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Forgot to post about yesterday's Scrabble game. I had to go first, and I opened with ELITE, so it was good that I had to go first because at least I got the double word (they're all one-point letters). My greatest moment in the game arrived with DEZONE on my next turn, for 32 points. On my other turns I placed ROAN (12 points), the pathetic SAIL (5 points, and I realized immediately afterward something much better I could have done instead), MOVE (9 points, and at least it got rid of my V), and KA (which scored a surprisingly decent 12 points). Tariq went out first and I lost two points for my left over vowels, for a final score of 78, tying with Tariq, and both of us getting beat, as usual, by Kari. I figured out what it is, though: she's got pregnant lady mojo that helps her win. In mid-June someone may be able to beat her again.

I'm going to the Rainer Maria show tonight. Tariq said he'd go. And he might be bringing friends. On my lunch I may go for a walk and try to scout out the cheapest parking garage that's nearest to the venue. But there's also a surprise baby shower at 12:15 that I need to attend for a woman in my office, and there will be pizza there. I hope I can escape in time for a walk.


Sorry. Had to get that out of my system. They need to fix that custom groups posting issue. Dammit.
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Today's scrabble game was harsh for me. I spent almost the entire game looking at some combination of HUUEIIO in my rack. :( I managed to come in second or third overall, though. I opened the game with WIRY for 20 points, and on my next turn placed BITER for 8 points. Everyone else unknowingly set me up for DEMOTE on my next turn--three horizontal words put the D, M, and T right in a vertical row, just waiting for me to fill in the E, O, and E. It was a beautiful moment, but only 9 points. Next turn I put an S on Lou's ZONE and scored 15 points, then not-so-creatively used the blank tile as an O to make DOINGS for 11 points. My next two turns involved creative U placement: one U to form NUB/UM (7 points), and another with an H on a double-letter to make UH/UP/HE (it was above the word PEACE), for 22 points. 95 points overall, and Kari came in first--she averaged 27.5 points per word on her first three or four turns (Lou figured it out), so she did pretty well.

Today's scrabble game was also notable because we invented a league of hatted superheroes. Somebody was going to put FEZ on the board, so then Lou drew a fez on his scoresheet to demonstrate what one looked like, and then he drew a man under the fez. This, of course, was Fez Man. We quickly invented his sidekick, Beret Boy (whose superpower is that everyone wants to hit him) and his arch-nemeses, Senor Sombrero and the Stetson Stud (which would also make a rockin' band name). From there we made is as far as the Bonnet Belle and the Fedora Freak. This would make an awesome cartoon, and Lou should totally draw it, because the Fez Man doodle is really good and I'm going to hang it up in my cube.
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I had lunch with Tariq today, and he mentioned watching Brokeback Mountain, and so the damn Brokeback theme has been stuck in my head all afternoon. I caught myself mournfully whistling it in the bathroom. Time to turn on my ipod. (And of course now I'm thinking about Brokeback To The Future, too, which is just silly.)

I've been whining for ages about how I have nothing to do, and now I actually have some work to do and I'm all dragging my feet about doing it because I'm so tired. Bleh.
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I'm off to Phoenix this afternoon. This trip should involve, um, several minutes of fun and excitement! And at least 12-15 hours of drudgery! I just hope I have time to pick up some postcards. Traveling somewhere new and not being able to get any postcards would be hateful.

At least the hotel where we're staying looks beautiful.

And we're going somewhere fancy and delicious for dinner. I think I'll have the salmon.

Oh, and after much deliberation and swearing, I ended up calling a car service to drive me home from the airport Sunday night. It'll cost around $110, but I kind of have to get home, and the taxis and van shuttles and share-a-ride things just don't go out to where I live. My boss okayed it, and I feel relieved to know that when I get off the plane and go down the escalator, there will be a nice man at the bottom holding a sign with my name on it and he will make sure I get safely home.

I didn't have room in my suitcase for Mindy. I brought Bear instead, because he's the original world traveler and he's never been to Phoenix, and Min went on the last plane trip. She's a little peeved at me, but my mom said she'd take her shopping (!). I'm not sure how I feel about the two of them getting to be friends. There's way too much potential for plotting behind my back.

I'll be out of email/lj/internet contact from 3:30 or so this afternoon until at least Monday morning. So have a good weekend, everybody!
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- I saw a girl on the train this morning who looked just like Vessela in profile (I was sitting behind her). When she got up to exit the train, though, I saw her whole face and saw that she didn't look that much like Vessela. Vess is prettier, and I can't imagine her in the businessy pants and pumps this chick had on, though I could perhaps imagine Vess in this chick's purpley jacket.

- If I was going to be a superhero this morning, I would probably be Barely Conscious Girl. She staggers through life, unwittingly saving the day by spilling her double-espresso on the villain! Then I started thinking about that game they do on Who's Line where they have to be silly superheroes and I thought Barely Conscious Girl would be perfect in that game.

- There's a database at my office called SMART, and this morning I had training on it. It was therefore SMART training. SMRT! I am so SMRT! And I even found out what SMART stands for (system for managing and reporting titles). Because it was training, we didn't use the live database but instead used the training site, which had "smarttrain" in the web address. Everybody get on the smart train!

- Tonight is company Quizzo night. People form teams of six and go to a bar a few blocks away and play a trivia game after work, and we all pay five dollars and it goes to charity. I have signed up. I am even on a team - I asked Jen, whom I've been working with, if she's playing, and so I am on her team. Jen knows lots of people and her team is apparently big enough to split into two teams. This is another big chance for me to Socialize With Others. I hope I don't throw up! I've never done the bar trivia game thing before and I hope I'm good at it. I wore my stompy black boots today so I would feel sassy.

- Tariq, who I know because he's the mailroom guy and everyone knows the mailroom guy and also because we started on the same day and got orientated together but mostly because we play Scrabble on Thursdays and joke around a lot, asked me if I was doing Quizzo, and then commented that I join in for everything. I said I had nothing else to do, and when he said he doubted that, I said, "You don't live with my mother." It cracked him right up.

- My tummy is not happy about the caramel macchiato I put in it this morning. This happened the last time I got one, too. Tummy and I are going to have to have words about this, because there are some mornings when coffee is necessary, and Tummy is just going to have to suck it up and deal.
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Because I don't want to get caught without my paper list again, I'm typing it up.

Things I Need To Do Before I Go To Phoenix This Weekend:

- purchase small bottles (less than 3 oz.) of contact cleaner, saline, and face wash (possibly also shampoo, need to see what I have)
- pack all my liquid less-than-3-oz. toiletries in a large plastic ziplock bag
- pack two nice outfits for the weekend (outfits should be able to transition from air-conditioned hotel conference room to desert heat to air-conditioned restaurant)
- pack a sandwich-sized ziplock with all the useful items from the Planning Meeting informational handout (i.e., paperclips, business cards, some rubber bands, post-its, flags, etc)
- don't forget the stack of papers from the office (meeting agenda, book TOC, flight and hotel info, etc)
- don't forget corporate card!
- figure out how I'm getting to and from the airport

Airport transportation is something significant to figure out. My flight to Phoenix is at 6:15pm on Friday night. Easy enough to get there: I can just take the R1 train from my work right to the airport. I could take the 3:30 R1 and arrive at terminal B at 3:50, or the 4:00 R1 and arrive at 4:20. No problem.

No, the problem is with getting home on Sunday night. My flight from Phoenix lands in Philadelphia at 10:33pm. It's possible I could catch the 10:42 R1, but not likely, so I would probably end up catching the 11:12 R1 instead. That would put me at 30th Street Station at 11:30pm, when unfortunately, the last R5 to Lansdale leaves 30th Street at 11:15. If by some miracle I was able to get off my plane right at 10:33 and book it to make the 10:42 R1, I would be in time to catch that last R5 from 30th Street, but that's just not something I can count on.

Okay, so the train won't work for getting home. And I refuse to ask one of my parents to pick me up at the airport at 11:00 on a Sunday night when they have to get up at 5:30 Monday morning. That's just not fair--my company's not paying *them*, after all. I could take a taxi, which the company would pay for, but 40-some miles in a taxi is crazy and would be ridiculously expensive. And I don't really want to sit in a taxi for an hour to get home. My mom suggested I get a room for the night at the airport Microtel, and just pack enough clothes for Monday at work and take the R1 right to work Monday morning. That's an option if the company will pay for it--it'd probably be cheaper than the taxi but I think they're less likely to pay for a hotel room than a taxi just on principle. According to the website, a room for one night at the Microtel would be $70-80.

Another option would be to revise Friday's transportation arrangement so that I would be driving to the airport and parking my car there, where I can get it on Sunday and then drive myself home. So on Friday, instead of leaving at 3:30 and going directly to the airport on the R1, I could instead leave at 1:20 and ride home to Lansdale, arriving at 2:15 to get my car, which would leave me two hours to get to the airport if I want to get there at 4:15 (two hours before my flight time), which would be more than enough time if there is no traffic and just enough time if there is traffic. The 1:20 train back to Lansdale is the only one that would be a viable option, since they go on the hour during the day and a 2:20 train would get me back at 3:15, which would leave me only an hour to get to the airport with no wiggle room in case of traffic. And yes, I want to get to the airport a full two hours before my flight leaves, because I do NOT want a repeat of the nightmare experience I had last time.

The company will pay to park my car at the airport all weekend, so that's not an issue. Other options might be driving to work on Friday and then driving directly from work to the airport (which I don't want to do because it would involve driving, and parking, in center city Philly, which I just am not willing to do), or at the outside of ridiculousness, driving to the airport before work on Friday, parking my car in the long-term lot, taking the R1 to work, and then taking the R1 back to the airport at 3:30. But I really don't want to do that either--I don't think anyone should have to visit the Philly airport more than once a day, and besides which I'd have to get up stupidly early to be able to do this. Ugh.

I'm leaning towards taking the 1:20 train home on Friday and then driving to the airport so I can drive myself home Sunday night, but I'm going to ask my boss what she thinks. Maybe there's some awesome company-approved car service I could book that will take me home. That would be ideal.
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Life-giving coffee, nectar of the gods! Roxanne is rejuvenated and can continue in her work day.

PS. Happy Halloween!
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Somewhere on my floor, there is fresh, hot pizza. There also might be stromboli. It smells fantastic. I'm not invited to the meeting where this food is. I am very, very sad. This food smells like it would be worth sitting through a meeting for.
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A really poor showing on my part today. Kari from the art department kicked all our asses right from the beginning when she opened the game with DECLAWS, scoring 80 points. She kept having good luck after that and the rest of us just went downhill. My final score: 76 (which is less than she earned on her first word). I have to remember that Scrabble scores are nothing like bowling scores, especially when playing with four other people. It was still fun, though, and hopefully I'll do better next week.
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Now I remember why I don't drink coffee. Holy crap I'm jittery, and my hands are shaking. At least I'm awake. I'm also working much more swiftly than usual.
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I start my new job today. The developmental editor one. I turned down the one at Temple, if you missed that. Lots of excitement. Wish me luck!

This past weekend: PA Renaissance Faire with Lauren and Suzie
Next weekend: up to SU for reunionating with Alyssa and Terri (I can't wait to see Gar!)
The next weekend: down to LBI for Columbus Day with my parents
The one after that: up to NYC with the girls to see Missi
The one after that: sleeping in! and dog sitting!
The one after that: to Baltimore, hopefully, for Halloween fun and excitement with Janel and Adri

Lots going on, lots of busy. I'm pretty content.


Jun. 6th, 2006 10:43 am
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When I go to type the phrase "Managing Editor" (a part of my job title), I frequently find myself typing "Managing Ediot" instead. Which I'm sure Ren & Stimpy would agree with.


Mar. 3rd, 2006 02:29 pm
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There's a guy dangling outside my window. On the 5th floor. You all saw my post from earlier--I can't even fathom how cold this guy must be as he washes my windows. I had no idea there would be someone washing my windows today. I have really huge windows, it was kind of a surprise to see someone out there. Usually I just see the roof of the building next door. He's wearing a hat and earmuffs and whistling, and he has a big rubber dohickey with a handle that he uses to swing from one side of my windows to the other. Hey, there he goes. Windows look nice and clean now.


Nov. 7th, 2005 10:28 am
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Dear [Retirement Account Company]:

I am writing regarding the sheer volume of mail I receive from you. Yes, I have just begun making contributions to my account, but you have sent me at least four different pieces of mail in the past week, and that's far too much. I can think of nothing so urgent about my retirement account that would require you to mail me information four times a week. I realize that this is important information that could potentially change the way I invest my funds, but there is something you need to understand. I am 26 years old. I am pleased that I'm in a financial situation that allows me to contribute to a retirement account, but that doesn't mean I want to think about that retirement account four times a week. I realize that if invested wisely, the money in this account could make me a lot more money, but I have far too much going on in my life to be thinking about my retirement account on a daily basis. Ideally, I would like my retirement account to sit there quietly and accrue interest without me having to think about it at all, but I understand that sometimes I might need an update about it. Quarterly account statements seem to me to be sufficient. In ten or fifteen years, you could start increasing the number of mailings to six or eight per year, but for now, four times a year would be perfectly fine and certainly preferable to four times a week. If you must you could put all that other investment information in with the quarterly account statement, or you could email me those things, but please stop mailing it all to me separately.

You're driving me nuts,

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i get to start my new job on monday, instead of next tuesday! *dances* and it'll be an easy week, too--neda, who's training me, can only afford/acquire so much child care on short notice, so i'll only be with her 11-1 or so each day, and before she leaves she'll get together some things for me to work on in the afternoon. i'll also be able to work on getting my harvard ID, filling out my paperwork, all that stuff, too. already i'm loving neda, she reminds me of both amy lebrun and lauren, which is an interesting mix.

speaking of amy lebrun, she sent me a storypeople card to congratulate me on the job thing. i love storypeople. this has given me the brilliant idea of bringing one of my storypeople (the spider princess, i'm thinking) in to my new office when i get to decorating it.

thanks for all the comments of love and encouragement and yay from the last post. all y'all are great.

tomorrow i'm going to deposit a whole honkin' $240, which i earned working all last week. soon, oh soon, my paychecks are going to be so much nicer. i have the feeling that i'm going to be doing a lot of little dances in the near future. i mean, i danced once in this post already.

when i start paying stuff off, i'm finally, finally going to get a paid el jay account.
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new years was fun. i left work at 3ish, went to harvard to get my january t-pass, got a bagel for dinner, then headed to Otis house to sell cookies and coffee till 7:30. wonder if i get paid for that. when i got home, i played scrabble with jorn and dann, and then farbs and miles and sarah ee and benjy came over and we played apples to apples till after midnight. it was a good time. yesterday, sat around, watched the end of season 5 of buffy (i cried; no more til july!) and then missi and mike came over. they had spent new years with their friend dave in lowell, so they visited me too and stayed over. we got chinese food from the mysterious mary chung's (closed on tuesdays, as it turns out) and watched the Pirate movie. i love the Pirate movie.

today. back at EF. today was supposed to be my last day, but caroline would like me back for next week. that's fine, since they're nice here. my only ish is with the hours: since i'm sharing a desk, i can't come in til 11:00, when the other guy leaves. it's still 6 hours, since i don't take a lunch, but at only $9/hr it's not a lot of money. at least it's something. so monday, when i have my second interview at harvard law at 11:00, i'll come here at 2 and stay late maybe, then no work on tuesday while i interview for the HR job at millennium (the interview was supposed to be on monday, but oh well), and then work here wednesday-friday 11-5. and maybe someday i'll be able to pay dylan the rent. more later, maybe, since i'm still at work now.


Dec. 29th, 2003 09:11 am
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so, rox's stupid morning (all before 9am!):

i get up at 6:15 to get ready for work. i'm off to PSG staffing because they've got a program where, if they don't have an assignment for you, you can come into their office and do work if they've got some but otherwise hang around, and get paid to hang around, in case a company calls in a temp request, and then you go right out. so i guess it's a good system for them, because they can have people waiting right there ready to go at a moment's notice. so i'm psyched and i get there at 8am and sign in and have a seat. then i decide to call marjorie at abbott temps and check in with her, because she and i had talked about an assignment for this week but it had seemed tentative to me. i find out she had not thought it tentative at all. she had put me down definitively for this assignment this week and freaked when i told her i was somewhere else. so i assured her that i'd show up to the assignment and told her i was so sorry and had gotten mixed up with the holidays and blah blah but was so glad i had called. THEN i had to tell melanie at PSG that i had gotten mixed up and couldn't stay there that day because there had been a miscommunication between myself and another agency and i'd made a prior commitment. melanie is so, so nice. so, since i didn't have to be at the other assignment till 11, i came home. i got home at 8:40. it's been a busy, sucky morning already, and only provides further proof that if i don't get a freakin' permanent job soon i'm going to go crazy.

in other news. dann, did you clean out the lint filter thing in the bathtub at all while you were here alone last week? because this morning it was... gross. and because it was so caked with grossness, there was a layer of sliminess on the bottom of the tub. i can clean the tub tonight, it's no problem, but i just wanted to let you know, because i'm betting you hadn't been looking at the tub with your glasses on lately.

instead of unpacking or doing something useful, i'm going to go veg out on the couch now for a while before i have to leave at 10. argh.
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tonight i need to talk to everyone AND my mom about job things--there's a telecom job here in the info sys department at harvard, where i am right now, that shelley thinks i could put in for and get fairly easily, but i have to decide if i want it. otherwise my job ends next week. thinkthinkthink. houghton mifflin on monday. argh.
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and so my job search kicks, if possible, into an even higher gear, as shelley and i had the chat just now. the "well, things are starting to slow down now..." chat. so i am duly warned about the impending unemployment. while losing this job means saying goodbye to that nice 35 hours a week at $11.85 an hour, it also means: no more bus!! and it'll be much easier to schedule and get to job interviews when i don't have to worry about planning around the bus schedule. and i think until the job actually ends, shelley will be cool with whatever time i need to take off for interviews and such--i will likely take off the monday after thanksgiving, so i can get ready for the HM interview at 4:00. i may try to squeeze in a few other appointments that day, too--need to call planned parenthood on monday and see if i can get my yearly scheduled for that morning. depending on when i can schedule that, i may also call up linda at judy jetson and get my hair cut that day, too (ensuring gorgeous fun professional hair for the interview). if i can get those two appointments in the morning, and then get home by 1:00 or so, i can change and get out the door for the interview in plenty of time. here's hoping.

i made popcorn for lunch so i wouldn't have to pack anything. miss you, rhett-head.
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oh, did i mention the computer thing? so when our office moved to the new building, we had to label all our boxes and computer parts so that they'd get put in the correct cubes in the new building. and i labeled up my computer, and it was here when i got here, but i had also somehow acquired another computer, just as nice, but the other computer also has nice speakers attached to the monitor, which mine does not have. you might see where this is going. so all last week, no one has stopped by looking for their lost computer, and even the labels on the computer don't specify where it should've gone (they're yellow, which meant that it was going to the new building, but there was no office marked on the labels). shelley thought that since an older woman just retired, it might be her computer that i've acquired. i don't really care, because i figure, it's been here a week, it must be mine now. i can't log on to it, though, because it's not configured to my username. so i have to keep using my computer, which doesn't have good speakers like the new one. so i (probably breaking a bunch of Harvard Rules) crawled under the desk and switched the monitors. so now my computer has the one with the nice speakers. i wish i could take the other computer home, because, yo, these flat screen monitors are slick as hell. no one's noticed my switcheroo yet--i thought shelley might, since she commented on the extra computer's speakers, but no. hopefully nobody will. but i feel all sneaky. hee hee.


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