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Our family went on vacation for a week in Cape May the first week in August: me and F and f, my parents, and F's parents, all in one house together. On Tuesday 8/4 F took advantage of the grandparental presence and arranged a special night out for my birthday, just the two of us. I knew we were having dinner, but it was a surprise to find out it was dinner and a show!

We had dinner at the Washington Inn, one of the oldest restaurants in Cape May. It was an excellent meal. We ate:

  • Appetizer: me, mixed greens salad; F, corn chowder (which was the correct choice, it was amazing and there was smoked gouda in it)

  • Entree: me, grilled shrimp with summer squash over polenta, with some kind of amazing sauce that tied it all together (I don't remember what F got but it was meat and he enjoyed it)

  • Dessert: me, coconut panna cotta; F, brownie sundae; flight of dessert wines to share

  • Dessert #2: cherry sorbet (a happy-birthday treat from the restaurant)

Everything was excellent. After dinner, we had some time before the show, so we walked out to the ocean, looking at the old houses along the way.

The show was at Cape May Stage, which is a really nice little theater in a converted church. Their whole 2015 season is celebrating women playwrights, which of course I can totally get behind. The show we saw was "The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe", a one-woman show originally written for Lily Tomlin in the 1980s by Jane Wagner, who eventually married Tomlin many years later. The actress, Tricia Alexandro, did an excellent job of carrying the show. I thought she was a bit weaker on the primary narrator character (Trudy the bag lady), but she blew it away on the minor characters and brought a lot of individual personality to each of them. It was a pleasure to watch, a pleasure to be out with grownups doing something adult.

And on the walk back to our beach house, we saw a Japanese lantern that had just been lit and released, traveling up into the night sky, while behind us storm clouds and lightning approached in the distance. Then more lanterns were lit, in all different colors, each taking the same path, the same wind out into the night. A really cool moment.


Nov. 16th, 2010 08:42 pm
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We're back from our honeymoon. It was amazing. We were away for two full weeks, filled with adventure and relaxing, beach time and jungle time, Mayan ruins and mosquitoes. I don't think I'll have time to post a full update here, other than that it was amazing and I want to go live on the beach. But I do need to catch up with yoga posts and book posts. I'll backdate the book posts so as not to overload your f-lists, but if you want to see everything I read, you can just click over to my actual journal.

I am actually not too very sad to be back. It was a wonderful trip, possibly the best trip I've ever taken, with the best traveling companion. We ate terrific food and saw amazing things and hiked, caved, biked, kayaked, snorkeled, ziplined, swam, and engaged in a variety of other action verbs. We also relaxed a lot, and I feel very refreshed. (Which is nice considering how much I need to get done at the office right now.) So I don't feel sad to be back--my regular ol' non-honeymoon life is pretty excellent even if it doesn't take place adjacent to palm trees.

If anything exciting happened while I was away that you think I'd like to know about, please leave me a comment! I hope it was a nice exciting thing.
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Had an excellent 30-minute yoga practice this morning. I also successfully got up 10-15 minutes early (depending on what you define as my usual wake-up time), started yoga 10 minutes early, finished yoga in 30 minutes and showered early, and thus was able to have a good 15 minutes to dry my hair. This made my morning much less stressful. Hooray for getting back into a routine! Even a routine that will be interrupted in three days with mass quantities of food!

Also, today I am wearing my new green skirt. With my off-white sweater and my tall brown boots. I call it my sexy librarian look. Awesome.

F and I spent the weekend on Long Island with F's best friend Mike and his wife Sarah. It was an excellent weekend. We visited some wineries on Saturday and took the dog for a long walk in the park on Sunday. I really like Mike and Sarah a lot.

Also, it's really good to have F back at home now. Last night after we got home we had soup for dinner (savory mushroom and brie!) and curled up on the couch together. Happy times.
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I went to two concerts in the past month with my mother and my friend Lauren.

David Cook at the Keswick. )

And then (as Lauren put it when people asked her what she was doing that weekend), I went down to Atlantic City with some friends. We thought we might see a show. (Which sounds a whole lot better than, I'm going to AC with my mom to see the American Idol concert.) Concert was decent, but I will never go to anything at the Boardwalk Hall ever again. )
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In about a minute I am leaving for a WHOLE WEEK OFF. F and I are going to a friend's wedding near Amherst tomorrow, and then we'll be cruising around New England. Planning to see such highlights as Chelsea (the person not the town), Portland ME, Portsmouth NH, and of course a weekend in Boston. I doubt I'll be checking LJ, but I will probably check email at some point.
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I am trying to post more Actual Content here (not just book reviews and yoga posts and where I last jogged), so here's what's going on lately:

Last week (May 31), F's good friends Sara and Gene got married. We flew out to Ann Arbor, Michigan for the wedding, along with a whole crew of F's Florida friends. We rented out an entire B&B together and had a really excellent time. Most of them went to college together (New College; F went to Eckerd and met them all a few years later) and they're all close and know each other really well, but I'd met most of them before (Sara and Gene were the only ones I hadn't met yet) and I wasn't even worried about fitting in. As F's friend Molly said, "You're like the friend we hadn't met yet!" So that was awesome. I really like all of F's friends and I can't wait to see them at our wedding. Or sooner, if they come visit. Also, Ann Arbor is a really cute little town with lots of shops and restaurants. We passed three different chocolate shops (and sampled from two of them). And in Michigan, you can buy liquor at the Rite Aid. Overall, an excellent weekend.

We woke up pretty hung over Monday morning, and our flight home wasn't until after 8 PM, so we had the whole day to kill. So we went to the movies. We stopped and got sandwiches and smuggled them in in my purse. We saw Up in 3D, and it was terrific. I cried several times and so did F. Then, because we still had plenty of time, we snuck into Star Trek. And that was also awesome. I really liked it very much, and I have a lot of respect for J.J. Abrams for how well he walked the line between respecting the old series and creating something new. I am entirely psyched for the next movie. And Simon Pegg is the PERFECT Scottie, and I was completely enchanted by how well that kid nailed Chekhov's accent. Really excellent.

Of course, as soon as we got back, F started feeling sick. He had the sore throat ick, which developed into the sinus congestion ick, and just today is starting to become the chest congestion ick. Incidentally, F had to spend all week working because it was Reunion Weekend at his college, so his department was really busy, and then he had to work all day Saturday at the reunions. He left the house at 7:30 AM and didn't get home until 9:45 PM. It was F's Bad Week.

I had a pretty good week last week. I went to my parents' on Wednesday to see Vegas Week on SYTYCD. Thursday I had Small Group with my church friends. My friend Cara has an excellent apartment, and at her wedding, she will be using large plastic (or rubber, I didn't touch them) dinosaurs as the centerpieces. She insists on sitting at the Brachiosaur Table. I am enchanted. We ate a lot of food and talked until late, but F was very understanding and still watched the end of Vegas Week on SYTYCD with me to see who the top 20 would be (and I have to say, wrong call on the Broadway Brothers, WRONG CALL).

Saturday I was supposed to be packing all day, but I only packed for maybe half the day. I am still sore from that amount of packing, so I am concerned for my moving stamina. All day Sunday I would clutch my back when I stood up, just like my dad. Not good. Perhaps this is a clue that the book boxes are too heavy, but I'll be damned if I'm repacking them now.

Sunday morning I woke up with a sore throat that hasn't gone away yet. It is even more Not Good than my back is. I'm drinking ThroatCoat tea right now and hoping it'll go away before it settles in. I was just sick last month!!

F and I have been watching Six Feet Under. We've finished the first two discs of season 1. I'm entirely hooked. David needs to get back together with Keith! And I'm totally betting that Brenda has slept with Billy (and I said so, even before Brenda accused Nate of suggesting it).

I think that's good for this post. That's a lot of stuff.
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I'm back from my trip! Let me know if anything big happened to you while I was away.

It was a really nice trip. Very relaxed in a lot of ways, but also a bit restricted, because we were running on the schedule of Amy & Josh's wonderful one-year-old son, Elliot. Definitely a different pace than what F and I usually get on our adventures, which was an interesting change. Highlights of the trip included sleeping in late with F, visiting Idaho Springs, drinking chai at the Boulder Teahouse, watching Elliot dance, getting Elliot to point to various body parts, cooking good food, going on a movie date to see Wall-E with F, setting off ridiculous amounts of fireworks Friday night, and having some good catch-up time with Amy and Josh (I hadn't seen them since last February, when Amy was pregnant). Low points were... most of Friday, actually, because I was down with my semi-annual incurable one-day allergy fest. I took a lot of naps that day. Otherwise, it was a really nice trip.

Rose picked me up from the airport last night. Earlier in the evening, her husband John said to her, "Honey, how about we make mixed drinks and watch Jane Eyre tonight?" She said, "You are the perfect man, but I have to go pick up Rox now." I will never, ever doubt her love for me.

Today I had to go out for lunch because I had nothing at home to pack. I got the Granny Smith salad from Peace-A-Pizza at the mall. It was a very nice salad--they gave me a nice warm breadstick and the dressing on the side without me even asking. The only downside was the giganticness of the salad, and the price. I think in the future I will bring a plastic container to work, split the salad in half, and save it and half the dressing for the next day. Then I will have just enough salad to fill me up, and two lunches' worth of it, which means I'd get two lunches instead of one for the price. I am excited about this plan.

I did not intend to buy pants over my lunch. I just happened to be walking past Ann Taylor Loft, and they had things on sale. But I got dressy tan slacks for $15 and jeans for $20, and both pairs fit like whoa and were even long enough. That's worth some extra time and cash over lunch!

I have also decided that from now on, new pants do not go in the dryer. The dryer is why all my pants were perfectly long when purchased and are now too short. Eventually I'm sure I will get to the point when no pants at all go in the dryer, and they will all have to be hung up, but that's okay. I would rather hang up all my pants from now until forever than keeping buying perfectly long pants that end up being too short.

My new shoes are waiting for me at home! I am very excited. I haven't even opened the box yet.

Happy birthday to the dozen or so of you celebrating a birthday last week or this week! Wow. I hope you all had/have a lovely day.
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American Airlines to start charging $15 for FIRST checked bag.

All the high airline prices are really frustrating to me, because flying is the only way I get to see my boyfriend. I'll be sticking with Southwest as much as possible, thanks.
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Two journals that I recommend submitting to:

- I mailed a submission to Packingtown Review on February 26, and I received my rejection today! Excellent turnaround time!

- I posted not too long ago about my poem "Hiccups" getting accepted. I had submitted that poem to Harpur Palate, among other places, so I sent them an email withdrawing it. They wrote me back a nice note congratulating me on getting it accepted elsewhere. How nice!

Also, my flights to Las Vegas are now booked--the flights I wanted, and even at the good price I found them at on Monday. I booked the hotel at the same time through a package deal on Orbitz, so I got a good price. F's flights are now also booked. I'm so damn glad to have this trip planned, and I'm so looking forward to some time with F. Missing him a lot lately.
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I'm back from Florida. I may or may not make a longer post about the trip later. Here are some highlights:

Awesome times with Heather and Kim

Making new friends (Dustin, Eric, Adam, Ahmad, Rachel, Junot of course, and lots more)


"Sylvia Plath, with her head in the oven, baby!"

Having a really terrific workshop group and a good group dynamic

Riding a bike for the first significant time since I was maybe 13

Hearing, from more than one serious writer, that my work is good

Hanging out with Junot Diaz for a big chunk of the weekend. Shit, yo. F, we totally have to invite him to our wedding.

Discovering a lot of new writers whose books I want to run out and get order from the library (I'm going to AWP next week, I need to be careful!)

Conversation with Heather:
R: Are you sure your legs won't be cold in that skirt?
H: No, I'm not.
R: OK, then, if you don't think you'll be cold--
H: No, I meant I'm not sure.
R: Maybe we should bring some pants for you. (singing) Just-in-case pants!
H: (singing) Fuck that!
R: (can't talk, laughing)
H: (singing) Motherfucking just-in-case pants can kiss my ass!
R: (singing) That's what they wanna do 'cause they're pants!
H: You have a point.

I absolutely love that Heather will randomly sing conversations with me. Not everyone will do that.

Heather: "I don't think that just because you're gay means you should wear a bad hat." An indisputable statement.

Overheard at Mallory Square Sunset Celebration:
"Mom, can I play the bagpipes--" "NO."

I got some excellent pictures of three different sunsets, many headstones in the cemetery, many Hemingway cats, and many drunk writers. I ate a lot of really good food. I did not buy too many books. I only bought two.

I wore flip-flops all week except for one day, when I wore sneakers. The one day in sneakers gave me horrible blisters on two toes. Flip-flops are better. (Also, I may need new sneakers. I've been wearing these ratty-ass green ones since at least 2005.)

Awesome moment: I am waiting in line to have Junot Diaz sign my copy of Oscar Wao. He is doing the book-signing author thing, chatting politely with people, you know. Then he looks up and sees me next, grins all big, and says "Hey sweetie!" My little heart = all warm.

I laid in a hammock and read a book. I went in the hot tub every day. I made new friends. I wrote some, and had a piece of my work critiqued. I read at an open mike night and everyone laughed at the funny parts (theoretically, I may have a webcast of the reading to post--will let you know). I went to the beach. I took long walks and ate good food and had a goddamn awesome time.
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I had a really good weekend in Boston. Friday night, Dann cooked me a delicious meal, and we ate Jack Snacks (OMG Jack the pumpkin cheesecake! You're my hero!), and then hung out with Heather and Brendan and Vess and drank entirely too much wine. Saturday morning, slept in! Highly necessary. Had breakfast with Heather, then walked from Central to Porter for my hair appointment. Cold out, but not too bad except that my thighs were shapely blocks of ice by the time I arrived. Laura picked me up from my hair appointment and we walked up to Davis, where I had the extreme pleasure of introducing her to Mr. Crepe. I love it when my friends like each other! I think Laura and Mr. Crepe are about to embark on a beautiful friendship. :) Carlos picked me up from Mr. Crepe and we went shopping for Kris's birthday in Harvard Square. He dropped me back at Columbia House at 6 so I could get ready for the party, which I did! Filled up the car, then I arrived right on time for the party at 8 and was the first one there, which was totally fine because I got to hang out with Kris and she liked her present. It was really good to see everybody. Left there around 11-11:30ish, back to Columbia House, and worked on the Saturday crossword with Brendan and Heather until we were all zombies and passed out at maybe 12:30. This morning, got up at 8 and got out the door by 8:30. Drove like mad through MA and CT to try to make a lot of distance before the storm hit. I was in New York by 11ish when I started seeing the first flakes. New York and Jersey were Not Fun, but I got home by 2:20 or so, which meant that the whole trip took a shorter amount of time than usual even with the storm. Also, I now remember why I only drive to Boston every few months--it takes me that long to forget how much I dislike long trips by myself. Overall, though, an excellent weekend, and I really enjoyed seeing friends.

Now, a question: Friday night I shared an excellent bottle of wine with Dann Brown. I can order said wine online for $10.95 a bottle, and it's $10 shipping for up to six bottles. Total order would be around $80 for six bottles of wine. Part of me is like, $80! But another part is like, really good wine that I like a lot! When you divide it out it's only like $13.50 a bottle. Should I order?
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Hi. I'm totally not reading my friends list right now. Because I have other stuff to do. So I'm going to go do that. But since I was checking my email and all, I just thought I'd say hi. I'm having a terrific weekend so far. Today we went to five wineries! I have discovered that I really like a Late Harvest... something. Is it Late Harvest zin? So tasty! Also I wore my pretty green dress today.
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Hey, headed out of work now, planning to get on the road by 2PM. If you need to contact me this weekend, call my cell, because I won't be checking email. Thanks!


Jul. 16th, 2007 11:32 am
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Back from Phoenix. Had an amazing time. More later.
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Back from NYC. Had a great time--might post about it in greater detail later, but I might not.

I do want to tell you all, though, about how proud I am of myself. I left Philly around 4:15 to drive to NY. I hit a lot of traffic, thought to listen to AM radio to get updates, and found out I shouldn't go over the GW bridge as planned because it was backed up by about 2 hours. Had to take the Lincoln Tunnel instead, which was really stressful, but I did okay. On the other side of the tunnel, I got turned around, but didn't panic and managed to figure out where I needed to get to (admittedly, I was aided by the fact that NYC streets are laid out in such a nice neat numbered grid). I made it to Missi's neighborhood and found parking in only about 20 minutes, only a block and a half from her building. I didn't stress out at any point in the parking search. After I freshened up, I managed to take the subway all by myself downtown and found the bar I was looking for.

Now, some normal city person would not find any of the above to be a challenge. If you know me, though, you'll know that situations like that cause a lot of anxiety for me, especially in NYC. I have never driven by myself in NYC before. Honestly, this might have been the first time I've ever driven in NYC at all--from Boston I just took the bus, and Lauren or Colleen drove the other times I've been there more recently. So driving there, dealing with the traffic, getting lost downtown, and looking for parking were all really stressful things for me to do. But I did them, and I was okay, and I didn't have any anxiety attacks, and when I got to the bar I relaxed and had a good time. So I'm really proud of myself.
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I got my financial assistance letter from the Key West Literary Seminar today. I gots money!! I'm so excited. I can definitely go, and it's affordable, and I'll share a room with Heather, and I'm in Bich Nguyen's nonfiction workshop which I'm so happy about. This gives me first of all a good excuse to buy her book, and secondly an excellent and compelling reason to get off my tail and write some nonfiction. Whee!

Heather, the cheapest rooms are $120 per night, but that's per room, not per person, right? So if we've both got $50 per night towards housing, that means we're paying $10 a night each? 'Cause that would super-rock. Correct my math if I'm wrong.

Kim, are you still hoping to go? I hope so!

I'm so happy. This was the writing pick-me-up I needed. I believe I shall tape this letter up on the wall.

cat races

Apr. 12th, 2007 09:38 am
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I'm tired today. I was up too late last night talking to F, and then I got woken up by the nightly 4:30am Cat Races. It was Stormy against Stormy with Stormy in the lead, running from the living room to the bedroom and back to the living room and back to the bedroom again. I was sleeping through it pretty well before last night, but for some reason he was just really loud this time. Also he found an empty Walmart bag in the living room and was rustling it around. I can't wait until we're friends and I can tire him out before I go to bed so he won't do this anymore.

It's rainy here. When's it going to start acting like spring?

Tonight: I want to do the dishes, do some yoga (I meant to do yoga last night, but I ended up having a nice long talk with Jorn instead), put away clothes, work on poems, and maybe watch Lost. My usual Friday-night-at-home got eaten this week--I'm going to a concert with my parents--so I will have to do all that tonight and on Saturday, because Sunday I'll be in Florida. And speaking of which, it suddenly struck me that a 9:30am flight, though it seems to be a reasonable time, actually means that I have to leave my house by 6:30am. Or earlier, I haven't figured out yet if I can take the train or if I'll have to drive--it should be 6:30 if I'm driving. Argh.

in Miami

Mar. 21st, 2007 09:51 am
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I'm in Miami.  The laptop works.  The wireless connection works in the lobby.  The doctors and my acquisitions editor aren't here yet, so I'm taking a minute to post.  I'm tired--didn't sleep well last night--but hopefully this meeting will go okay.  I know I did my part so far.

PS. Taking the bus to South Beach 1) takes a lot longer than you would think and 2) is really scary.

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I had a delicious dinner tonight! This weekend Josh grilled up some very tasty asparagus, and so when I saw it on sale at the grocery store, I picked some up for myself. They also had Gorton's fish products on sale, so I stocked up on those too. For dinner I had garlic herb fish fillets and asparagus baked in garlic butter and olive oil. Yum yum! And not dreadfully unhealthy! Although I did eat all the asparagus and two fillets, which supposedly counts as two servings.

Yesterday was a good day. We slept in, had pancakes for breakfast, and then went to Costco. Amy and Josh got some stuff for their house, and I got a giant thing of vitamins (I was almost out, and they were cheap and I don't have a Costco membership to go get some at that price here at home) and a book. We sat around all afternoon--Amy took a nap, Sarah took a walk, I read my book on the comfy chair with the cats. Josh watched TV, I think. Last night we met Tammy and Uri and Chrysta and Corey for dinner at Buca di Beppo in downtown Denver. I had never eaten at one before, and it was pretty cool. We ordered tons of food and shared it all, and everything was delicious. My favorite was probably the dessert. Maybe Tammy will post pictures of it. :) It was great to see them and share some yummy food!

Today wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We did stay up too late last night talking, and then had to get up around 4AM this morning, so we were tired. And Sarah had a bit too much wine so she was extra tired. We left for the airport at 4:30, got there around 5:15, checked in, got Sarah a breakfast burrito, and our flight left (shockingly) on time. I had planned to go to work after we got back to Philly, but we landed about ten minutes late, which was just late enough that I missed the 1:12 R1 train to downtown Philly. We had to wait for the next one at 1:42, which meant that I wouldn't have gotten to work until 2:15, and I would have had to stay late to get in a half day's worth of hours, and it just wasn't worth it to me. Instead Sarah and I took the 1:42 to Suburban Station and hung out there until we could get on the R8 at 2:42 and go back to my house. She left right away to drive to her grandma's for dinner, and I had a relaxing afternoon. I went to the grocery store, and putzed around a bit, and made a nice dinner.

Just now I watched last night's Heroes. Peter is still my favorite character. Read more... )


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