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Played Scrabble outside in LOVE Park yesterday with Kari, Christine, and Kristina.

My words:

18 points - RIVE(R)/ER/KI
12 points - TOTTER
07 points - NUDE
08 points - MU/GUT
63 points - UNLOVING (used all my letters for a bingo bonus! This is why the previous two turns were so poor, because I thought I had the potential for a big word.)
26 points - JOY
09 points - AH
plus 11 points from the other players, since I went out first
154 points total

Christine had been rocking it the whole game, so she won with a 160. Kari had a 111, and Kristina a 96.
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Today I went out to LOVE Park with Kristina, Kari, Julie, and Karen for a Scrabble game. The weather was amazing.

My words:

17 points - LAME / WE
26 points - ZA / AE (I only placed the A here--killing time and hoping for a consonant, which I did not get)
06 points - OVA (I seriously had a handful of vowels, this was the best thing I could think of)
10 points - IGNIT(E)D
20 points - HON / BO / ON
-4 points to Kristina, who went out first

75 points total

Kristina won, big time, with a score of 146. She somehow stuck us all and picked up 30 points at the end, plus she had the Z and the X. Kari had 69, Karen 76, and Julie 67, so the rest of us were all in the same ballpark, and Kristina just blew us away.

After Scrabble, Kristina and I sat in the park by the fountain for a few minutes until the end of the lunch hour. That was very nice.
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I had a Scrabble lunch today for the first time in a while! Kari wanted to play, so Karen and I joined her. Kari is a formidable opponent!

My words:

14 points - BIRD
16 points - LOONY/BO/IN
28 points - HARD/HON/GAME/ORE (OK, this move was awesome. After I did this, we had pretty much a solid block of letters on that part of the board because everything was layered together)
32 points - MAZES (on Kari's next move, she played F(A)X vertically to spell (A)MAZES, so she got X points and Z points in the same play. Dammit.)
38 points - WART/AW/ZA/ER (layering WART under MAZES for awesomeness)
08 points - RING (a complete tactical error on my part. I could have played the ING down from F(A)X, but I forgot the blank tile was an A and thought it was an O and wasn't sure that F(O)XING would be a word (although OUTFOXING of course would be). I also could have played the ING down from RANK for more points. I saw all this during Kari's next turn when it was way too late, of course)
12 points - GIN (saved by the triple-word block)
30 points - QUILT (there had been a U sitting next to a double-word block all through the game, and I got to play it!)
11 points - CAWED
09 points - JO (by this point I was down to a bunch of vowels and a P, so I did the best I could with what was on the board)
05 points - PUT
-1 point to Karen, who went out first

202 points total

Kari came in with 206 points and just barely beat me. She really gave me a challenge. I love playing with Kari because she appreciates the beauty and elegance of a good move the way I do. Karen, sadly, just never got to pull any of the big letters, and although she broke 100 with her score, she did not report her exact total.

Lately I've been playing a lot of Lexulous on Facebook with Dan, which is awesome because I hardly ever see Dan and on the rare occasions I do we're not usually playing Scrabble. But with playing online, you get to try out any possible move you want on the board and see automatically how many points it'll score and check automatically to see if it's really a word or not. It's kind of engineered to help you get the very best scores possible. Real Scrabble, on the other hand, seems to rely more on strategy and cunning and your actual knowledge of real words. I know a lot of two-letter words, but today I couldn't remember if XU was a real word or not, so I chose not to take a chance and didn't play it; in Lexulous, I could have looked it up several different ways and ultimately if it wasn't a real word the game wouldn't have let me play it. There's just a whole different feel to it. Suddenly today I was shocked by how much I prefer real, hands-on Scrabble. (Disclosure: in my last Lexulous game I got stuck with four i's--four!--and every time I traded back I kept pulling vowels, so maybe I have a teensy Lexulous grudge. Dan, there's no way you can beat me in RL Scrabble!)
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Today we were all a little noncommittal about Scrabble, but with the exception of Kari, who went home sick, we played anyway. The weather wasn't nice enough to play outside, so we just found a conference room.

My words:
39 points - JILT / JO / ID (the J was on a double-letter, so I got quadruple J points)
(After my turn, Christine proceeded to play STREET(S) vertically off of JILT, using up all her letters for a total of 76 points)
24 points - LATHE / BE (with the E on a double word, thus getting the double points in both directions)
18 points - SIR / FOIBLES (FOIBLE was Julie's excellent word, I just added the S)
39 points - UNWORN / SHINER (with UNWORN landing on the triple word)
39 points - PAVING / PA / AX
10 points - AXE
11 points - ZA
+7 points because I went out first
187 total

I just had a really strong game today, and was able to land some good words in good spots. Final scores: Chrstine, 168; Kristina, 105; Julie, 116.

Today we learned that SHEENY is a word. A really stupid word (it just means "shining"), but a word nonetheless. We also learned that GRUNTLE is a word. It means, "to put in a good humor", so it makes perfect sense.

Also, I drew a llama and a unicorn:

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I know, it's been ages since I posted a Scrabble game. Ages since we had one, too, but Kari decided it was time for a summer Scrabble revival. Kristina, Christine, Kari, and I went outside to LOVE Park for Scrabble at lunch today. Other than the random bagpiper, it was pretty awesome. Here are my words:

14 points - PEED
51 points - MOCK (the K was on a double-letter block, and the M landed on the triple-word block!)
23 points - QUIT (Q on a double-letter block)
33 points - JILT (on a triple-word block)
09 points - PANG (killing time...)
13 points - ZERO (I'd had both the Z and the Q since the first turn, and finally found a place for the Z, even though I didn't get any extra points for it)
17 points - HEW
-5 points to Kristina, who went out first
155 points total

I had a really solid start in this game, but then the Z tripped me up since there was nowhere to put it. I really wanted to play QUIZ early on but there was just nowhere. Still, it was a solid game, and I won. Final scores: Christine, 142, Kristina, 120, and Kari, 94. I now have the Scrabble crown at my desk for the first time in months--Christine won the last time we played and she's had it since then.
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We played Scrabble last week. I organized it because my friend Liam just got a new job--he's going to be an editor/writer for Penn State (school of health and human development), which is a fabulous opportunity for him, but it means that he's going to be moving up to State College, PA, and we won't see him anymore. I'm really sad about that. Liam really kind of gets me, and he's smart and a lot of fun and I'm going to miss him a lot.

So, we played Scrabble. I got Congratulations signs from the dollar store, and a ridiculous pirate table centerpiece that captivated all of us and was a conversation topic for the duration of the Scrabble, and I brought the sugar cookies I'd made. Good turnout: me, Liam, Kristina, Christine, Kari, and Julie. We played two separate games.

My words:

28 points - ZAP
16 points - SLAVE
08 points - DONUT (yes, it's a word spelled that way)
12 points - OIL / LO / TI (OIL ended up right next to SLAVE, which put disturbing images in my brain)
25 points - JAGGY (built off Kristina's JAG--JAGGY is a word in its own right, and this inspired us to look at all the JAG-words in the dictionary, because there are quite a lot!)
16 points - HAIRS
17 points - ROBE / HE
50 points - QUOTA(S)/LOAD(S) (my brilliant play of the game, on the bottom left triple word block)
42 points - CHAI(S)/DRIVE(S) (I got the other blank tile and was able to make the exact same play on the upper right triple word block)
4 points - ID
+6 points from Kristina and Liam, since I went out first

224: final score

Liam came in second with a 163, and Kristina rounded it out with a 115. Possibly I should have let Liam win, since it was his party, but I couldn't resist the awesomeness of those blank tile/triple word moves.

In the other game, Kari won with a 214, Christine had 187, and Julie 175--a very high-scoring game. But my score beat Kari's, so I have the crown.
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Players: me, Kristina, Christine, and Julie

My words:

20 points - FOB(B)ED
22 points - JOG
45 points - SWIVE (it means "to copulate with"!!!! On a triple word score!)
16 points - LID / XI / ID
16 points - CHI
32 points - HOW / EH

-7 points to Julie, who went out first

144 points total

Christine came in first place, with a score of 175, due to her marvelous bingo bonus word SNIVELERS. Julie had a 139, and Kristina declined to release her score, but I sneaked a look at her paper and saw that she had an 81.

This was also a really quick game, too--we started just after 12 and finished before 12:45. Usually we're lingering over brandies our terrible tiles until 1:15.

Tonight: Quizzo! With Kristina, Christine, Julie, Liam, and David from production!
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Players: me, Kristina, Christine

My words:

16 points - MAY
12 points - MATTED
35 points - QAT / MA / KAT (which is apparently a shrubbery)
36 points - WAGE
12 points - GOOD
28 points - PLANS / ROUGES
13 points - BURPING (I couldn't get this over a double word score but had to play it anyway for the style points)
34 points - I(M)BIBED
11 points - ZA
plus 3 points from Christine and 7 points from Kristina because I went out first
207 total

So I won the game, followed closely by Christine with 175 and Kristina bringing up the rear with 147. Overall a good game.

Also, at one point my letters spelled out A PUB GOO, which I found a little disturbing.
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Today was my first Scrabble game in ages! We took the summer off, because everyone was banking hours to take off on Fridays, but now we're trying to get started back up again. There have been some significant changes to the usual Scrabble crew: Tariq is no longer with us, which I think I mentioned a while ago; Jean got laid off (although she got a new job downtown and might be able to join us sometimes); Lou isn't playing anymore--he's expecting a new baby and is working crazy hours because of it; Kari is doing something similar to spend more time with her young son; and Karen G is back from her long-term sick leave, looking healthy and with her hair growing back and everything. So some good changes for sure.

Today's game was small, just me, Kristina, and Karen. My words:

18 points - FARED
23 points - STUDY/YES
21 points - QI
14 points - EBB
19 points - JOB/GOO
21 points - ADA(P)TE(R)S (don't get excited, I just built off Kristina's ADA(P)T)
31 points - FOLK/FA/OM (my best play of the day)
(turn skipped to trade in not one but two V's for new letters)
11 points - WHEEL
-14 points, when Kristina went out first, for everything left in my hand (CLIMWG, which as you can see wasn't spectacular anyway)
134 total

Kristina came in first, with 207, and Karen brought up the rear with 99. Overall I'm pretty pleased with how well I played, considering how long it's been, and also considering how many consonants I got saddled with throughout the game. Karen had a similar issue with vowels, which of course are not high-scoring letters, so I think that accounts for the score discrepancy nicely. That's what I'll continue to believe. :) But Kristina certainly had better luck, and used her letters better, so she has the crown this week. We'll see what happens next week.
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Last week, we all went outside to play Scrabble in the park. It was a brief, shining moment of sunshine and loveliness in this otherwise mostly dismal Spring.

I played with Christine and Kristina. Jean, Kari, and Liam played a game also.

My words:

16 points - JOINTED
09 points - DOG
59 points - (H)EROINES (the board was all clogged up in the bottom right corner, so I had to convince Christine to play an E out in the middle of nowhere so I could play this word. I sure opened up the board, all right!)
12 points - DOPE/SO
20 points - CRATE
10 points - TURFED
28 points - BOY/OWE
14 points - JO/LOG
37 points - ZA/KA
22 points - HIVE/ET
-1 to whoever went out first
226 final score.

I don't remember who won, actually. It was either me or Kristina. Christine was not pleased with her performance, I remember that distinctly. It was nice to sit outside. We spied on the lunches of everyone else eating outside in the park. People had some good food. I may need to bring a blanket to the office for future picnic Scrabbling.
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Players: Jean, Christine, Kristina, me
Conversation: We covered why LOST is stupid, why LOST is awesome, WTF about Invisible Hillbilly Jacob in his Wandering Cabin, WTF about Chuck's awesomely ridiculous clothes on Gossip Girl, those dumb LotR commercials on TBS where Pippin is holding a sword and saying "They don't expect me to USE this, do they?" to wacky music, silly LotR fan videos (like this and this), and a whole bunch of other things. I ate too many M&M's and now I feel a little sick.

My words:
17 points - MUSING
14 points - MIND
39 points - THORNY/ET
37 points - QUID/AD
17 points - HA/AS
21 points - WOOL
-2 to Jean, who went out first
143 total

Jean finished with 83, Christine with 108, and Kristina with 123. I won! A triumphant return to weekly office Scrabble. We were too busy talking to pay attention to a lot of the game, though. We kept forgetting to pick letters. But we finished in record time!
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Update from today:

- The phrase "Robbins 8th and Walnut" has been stuck in my brain since my childhood. It's a diamond jewelry store that advertises on the radio all the time and has since forever. They do TV spots, too, featuring one of the jewelers/owners who wears a diamond in his beard. All this time, though, it never really occurred to me that "Robbins 8th and Walnut" denoted an actual location. Today, however, I drove down 8th Street, which has jewelry stores up one side and down the other between Chestnut and Walnut, culminating in the Robbins store on the corner of (you guessed it) 8th and Walnut. Wow, revelation.

- Today I tried on a corset. No, a serious corset. A corset made according to old Victorian patterns, and actually boned and stuff. A corset that costs several hundred dollars. I'm actually not quite sure how I feel about it. I couldn't breathe kind of at all, but I knew that. It was also hard to tell how it would really look on the top because I had to try it on over my shirt. I don't think I've had a 24 inch waist since puberty, though. The girl who laced me into it really knew what she was doing. I don't know, for some reason the whole experience kind of made me feel like crying, and I don't know why. Because here's this lovely thing and I so totally and completely should not be buying it? Maybe a little, but that wasn't entirely it. Because I couldn't breathe and was feeling lightheaded? Partly. Because a corset is a thing that both celebrates my womanly body and also shapes and restricts it to an uncomfortable ideal form? Because I was supposed to feel beautiful?

- I spent a small chunk of the afternoon playing Scrabble with the old Muslim guy who owns the Alhambra Cafe on 3rd right off of South Street. He was persuasive. We are now friends on Facebook and are playing Scrabulous there. If you want to get your ass kicked, go friend him and play a game.
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My words:

20 points - LUTE/MU/ET/LEG
15 points - AIS/SLIPS
22 points - HIRED
15 points - BOG/JO
20 points - QUINS/UP
21 points - HAND/SH
11 points - OI/IF
06 points - ASH
plus 10 points for going out first, which almost never happens to me
140 points total.

I'm pretty pleased with how I played today. I struggled through adversity (i.e., way too many vowels) and came up with a decent score. However, so did everyone else: Christine won with a 146, Kari came in second with 144, and Kristina tied with me at 140. (Jean and Liam are out volunteering this afternoon, cleaning up a playground.)
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Today I was supposed to go to Quizzo night, but I had to bail on my team. Instead I went to the dentist. Results: it's hard to tell. It's probably not a root canal type of problem, because that would involve lots of horrible shooting pain and discomfort when the tooth is just sitting there. I have more of a dull ache, with serious discomfort brought on only when my dentist seriously stabs at the tooth--which would probably happen no matter which tooth she stabbed, considering how sensitive my teeth are. She says it could be that my sinuses are inflamed and are pressing on the tooth root--she showed me the x-ray and seriously, my sinuses are right down there in my tooth roots, all mixed together, so that's a definite possibility. The z-pack I took is also clouding the issue. I am to put nice warm compresses on my face for the next few days, and rinse my mouth with warm salt water, and if it's not better by Friday morning, I am to call and let her know and then go get some pennicilin. She gave me a prescription just in case. In the meantime, the warm compresses and salt water rinses will help regardless of what it is I've got.

Because I knew I was going to the dentist, I also skipped Scrabble to take a short lunch break. Jean, Christine, and Kari played without me. I stopped in for the second half of the game while I ate my lunch, and I learned that SPATHOSE is a valid word. You learn something new every day. (Kari won.)

Now my achy tooth and I are going to Mom's house to watch American Idol.

Oh, and I got a box of checks in the mail today. They have my correct address on them! For the first time since I moved to this apartment over a year ago! (I couldn't see the sense in buying more checks when I still had a whole box of the old ones.) But now, correct address! They also have pretty unicorns on them. Fucking score. They're awesome. Now I can pay some bills. I was seriously out of checks.

Also, my mom is RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT participating in a market research study that requires her to EAT CHEESE for two hours and GET PAID $75. THAT IS MY GODDAMN DREAM JOB.

I'm unreasonably excited about the unicorns.

::edit:: OK, sorry, it was actually only 45 minutes. But still!


Mar. 11th, 2008 01:58 pm
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Two weeks of Scrabble. We're playing on Tuesdays now. I didn't post last Tuesday's scores because I started getting sick that day. (Yes, now I've been sick for a full week. Joy.)

My words:
(first turn - traded letters)
35 points - VAST/FAKES
10 points - LOWS
12 points - TAX/LA
26 points - IRONED/HI
08 points - TILING
15 points - BRAYS/BE
106 total

Christine finished with a 155; Jean with 129, and Kristina with 105.

My new word from last week was FLEAM. Isn't that an exciting word?


This week's Scrabble:

Both Kari and I have the flu. I was coughing and snuffling, and Kari's breathing was audible. We were pretty pathetic. My letters were pathetic too.

20 points - HOWL
18 points - GROPER
13 points - NINE/HI/ON
23 points - SALE/TAS/TA/DE
11 points - EEL/YE
10 points - VEE/ES/ET
14 points - FORT
06 points - URN
113 total

Liam rocked his last word or two, ending with a 135. Kari finished with a 132, and Kristina with a 123. Christine stopped by and ate with us but had to go to the post office so she didn't play, and Jean appears to be out sick today. Oh, and today's exciting new word is REALGAR. It's a kind of mineral.
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Players: me, Christine, Jean, Kari, and Kristina. Slight change of venue: today we played in the cafeteria. It wasn't bad, except that we all got a little distracted by CNN's extravagant coverage of Prince Harry in Afghanistan.

My words:
21 points - DEFENSE
26 points - AX/A(E)
12 points - POX
15 points - SET/ADES/NODE
18 points - HANG/NI/GO
15 points - HERB
05 points - (I didn't write down my last word, but it involved an R)
10 points from everybody else, because I went out first
122 points total

I'm not displeased with my score, especially because I had nothing but consonants my last few turns. Whee. Jean won the day with a 137; Kari ended with 106, Kristina with 102, and Christine with a 76.
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Been bad about posting Scrabble scores lately, mostly because I've been so busy at work I haven't been checking LJ much.

Last week's Scrabble:
I played one game with Kari and Liam, while Christine, Kristina, and Jean played on the other board.
My words:
17 points - WE/BET/IT (a full sentence!)
27 points - AXEL
18 points - JO/OX
28 points - MAZ(E)
16 points - WOO/BO
26 points - TUNDRA/A(S)
14 points - NAILED
32 points - HEATS
08 points - SO/OR
-6 points to whoever went out first, for a final score of 180. Liam beat me with a 191, and Kari came in third with 150. In the other game, Christine rocked out with a 210, beating Kristina with a 190 and Jean with a 174.

At some point in this game, my tiles formed the phrase SOLAR UH, which I thought might make an interesting band name. I also wanted to note that QUEAN is an excellent Scrabble word. It means: a harlot. So it also reminds me of Jill!

This week's Scrabble:

Just Jean and I this week. Kari and Christine couldn't make it, Liam wasn't in, and Kristina was on a business trip.
My words:
14 points - STO(R)Y
20 points - XI/SI
16 points - ARE/AN/RE/EW
09 points - SEDGE (a word I learned from a Yeats poem. Jean hadn't heard it before, but was delighted to see it in today's crossword puzzle! It means: marsh grass.)
15 points - URN/XU/SIR
38 points - AVOW/HAJI
13 points - QI
21 points - MINT
23 points - HAR/EN/NA/AR
08 points - VISE
11 points - CUE
11 points - DO/OH
13 points - GIBE/ANE
18 points - DAZE/DE/AT
08 points - GELD/EL
-3 points to Jean for going out first, and I finished with a 235. Jean beat me with a 276.

In other Scrabble news:

The sexy Scrabulous song

It'd be fun to come up with the rules for this one.
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I was not on my game today in Scrabble.

Players: me, Kristina, Jean, Kari

My words:
14 points - FROWNED (don't get excited, I just added the ED onto Kari's FROWN)
14 points - HURT
33 points - HEAT
18 points - GIVE/ET
28 points - PIKES
28 points - YE/ON/YO
19 points - PAID/MA/BI
08 points - AA/AN/AS
-2 to Jean who went out first
160 total

The last three moves, I had nothing but vowels in my hand, and I think I made the best of that pretty well. Still, Kristina scored a bingo bonus (with the word T(E)NSILE, which is a darn good word) and Kari played really well. Final scores: Kristina, 183; Jean, 91; and Kari, 207.

New words we learned today:
HIRSINE: of or pertaining to a goat (I guess this is like HIRSUTE, which means something along the lines of as hairy as a goat?)
ANIL: some sort of shrub

Click here to see the cutest little Scrabble word ever! )

Another good J-word is JINN. This is an exceptionally good word because there are so many different ways to spell and pluralize it, and they all mean the same thing: a supernatural being from Muslim mythology. Here are all the different varieties: JIN(S), JINN(S), JINNEE, JINNI, DJIN(S), DJINN(S), DJINNI(S), DJINNY. Isn't that great?

In other Scrabble news, Hasbro is trying to shut down Scrabulous, which is an online version of Scrabble you can play on Facebook and I think this sucks, because, as the creators of Scrabulous said, there's no other good online Scrabble game. That's why they made it. I understand that Hasbro needs to enforce their copyright, but there are also 600,000 people who are enjoying playing Scrabble online, and Hasbro hasn't said anything about offering a licensed online version of Scrabble. They're not going to offer it, but they won't let anyone else offer it either. I hope they can come to an amicable solution that keeps Scrabulous going.
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Today in Scrabble news, we moved our game down to the 18th floor, because the conference room on the 19th floor that we like to play in has been reserved at noon on Thursdays from now until March for some other person's meeting. We are now using the room directly below our usurped room. And Liam has reserved it on the calendar for every Thursday until March. :)

It was a two-game day: Kristina, Jean, and Kari in one game, and Christine, Liam, and I in another game.

My words:
28 points - QUA/AM
10 points - ED(I)TS
20 points - TRAVEL/ET
33 points - FANNY
15 points - ARDOR
17 points - RING/GHOSTS
28 points - SUES/HELPERS
13 points - WAIVE
06 points - HE
-2 to Liam, who went out first
168, final score

Liam ended with a 159, and Christine with a 202. She played some excellent words. The crown goes to Kristina for the week, though, because she rocked in her game. She landed a bingo bonus word, and several nice high-scoring words involving the X and Q. Kristina's final score: 230. I gave her the crown, and she refused to put it on for a picture. Darn.
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I've been so swamped at work lately, I haven't had time to post Thursday's Scrabble scores (although I had time to actually play Scrabble, of course). Thursday's game: Liam, Kristina, Christine, Kari, and me.

My words:
20 points - JAR
20 points - TUX (I pulled the J and X both in my first pick--I don't think there are any words with both an X and a J, do you?)
22 points - DEWY
17 points - RAJA/ADO/AL
17 points - HIVE/ID
13 points - BO/GO
21 points - GIBE
-1 to Liam, who went out first
129, final score

I was pretty pleased with my performance this game. Other than that one 13-point word, my words were pretty steady. Nothing else fascinating to report about this game. Christine keeps asking questions about where I blog my scores, so I may send her the link (hi Christine!).

Final scores: Liam 117, Kristina 107 (she was continually surprised at how well she was scoring), Christine 75, Kari 128. Kari was totally leading the whole game--she got some much more spectacular words than I did--and I only beat her by one point. Liam went out before she could take another turn, or else she would have won for sure. But no, this week the Scrabble crown is back at my desk. Yeah.


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