look like i'm a big obsessive freak, you know? but i do need a willow. at least a regular one, if not also the vampiric and evil witch versions. i wish i had a xander, but he's pretty expensive now, and i wish i had werewolf oz. and angel, and faith especially, too. i also really wish i had prophecy girl buffy, wearing the prom dress from the end of season one, but that's just a bit too expensive for me. anyway, i was excited to take them all out and set them up.

not much else for now. i'm going to post this and then go see if shelley's here yet. maybe if she calls the IT people and bitches then bill will get himself back over here.
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anyway, tuesday night jorn and i went to the laundromat. boy, was *that* necessary. yesterday was the aforementioned buffy-watching with rhett and jeff (my, hasn't jeff been around a lot lately?). we watched two episodes all together (while i ate my steamed garlicky zucchini-with-spaghetti for dinner--yumyum!), and then rhett needed to go to bed, so jorn and i stayed up and watched the last episode on disc 2, and she'll watch that one on her own before we start watching them together again. i just love buffy.

in other news, my job. have i mentioned hating my job? yeah. yesterday wasn't too bad--both allie and debbie were here, and the three of us ended up laughing all morning at each other. it was pretty fun, i like them a lot. i didn't even mind so much when, after updating someone's account so that he can use another program and then emailing him to let him know about this, he replied with an irate email saying "is this a joke? i already have access. what i need is (blahblah mortgage thing)..." the dude was obviously clueless about what had just occurred, and was just as obviously a jerk to send an email to someone in a different company saying "is this a joke?" yeah, funny haha, you've been given access to our online systems. allie actually called the guy (we're the helpdesk, so she kind of had to) and he kept talking about what he needed and then would ask her what she was going to do for him, and then wouldn't let her say anything! he was all like, i need to access such-and-such, and she said, you received that email to let you know that now you can access that. what a stupid fuck, seriously. and there's nothing that nice people can do in this situation except let the jerk walk all over you, because otherwise it'll reflect badly on your company's image. well, i would never do business with his mortgage company after dealing with the kind of people that represent them, that's for sure. fucker.

this weekend's plans:

tonight: leave work around 5:15, go to the Old Town for drinks with the poets. come home, heat up the chicken and whip up some garlic mashed potatoes for jorn's bizrthday dinner. celebrate.
the 4th: sleep in a bit, work blandwood 11-1, check out the downtown Fun Fourth Festivities, then hit the barbecue on carr street.
rest of the weekend: no plans. watch buffy maybe, play some nintendo. awwww yeah.
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i also wanted to say that i cleaned like a mofo on wednesday night. (what, you're not familiar with how mofos clean?) i was all super and stuff, and afterwards i even had some time to read my book before bed. my book, incidentally, was The Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle. i had no idea the cartoon was based on a book until i found this copy at a used book store in atlanta. i rejoiced. the book was good (or, rather, the cartoon was a good adaptation of it--there were lots of lines pulled straight from the text), and it went into a lot of situations and relationships that the movie necessarily couldn't explore fully. the movie was for kids, but the book had some more adult themes (for example, the characters at times recognizing the fact that they're in a fairy tale and thinking about the implications of that). it was a good read.

also, i just wanted to say that monday, when i was really busy, i wanted to be bitching to my boss about the absolute ridiculousness of my job and how much it sucks ass to do the things no one even notices i do, but you know what, i got over it. i did not say one word to ruby (it helped that she wasn't in on monday or tuesday) and now, i'm pretty okay with my duties. monday was just really overwhelming. it still pisses me off that these account execs can't be bothered to doublecheck the email addresses for these accounts they're sending us, especially when the email address is like the one thing that has to be correct--if i set up the account, and then the email with the logon info gets returned because the email address isn't valid, then i have to investigate and call the company and bother the clients (sometimes they're really nice and just give me the info, but other times they're bitchy and suspicious--hey, it's not *my* fault they've never heard of the nationally recognized, multi-million dollar company i work for). and you know, i don't enjoy jobs where i have to call and bother people. it's just not fun. particularly when the calls would be completely unnecessary if someone had just doublechecked (or, in some cases, filled in at all) the information i'm calling to check on. this was my beef with my temp job two summers ago too, when i had to call the doctors offices because they hadn't filled out their forms (or filled them out legibly) before sending them to us. someday, i'm going to be the one who fills out the form in the first place, not the peon who has to call and bother people. and when it's my turn to fill out the form, you better believe i'm going to do it properly.
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does anyone have a printer? i want to print out the reformatted version of my thesis, and i really can't do that surreptitiously here at work (it's like 24 pages, and the printer is just too far from my desk for me to get away with it). even if you're far away, you could print it out and mail it to me. or can you print things out at kinko's? i'm giving them my freakin' money anyway to make copies of it for me.

saturday was a good day. slept in, then went clothes shopping with elan at carolina thrift. i spent $22.42 and got several shirts and the cutest dress ever (it's bright blue and has little lemons printed all over it--it's a little big, but i just want it for fun, not for work or anything). elan spent $19.50 or so but got even more stuff than i did. then she and i and jorn went to see Finding Nemo, which was just so awesome. IMFGS @ teh last Pixar.

also, emily's party on saturday night was a good time. rhett got pretty drunk; so did xina, who fell asleep on the couch. there was really good food, too.

yesterday i worked at blandwood in the afternoon, and two things really made me upset. the first thing was pretty basic: when i went to sign up for hours later this month, i saw that the month of june was entirely filled. so i flip to july, and *that's* almost filled too, except for the last weekend, when i'll be out of town. david's hired some new docents lately, and i'm thinking there might not be enough hours to go around, but this wasn't even that--one girl had signed up for two different weekends in july. in may and june, everybody was signing up for tops, one weekend, but usually two days spaced out. so it's not even that everybody else got to the july calendar before me--three other docents are also affected by this. i don't know if david asked this one girl to sign up for those weekends thinking that people would be out of town or something, but i don't think it's fair, and i'm going to email david to ask about it. (update: i emailed him. we'll see what he says.)

the other thing was this. on sunday afternoons, blandwood is open 2-5. in order to actually close at 5, we say that the last tour leaves at 4:30. so at around 4:30, i was finishing up a tour, and jorn had just arrived to pick me up, and this guy walks up to the house and asks for a tour for himself and the old lady who's with him. i ask jorn what time it is, and he says 4:39. completely forgetting that his watch is fast, i said to the man that i'm sorry but the last tour has to leave at 4:30 because we close at 5. he looks at *his* watch and gets all mad, saying that it's 4:31 and i won't take them, and then he storms off. the old lady with him starts talking to me, saying that they drove all the way from ashboro to come here, and i start realizing that i was wrong about the time, and i'm feeling bad for the old lady, so i say, hey okay i'll stay a little late and give you a tour. so she goes to tell her man (not a husband--son? don't know), and i tell the people who's tour i'm finishing that i'll meet them in the kitchen building in just a moment and they can look around. so i go out to the street, and the man is in the car waiting for the old lady. she gets in the car and he starts it, so i walk up to the car and say that i was mistaken about the time because my boyfriend's watch was fast and won't they come in for a tour? and the man says, no you didn't want to talk to me up there and we're leaving. and they drive off. so what could i do? i finish up the kitchen part of the tour for the other people and then jorn and i close up the house and go home, but i was really upset. i mean, i made a mistake, but i admitted it and offered to take them through a tour. but this man acted like a complete jerk and wouldn't even listen to me, when he drove all the way out just so the old lady could visit the house. she's the one i feel bad for: she had to ride all the way home with him, and likely, had to listen to him bitch about me all the way to ashboro. why couldn't he just be nice? i usually like working at blandwood, and he ruined my whole day there.

i would also like to say that it is colder than satan's balls in my office building today. i am freezing my ass off, and my hands are so cold all my rings are falling off my numb fingers.

happy birthday to the Marquis de Sade (263 today) and Thomas Hardy (163 today). thanks, desk calendar.

things to do:
-email david at blandwood RE schedule
-get the freud action figure for samantha; send in box to mom & dad
-find father's day presents; send them with pecan log and other things to mom & dad
-plan and make a mix tape for missi
-mend the little tears in the orangey shirt; stitch the hole in my funky purse; fix beige sweater sleeve
-post my movies-to-watch list
-do some clothes shopping
-reformat thesis; print surreptitiously, take to kinko's for copying, and send to people
-make brownies for emily's thing on saturday night
-don't forget to go to blandwood on sunday afternoon
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18 Skeevy Things About Jorn's Apartment (a list by Roxanne)

18. His neighbors include a houseful of Mexicans who like to listen to extremely loud mariachi music, a bunch of possible drug dealers, a pothead (who does seem nice enough), and two guys who remodel their apartment at 9am on saturday mornings without warning the folks downstairs ahead of time.
17. Of the potential drug dealers, the ones cattycorner to Jorn's house sit on their porch all afternoon and evening and converse with women. Another sits on his porch and plays random loud notes on his electric guitar, which seems to be the signal that he's open for business.
16. I could have listed as a neighbor the handyman for the building, but he says he has a residence elsewhere. That doesn't stop him from spending most of his time (as far as I can tell) in the unfinished basement of the house. He also has been painting the vestibule of the house for almost as long as Jorn has lived there, and it's still not finished.
15. Often women of questionable virtue sit on Jorn's back steps waiting for the aforementioned handyman.
14. Another house in the neighborhood is home (or was last year) to people who bred pitbulls. Did you know a pitbull mother who has puppies becomes very protective of them, to the point of running into a street to attack helpless passersby?
13. The nieghborhood ice cream man is a middle eastern guy driving an unmarked *red* van. He dispenses the ice cream out of a cooler in the back. One gets the feeling that if you knew the proper code names, you could order something other than ice cream.
12. On Halloween, one small group of children (uncostumed, no less) took an entire bag of candy Jorn had purchased for trick or treaters when he kindly told them they didn't have to take just one.
11. When the power goes out, this is one of the last neighborhoods to get it turned back on. Jorn's lost the entire contents of his fridge and freezer twice since December.
10. Ladies of obvious ill repute are often dropped off or picked up on the street where Jorn lives, and sometimes they even knock on your door to ask the time.
9. The main door to the house does not lock (or even shut really well) so that anyone (crackheads and prostitutes included) can enter the vestibule.
8. For quite some time, Jorn had a problem with fleas living in his pet-free apartment and biting his legs.
7. speaking of critters, squirrels (and possibly other things) live inside the walls. we hear them running around all the time.
6. Jorn's apartment did not have a shower when he first moved in. There was a bathtub, but no shower.
5. The bathroom also has no heat. There's a heater in the living room and one in the bedroom, but the kitchen and bathroom are heat-free. You shouldn't have to squat over the pot except in a truck stop, but sitting on that freezing cold toilet in winter is like torture.
4. Every time it rains, the kitchen ceiling leaks. Though this has been going on for months and Jorn's landlord has promised to look into it, nothing has been done.
3. Large pieces of the underside of the porch roof and of the back roof (the part over the kitchen) have fallen or are in the process of falling down, perhaps due to rot.
2. Jorn's bike was stolen off his front porch last fall by someone who cut his bike lock with wire cutters.
1. And, as all of you know, some crackhead broke into Jorn's apartment and stole stuff. This took place a week ago, and the landlord (who seems to have the best intentions) still hasn't shown any sign of getting the broken door properly fixed or of having a lock installed on the main door. Jorn now enters and exits the apartment via the kitchen door, and this method forces him to dislodge the lovely ladies who often wait for the handyman there.

just thought you could use a list. start calling those storage places, baby.
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oh, and some old fucker clipped my car this morning after i dropped jorn off at work. i was stopped at a red light, strategically and appropriately stopped in the center of my lane, and i feel the car rocking, so i look over my shoulder. there's a car trying to pull into the left turning lane, and the old guy driving it has no idea he's scraping my car, just that he's stuck and can't pull forward. he backs up and tries to move forward again, making contact with my car again. i'm amazed, and i scoot forward a bit in the hopes that this idiot will then have enough room to get into the lane he's so desperate to get into. then the light changes and he zooms off. i'm like, WDP? i looked at the car when i got home and there's a bit of a scratch--not that big a deal, since the paint on my car has a number of scratches on it. i mean, jorn's scratched the paint and i didn't make him pay for it. it would've been silly to chase down the old guy to try to make him pay for the damage, but i'm still like, hello, what was he thinking?

pissy thing #2: the mail. i ordered my Drusilla action figure from on february 20, and she still has not arrived. i emailed on thursday last week, since it had been two weeks since i placed my order, and it should have arrived within 7-10 days. i noted in my email that i had paid $9 for shipping and handling and expected better service. when i arrived back from myrtle beach, i found one thing: a note above the mailboxes in my apartment building from one of the other residents, letting everyone know that someone is stealing mail and he's had several packages stolen. i did not find two things: 1) my drusilla doll, and 2) a reply email from the good people at so i emailed them again last night, a good bit more annoyed, because first of all i'm a concerned customer and they're alienating me, and more importantly, if they haven't sent the package yet or if they can track it to see if it was delivered, i kind of need to know. if it hasn't been delivered yet, that's a different story than if some fucker has stolen it. so to the folks at hello, write me back.

secondly about the mail, i picked it up on monday night when i got back into town, so that was the saturday and monday mail and the sunday paper. okay. then i slept at jorn's house, and i didn't come back to my place till this morning (wednesday). so there should've been tuesday's mail in my mailbox, right? no, there was nothing. i am all paranoid now, because i'm first of all wanting my drusilla and also expecting a car insurance bill which i'm not sure if they've sent yet. maybe they haven't sent it, or maybe they did and it disappeared. so i ask you, what fucker steals people's mail? why would you want to do that? i mean, i can understand stealing the credit card applications and other stuff, or even the packages (regardless of what's inside), but you're still an asshole, and you're fucking with people's lives even worse than if you broke into my house and took my tv or something. and what are you going to do with the bills and the personal letters, just throw them out? up yours, mail thief, i hope they catch you and you do serious time for your federal offense of assholery.


update: someone just knocked at my door--it was the mailman. i guess he's started bringing packages right to people's doors instead of leaving them downstairs, since stuff has been getting stolen. anyway, i had TWO packages--one from (it'll be stuart's book--i ordered it--not as exciting, since i knew it was on the way) AND a st. patrick's day package from my mom! it contained an odd stuffed kitty with a green shamrock hat; a phone card; two dollar-store leprechauns figurines (one of which broke in transit and needs supergluing); a pair of metallic shiny green underpants; a pretty hippy shirt; a book about "Yeats: Romantic Visionary" that she got on sale (it has some poems and some really pretty artwork, and it'll look nice on my shelf); and two kitchen towels (not specifically st. patricky, though they have green stuff on them). so now i am much less pissy about the mail in general, though i do want my Dru to arrive RIGHT NOW.
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saw two towers again tonight--good stuff. i got the chills again when the ents attacked isengard and when eomer and gandalf arrived at the battle of helm's deep. i also got a closer look at some things (like the ents) and picked up on more of the subtle things. plus i got to see legolas swing himself upside down onto that horse and then slide down the stairs on a shield while shooting things. yeah buddy.

i was bothered by a few things that i noticed, though. first of all, the frodo/sam/faramir thing got on my nerves, even worse than it did the last time i saw the movie--is it just me, or did they extend that whole sequence a lot longer than it was in the book? i thought they ran into faramir, said hey and chatted, and then were on their way. i don't seem to remember this whole is-faramir-going-to-take-the-ring thing and going-to-osgiliath thing. i really don't think that happened in the book.

and then, there were the time discrepancies. aragorn and legolas and gimli are chasing the uruk hai to save merry and pippin, right, and the sun rises red and legolas says "blood has been shed this night" or some elf shit like that. and they run into the group of rohan men and are informed that the rohan men have killed all the uruk hai and burned the bodies. and the pyre is still smoking, so we can assume that the fight between the rohan guys and the uruk hai took place last night. so aragorn and legolas and gimli follow the hobbits' trail into the woods, and they run into gandalf, who tells them that the hobbits passed that way the day before yesterday. hello? wouldn't they have passed that way last night, like immediately after the battle? i mean, maybe gandalf is confused, he can't remember his own name either, but one would think he'd get that right.

and again. when everybody leaves edoras, aragorn and legolas and gimli go with the people of rohan to helm's deep, and gandalf goes off by himself. gandalf says to aragorn, "watch for me at dawn on the fifth day." but at the end, it seems like the battle of helm's deep went on for one night and gandalf got there in the morning. perhaps gandalf meant "the fifth day from now" instead of "the fifth day of the siege." but i'm fairly certain the battle lasted several days in the book (besides the fact of it probably taking like a week to move all those people).

what i'm thinking is that the script people didn't catch this--that these lines are what gandalf says in the book, and they just didn't get translated into movie-time. but you'd think a line like "watch for me at dawn on the fifth day", which gets repeated in a very big echoey way, would catch their attention. either they messed up with the line, or else we're supposed to assume that several days have in fact passed. although it was night the whole time.

similarly, the ents didn't decide what to do about the war in just one night. it took several days. but i guess even ents have to speed up a bit for a movie.

and one more thing--issues of defense. i mean, i know they have to speed things up for the movies, but wouldn't you think that when the nasty uruk hai are running towards the walls of helm's deep, they'd be shooting off as many arrows as possible? i mean, i've read a lot of fantasy novels, and in this sort of situation, you want to keep the evil demons as far away from your walls as you can for as long as you can. plus, then the next row of demons has to climb over the dead bodies of the first, till there's a convenient wall of bodies keeping them from your walls. but no, in this movie they get off like two volleys of arrows and then the bad guys are throwing up ladders. and speaking of ladders, where's the buckets of boiling oil they're supposed to have on top of the walls to dump down on attackers with ladders?

i know. it's only a movie. it's only a movie. but i still can't wait for the extended edition.
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new years was good. went to the party at missi's house, and it was quite fun. a board game or two and some alcohol will loosen up anyone's slightly odd group of friends. laur and i stayed at missi's till around 3, then drove the three blocks or whatever back to my mom's house and slept here (ie, two double beds in my room vs the floor at missi's). on new years day, we were so freakin' lazy we slept in (laur till 10:30, me till noon) and then sat around with my parents watching the twilight zone-a-thon on the scifi channel all damn day in our pajamas. it was nice. a good start to the new year, even though i felt a bit queasy all day from being up late the night before (as if my feeling a little nauseated is out of the ordinary or anything).

i miss jorn.

okay, going to try (AGAIN) to install the damned harry potter game. i got an email back from the help center dood, although not addressing the issue of HOW TO TURN OFF THE DAMNED ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM. hello, that's what i said the problem was in my original message, thanks, could you respond to that instead of giving me explicit directions on how to copy files to my hard drive? but it gave me a few ideas of things to try, at least. sigh.

the heater broke here at our house, on new years eve no less. it made a horrific growling sound. instead of just calling up and insisting that the repair guy come out right away, my dad chose to rig up something to make the thing work again until the guy could come out today (thursday). i didn't really care, but my mom was all rrwrr about it. and of course the thing slipped or broke again or just evaded my dad's care to continue making the horrible noise periodically, and every time it did, my mom would get all rrwrrly again. so the repair guy was supposed to come at 1pm today. instead, he rings the doorbell and wakes me up at 10:30. now, this is not too big of an issue, since i was here all day for the express purpose of letting this guy in. but what if i had gone shopping in the morning or something, or what if i wasn't here at all and my dad was coming home on his lunch break to let the guy in? it just seemed like a sort of shitty way to do it, you know? early was fine since i was here anyway, but if i hadn't been here, what would he have done? just come back later? sigh.

tonight: go over to vinnie's house and then to the movies. The Two Towers again. i'm psyched.

i spent the past few days reading some terry goodkind books. numbers 2 and 3 in the sword of truth series. there's like three more books, but i'm at a good stopping place right now, so i probably shouldn't continue. i mean, the world *was* about to end, but richard saved it again, so it's all good for now. i'll read the rest of them in may when i'm allowed to read whatever i want again. (if i tried to read the others now, i'd spend the next two weeks all caught up in them and then i'd be behind planning for my thesis reading. sigh. i can't wait till grad school is done.)

i'll be back in greensboro on sunday night, 1/5/03. woot.
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okay. so i just took my computer over to the Best Buy (and it's incredibly complicated to get there, even though it's right on a main road), but i was unable to get my free check up. i bring the thing in and plunk it on the counter, and Reggie hooks it up to the monitor and keyboard and mouse they have sitting right there for just such a need, and my computer does not turn on. this is because my computer does not have an ON button. seriously. it does not. i just push the space bar and on it goes. i tell Reggie this, and he looks at me incredulously, pushes the space bar a few times, and of course, on it does not go. Reggie calls over Jason, who pokes at my machine a few times (there's a hole on the top right corner of the front of it where there used to be a light, and Jason seems to think this would be the ON button), and then he pushes at the space bar a few times. no ONing occurs. so Reggie tries hooking a different, older monitor and keyboard to my machine, and this doesn't work either. so what can he do for me? i take it home.

obviously, the computer is now ON, here in my apartment. i hooked it back up to the regular monitor and keyboard, plug it in, and it goes on immediately. and now, looking at my keyboard, i see that there's a little icon on the spacebar of a computer with little rays coming out of it, like the sun or jesus's head or something, and i can only assume it means "press here for ON". unless it's a warning about radiation or something, which i prefer not to consider.

so i'm going to take the thing back on saturday, with the keyboard that it refuses to be parted from. Reggie said i could do that, and he'll remember me, so i can still get my little check-up. and i can also bring jorn and his computer with me too, and they can also get a check-up.

but i ask you, what idiot would have designed a fucking computer without an ON button on it?

one good thing about my fruitless trip to the unfindable Best Buy--i ran into thad in the parking lot. yes, thad, my friend and sometime boss from teh HLC, who i've bitched and ranted about, and who i really do miss. so we stood around and chatted in the parking lot for a while, it was good to see him.
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so here's my pissy ish for the day. it's been over a year since my last gyn exam, so i need to make an appointment. last year, i went to planned parenthood in greensboro, since i obviously could no longer go to family planning in sunbury PA. and so planned parenthood charged me $75 for the visit last year, and i didn't get any of it back from my mom's insurance company. grr. but i think jorn helped me out with it, so that was cool. but this year, i'm on the uncg student health insurance, so i decided i should go to the student health center and it won't cost so much. plus i've heard i can get my birth control pills a few dollars cheaper there. but i keep forgetting to call and make the damned appointment, and this week i have my period anyway so i can't go now. but i called them this morning to make the appointment.

the (sort of rude) woman on the phone asked me if i wanted to have a pap smear done. i'm like, yeah i guess, and she asked me if i've had one done before. well, i don't know what they're doing down there when i get an exam done, so i say, probably. and the woman says that if i've had one done before, they *won't examine me* unless i have the form from the previous exam. she says that they get a lot of girls in there who say they've had a pap before but really haven't, so they need the proof. and i think she just means proof that i've had one, and i've got that on the form planned parenthood gave me when i left there, but then she says they need the actual pap results so they can compare it. so i say, um okay, can i make an appointment anyway and bring the thing with me? and she says that i can, but if i don't bring it they'll make me reschedule. and she gives me their fax number and says that i can have planned parenthood fax it to them.

so i call planned parenthood and ask if they'll fax it. the girl on the phone tells me that either i have to come in there and ask them or i have to go to the uncg health center and fill out an official request form, because they can't release my info without a signature. motherfucker. all right, i'm not going argue with her.

all i wanted to do was just make an appointment and then go get the thing done, and it's this big pain in the ass. planned parenthood didn't ask me if i'd had a pap before when i went to them last year, i know they didn't. and now i have to haul my ass over there when i didn't have any plans to go out that way at all this weekend, and ask them to send a fax to uncg, which will probably either not get sent or which will get lost once it gets there. i'm tempted to just make the appointment and tell uncg i've never had one before (but i don't think that'll work because i'm on the pill right now and that couldn'tve happened unless someone had given me a pap before, right?).

and i'm tempted to just suck it up and go back to planned parenthood, except that $75 is a lot of money that i could get reimbursed to me if i went to uncg. the other thing about planned parenthood is that i can buy my pills in bulk there and get as many packs of pills as i want. on my mom's insurance, i could get one pack per month and only in the last week of my cycle. this will be important next spring, when i move away from here and likely won't have a job or insurance for a while, and thus nowhere to get pills. i don't want to go off my pills when i move to boston, and i don't know if uncg will let me buy a bunch of pills at a time. i would hope that they would (and that's what susquehanna's health center would let you do, according to kari), but it would be just like uncg to be dumb like that. so i don't know what to do. this is important, folks, help me out here.


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