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I feel compelled to document this year's Trash to Treasure sale, just because we got a crapload of stuff.

Every year, the college where F works sponsors the Trash to Treasure Yard Sale in June. As the college students move out at the end of the year, they take all the junk that they would have just thrown away or left by the side of the road, and instead they drop it off at the field house/athletic center. All kinds of stuff, everything from mini-fridges and rugs to clothes to bookshelves to half-empty bottles of laundry detergent. Volunteers sort through all the stuff, arrange it, and price it, and then there's a huge yard sale to benefit United Way. This is seriously a fantastic event. It runs Friday-Sunday, but on Friday morning 8-10AM, there is a special sale preview for College employees. We were ready and waiting at 7:30, with big plastic IKEA bags to carry our loot and a list of the items we were looking for. With buying a house, we knew there'd be some specific things we'd need, and we wanted to get it all as cheaply as possible. Shortly before 8:00, volunteers come down the line with photocopied maps of the yard sale layout (clothes on the left, mirrors on the right, etc) so you could plan your attack. On the back of the map was the price list.

So the doors open at 8, and we flash our College IDs and run inside. First stop is cleaning products, where we fought a bunch of middle-aged women to the booty and picked up I think three mostly-full laundry detergents, a few green cleaning sprays, and three or four mostly-full bottles of shampoo and conditioner (all these bottles added up to $4 total). Then we dashed for furniture, where we snagged one square end table, a small folding table that could easily be an outdoor table or plantstand, and two-drawer file cabinet. Since it's kind of impossible to do any more shopping while lugging a file cabinet, we went up and paid for the furniture ($25 for the two tables and file cabinet) and set them to the side with a sign that said SOLD on them. We then found a round end table, a nice table lamp, and a couple of books, then split up to hit clothes. The pants selection was truly mediocre, but I had fantastic luck with dresses: I got four really cute summer dresses ($6 each), plus a cute top ($3). F found a table fan, a couple of energy-efficient light bulbs, some shorts, an exercise shirt, a pullover windbreaker, and a wintry hat, plus a set of silverware, a grill brush, and some towels.

Now I need to mention that F is actually injured right now. Without going into details, he took a tumble two weeks ago and banged up his knee pretty badly, and it turns out fractured his shoulder. So he's not supposed to be carrying anything heavy with his left arm. He's lugging around the round end table, which is very lightweight, and an IKEA bag full of stuff over his right shoulder. I've got the bag full of cleaning products, which is actually quite heavy, and the lamp, plus dresses piled all over me. We get in line to check out, and the line is very long now--stretching from the end of the field house all the way back through lamps--so we know we've got a wait ahead of us. I shove the dresses in my bag with all the heavy bottles and leave it with F; as the line moves forward he moves each object up one at a time with his good arm. I run up to go move our previously purchased furniture out to the car. I get the two tables first, at which point I realized that we're parked on the opposite end of the field house from the exit, so it's a bit of a walk. Tables loaded in the car, I head back inside, flash my ID again, walk all the way to the exit, pick up the file cabinet, and head back out. The file cabinet isn't super heavy, but it is awkward. With the help of a fence, I hoist the file cabinet up on my shoulder and hoof it back to the car. I am Super Power Woman. I am drenched in sweat. I am of course wearing my work clothes.

Then I head back inside and find F much closer to the end of the line. The line leads first to the pricing table, so the volunteers can add up everything you've got, and then to the payment table. Everything we have with us (table, lamp, fan, dresses, bottles, everything) adds up $70. Plus the $25 we spent on furniture already, we have spent under $100 total and gotten a crapload of stuff! We are totally pumped. That was at 9:35. By 9:51, we've gone home, unloaded most of the stuff, gave me a quick spongebath to deal with all the sweat, changed clothes, fixed hair, and I'm on the train. Score! Awesome morning! I'm wearing one of the new dresses now and have already received a compliment on it (as in, "You have to tell me right now where you got that dress!").

I also got some good news this morning, unrelated to shopping or houses or yoga or anything else going on lately, but I'm not at liberty to share it. I'm really excited about it and can't wait till I can tell you.

Tonight: new tires! Tomorrow: baseball!
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Lands' End bright yellow rain slicker: purchased!
Lands' End yellow wellie rain boots: purchased!

My only worry is that the boots and the jacket aren't quite the same shade of yellow. Which, I mean, why do they do that? Kind of idiotic. But that's what it looks like: the jacket is clearly "aztec gold", while the boots are "goldenrod". It should be close enough, though. And the jacket is totally perfect, absolutely what I wanted, and the boots should be of better quality than my current pair. And F found a free shipping coupon code online! I'm psyched. Now I just need the umbrella. I found a nice rainbow Totes umbrella at JC Penney that was golf-sized, so really nice and big, for $25, but I think I'll shop around a bit.
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I went to the mall with my mom today in search of new spring clothes. The trip was a great success!

Boscov's: one green short-sleeved collared shirt, good for work, on sale for $6.99
H&M: one long-sleeved brown v-neck shirt, which I've been needing for a while; one really cute black top with black and white flowers, three cute pairs of panties
NY&Co: The real triumph! Usually shopping at NY&Co is a stressful disaster. There's always a coupon, and a lot of math involved in figuring out what exactly I must buy in order to use the coupon, but I never realize when I walk in that the coupon can't be used on clearance/sale/purple/whatever items, and then I wait in line 467453476 minutes only to be told my coupon won't work and I refuse to pay full price and I walk out of the store screamingly annoyed. But today! I made all my calculations correctly! My mom found a cute orangey top she wanted, and I found: one cute dress that will be great for work and will look good with my brown boots, one amazingly awesome dress that makes me love my body again that I can wear to one or more weddings this summer, and a pair of perfect, perfect yoga pants that are stretchy and fit well and are long enough for me, even perhaps TOO long, which is a goddamn miracle. We saved $30 with our effective coupon use, for a total of $95 for all that stuff.

When I got home I was all blissed out on the shopping. I really needed new stuff.
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I now own a pedometer. I got it at Walmart on Tuesday for $14.88. It's supposed to track all kinds of things.

I will happily accept input or suggestions on any of the following points:

I need to get some free weights. I'm thinking 8-lb or 10-lb ones. At Walmart the 10s are $9.77 each, and I would want two. The prices on free weights are not clearly marked at Dick's Sporting Goods, where I happen to have a $25 gift certificate.

Unrelated to my fitness, but related to fitness equipment shopping, I want to buy a baseball bat. To keep under my bed, for easy access in case someone breaks into my apartment. I want to be able to beat the shit out of any potential rapist. Walmart doesn't carry baseball bats right now (seasonal), and at Dick's the cheapest one was around $20.

I am also considering buying a new iPod. I currently have a 60 GB, and I love it--it holds everything, and it's good for work and for long walks and in the car for long drives. But I keep having to make different "random" playlists for working out. Also I remember reading that you're not supposed to run (or trot) with a 60 GB iPod, because the bouncing and jarring could dislodge some of the gears and break it. Plus it's large and it bounces a lot, annoyingly, when I try to clip it to my clothes. So for these reasons I was thinking about getting a teeny iPod Shuffle. I wouldn't need that many songs if it's just for running, and it would always be random, and it's made for running, and it's so little it wouldn't bounce around when I clip it to me. Walmart has them for $48.88 or so, which isn't bad.

I am not sure how I feel about running/trotting. My ankle has been kind of hurting since Monday's trot. I'm not sure what the deal is with that. Perhaps I need more runningish shoes.
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I spent Friday night and all day yesterday with my parents. It was really fun. Friday night we went to Chili's for dinner, then shopping at the mall. Our local Boscov's is closing, but the sales were really lame. Apparently some other company is running the closeout sales, because everything was way more expensive than it is at Boscov's on a regular day. I stayed over at my parents' house on Friday night just to make my mom happy.

Saturday morning, slept in, then she and I went to the Philadelphia Outlets, which are actually very close to Limerick, but I guess "Limerick Outlets" or "Outlets in the Shadow of the Nuclear Power Plant" weren't catchy enough names. We did some awesome shopping. I got jeans for $28 at the Gap outlet--and they're skinny jeans, not flare, which is different for me, but I think they'll be good. Got two pairs of shoes, too--a pair of really cute ballet flats (which looked excellent with the skinny jeans), and also a pair of Naturalizer black sandals that I fell in love with back in May when Lauren bought them. Now I have my own, for only $27. Score. Mom was most excited about the sales at the Yankee Candle outlet. Overall, an excellent shopping trip.

Last night, I continued to hang at Mom & Dad's, and then the Chancellors came over and I joined in two games of progressive rummy. That was really fun. I also stuffed myself on cheese and crackers and cake. I headed home after the second game, got in a little before 10:30, and was all inspired to put things away and go through things. Lisa had told me about an upscale secondhand store that might buy some of my old stuff, so I sorted through the bag of clothes I already had set aside to figure out what might be good enough to sell. Then I went through the ridiculously large pile of purses in the bottom of the closet and got rid of a bunch of things I've had since early high school. Then I had to rearrange my shoes, because two new pairs threw everything off. I pulled out several pairs to sell and a few pairs to get rid of. My shoe area is much more organized now. And then all the cheese and crackers and activity got to me and I started feeling sick to my stomach, so I went to bed around midnight.
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Tonight I fully intended to vaccuum and clean the bathroom. I did not do those things. However, I did wash dishes, put sheets on the bed, put away a load of laundry, changed the kitchen towels, tidied up the bedroom, and some other miscellaneous little things. I bought new speakers for my computer--haven't hooked them up yet, but I own them! I finally got around to putting batteries in my shower clocks--yes, clocks, plural. I received two for Christmas and have decided to keep both of them, one to put in the shower and one next to the sink. Now both clocks have batteries and have been set to the right time and the right radio station. Hopefully this will improve my morning routine. Tonight I also worked on some poems and sent out a submission, which I was not at all expecting to do. Interesting.

Earlier today I ate a sandwich made from part of the world's largest sausage patty. Before they cut it up, it was six feet across, over 300 pounds, and tasty. I also went to the mall with my mom and got four cute new tops, sneakers, and sunglasses for super cheap. Boscov's is having a rockin' sale.

I just went to BMG's website to say I don't want this month's featured selection, and I discovered that my account has a balance of $23. I had thought I'd canceled last month's featured selection, but apparently not. They shipped me a KT Tunstall cd on 1/25. I have not received it, and it's 2/9. I'm a little concerned--it's been 10 business days and it's not here. In December I never received a package of birth control pills my pharmacy had mailed me; I thought that was a fluke thing, but now I'm kind of worried. If this stupid cd I didn't even order doesn't show up, that makes a trend. Also, if it doesn't show up then I can't send it back and will then have to pay for a cd I don't want and don't even have. Another concern: I ordered an external hard drive on amazon that should be showing up any day now. I don't want to have to worry about that not showing up. I just tracked the shipment, and it hasn't been delivered yet, so that's good. Unfortunately, BMG doesn't give me a package tracking option to see where that cd is. Argh.

Valentine plans: I have now acquired wine, truffles, and a new bathrobe, which happens to be, appropriately, pink. I plan to use the other half of the Flosty Gritter LUSH bubble bath (left over from the holidays). I will order my favorite pizza while heading home on the train so that it will be ready for pickup as soon as I get home. Valentine's Day is going to be awesome.

I think it's time for bed.
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This was a very successful weekend for me!

Friday night: I went to the gym! It was raining and miserable outside, and I had to psych myself up the whole train ride home, but I went anyway! Did a pretty decent workout--I always make it 35 minutes on the elliptical now, and I've noticed already that I don't get so out of breath when I have to run for the train. After the workout, I did some pretty good yoga on my own. I've been pretty good about doing some basic stretches and my strength-building exercises every time I work out even when I don't do a full yoga routine, so that's something. I was proud just to have made it to the gym on a nasty rainy Friday.

Saturday: I got up at a decent hour, and in spite of the horrific downpour--buckets and sheets of rain, a really bad storm that swamped out a lot of roads--I made it to, yes, the mall. (It wasn't raining that badly when I left the house!) I left my house at about 11:20, got to the mall around 11:55, and it was starting to let up a bit. At the mall, I exchanged a purse that would have been awesome if it wasn't defective for an almost identical purse without the defect that is in fact awesome. I also used coupons to get free Bath & Body Works lotion and a new pair of Vicki panties. I left the mall at probably 12:40, and by the time I got home the sun was out and it was warm and nice! I took a walk up to the farmers market and got a spinach and crab "topless tamale" for lunch (she makes them in muffin pans!), and then a chocolate chambord gelato that was amazing.

Then, I caught the 2:15 train downtown to meet my friends Jean and Kristina. We went to the Rosenbach Museum, near Rittenhouse Square, and saw Bram Stoker's notes for Dracula. We also saw some really nice collections, but unfortunately our poor tour guide had a very soft voice and seemed kind of worn out from the previous tour. But--Marianne Moore's living room! With *her books* in it! And Maurice Sendak's original sketches! After the museum, we hung out in Rittenhouse Square a while, looking at people walking their cute city dogs, then caught the Dracula parade. Some really neat spooky puppets and lots of cute kids in costumes. We had dinner at the Marathon Grill (note to self: no matter how good the dark chocolate chip cookie dough pancakes sound, they are too rich and you want to get the hot dog instead). I gave my take-home bag to a homeless man who asked for it and seemed pleased to hear it had chocolate pancakes in it. Home by 9ish, don't remember what the hell I did last night, in bed by 1.

Sunday: Up by 8:30, went to the gym! Go me! Came home, showered, caught the 12:15 train downtown to meet Mom for the ballet. In keeping with the theme of the weekend, the ballet was "Dracula". A full report tomorrow. It was excellent. Then home, where I changed my sheets, did two loads of laundry, played some nintendo, and caught up on Top Model.

Overall, I am very pleased with my weekend! A bit more housecleaning would have been nice, but I thought ahead and took Thursday off from work to get that done. I am happy that I was motivated to do stuff! And I have to go back to work tomorrow, but it's a short week!
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Random discoveries of today:

- At some point this summer, the maintenance man came into my apartment and replaced my thermostat. I noticed this in the middle of my yoga routine. How odd! The new one is really nice.
- On my walk this afternoon, I saw two little boys walking with their dad. The boys were skipping along and singing a happy little song that went "We're going to the bank!! We're going to the bank!!" The dad was looking vaguely embarrassed. He shouldn't have been, it was totally cute. I'm never that excited when *I* go to the bank. I hope Dad had a big ol' deposit to make!
- Three words: Green Apple Gelato. OMFG.
- If my mom ever comes up missing, tell the police to check the basement freezer.
- Coupons really do make a difference in grocery shopping expenses. And cereal really is cheaper at Walmart. And my mom really will insist on buying my cereal for me. I think she feels better knowing I have food in my apartment. I also now have chicken patties, baking soda, and dish detergent courtesy of my mom.
- There's a claw game machine at the Walmart near my parents' house--you know, where you try to grab a stuffed animal. The last time I was there, there were stuffed Presidents in the machine--I tried to grab Andrew Jackson. (If it had been Grover Cleveland, I would have gone back in for more quarters.) Anyway, tonight there weren't any Presidents in the machine, but there were incredibly adorable Gremlins plushies. Unfortunately, the machine was out of order.
- Yoga/workout pants that fit me! From Walmart! For $10!
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Okay, so today was pretty cool. First of all, Xina and Emily tipped me off to the fact that Ann Taylor Loft now offers a curvy style of pants. And that's usually a pretty pricey store, but apparently said pants have been on sale lately. So I looked on the website and discovered there's a store in the mall two blocks from my office, so I went after work, and OMG pants that fit!! I bought two pair: nice khakis (it's been FOREVER since I've had nice khakis) and khaki cargo capris that also unbutton to be normal long pants too. (Is there a shorter name for that?) I'm freakin' psyched. My ass hasn't seen the inside of size 8 pants in a really long time, because typically size 8 pants are too tight to fit over my thighs. But these pants at Ann Taylor, they understand about curvy girls. And there's no gappage in the back of the waistband. I am so pleased right now. And then I called Xina from the train and we talked about pants for a good 20 minutes. People around me on the train kept getting up and moving to other seats. :)

Also, one of the ladies from Stray Cat Blues called me to see how Stormy's doing. I told her that he's still mostly hiding under the bed, and she said she wasn't surprised to hear that--apparently his foster mom had said that he'd likely be a hider. But she was glad to hear that he's been out and about at night and while I'm at work, and that we've made some progress in becoming friends. She seemed really optimistic about the possibility of him coming out more and being affectionate, and she said there's nothing else I can really do that I'm not already doing. So overall I felt a lot better about things.

Speaking of which, here's the latest cat progress. He likes turkey. If I lay very still with my arm outstretched under the bed for like ten minutes, he'll eat turkey from my hand. Also, he'll come out from under the bed a tiny bit earlier now--before he would only come out after my lights were out, but now if I get in bed and stay up reading or talking on the phone, he'll come out then, and he'll look at me instead of bolting off down the hall. And two mornings ago, he jumped up on the bed, after the alarm had been going off so he knew I was awake, and in broad daylight. He sat by my feet. I raised my head and said hello, and he looked at me. Then he started walking over to the window, but when I turned my head to watch him he got scared and ran away. Overall, there's definitely been some progress. Not as much as I would like, but I think we're getting somewhere.


Apr. 11th, 2007 09:39 am
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Last night I stopped at Walmart on the way to my mom's house for American Idol--wait a sec. Hang on. I can't believe I just typed that sentence, and it's true. Dear God. ANYWAY--because I needed cat food and stuff. I decided to look at curtains while I was there, because I still need curtains for the living room. And I found some perfect ones! They're the right colors, and they're stripey and not too thick so light will still get in, and they tie up, so the fact that they're too long for the window won't be a problem. And of course, Walmart only had one. I need two. I wrote down the style so I could look them up on the website later, which I did (um, obviously, I just linked to it), and I ordered two of them. And the Walmart website offers this neat thing where they'll ship to a local store for free and you can pick up your order there. I thought, hey neat! and punched in my zip code. Well, apparently no stores in my area--not the two that are closest to me, not the ones a little farther away, and none of the ones WITHIN A 100 MILE RADIUS--participate in this ship-to-store thing! What the hell, Walmart? Why do you even include it as an option on your website if none of the stores on the freakin' eastern seaboard participate?

So I had to pay $8.94 for shipping. That was the cheapest option. The curtains themselves were only $10.88 each, which is a pretty good price, so I don't mind too too much since I would probably be paying a lot more for them if I'd gotten them at Boscov's or something. I figure I'm about breaking even in cost (between getting them from Walmart plus shipping versus getting other curtains at another store in person--plus I haven't been able to find any I liked at any other stores). But dang! If the stupid Walmart near my mom's house had just had two of the curtains, that would have saved me nine bucks. Argh. I am using my Bob the Builder icon for this post because it's pretty darn descriptive of Walmart.

But I did find a really awesome table runner to put on my short bookshelves, the ones that sit back-to-back next to my couch. Now, from the top, they look more like an end table because the runner covers the edge where the two bookshelves meet. If that makes sense. Um, wait, here, I'll show you: picture of living room )
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Wow, what a wealth of excellent litter box information from the last post! Thanks, everybody!

Cat is still under my bed, but apparently emerged during the day. Food was eaten, water was drunk, litter box was used, catnip mouse was moved. All good signs. Tomorrow, I'm going to move the food to the hallway while I'm at work; the next day, food will move further down the hall and litter will move into the hall. Gradually, things will end up where I want them to be and the cat will theoretically be using the entire apartment. And my floors will probably need a severe cleaning by then with the litter all over the place. Though I do have a rug under the box.

::edit:: Holy crap, the cat just came out from under the bed to eat some dinner! In broad lamp light, with me sitting right here! After he had a bite to eat, we regarded each other for a moment. I said hello. He went back under the bed again, but didn't seem in a big rush about it. Now he's out again. I think it helps to have my back turned. ::/edit::

Friday night, I started up with some yoga again. Seated postures, mostly, from Gene's numbered series of leg things. Very stiff, but not unworkable. After the seated work, I was warm and did my strength-building stuff: squats, pushups, camels, hero backbend, navasana, tabletop, bridge. I kept it mellow and didn't do as many of each thing as I had been doing before, but still challenged myself a bit. Yesterday I was a bit sore, but not too much. Today I did a standing routine--short, because my dad called and I needed to get out the door, but still. The standing work felt so good. Stuff was cracking and popping all over the place, too. I need to stick with this--I feel so much better, and get the hiccups less often, when I'm doing yoga regularly.

Plan for my evenings this week:
Monday: It's supposed to be really nice out, so I'm planning to take a nice walk around my neighborhood. Hopefully I will go join the library and stop by the spa where they supposedly offer hot room yoga. Also need to remember to catch up with Lost.
Tuesday: American Idol night. I might try to go to Walmart for some stuff on the way over, but I also might not. I'm not in a huge rush with the litter thing; the box and current system are functional.
Wednesday: Volunteering at the Historical Society of Philadelphia. It's a big library! Whee! No idea what I'll do for dinner that night.
Thursday: It is not supposed to be nice out, so I would like to try to go to a yoga class--either a hot room class at the spa, if that pans out, or drive out to the Twisters studio in Erdenheim (like 2 miles away). This place looks really good, honestly--they look really serious about their yoga, they offer a variety of classes, they have different levels of vinyasa flow (which is the kind I'm interested in / have experience with). Based on the website, it looks like a good place to deepen my practice, and that's really what I'm looking for (as opposed to just a general class at the YMCA or a gym somewhere). So I may try that. I would like it to be closer, but oh well.

Today I went with my mom to Famous Footwear, where we found nothing at all that fit, and to Ross Dress for Less, where holy crap I found so much good stuff. It was like they were having the Sarah Farbo's Closet Sale. I got four supercute tops and a cute dress, total: $48. Not bad at all! Farbs, if you have a Ross near you, you should totally check out their spring stuff. It was really kind of weird, because I haven't even been to a Ross in years because it had been years before that since I'd found anything good there. But suddenly, awesome clothes. And, further reinforcement of the fact that my summer wardrobe is totally awesome and cute and my winter wardrobe makes me look like a snowman. Summer clothes are just awesomer.
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Today was a totally lazy and pleasant hangover day. I slept in, got up around 11:00 to say goodbye to Bethanie as she got on the road to drive home. I watched last week's LOST on (OMG!) and relaxed, ate some toast, eventually took a shower. Went to the mall because I had a coupon for $30 off a $75 purchase at NY&Co, but their spring line doesn't fit me. Worse than the usual deal: sizes 8 AND 10 fit through the thighs, had not nearly enough room in the butt, and were huge in the tummy and waist. Really annoying. It's a good thing I'm used to this problem and I'm over feeling misshapen. Walked around the rest of the mall but didn't really feel much like trying on anything else. Came home, made mac & cheese, watched an episode of 30 Days, chatted with my parents. I really don't feel like getting anything useful done tonight. I could be reading, or writing, or typing up and revising stuff I've written lately, or doing dishes, or finishing unpacking from my trip last week. Unfortunately I don't feel like doing any of that. But I think it's okay once in a while to have a completely lazy day where nothing useful gets done. And it's been a really long time since I've done that, so lazying around and getting to bed early is the plan for tonight.
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Last night after work, the roads were clear of snow, so I decided to go to Walmart. I discovered that the Walmart near my house is not nearly as good as the Walmart near my parents' house. It was... perplexing. I had a long list of stuff to get (in general, not just at Walmart), and it was odd which things they had and which they didn't. Like, I couldn't find a dushpan and brush. I found a *mini* dustpan and brush set, which was so small it would be no good at all if someone, say, broke a glass, and a large set with a long handle like I used to have to use when I worked at Boston Market, but no just regular-size dustpan and brush! They didn't have the bookshelves that my parents recently purchased at their Walmart--they had no cheap bookshelves at all. They had garlic salt but not oregano. I was slightly confused the entire time I was there, and I got very few of the items on my list. Of everything I did buy, nothing was particularly needful and all of it could have been purchased some other time. It wasn't a useless trip, but it wasn't particularly productive either.

After Walmart, I came home, made myself an omelette, hung pictures in the kitchen, watched Heroes, and ironed. Yes, ironed. The red curtains (that previously hung in the doorway between the living room and the office in my last apartment with Jorn) were all wrinkled, especially around the bottoms where they dragged on the floor, and I want to hang them on my bed, so I ironed them. Now I need to ask Mrs. Chancellor if she can hem them for me. They need to be a good 8-10 inches shorter if they're not going to drag on the floor. I don't really want them to drag on the floor. I also ironed the peacock tapestry, since it's been folded up in boxes for at least two, probably closer to three years. I measured the tapestry and measured the wall behind my desk, and it looks like if I hang it flush to the ceiling it'll fit perfectly. But that's a project for more than one person, definitely. One more item on the list of things I'd like my dad's help with hanging (the others are my Indiana Jones and Maxfield Parrish pictures for the living room, now that they're framed, because they're big, and also my Storypeople, because there's going to be three of those sharing a wall and my dad is good at measuring so things look good next to each other).

If you're bored with hearing about what I'm doing to my apartment all the time... well, tough. Working on the apartment has been making me happy and productive, and I like writing about things that make me happy and productive. Neither of those have been common occurrences in a long time, and I'm enjoying working hard and seeing results and enjoying myself for a change. I've been far too used to slinking around listlessly and whining. When it's all done I'll take pictures and post a tour of the place, and then everybody can see what I've been going on about. I'm just hoping I can ride the happy-productive wave through finishing the apartment and into getting back into yoga and starting to write again. I'm thinking that my trip to AWP might be happening at exactly the right time for maximizing my excitement about writing, since the apartment really is almost done and I need a peaceful, neat, comfortable home if I'm going to write.
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Today I:

- slept in.
- did my yoga.
- purchased curtains and curtain rods for the kitchen and bedroom and hung them.
- purchased a lamp shade and put it on the lamp.
- purchased everything I need for my cat except for dry food (asked Mom: he eats Meow Mix seafood mittles), a food dish (everything tastes better out of a purple bowl, so I must find a purple one), and some sort of mat for the bathroom floor to put the litter box on. Oh, and a scratching apparatus. But I got the catnip mice.
- put vases away under the sink, washed fancy serving bowls and put them away, unpacked my paltry supply of liquor (two bottles of passoa, one of chai liqueur, and half a bottle of malibu), began hanging photographs in the kitchen.
- unpacked... a lot of boxes. Stacked the remaining kitchen boxes against one wall, pulled out the table, put up the leaves and placed chairs around it. The kitchen looks like a kitchen now instead of a storage repository.
- stripped sheets off my bed, put on the new mattress pad and clean sheets, washed the previous sheets.
- compiled another bag of clothes for Goodwill, as well as a box of unused knicknacks and electronics and windchimes, and put the box in the basement, along with some more empties.
- cleaned out the hall closet, stacking board games in the living room in preparation for the new something I'm planning to get to put them on. Refilled hall closet with blankets, towels, kitchen towels, craft supplies.
- found my peacock tapestry!
- cleaned out my jewelry box!
- discovered that there are more stuffed animals in my apartment than there are at Toys R' Us. For serious. I opened that box and immediately closed it again. Not ready to deal with the furry friends yet.

I can't remember what else I did. The best thing I did, though, was discovering that the drain stopper thing I purchased so I can run a bath in the tub actually works. Best $1.99 I have ever spent. There's just something about a nice hot bath that makes my eyes roll back in my head. I could get addicted to this.

I still need a bunch of things for the apartment, but other than living room curtains, some sort of table/shelves for the living room, a cd rack, and the aforementioned cat products, the things I still need are in the realm of gifts. I'm going to ask my parents for a nice microwave cart or bakers rack for my birthday; I don't own any wine glasses or much wine or liquor; I'd really like some new bubble bath and a short sexy bathrobe. (Well, that last one's not really crucial for the apartment.) The whole place is in such good shape! It's almost ready for Mr. Sam to move and be comfortable here. I hope he likes it here. He's the last really important thing I need. I'm going to bring him home with me next Tuesday.

Tomorrow: hanging the rest of the photos in the kitchen; ironing bed curtains and tapestry; cleaning the kitchen and hopefully mopping the floor, or maybe going to Walmart for some of the last few things I need if it's not snowing.
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It's generally a bad sign when the author is far more enamored of her heroine than I am. Sara, intrepid book restorer, has a fascination with reclaiming the lost past of Latin America; she is assigned to restore a 16th-century book that's supposedly a novel about an Aztec princess who smuggles herself to Europe as a juggler for the Pope in a mission to assassinate the emperor, but Sara finds herself being drawn into the book and wanting to prove the story is true. I found myself a lot more interested by Helen the Aztec juggler princess than by Sara, and I think the book would have been much stronger if it had been primarily about Helen with Sara's story just the framework. As it is, the book's about Sara, and Helen's story is the catalyst that forces her to change, and I just think it's weak. Sara's a Mary Sue of a character, and she's annoying even if she does restore old books for a living. But hey, the sub-story involved Helen the Aztec princess getting deflowered by a hot Vatican nun, so I'm down. But I've just read a bunch of stupid novels in a row, and now I need to read something with a little more brain.

In other news, I just spent $50 in amazon gift certificates as a housewarming present to myself. I got Harry Potter book 5 (the only one I'm missing), a new Mrs. Pollifax, the official Scrabble dictionary, and Wonderfalls on DVD. I'm pleased.
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Hi. I'm in Denver. Our flight got delayed by two hours on Friday, but at least it didn't get canceled, like all the flights going to Atlanta. I hope that's not indicative of what will happen on my trip to Atlanta in March. Anyway, we got here just fine, even with our rescheduled flights, and we went out for dinner to the Bull & Bush Friday night and got the best Asiago cheese dip EVER. I seriously could not stop eating that stuff. Holy crap so delicious.

Saturday we slept in while Amy and Josh went to their childbirth class, and then we went out to the store to get food and stuff for the dinner and movie night. Josh made his homemade pasta sauce, and Amy made a really good version of Bongo Bongo dip. Sarah made me several chocolate martinis. Mmmm. Charlie and Liz and Dan and Dustin came over--Amy and Josh's friends--and so did Tammy and Uri. It was so good to see them! And it was the first time I met Uri, which was very cool. The food was excellent, and we rented Beerfest, which was really entertaining. Everybody seemed to really like it.

Amy's pretty fat. Sarah and I keep touching her belly to feel the baby move. They think it's a boy. He's been moving around kind of a lot, which is cool. I haven't had much of a chance to feel that before, since I haven't known that many pregnant women that I knew well enough to feel up like that.

Today we went shopping. Sarah and I got long-sleeved V-neck shirts two for $30 at the Gap. Mine is green (of course). I got a new bra at Victoria's, but nothing to get excited about--it's just the same bra I always get, in beige because my current beige one is giving out. Everything at Victoria's is so depressingly expensive. We also went to DSW and each got a pair of shoes. I probably shouldn'tve bought any shoes, but I found Kangaroos for $40 that were actually really comfy and really cute. I've been wanting Roos for so long, and these were cute and affordable so I splurged. I'm excited, I needed new cute sneakers to replace my green ones anyway. And these have zipper pockets!

Tomorrow: possibly going downtown in the afternoon, and then meeting Tammy and Uri and Chrysta and Corey for dinner at 6:30. We need to decide where and make a reservation, since there's eight of us. And then hopefully we will be able to get to bed reasonably early, because we're going to have to get up at 4AM or something Tuesday morning to make our 7:10AM flight home. My mom says they're calling for rain and snow in Philly on Tuesday--oh the excitement. I was planning on going in to work Tuesday afternoon after we get back, but if our flight's delayed I'm not going to bother, since I'll be tired anyway and I'll need to get groceries. I wanted to get in a half day so I wouldn't have to use a whole vacation day, but if the flight ends up being delayed, oh well. We'll see.
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I had a great time with Chelsea last night and today. She drove up to my new apartment and didn't even get all lost!! We went to the Yo La Tengo show--I drove us downtown, and I didn't even get all lost!! The Troc is a very cool venue to see bands, and a major plus of seeing shows there is that they offer $5 discount validated parking with the convention center garage across the street. There is nowhere in Philly where one could park for $5. This is a spectacular deal. I am considering going to see bands there that I've never even heard of just so I can park there for cheap. And after the show, I drove us home from downtown and I didn't even get all lost!! I discovered that 16th Street takes one back to 676 West, which is Vital Information To Know. And today Chelsea drove home by herself, and even better than not even getting all lost, she drove all the way home without having to call anyone to check on directions!! I am so proud of her. Next time she comes, we'll do more fun city adventurous stuff and actually go exploring and to a museum. I want to take her to South Street, she'll totally love it.

Today my parents came over. My dad built a floor for my storage closet. (It's in the basement, which gets wet when it rains, and if I want to actually keep anything down there I need to be able to put it up above the wet.) He actually built a functional floor. I can walk on it, it's that sturdy. Probably six inches or so off the actual floor, so it's well above where the water would go unless there's a dire and horrible flood. Right now my storage area contains perfectly good cardboard boxes that I'm saving for someone's next move, because I can't bear to throw things away, and holiday decorations. There's tons more room in there. It's awesome. Dad also hung a bunch of pictures for me (in the apartment, not in the storage closet). My bedroom now has lots of pretty things hanging in it. I need to get Indy framed again, and a couple of other things, but now I know where everything is getting hung up. Only problem is that I don't have anywhere to hang my Zelda picture. But there's still some sort of undecided things, so we'll see, a spot might open up. The apartment is looking really awesome. And laundry got done this weekend, and things are good. I'm glad I'm feeling better.

Now I need to go to Target to exchange my DVD player. I bought the thing, and opened it up only to find it didn't have the cable that connects it to the TV, you know, the one with red yellow and white connectors. Why didn't it have this cable? Probably because the thing had been purchased and returned previously. How can I tell? The pencil drawings of Superman all over the wrapping material were a big clue. I don't think Samsung is including kindergarten Superman sketches in their packaging these days. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm taking it back anyway and demanding a DVD player that is actually new. I'm also going to Walmart for frames for the things I need to frame--I just need cheap poster frames, really, and that's the place to get 'em.
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Got some packing done this morning. Mrs. Chancellor is going to give me an old dresser of hers and Mom and I are going to paint it a burgundy to (hopefully) go with my rug, and we'll put funky new knobs on it so it'll have a whole new look.

Went to the Outlet Marketplace this afternoon. They're apparently phasing out their book section--hardbacks were $2, and paperbacks $1. I spent $23: six hardbacks and eleven paperbacks. Two of the hardbacks are books that I read and loved and wanted my own copy of, and two of the paperbacks are gifts: one on wedding planning for Rose, and one on sex and the Church for Lauren. :) All the rest are just for me. Notably, I picked up Heart, You Bully, You Punk in hardback, which I found really exciting--I've been wanting to check it out since Jack posted about it--and a Jasper Fforde book (the third Thursday Next, but do they need to be read in order?). I am a happy camper. I also got a cute off-white summer top for $3 and a pair of really godawful bright green sandal heels for $2.80. I figure if I wear them once I'll get my money's worth. So it was a profitable and fun trip to the Outlet Marketplace.

Tonight we might go pick up my new dresser. I haven't seen it yet, but hey, it's free. And the Chancellors volunteered to help move stuff on Saturday, and Bessie offered to go pick up my keys for me so my parents and I can get into the apartment on Friday night with rugs and stuff. She lives really close to my new apartment. And she loves Mr. Sam. I have a feeling she might be a frequent visitor, but Bessie is awesome so that's okay. I'm hoping I can get a nightstand that looks at least a little bit like the new dresser, and that I can get it soon so we can paint and re-knob both at the same time. I may stop at a thrift store or two on my way home tomorrow.

Still need a new desk. I'm really partial to this one at Ikea. It looks all sleek and robot-shiny. If I bought that, I would also buy this because the desk doesn't have drawers, and I kind of need desk drawers. That'd be a total of $60 for a cool desk. I could just order it off the website, but I could also actually just go to Ikea and get it. I don't think the Ikea is too far from my new place.
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I got the 2007 Buffy calendar for $4 at the mall today. \m/ I also broke down and bought Twilight Princess for the Gamecube, along with the appropriate game guide. Total cost for that was $65, because of some discounts or something that you get when you buy the guide along with the game. So, not too bad. My mom was very upset that I bought this game only two weeks before I move out, so I promised her that since I'll be busy in February anyway, she may keep my Gamecube and the game until March. I will pick up the Gamecube and the cat at the same time. But she's not allowed to spill anything on the guide, or I'll have to whack her.

In other news, my room is a complete mess and I'm not at all packed for the move. But we found a different bed that I like even better at Boscov's, so that's cool. Hopefully I can find out what my new address will be so I can order the furniture soon and make the delivery arrangements.

Oh! For the moving! I think we're going to do furniture on Saturday February 3, and all the boxes from storage on Sunday February 4. So if anyone is around and wants to help carry things, Sunday 2/4 would be the day to do it!
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Went furniture shopping with my parents today. We were looking primarily for a bedroom set, since that's what they're going to pay for, but we also looked at couches and futons.

This was my favorite bed. It's a queen size, and it's pretty and simple and classy without being gigantic and imposing and un-me like most of the big heavy wood things you find in a furniture store. It looked even nicer in person. So that's the bed pick. The problem with picking a metal frame bed is that they don't often have a dresser and nightstand and all to match it. So we'll have to find that ourselves.

The thought occurred to my mom, though, that her friend Denise paints furniture (and murals, and all kinds of things) and we could get a cheaper nightstand and dresser and ask Denise to paint it so it looks nice with the bed and rug. I'm thinking the metal frame bed would look really nice with my oriental rug (from the living room in our old apartment), and she could paint something that would match the rug. She can do antiqueing and flowers and stuff, and the things she paints look really nice. I coudl get funky knobs from Home Depot or something to make it look even cooler. So I would actually love that, to have a customized bedroom. My biggest concern with that is when it could logistically get done. I'm moving in two weeks, and it would be better to get it done as soon as possible while I'm still at Mom's house--it's an hour from here to Denise's house, and then after I move it's another hour from either of those to my new place, so I would rather get it done sooner. Of course, a bed is way more necessary than a dresser, so I don't technically *need* the dresser in order to move in. But still. Want to get it done, don't want to drag it out.

Regarding the living room. If the oriental rug goes in the bedroom, then the green muppet rug goes in the living room. (If you haven't seen it: I bought this rug because when we first saw it, it was so soft and fluffy and GREEN that Amy wondered how many muppets had to die to make it.) So, muppet rug in the living room. We were figuring a futon would be the cheapest way to go for a couch, but then we stopped at Jennifer Convertibles and saw this sofabed. The one we saw was brown corduroy, which was more expensive, and the one in the picture is a beige microfiber. It's really nice, and really soft and comfy, and it folds out to a full-size bed. So I like that a lot, and I'd spend probably $200 at least on a futon since I want a better one than the black one I left in Boston, so I might as well get something really cute like this. And Mom and I picked up these cheapy-cheap throw pillows for $1.75 each in green and blue that would be perfect on this sofa. So I'm really leaning towards this, and the muppet green rug with the beige couch and green and blue pillows would make for a very Rox-esque living room.

So, haven't bought anything yet, but I've got some things picked out. What else do I need?
- Bookshelves. I need at least three bookshelves. IKEA has decent-looking ones for $49.99. That's not too bad, and they also come in green for an extra $10 each, but it might be too bright a green for my living room. They've also got this one for $29.99, but that looks cheap-assier to me. I'd rather go with white, to match the TV stand thing I've got for the living room, than the fakey wood look. OfficeMax has similar plain white ones for $34.98; Staples has pretty much the same thing, for $49.99, and if I'm spending that I'll just get them at IKEA, thanks. If anybody knows of other affordable bookshelves out there in the world, let me know. They don't have to be strikingly beautiful, they just have to, um, hold books.
- VCR and DVD player.
- desk - Mom says I can have the one they've been using to put crap on in the attic.
- drying rack and over-the-toilet shelf thing
- cat supplies, but that can wait until the place is settled enough for the cat to move in

I've got $100+ in Target gift cards I've been saving up that could go towards electronics, or could go towards stuff like curtains and pillows and sheets (at least two sets of queen sheets for myself and a set of full sheets if I get the sofabed so y'all can have something to sleep on), all of which I will need.

I wish I could just get all of this done right now, at one location that will deliver the crap.

Haven't gotten the lease in the mail yet, but they did cash my deposit check. I'm guessing that means I'm good to go, but I will call on Monday to make sure.


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