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On Friday September 18, I went to see The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses: Master Quest concert with my mom. It was freakin' awesome. Here's the official description:

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert series is back with a third installment: "Master Quest". Audiences can expect to experience awesome new inclusions from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and new music from the recently announced remake of fan favorite The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. A four-movement symphony, recounting the classic storylines from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, A Link to the Past and more. Performed by the Zelda Symphony Orchestra and Choir with video from the Zelda series on a giant screen.

We arrived at the Mann early, in time to get dinner and not rush. (I did have some complications in taking the train and walking to the Mann, which I will duly note for future reference in case I ever go back there - notably, that there may be better ways to go than by taking the regional rail Cynwyd line to Wynnefield Avenue station, and that if doing so, it's best to keep in mind that this will result in a 20-minute walk down a road through an empty park in the city, and that you'll arrive at the literal back door to the venue where there's a gate but it's the one the event staff use, and so if you need to meet someone in the parking lot this may not be the route to take. Luckily the lady at the gate was really really nice and helped me figure out how to meet up with my mom.)

We ate up on a hill with a great view of the city in front of us. Below us, many nerds in costumes and Zelda shirts flowed in through the gates. These nerds are our people; we were also wearing our Zelda shirts. The costumes were really fun to see. At one point I saw a dude literally playing an ocarina. My mom, who's never actually been to a con, and who would totally identify Zelda as her primary fandom, was loving it.

The music was great. I remember that they started with Gerudo Valley, which makes sense because how can you have a Zelda concert and leave out literally the most awesome piece of video game music ever composed. They also did medleys from several of the games, including Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and the most recent one where you ride a bird, plus the SuperNES one (which I remember but am less familiar with) and one of the handhelds (which I didn't know at all but totally want to play now). I also remember they did the goddess music from Ocarina (appropriate given the theme), the great fairy's theme, and some dungeony themes. While the orchestra played, a giant screen behind them showed scenes from the game in question, all perfectly timed to the music. And there was a choir too. Now that'd be a dream gig. The conductor, Amy Andersson, was really funny (she wasn't mic'ed, just physical movement) and she got the crowd going, which is probably not part of a conductor's usual job description. The first chair violinist was surprisingly young and extremely kickass.

We talked to a guy and his mom sitting in front of us. He had a really cool Zelda watch, told us all about the Nintendo 3DS (I know nothing about the handheld systems but sudden possibilities opened before me: Zelda on the train!!! I could actually play again!!). He was taking his mom to the concert as a birthday present, like me (and, like me, had splurged on good seats). His mom had introduced him to gaming by playing the original Zelda with him in the room as an 18-month-old, which she got away with by using the time-honored method of giving him an unconnected controller and letting him play along with her. I need to start implementing that (which I can say here because F doesn't read LJ anymore).

In summary, it was freakin' great and I loved it.

TV update

Nov. 21st, 2011 01:38 pm
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I'm in love with my new Doctor Who/Community icon so I'm using it as an opportunity to make a quick TV post. Here's where we are with pretty much everything:

Doctor Who: We watched all of season 6. I was not exactly in love with River's newly revealed backstory, but at least it was interesting, and it seemed to be pretty carefully plotted. At some point I'm looking forward to watching the last 2-3 seasons over again to see if it all really adds up. I liked the last episode and knew that some sort of trick was coming up (F was predicting a Doctor made of Flesh, but what they actually did made perfect sense). I love this show and I'm totally missing it right now.

The Walking Dead: We watched all of the first season and the first two episodes of the second season. My god is this show tense. And intense. I'm glad there are only six episodes per season. I can only watch this show during full daylight, preferably on Saturday morning.

Community: The current season is so far not as good as the last two seasons. It just seems like our heroes are even more cliqueish, self-absorbed, and annoying than they've ever been before. I'm wondering what happened to poor Todd and when we'll see him again--the episode with Todd was my least favorite one. However, there have been some standout episodes (so far everything that's happened in Troy & Abed's apartment has been fantastic, including the alternate universe episode and the one where Annie moves in). I also like the Troy-Fixes-Things ongoing subplot and the potential for conflict with the AC Repair school. Predictably, I loved it when Britta introduced Abed to Inspector Spacetime, and I loved it that Inspector Spacetime came up again in later episodes.

Big Bang Theory: We're working our way through season 4 (halfway through disk 2). New Year's Eve was pretty funny.

Star Trek: TNG: I made F watch the first episode of the third season even though we're in the middle of all this other stuff. We were between Netflix disks and I didn't want to watch something dark, so Next Gen it was. Oh Wesley.

Dollhouse: I'm about halfway through the second season and I don't know if I'll go back to it. F has already decided he's done. I was just starting to get really engaged with it, and then Adele turned into Super Cold Bitch when she gave the dollpocalypse plans to the evil overlords, and that turned me off big time. The show is so violent and I don't know if I want that in my head anymore. And it's not like I don't know what happens at the end. Although based on the description on Netflix, I'm pretty sure that Echo gets sent to The Attic in the next episode, and that I'd kind of like to see.

We also accidentally caught an episode of Work of Art, a Bravo reality series where a group of artists are forced to make artwork on a weekly theme and get eliminated if their work isn't profound enough. I'm completely hooked and now I'm trying to see all the previous episodes. I hate most of the female artists, especially Michelle, but I love Dusty and the Sucklord. The Sucklord makes the whole damn show, which I think is the real reason why they haven't eliminated him yet even though he's been in the bottom three a few times.

In video game news, I preordered the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and it should be arriving today or tomorrow. With the special gold controller. So once I start playing I doubt I'll have a ton of time for shows that don't make me happy (Dollhouse especially).
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We just finished episode 11 of The Wire s1. I love this show.

We started on Who s4, just a little bit (the Titanic and Adipose episodes). I didn't love Donna when we met her before (due to being sad over losing Rose, I think), but I'm really getting a kick out of her now. Plus the little fat babies were so damn adorable! (Also, WTF is up with that Rose lookalike?! I bet we'll spend the whole season finding out...)

Almost finished with Better Off Ted, too. The second season has been just amazing. We laugh and laugh. This show getting canceled is like beating a unicorn to death with a bag of rainbows, but unfortunately that's what happened. I'll be sad to finish it.

I've watched a few episodes of HGTV shows lately: House Hunters and My First Place. I consider this to be absolute real-and-true research because F and I are thinking about buying a house. F thinks that I'm full of crap but he also refuses to watch this stuff with me. I found My First Place to be quite informative.

I played through the new AGDInteractive remake of King's Quest II. It was pretty excellent and a lot of fun. Hoping to start on their KQIII redux sometime soon. That will be extra-exciting because they just released it and so no one's made a walkthrough or anything yet, so I'll have to do it all on my own without a guide. Looking forward to it!

yoga # 113

Dec. 27th, 2010 11:13 pm
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Yoga # 113
Monday December 27, 9:30-10:30am
60 minutes
3760 minutes total

In addition, F gave me a Wii fitness game for Christmas, so we tried that and each got a 20-minute workout. I think the game will be very good for F since he doesn't really have a gym he can go to right now.

In other news, both of our tubs and both toilets filled up with filthy water today and overflowed. We had to call maintenance. There was bailing of water out the windows, and mopping up of water with various towels, and a shop-vac was involved, and then we had to clean the whole house. And because we hadn't done floors in a while, we had to sweep the whole house first, then because of the unsanitary conditions we had to steam-mop, then wet-swiffer to ensure that the ick was truly gone. Now the floors are indeed clean. It took a lot of wine to get the floors this clean, let me tell you.
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I went jogging this morning! I missed last week because of the cold and snow. The rain this weekend washed away most of the snow, and the temp was almost 40 degrees this morning, so out I went, even though it wasn't Tuesday--I figure that in the winter, I'll be flexible and go with the flow so that I can jog when it's warmest. It felt really good to get back out there. I wore my new cold protection heat wicking whatever shirt that I got from Target. It kept me really warm! I tried wearing just my runner leggings, and at first that was fine, but by the end of the jog my legs were all sweaty and the wind was blowing right through me and it was freezing. So I think I need something more on my legs than just leggings, and something less than leggings plus fleece-lined wind pants. Maybe just regular wind pants will work.

In holiday updates, I had a really great weekend and I wish I were still at home, but it's back to the office for me. My big gift from F was a Wii, so we hooked it up last night and waved our arms around a lot. Interestingly, he tromped me at bowling and I conquered him at golf. Tennis was the most fun when we played on a team together against the computer. Boxing was kind of hilarious. F is working from home this morning and I suspect that means he will be playing some tennis. I'm a little concerned that the Wii will interfere with wedding planning, but at least when I'm stressed out about the wedding planning, I can play some Wii.

I also received many exciting new books for Christmas! I can't wait to read them all. And F's uncle lent me his collected Sherlock Holmes, so I'm working on that too. So much to read!


Dec. 11th, 2008 11:23 pm
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I am playing through Ocarina of Time again on the Master Quest, and I just beat the Water Temple, all by myself, without consulting a guide at all, on the first try!!!! It only took about an hour and a half!!!
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I just beat Prince of Persia: Two Thrones. Overall it was a pretty awesome game. Read more... )

Lest ye think I did nothing all day but play video games: I also did a load of laundry and scrubbed the bathtub. That makes twice in one month! And I drove out to Harleysville to go to Carolyn's Becoming-a-Nun party. It was nice to see Lauren and Rose and John, and Carolyn of course, and all the siblings. And I took the car to the car wash, and when I got home I took out the Windex and did all the windows, and stuck my new sexy reading mudflap girl on the window. Woot!
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1. Went to the gym today. 25 minutes on the elliptical, for almost 2 miles. Did all the weights and some minimal stretching. I could have done more, but I just wasn't really feeling it--at least I got there at all.

I think I've decided that my training montage should be to "Beat It" by Michael Jackson.

2. I would like to say that Vern Yip is my favorite designer on HGTV. I love Deserving Design, it's such a great show. Vern's designs are always really great, and he helps people who really deserve beautiful homes. I just watched him decorate a bedroom for an expecting couple's new baby; he also redid the kitchen on the sly, AND had fresh-baked cupcakes in the kitchen when the couple came home. He redid their kitchen AND baked them cupcakes?? He is a marvel of manhood. I love Vern Yip.

3. I realized yesterday that Chelsea lent me her copy of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, and I had never played it. Consider that remedied. It's not as good as Sands of Time by a long shot, but it's not bad. Excuse me, I have some sand monsters to battle.
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To Do, Thursday 5/21:
- catch the 7:38
- clear off my desk so that nothing major is left sitting over my long weekend
- take allergy pills before going to yoga class; leave for yoga by 6:30
- eat dinner--perhaps hummus?
- floss teeth

Okay, I was a little late leaving for yoga, but I got there in plenty of time. And--the coolest thing! As I was driving up the windy road into the arboretum, I saw three deer grazing on the lawn!!! They were all chill. It was so awesome to see them! And then I saw a mom deer and her fawn dashing along the edge of the woods as I was leaving after class. Last week it was groundhogs and geese, this week deer. I love the arboretum!

Yoga class was excellent, too. I really like Jennifer and her teaching style, and I feel really inspired. I would love to be able to take class with her twice a week, but I'm just not going to be able to afford it. I'm going to try to stick with the arboretum until the end of July, then she's offered the arboretum group a deal on four studio classes for $40, and then after that I'll have to see. I think it'll be most financially workable to do one class a week at her studio and then keep up with my personal practice--if I have the studio class to look forward to, that should help my motivation.

Tonight I hunted down more Poe Souls, restored the Bridge of Eldin, and otherwise kicked some ass. Ready to start the next dungeon after Missi's wedding.

To Do, Friday 6/22:
- sleep in until no later than 9 AM
- strip bed, launder sheets, rotate mattress, make bed
- wash dishes
- walk to library, return book, check out sheep murder mystery
- call the arboretum after 10 AM and see if I can sign up for 3/4 July yoga classes
- pack everything for the weekend! take it all out to the car!
- take out trash, make sure fridge is taped shut before leaving the house
- if there's time, stop by the mall for new Vicki's undies (seamless, for under my dress) and to see if ATLoft has that skirt I saw on the website for $9.98
- visit car wash
- be at mom's by 5 PM for dinner

I'm not even going to try to make a list of everything I need to pack--I'm trying not to think about it until tomorrow, when, if something comes to mind, I will just pack it rather than putting it on a list and then packing it. If I try to list everything I'll go crazy.

No "To Do" lists for this weekend--what happens, happens, and hopefully nothing will explode. I'll try to post again before I leave for Utica but no guarantees. I may phone post while I'm out of town, though.
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I started playing Twilight Princess. Finally. I bought it and the guide just after Christmas, but my mom needed to play it first (possibly one of the dorkier things I've ever said?) because the gamecube is mine and, living in my own apartment, I wanted it with me, so if she was going to play it at all she had to play it first. There so wasn't time for both of us to be playing it simultaneously. So I left it at her house, and she played it, and actually I think finished up the game* in March or so. And I kept forgetting to get the cube back from her, every time I went over there. So finally on Saturday my dad packed it up for me and I got it from them. I am very glad to have my cube sitting in the spot I reserved for it, between the DVD player and the action figures (another candidate for dorkiest thing I've ever said?). Just knowing it's there pleases me.

So, anyway, Sunday morning I started playing Twilight Princess. I'm about four hours in: I'm a wolf, I just finished the skulking-around-the-village part where I steal the sword and shield, and I just re-entered the twilight land. I sense a forest temple approaching. Zelda's a hottie in this game, too. And Midna creeps me the hell out.

It's really fun to be playing a Zelda game again. So many of the little game noises are familiar from past games. And the gameplay is almost identical to what they've been doing since Ocarina of Time--fishing's a little different, wolf senses are new, but overall, much the same as in previous games. And that's comforting, and also good because the gameplay in OoT was excellent and really didn't need much changing.

I'm having my usual "do I follow the manual exactly or just play the damn game?" conundrum. I've been alternating between reading up on a section for a few pages and then playing it through, and/or playing through a section and then going back and reading to make sure I didn't miss anything. Which I think is what I prefer, although there are times in these sorts of games when you hit a cut scene and suddenly you're very far away from where you just were and you missed the chance to get something useful. One of the nice things about the Zelda series, though, is that first of all they don't let you proceed without the minimum whatever you need to get through the next part, and secondly you can go back to almost anywhere later on to get what you've missed. Of course, this can be a major pain in the neck--like hunting down all 100 Skulltulas in OoT and trying to remember which one you might've missed--but at least it's possible. My mom reads the guide step by step and plays the game exactly according to the guide's instructions; I think I'm going to have to loosen up and just play, and check against the guide only after a section or when I find something I can't figure out.

So far, I am about 4:45 hours into the game. It took my mom over 103 hours to finish; I don't think it'll take me that long, but I'm curious to see how long it will take me. Apparently she ran her time up because she'd be mid-temple trying to do something, and shutting off the game would've made her start back at the beginning of the temple again, so she just left it on overnight. I try not to start a temple until I've got the time to finish the whole thing, so we'll see. In general, though, I'm planning to take my time in a big way. I don't want to rush through; I want to explore every area and get everything and really enjoy it. And I have lots of other things to keep me busy, and I'm not obsessed with the game (at least, not yet), so I fully expect to be playing it for a few months.

I'd definitely been craving video games, though. After this I may play through Buffy again (there's just something about kicking the crap out of Kakistos that I really enjoy doing on a regular basis). Or Prince of Persia. Or even Sphinx & the Cursed Mummy, which I absolutely loved up until the ending. If I played that again I would play through the whole game and get all the stuff and just not do the final battle. Which would feel silly and be frustrating, but oh well. Or maybe I'll borrow the other two PoP games from Chelsea. That might be cool.

* I realized while I was typing that I used the phrase "the game" repeatedly. Even though I'm no longer playing THAT game, I will go ahead and say that I thought about it, so that no one else will have to lose.
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I got the 2007 Buffy calendar for $4 at the mall today. \m/ I also broke down and bought Twilight Princess for the Gamecube, along with the appropriate game guide. Total cost for that was $65, because of some discounts or something that you get when you buy the guide along with the game. So, not too bad. My mom was very upset that I bought this game only two weeks before I move out, so I promised her that since I'll be busy in February anyway, she may keep my Gamecube and the game until March. I will pick up the Gamecube and the cat at the same time. But she's not allowed to spill anything on the guide, or I'll have to whack her.

In other news, my room is a complete mess and I'm not at all packed for the move. But we found a different bed that I like even better at Boscov's, so that's cool. Hopefully I can find out what my new address will be so I can order the furniture soon and make the delivery arrangements.

Oh! For the moving! I think we're going to do furniture on Saturday February 3, and all the boxes from storage on Sunday February 4. So if anyone is around and wants to help carry things, Sunday 2/4 would be the day to do it!
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Got a new video game, and I'm totally loving it. It's called Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. It's like Zelda, only in ancient Egypt. Sometimes you play as Sphinx, the hero who runs and leaps and swims and hits things with his sword, and other times you play with the Mummy, who sneaks around and has to solve puzzles by doing things like electrocuting himself or setting himself on fire (because he can't die!). It seems like it's going to be a pretty long and involved game, but it's not especially difficult, considering I've beaten all the Zelda games and also beaten Prince of Persia several times. There are a *lot* of things that are reminiscent of those games--the jumping and hanging-off-things puzzles are right out of PoP, so much so that I've died a couple of times because I forgot that Sphinx can't run along a wall. And it's so Zelda-esque that when I was telling Jorn about going into a shop, I slipped and said rupees instead of scarabs (the actual currency in the game). I'm several hours into it, and it's really fun, just the kind of game I like. I definitely miss Z-targeting, though. But I've found the "Clock Town" area and started on a few of the minor quests there, and I'm doing pretty well with my Mummy skills. But now I'm done for the day so I can go pack. Jorn and I already made a trip to my office this morning to pick up boxes and my posters.
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Oh, and I got five stars on Bark At Your Mom on medium. I rock!! Now, out of all the regular and bonus songs, I just need to get five stars on Cowboys From Hell and Decontrol. Only two songs stand in the way of me becoming a guitar goddess. Heck yeah.
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Dammit, for some reason my Prince of Persia game is frozen. I just got to the astral observatory, and to continue on in the game, I stand on a platform and Farah pulls a switch and the platform rises into the air. The platform won't rise. I have reset the game and tried several times, but it doesn't work. The game goes into the cut scene where I'm supposed to see the platform rising, but it just sits there. I can see Farah pulling the switch. There's no reason for it to do this. Argh.

I have a saved game that's saved at 28 percent completed, in the zoo. I'm considering starting from there. Which is annoying, but since I just played all those levels, I'm sure to do it quickly. Sigh.

I played Guitar Hero for a while and got five stars on several of the bonus songs. On the first try, even.
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Dude, where is everybody? This is my sixth post in 27 hours and I've received only one comment. Come on, people, I'm bored!

Once I again I think you should all go vote for hotness in the Who Would You Do? contest. I'm pleased to report that Henry Ian Cusick is doing quite well, and that Stephen Colbert has entered the running. Unfortunately I forgot to vote for Audrey Tautou today. Or Neil Gaiman. He's getting added to my list tomorrow. And there is lots of worksafe delicious picspam, so go check it out (said picspam includes hella sexy pics of Amber Benson, Sophie...). It's not too late to start nominating.

In other news, I started my file purging project yesterday afternoon. There's now a hip-high wall of files outside my office waiting for the giant recycling bin to arrive. Since said wall is located in front of the window that faces into the building, I could almost stand around pantless in my office and no one would know. I'll try to remember to bring my camera tomorrow so I can show you. The wall of files, I mean. I'm not going to take pictures of myself without pants because that would just be silly.

I got a lot done at home last night, too. Played Prince of Persia for an hour--now I'm 70 percent through and have been playing 4 hours. I think if I really work it I could possibly finish it in around 5:15. Then I pretty much finished cataloguing books. I may decide to catalogue the unread books, too, in which case I'll have a lot more to do, but I'm also going to pack those shelves last of all the books, so I won't have those to do for a while. I packed up my desk drawers, most of which fit in one box with room to spare. I packed my stuff in the bathroom (well, put everything of mine that I don't use daily in my blue tupperware bin and threw out old stuff and set aside things I'll never use for the Party Favors box at the party). I started organizing in the pantry, putting away some dishes and packing up the humidifier and rearranging so it's possible to actually turn around in there.

And later on, I played some Guitar Hero and rocked the hell out, getting five stars on three different really tough songs. I now only need to get five stars on three more songs to have conquered the medium setting. Then I'll need to do all the bonus songs, but if I can get five stars on "Cowboys from Hell" or "Bark at the Moon" I can do anything (those two and "Godzilla" are my last three, but I'm really close on "Godzilla"). I've found that I do the best when I first sit down to play and skip around among the songs, rather than working on one song over and over. I try not to do a song over more than three times, because then it's not fun anymore and it probably won't get any better. And if I play for longer than, say, an hour, my fingers just can't handle it anymore and it again gets to be unfun. So, I do better in this game with pacing and limits. Slowly but surely, I will become a guitar goddess. (Though last night Jorn said I'm already his guitar goddess, and that was really sweet and made me blush.)

Someone's graduating on the Harvard campus sometime today and it's pouring teeming horrific bucketloads of rain. Yesterday's commencement was I think the undergrads, and tomorrow is the law school, but I feel bad for whoever's trying to graduate today. Ugh.
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I've been listening to VNV a lot lately. It's been *so long* since I've gone dancing. Has anybody been to Toast on Wednesdays? Would anybody like to go with me before I pack my gothy stuff? Or it looks like there's an XMortis thing at TT's on June 9, and I have plans earlier that night but could probably go out later. My black leather boots have never gone dancing, and this is wrong, y'all.

Last night I packed three boxes (VHS tapes and binders, but not books yet) and played Prince of Persia. Chelsea's playing it reminded me of how much I love that game. I played for a little over two hours and I'm at 43 percent through. It keeps track of how many hours you've played on a particular game--the first time I played I finished it in 6:48, and the second time in 5:58 (that doesn't count the final battle and the ending animation and credits). I'm going to see how fast I can do it this time--I'm not a speed demon and I don't have the levels memorized or anything, so I'm not moving *that* fast, but I'm definitely moving at a better clip than I did in the past. And I can knock out the battles much more quickly now than I could before.
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last night i was kind of grumpy when i got home from work--on account of the getting-no-weekend thing, which of course i signed up for all by myself, but i need the money and it's not really my fault about the job thing, i'm trying--and i couldn't make up my mind about what i wanted to do with the evening. dann suggested we install the Sims Superstar expansion pack that i had gotten for christmas. my computer's too old to run it, and dann has the earlier expansion packs anyway, so we put it on his computer, and created a new house to play with. Dann and Rox, the Teh family. the Rox sim has a cute willow-season-5 flippy hairdo and i picked out a good outfit for her. she and the Dann sim have a little teeny house that dann and i spent a good amount of time creating ("why are you putting that $2000 toilet in there, they don't need that!" "why would you put the burglar alarm on the inside?" "what do you mean, no kitchen sink?"). it was fun. i took the Rox sim out to Studio Town to see what it was like. because i'd never played the earlier expansion packs, the whole "town" thing was new to me, and i was very entertained. at first when i tried her on the open mic and the kareoke, it was really pathetic--the audience hated her, and her singing was really godawful. but then i took her home for a few days, got her some creativity and charisma points, and she performed a lot better and actually made a bit of money. enough to pay for the $25 shrimp skewer she had for dinner. but eating that was apparently fun. the best part, though, was on the open mic stage when she whipped out that hand puppet, and they had an argument and then the puppet attacked her and she fell down. it was absolutely hilarious.

so dann and i decided that he would work on Dann's character and i'll work on Rox's, and we'll keep the other's character busy but make sure not to kill them off or anything (Rox needs some serious cooking points, though). and we'll keep each other posted about any progress we make. oh, and a skunk showed up and it was the cutest thing. i can't wait until they can afford a slightly bigger house and can get a pet. and dann's thinking about getting the new Makin' Magic expansion pack, so we'll see what that's like. i'll have to do some more playing and try the downtown stuff.

then we played scrabble with jorn. it was the most pathetic game ever, no contest. when i was ready to go out, we were all so relieved that it was finally over. oh well. we'll play again soon, i'm sure, and it'll be a much better game. anything's better than LTHTHGE.

amy lebrun called me on friday to see if i wanted to go to the mall with her. i was all excited, even though i was confused at first because my cell just told me the caller was "amy cell" and i wasn't sure who it was. i've rectified that, now, though. i couldn't go to the mall because i was work (fucking work), but i'm thinking next week or the week after i will give amy a call and see if she wants to go to the isabella gardner museum with me. it'll be free, too. yay for SPNEA.

and i just finished my second buffy book. i need to find a good used book store here in boston that has a decent sf/fantasy paperback section. the ones i've found so far have only had maybe two or three shelves, nothing at all like ed mckay's. that store was one of my favorite things about greensboro. rhett, too. she's engaged now. i'm so glad she's so happy.

interview at HLS tomorrow. here's hoping.
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so here's the annoyance of the day. i *was* logging on to my work computer with a temp ID, but that was just good for the workstation, so i couldn't access any of the files on the network, which i needed to be able to access. also, we didn't think i was set up to print to the office printer. so shelley my boss put in a work order for me to get my own ID and to get set up with the printer. so two days ago i think it was, she got a notice saying that i had a network ID set up for me, and so we try it and hey, it works, except it's logging me on to the network and not to the workstation. fine, i say, and use the temp ID and password to log on to the workstation. this works just fine--i can access the folders on the network now. now all i need is printer access. so a guy from IT comes by to set me up to print, and he realizes that this computer was set up all along to print. great, i say, no problems then. but then he finds out that the computer people didn't send someone over to "set me up" with my network ID, that i'm still logging on to the workstation under the temp ID. so he fixes it. now rhalpine is the only user who can log on to the network at this workstation. before he left i said, hey, am i going to be able to access the files i had saved on this computer under the temp ID? and he says, sure, let me move that folder over for you. he moves the folder, reboots the computer so i can log on fresh, and leaves. and i sit down, log on, and click on my folder, and i get an error message saying that access is denied to that folder. everything i had that i was working on is in that folder (as well as a few really awesome icons i found yesterday, but that's beside the point). i wasn't finished working on several of the pagemaker layouts, so i hadn't put them on a disk and given them to shelley yet. so shelley just has the old copies, and all my updated files are in the folder that i can't open. as soon as i realize this, i leap from my seat (bill from IT had seriously just walked out the door) but i couldn't catch him. i called IT, explained the problem, and told them to get bill back here so he can fix this. and it's around 4:20 by now, and i can't do any work anyway, so i left. i wrote out a long note to bill in the hope that perchance he might make his way back here to fix my computer before the end of the day, but when i got in this morning, the note was still there and the folder still inaccessible. this is flippin' great. i don't think shelley's here yet, so i can't even tell her and hope she's got something else for me to work on. actually, she should, because there were a few files yesterday afternoon that she meant to put on a disk for me and never did, so hopefully she can do that and i'll have something to do today. of course, hopefully bill will come back and fix his mess. teh, bill, teh. and i had been having such a good day yesterday, too.

anyway, even though i'm grumpy about work (they do casual fridays here, i just discovered, as all my co-workers walk past me in jeans while i'm sitting here in a short skirt and tall sexy boots--i totally could've just worn jeans and my hiking boots, which is what i was really feeling like wearing this morning. but i digress), i still had a really good night last night. i got an email from dr. langenfeld saying i can take my time on the proofs and send them next week, so i played some celebratory majora's mask and also got to watch dann play some nintendo too. i called my old landlord about my security deposit, and apparently someone had been holding on to a form or something instead of giving it to the secretary, but she promised me they'd have it in the mail tomorrow. i better have the thing by next week--i need that money. or, rather, my current landlord needs that money. (fucking piano). anyway, i didn't do any of my proofreading last night, and i applied to a bunch more jobs online, and i managed to get my office cleaned up some more. i stopped at the hardware store and got more of those little round pads with sticky stuff on one side, so that i could not scratch my hardwood floors. now my desk chair and my other green trunk are no long scratchy.

also, i took my Spike stand-up out of the box and stood him up in the corner, and he's lurking there now, looking all cool. that inspired me to get out all my buffy action figures (on a side note, moore action announced that they're going to make more action figures after all, but why are they not doing preorders on the website then? i want a willow! and a tara! and, i guess, an anya!). but my collection's getting a little large now. i have the stand-up Spike, and then i have buffy barbie still in the box, and then all my action figures: buffy, giles, oz, drusilla, vampire drusilla, and spike. i even took some of their stuff out of the boxes now (i was keeping it all in pristine condition) so i could coughplaywithcough oh excuse me display them better--i took out the bases for vampire dru and oz and giles, and i took out oz's guitar and i have him playing it, and i took out all of giles's stuff except one of the stakes (because those could get lost so easily). but giles comes with a handy black bag to put stuff in, so that's useful. i didn't take out any of little buffy's stuff, because she's probably the most valuable one i have, but i did give her one of giles's stakes to hold. i also left regular dru's and spike's stuff in the package, and i set the two of them up so they're dancing. it's really cute. i love my action figure collection. but i don't want to look like i'm a big obsessive freak, you know? but i do need a willow. at least a regular one, if not also the vampiric and evil witch versions. i wish i had a xander, but he's pretty expensive now, and i wish i had werewolf oz. and angel, and faith especially, too. i also really wish i had prophecy girl buffy, wearing the prom dress from the end of season one, but that's just a bit too expensive for me. anyway, i was excited to take them all out and set them up.

not much else for now. i'm going to post this and then go see if shelley's here yet. maybe if she calls the IT people and bitches then bill will get himself back over here.
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so here's what's going on with me.

i got a cell phone. call me after 9 or on the weekend, baby. i talked to miss rhett on sunday night and it was awesome--i had been wanting to talk to her for ages and hadn't been able to call because of the damn phone situation. but now i have a cell phone.

i started playing majora's mask again. at first i was like, i miss zelda, so why not? but now i'm remembering how involved and complex this game is. when jorn was playing it, several of his bills got paid late because he couldn't tear himself away. of course, i never get that bad. but still. and i have dannbrown to fight over the nintendo with, so that should curb my obsession. :)

we put together the bed in the spare room. it took all four of us helping at one point, but it is together, and the mattress is on it, and i put sheets on it and set it up all comfy-like. so it is all ready for rhett to come and visit, and in the meantime i can lay on it and write. and store stuff under it, which was another major reason for wanting it put together.

i have four job interviews this week. today, tuesday, i have a 1pm with a marketing research company for a project assistant position. it's the only "real job" interview i've had yet, so we'll see how that goes. thursday afternoon i'm interviewing at the historic Harrison Gray Otis house for a weekend tour guide job, which would be helpful and nice, and wednesday and friday mornings i've got temp agencies to see. kelly services almost had me a job yesterday, as a human resources coordinator, but a) the people wanted someone long-term, b) it was more admin than fun HR stuff, and c) they wanted someone to start right away, and as previously mentioned, i've got four interviews this week. i offered to cancel most of them, but tanya at kelly said i should wait to do that, that she could maybe find me something better for the short term. it paid $15 an hour, though. that would've been nice. well, the marketing research job i'm interviewing for today has a pay range of 27,000-30,000. which, i guess, is why i applied. again, we'll see. everyone, wish me luck and stuff.

oh, the doorbell rang at 10am and we were like, WDP? but i answer the door and it's a guy with a nice little plant, just for me. my parents sent me a plant to say they love me and good luck with the job stuff. they are so nice. i feel even worse now that i forgot to mail their anniversary card. but i was so pleasantly surprised. don't worry, dann, this one will live in my room.

oh, and my hands still smell like garlic from the dinner i made on sunday. need to get some lemon juice to get that out. every time i think about it, i'm reminded of that time on CSI when sarah (the cute brunette) had to deal with a smelly case (i think it was the liquid dead guy in the bag) and she totally smelled like death afterward, and she tried to ask this guy out for dinner and he was like, sniffsniff sorry i'm busy tonight, and then gill walks by and says, lemon juice should take care of that. so the last shot of the show is sarah in the shower with all these lemons just squeezing them over her hair. it was really sad. but garlic is a much nicer odor than liquid dead guy, of course.
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yo. it's been a while since i've written anything. well, i was on vacation for a while. i don't really feel like saying much about it right now--it was orlando, it was fun, no we didn't go to disney world. dolphins are cool. that about sums up the trip.

oh, and while hanging out with my parents, the line "i am the great cornholio" came up, and my dad says, "what was the name of that show? Bunghole and Face?" well, that cracked me right up.

on saturday, rhett picked me up from the airport, and that afternoon i proceeded to play a lot of mario64. it was fun. i have around 79 stars now, but haven't been able to get through the final bowser level to the very end yet. yesterday for my BIRTHDAY, jorn gave me good presents, and then we went over to rhett's to watch some buffy season 4. oh my GOD, the end of disc 4 totally left us hanging. i was worrying about poor buffy all night (alternating with worrying about money; i woke myself up ten minutes before the alarm thinking about money without even realizing i was doing it).

one of my birthday presents was a life-size cutout of spike. dood, you guys are so cool.

tomorrow i get to mail all my money except for this month's rent plus all of jorn's money to boston, and it still won't be enough to cover how much we owe. this is a little scary. thanks, guys in boston, for covering us till we can get you the dough. and it better be the bestest apartment ever and just as fun as we've all been hoping.

things to do:
-call mom to say happy birthday
-pick up proofs at 4pm from the ELT office
-read the proofs and return them
-pay august rent; write letter giving one month's notice that we're moving out
-fill out rental application and fax back to dylan
-make deposits tomorrow, write checks and send to dylan
-package up elan's stuff and mail it to her
-make appointment for massage and facial at chakras spa
-get wedding gift for amy and josh
-do more laundry
-go to aqua aerobics
-look up shipping info for locks of love and send my hair


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