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Friday: out to dinner with Rose and Lauren. Rose suggested we go to Exton but wouldn't pick a specific restaurant, so Lauren just googled "restaurants in Exton" and picked one. Their menu was online and sounded really good. The place ended up being nowhere near downtown Exton, but the food was really really good and we had a nice time.

Also, Friday night when I got home, I found a message in my inbox letting me know that one of my essays has been provisionally accepted for publication in Saw Palm! Very exciting!

Saturday: Richard the Couch-Cleaning Man came over and cleaned a spot on my couch. Then I caught the 12:15 train downtown to meet up with my mom. We had a nice lunch at the Marathon Grill (I got the hot dog! Yum!) and then we went to see the Salzburg Marionettes at the Kimmel Center. I had seen them before, in Salzburg, and thought they were terrific, so I was psyched to find out they were on tour so I could take my mom. They were performing The Sound of Music, too, which is one of Mom's favorites. We both really enjoyed the show.

Saturday night: I went to the grocery store, then cleaned out my closet and switched all my summer stuff for winter stuff.

Sunday so far: I decided to make my applesauce today, as a pre-Thanksgiving run-through. I'm using Gala apples, which I think are good--I can never remember what kind is best, although I do know that neither Granny Smiths nor Red Deliciouses make for good applesauce. I am trying something new and added walnuts to the applesauce, so we'll see how that goes. I'm planning to add chopped cranberries to the T-day applesauce too. Yum!

After doing the apple prep and turning on the crockpot, I went to church this morning, then to the gym after church. 35 minutes of fat-burning elliptical, then about 30-40 minutes of yoga. For some reason I've been seriously lacking an interest in yoga lately, plus I've just been mad busy in general, but I'm trying to stay on top of it. A good workout overall. Came home, had a sandwich and relaxed a bit, then cleaned out my basement storage space! I had a ton of empty boxes tossed in down there just in case I needed them, plus cat supplies I'm not going to be needing for a while, plus a lot of random crap. I'm seriously considering selling off most of my Buffy action figures on ebay. Anyway, the storage space is cleaned up now, the random boxes are broken down and stacked or else trashed in the dumpster, and the boxes of Christmas decorations are right at the front of the storage room so I can get to them easily later this month.

I washed all the dishes, and chatted with my mom on the phone for a bit--the Eagles won, holy crap--and then did some basic revising on a poem and an essay that I've been meaning to do for a while. Next up, sending out that now-finished poem, and revising up that provisionally-accepted essay. I have applesauce crocking that'll be ready any time now, and chicken in the oven that'll be ready in maybe 45 minutes, so I have a good dinner on the way, and it's enough for good leftovers tomorrow, too.

Overall, an excellent and productive weekend!
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This was a very successful weekend for me!

Friday night: I went to the gym! It was raining and miserable outside, and I had to psych myself up the whole train ride home, but I went anyway! Did a pretty decent workout--I always make it 35 minutes on the elliptical now, and I've noticed already that I don't get so out of breath when I have to run for the train. After the workout, I did some pretty good yoga on my own. I've been pretty good about doing some basic stretches and my strength-building exercises every time I work out even when I don't do a full yoga routine, so that's something. I was proud just to have made it to the gym on a nasty rainy Friday.

Saturday: I got up at a decent hour, and in spite of the horrific downpour--buckets and sheets of rain, a really bad storm that swamped out a lot of roads--I made it to, yes, the mall. (It wasn't raining that badly when I left the house!) I left my house at about 11:20, got to the mall around 11:55, and it was starting to let up a bit. At the mall, I exchanged a purse that would have been awesome if it wasn't defective for an almost identical purse without the defect that is in fact awesome. I also used coupons to get free Bath & Body Works lotion and a new pair of Vicki panties. I left the mall at probably 12:40, and by the time I got home the sun was out and it was warm and nice! I took a walk up to the farmers market and got a spinach and crab "topless tamale" for lunch (she makes them in muffin pans!), and then a chocolate chambord gelato that was amazing.

Then, I caught the 2:15 train downtown to meet my friends Jean and Kristina. We went to the Rosenbach Museum, near Rittenhouse Square, and saw Bram Stoker's notes for Dracula. We also saw some really nice collections, but unfortunately our poor tour guide had a very soft voice and seemed kind of worn out from the previous tour. But--Marianne Moore's living room! With *her books* in it! And Maurice Sendak's original sketches! After the museum, we hung out in Rittenhouse Square a while, looking at people walking their cute city dogs, then caught the Dracula parade. Some really neat spooky puppets and lots of cute kids in costumes. We had dinner at the Marathon Grill (note to self: no matter how good the dark chocolate chip cookie dough pancakes sound, they are too rich and you want to get the hot dog instead). I gave my take-home bag to a homeless man who asked for it and seemed pleased to hear it had chocolate pancakes in it. Home by 9ish, don't remember what the hell I did last night, in bed by 1.

Sunday: Up by 8:30, went to the gym! Go me! Came home, showered, caught the 12:15 train downtown to meet Mom for the ballet. In keeping with the theme of the weekend, the ballet was "Dracula". A full report tomorrow. It was excellent. Then home, where I changed my sheets, did two loads of laundry, played some nintendo, and caught up on Top Model.

Overall, I am very pleased with my weekend! A bit more housecleaning would have been nice, but I thought ahead and took Thursday off from work to get that done. I am happy that I was motivated to do stuff! And I have to go back to work tomorrow, but it's a short week!
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Last night I:

- stopped at the library, returned two books I'd read, and picked up four new ones (two were on hold for me, and the other two were exciting surprises).
- did yoga for almost an hour!
- typed up a draft of an essay. When it's a little more polished, I'd like to send it to someone to read (warning: graphic and hilarious menstrual details). Any volunteers? ([ profile] pocketwitch, I'm sending it to you whether you volunteer or not.) ::edit:: okay, *I* think it's hilarious, but I'm not making any promises. It might just be disturbing.
- cooked crab alfredo cavatappi (aka "crabby pasta"), now with spinach. I have leftovers for dinner tonight.
- watched Chuck and Heroes

Heroes )


Oct. 8th, 2007 07:31 pm
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I went to the gym tonight! My first visit to the new gym. 37 minutes on the elliptical, 3 miles total. It is likely I will be hurting tomorrow.

Last night: yoga at home. A very distracted 45 or so minutes. Still, I managed to drag a fairly good practice out of myself--did some good arm work I was pleased with. I'm looking forward to starting with yoga classes at the gym next week. Also possibly the aqua aerobics classes. Fun!

Today I went back to my new podiatrist (progress!), picked up my dresses from the dry cleaner, and would have picked up my library books if it hadn't been ridiculous Columbus Day. My library is open after 5PM two nights a freakin' week and not at all on the weekends, and Columbus Day of course falls on one of their two late nights and so they weren't open. Annoying. Now I have to leave my volunteer gig early on Wednesday so I can get to the library before 9PM to get the books, because they'll only hold things for ten days and I don't want to have to order them again, and I also can't add anything new to my hold list until I pick up what's already there. Sigh. Not that I mind leaving the volunteer gig early, but I also really just want to finish that damn project and leaving an hour early doesn't help with that.

Weekends are definitely not long enough, but at least Monday has Heroes. That's one good thing about Mondays.
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Looking for yoga music. Suggestions?

Music I already enjoy doing yoga to:
- Anything by Loreena McKennitt is good
- Mus
- Nightmares on Wax

Music I might try doing yoga to:
- The Be Good Tanyas
- Gregorian chant (I might do that today, actually) (::edit:: yeah, a little too sleepy)
- Enigma
- Okkervil River
- Sigur Ros

I tried some Irish music on Monday (Danu was the specific band), but it was just a little too peppy for the most part. The thing about good yoga music is that it has to be beautiful and relaxing and not too peppy, but it can't be too slow or sleepy either because then I'll just pass out. Nick Cave's "The Boatman's Call" is a bit too sleepy.

F, what was the name of that Moby album we were listening to over Labor Day?
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Haven't been posting much about my life lately.

Monday: I did my yoga for a good 40+ minutes. It had been a week and a half or more, so it felt very, very good. To celebrate yoga and the new season of Heroes, I ordered a pizza from my favorite pizza place. I got it with spinach and onions, and walked up the street to pick it up. Then I watched most of the premiere of Chuck and all of Heroes while enjoying said pizza and some chocolate chip cookie dough. Then I looked at the huge stack of poems I recently printed out and sorted them into groups of 5 appropriate for sending out as submissions. I have I think 24 packets I can send out. I have never sent out work in such bulk before. I need to buy more stamps. Overall, I felt very accomplished by the time I went to bed Monday night. Which was late, because a friend was in need of comfort, but that was OK.

Tuesday: I wrote out 24 SASEs on the train to work. After work, I drove to the Bridal Suite in Lansdale to get my dress fitted for Amy's wedding. We ordered the dress back in May--the one they had at the store was a size 8, which fit well but I felt it was too tight (in an unable-to-breathe kind of way), so I ordered a size 10, and then immediately began to worry that the dress would be way too big and need super alterations. So, as soon as Amy told me the dresses were in and I knew when I'd be picking it up from her, I made the appointment for the fitting (Shelly at the Bridal Suite had fitted me for my dress for Missi's wedding). I did not try on the dress after picking it up from Amy, until I put it on on Tuesday. It fit perfectly. Perfectly. I jumped about and leaned way over and everything, and the dress and my various parts stayed where they should be. I will need to get it pressed, because there's a bit of a pucker on each hip, but Shelly would've had to charge me $25 or so to fix it and I'd have to get it pressed anyway. I should make sure to drop it off for that this weekend. Anyway, Shelly congratulated me on a nice fitting dress and didn't charge me a dime. Woo!

After the surprising dress fitting, I met my dad for dinner at Jim's Buffet. Pretty standard Chinese buffet restaurant, but the food was really very good. We each filled up (and subsequently emptied) several plates of food, and then sat and chatted for a while when we were done. We got to Jim's at 7:15 and didn't leave until 9:00, when we were the only non-Chinese people left in the building. My dad and I don't get to spend time together like that too often, so it was really nice. I like my dad. Overall, a really great evening. Then I started worrying about crazy things on the drive home and had to distract myself by reading that Diana Wynne Jones novel for an hour and then I got to bed really late. Oh well. It was still a nice night.

Wednesday: My regularly scheduled every-other-week volunteer gig at HSP. I am still reorganizing the file system. I have made it through 2.5 drawers of files and still have about that much left to go. I just finished J and will move on to K next time. Progress. Then on my train ride home I ate a cookie and talked to Miles, Samantha, and my mom. When I got home, I watched Gossip Girl (possibly my new shameful addiction?) and got to bed early. Yay!

Side note on TV: For some reason I'm enjoying having a TV schedule. It's kind of refreshing. Mondays, Chuck and Heroes; Tuesdays, Beauty and the Geek; Wednesdays, ANTM and Gossip Girl; maybe Thursdays, Without a Trace. The reason it's enjoyable is because all of these shows are completely expendable except Heroes. That's the only one I really care about, but I am enjoying the others and having fun watching them. Which I think is the whole point. It's nice to have shows that I watch without getting obsessive about watching shows.

To do this weekend:
- drop the dress off somewhere to get pressed (which would be a fun thing to shout at someone: "Get pressed!"), with specific instructions as to hip puckers
- decide which poem packets are going to which journals
- pay bills! whee!
- continue the Great Shoe Hunt at the KoP DSW
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So, this morning's dilemma. I slept in this morning, and I was thinking about yoga when I woke up, and I realized that I can't continue as I have been. I really need to do yoga twice a week. That's the minimum for me. I'd rather do it more, and I'd also rather supplement with other kinds of activity like walking or something. Right now, I am doing very little in the way of physical activity. I can't afford to take two classes at a yoga studio every week. At at least $15 per class, no matter what studio I go to, I can't afford that. So I was hoping I could do one class a week and practice on my own the rest of the time. But I am not doing that. Not at all. And I can see the effects in my body. It's not good. I don't even take walks on my lunch break anymore, I just sit there and read.

So, I'm thinking that I need to give up on the studio classes for a while. I had wanted to do the studio thing because I want to get serious about the yoga, seriously connect with a teacher and a yoga community, etc. But it's just not feasible for me financially right now, and I have to accept that.

So I started thinking about other options. Last fall, I joined a gym near my parents' house, and that was great--I could do the elliptical machine, do my yoga, and there was enough space there that even if there wasn't a class going on I could find a spot to do my yoga on my own and not bother anybody. And I did enjoy the classes there and found them interesting. I don't want to join that gym again because it's 40 minutes away, so I started looking closer to here.

Found this place. Looks really nice, even has a pool and aqua aerobics. I called about their rates, and it's $99 for a one-month membership, $67 a month for an annual membership ($719 if you pay all at once) and I think she said a $99 membership fee. If you cancel early for any reason other than moving out of town, there's a cancellation fee, she didn't tell me how much that would be. There's a three-month and a six-month membership too but those were big lump sums that I don't have right now. I just don't know that I want to commit to a full year anywhere. I'm not planning right now to move out of this area, but things could change. And I guess in the back of my mind I'm hoping that my yearly salary increase next winter will be enough that I can switch to a studio? You know what, I should just sign up. I mean, I should go over there first and check it out and make sure it's do-able and nice and stuff, and then I should sign up. $67 a month is more affordable than studio yoga, the place is closer to my house than the studio is, and I'll have unlimited access to all the stuff they offer.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Oh, and my work will pay $100 towards a fitness club membership. They won't contribute diddly to classes at a yoga studio.
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I went to yoga class this morning. It was... interesting. My first time with this specific teacher, Theresa. She was nice, and a good teacher, but she decided that the theme of this class would be seeking balance. Which, you'd think, would be good, but she meant, balance in how we approach the practice: our we pushing ourselves too hard, performing the poses instead of just experiencing them? Or are we not pushing ourselves hard enough, taking our ease? The ideal is to find a balance between push and ease, where the muscles are engaged but the body is still relaxed. So, every freakin' pose, she was asking us to consider whether we were pushing too much or not enough (apparently getting it right wasn't an option), and to think about how this makes us feel and whether this has any application to our non-yoga lives.

First of all, I think I strike this balance pretty well just naturally. I do sometimes tend towards more pushing, more showing off, but I don't do that as much in a more advanced class like this one, I don't think, because everybody else is as good or better than I am, so I physically can't show off, and also I need to be aware that what some other chick is doing might not be possible for me yet. I try to be really aware of my body and its needs, and I don't think I've ever done myself an injury by pushing too hard. And sometimes I am lazier in my practice, but that doesn't usually happen in an actual class, and I am always thinking and adjusting through the poses. So, without having had it put into those specific words before, I have a tendency to try to balance push vs. ease in my practice anyway.

More to the point, I was just not in the mood for self-analyzing, not first thing on a Saturday morning. Sometimes, yeah, but she kept harping on about this, and that made it harder to find the peacefulness and beauty that I go to yoga class to find. Also, the music was way too loud during the meditation. I don't know, I left class more annoyed than peaceful. I spend too much of my regular time analyzing myself; yoga fuels that, but I don't need to spend a whole yoga class doing it. I like yoga because I can just be and move and exist and not have to analyze shit.

One thing that is awesome, however: I am going to a wedding today. I did not have to travel anywhere, I don't have to do anything except show up before 3:30. I could go to yoga class and have a relaxing morning before going to someone's wedding. I honestly think this is the first time in my adult life such a thing has occurred. That makes me really happy. Oh, and it's supposed to be really damn hot today.
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Tonight I summoned my nerve and went to my first class at the Yoga Schelter studio. I had never been there before, so I had to find the place--about a 20-minute drive on unfamiliar roads. But hey, I found more roads to use. I am exploring. I signed up for the new student 4-for-$40 deal. And the class tonight was excellent. The studio is in an old warehouse (a very funky refinished warehouse), and it's not air conditioned, but it's a really peaceful space and there were lots of fans and it was a small class and I felt very content there. I definitely felt some peace and some inner forgiveness during the meditation after class, and that's not a space I can usually achieve. I will definitely be going back. After my 4-for-$40 deal runs out, I may try some other local studios (might as well milk the new student deals for all they're worth) or I might just stick with this one. We'll see. I was really very happy with the practice tonight.
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I just worked on yoga for over an hour, probably close to an hour and fifteen minutes. Here in my apartment! It was fabulous. I dragged the oscillating fan out to the living room, put on some Loreena McKennitt, and proceeded to do almost every pose I could think of. The music really helped, I think, I'm going to have to remember that for next time: ie, set up a playlist for X number of minutes, and keep doing yoga until the music shuts off--then I won't get distracted. It was a really good practice, too. I feel really open and warm and relaxed. Also, I really like the way my body smells during/after yoga. Which is kind of gross, yes, but I smell like I've been working hard, and my yoga smell is different from a "just came from the gym" smell. Yoga smell is purer, somehow. Or I'm crazy. My hands also have a distinct odor, somewhere between the smell of my feet, the smell of my mat (which also smells a bit like my feet) and the general smell of my body. I smell strong and healthy and womanly. Yarr!

I was meaning to go to a class at Jennifer's (my arboretum teacher's) yoga studio, but it started at 6:30 and I got home at 6:00. It will probably take me 20 minutes or so to drive there, especially considering I don't know where I'm going, and I'd need time to fill out the new studio student paperwork, and it just wasn't worth the rush. But I'm pleased I was able to have a productive yoga practice on my own. I will probably go to Jennifer's studio on Monday night.

It looks, for this fall, like Jennifer's studio will be offering a pretty good variety of classes, including some "community" classes that are only $10 at the drop-in rate. That would mean a slightly less intense practice, I think, and a wider range of abilities among the students, but it might also mean that I could afford to take two classes a week. This is really, really exciting to me. I'm still not entirely sure I can afford it--$80 a month on yoga!--but I just spent $60 a month for only four classes in June, and this would be more value. I think I can probably swing it if I'm careful. I'll have to see how I like the studio and the other teachers besides Jennifer. One of the community classes is going to be a "happy hour" on Friday evenings, which I think sounds like a fabulous, fabulous idea. I love my solitary Friday nights anyway, and I think Friday night yoga would just be lovely.

Jennifer's also teaching a sanctuary yoga class in the Chestnut Hill Methodist Church, a ten-minute walk from my house, on Tuesdays all this fall, but that comes to $18 per class. The quick walk and the probably-lovely atmosphere are really tempting, but I could get twice as much practice for almost the same price if I just do the community classes. We'll just have to see how I like the studio, I think.

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Jul. 5th, 2007 06:53 pm
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I just successfully created an RSS feed for my yoga instructor's studio's blog. Now I will be able to see their new entries on LJ. Excitement!

[ profile] yogaschelter

However, I only did this because it's totally raining out, which means my class has got to be canceled. At least I hope it is, because I'm not going. I should actually put on my yoga clothes and do some stretching here in the apartment. I really hope I do that. Let's get on that now.
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To Do, Thursday 5/21:
- catch the 7:38
- clear off my desk so that nothing major is left sitting over my long weekend
- take allergy pills before going to yoga class; leave for yoga by 6:30
- eat dinner--perhaps hummus?
- floss teeth

Okay, I was a little late leaving for yoga, but I got there in plenty of time. And--the coolest thing! As I was driving up the windy road into the arboretum, I saw three deer grazing on the lawn!!! They were all chill. It was so awesome to see them! And then I saw a mom deer and her fawn dashing along the edge of the woods as I was leaving after class. Last week it was groundhogs and geese, this week deer. I love the arboretum!

Yoga class was excellent, too. I really like Jennifer and her teaching style, and I feel really inspired. I would love to be able to take class with her twice a week, but I'm just not going to be able to afford it. I'm going to try to stick with the arboretum until the end of July, then she's offered the arboretum group a deal on four studio classes for $40, and then after that I'll have to see. I think it'll be most financially workable to do one class a week at her studio and then keep up with my personal practice--if I have the studio class to look forward to, that should help my motivation.

Tonight I hunted down more Poe Souls, restored the Bridge of Eldin, and otherwise kicked some ass. Ready to start the next dungeon after Missi's wedding.

To Do, Friday 6/22:
- sleep in until no later than 9 AM
- strip bed, launder sheets, rotate mattress, make bed
- wash dishes
- walk to library, return book, check out sheep murder mystery
- call the arboretum after 10 AM and see if I can sign up for 3/4 July yoga classes
- pack everything for the weekend! take it all out to the car!
- take out trash, make sure fridge is taped shut before leaving the house
- if there's time, stop by the mall for new Vicki's undies (seamless, for under my dress) and to see if ATLoft has that skirt I saw on the website for $9.98
- visit car wash
- be at mom's by 5 PM for dinner

I'm not even going to try to make a list of everything I need to pack--I'm trying not to think about it until tomorrow, when, if something comes to mind, I will just pack it rather than putting it on a list and then packing it. If I try to list everything I'll go crazy.

No "To Do" lists for this weekend--what happens, happens, and hopefully nothing will explode. I'll try to post again before I leave for Utica but no guarantees. I may phone post while I'm out of town, though.
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Awesome moment yesterday: there was a young guy with a violin busking in the train station. At first I just walked past and got in line for a soft pretzel, but then he started playing the Super Mario Brothers theme song! I went back and gave him my dollar and told him he was awesome. Then he played the Zelda theme. Totally made my day.

Last night I did my yoga for almost an hour. It felt sooooo good, and made me really happy. I'm continually surprised at how I can go for two weeks without yoga and still not lose much ground in my flexibility. I've found, though, that when I go without for a while, my body is so happy to be doing yoga again that the poses come really easily; the next time after that, when I'm a bit stiff from the previous workout, it's harder to get as far into the poses. Which I guess makes sense. I skipped most of the seated work last night (which I'm hoping to do tonight, as a less intensive workout), focusing on standing work, balance (really need to work on this), and strength. Did squats and pushups, backbends, tabletops, navasanas, and also added an exercise that Lauren taught me involving a chair, which really works the tricep, I think it's called--the back of the arm, the part that turns into floppy wings in very fat people. This is part of my arms I'm least happy with, so if I can tone that muscle back there, I'll be really pleased. If I can tone it noticeably in the next month or so before I'm wearing tank tops regularly, I'll be even more pleased. I'm thinking ten reps a day at least to start.

I was talking to my friend Lucia on Tuesday. She's going to take a yoga teacher training course this fall, at Yoga on Main in Manayunk. We've talked about yoga before--she's given me good pointers on places to go, and she's the one who told me about the arboretum yoga class, but for some reason I didn't realize she was that serious about it. That's awesome. It's too expensive for me to afford right now, besides just being beyond my level of expertise, but I want to keep checking in with her to see what she thinks of it, and I'll try to save up and maybe consider doing it in the spring. I would *love* to be a yoga teacher. I'm hoping that if I do the arboretum yoga class for June, then keep on top of it on my own this summer to save money (it's easier for me to stick with yoga in summer anyway), then in the fall I'll sign up with a studio and really pursue it more. And then maybe by next spring I'll be ready for a teacher training. Lucia's class is 200 hours over the course of four months I think, so it's a lot of work besides a lot of money, but it's something I really want to do eventually.

Anyway, in addition to my yoga last night, I also did a load of laundry, washed the dishes, and made my couscous salad. I was surprised--it really only takes an hour or so to make, not counting the time for the couscous to cool after it's cooked. But there's a lot of steps--cooking and draining the couscous, making the dressing in the food processor, toasting the almond slivers (which I *never* thought I'd see myself doing), hydrating and chopping the figs, dicing the red pepper. I combined it all and then left it in the fridge overnight to make sure it would really be cool before crumbling the goat cheese into it--don't want it melting and smearing in the couscous. So I have that for lunch today, and I'm all excited. And there's plenty left for the next few days, too. I *love* the couscous salad!

I meant to clean the floors last night but I just didn't get to it. Hopefully I'll do that tonight. I also want to do my yoga seated work, go to the library and the grocery store, and take a nice long bath. Grocery store might take a backseat, though.

I'm making such long-winded posts lately! Aren't you all glad work is slow right now and I can keep you updated on the minutiae of my couscous salad making??
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Last night was really nice after I finally dragged myself into doing some yoga. It's so hard to get myself to do it, and so hard to stay focused while I'm doing it, but it's so rewarding when I manage. It makes me mad at myself for shirking. Anyway, I made myself a delicious omelette for dinner (swiss, cheddar, and spinach) and then watched LOST while eating an obscene amount of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Thoughts on LOST )
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Monday mornings suck. Monday evenings, on the other hand, are really great. Tonight the weather was so nice I got off the train a stop early and had a nice little walk home. Then I dropped off my work things and changed to flip flops and took a walk up to the library to return last week's books and pick up some new ones. While at the library, it occurred to me that I can be getting out Isaac Asimov books! Obviously I am a little slow at times. Then I came home and did yoga for almost an hour. I feel great! And Heroes is on in an hour and it's my favorite show ever!
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There are lots of good things going on that I haven't been posting about.

- I won Scrabble last week and this week. (This week's awesome moment: Christine was considering putting down UZI, which isn't in the Scrabble dictionary, and I theorized that that's because it's a brand name, like XEROX, which Tariq pointed out is actually in the dictionary. He said he remembered that because one time he had the X and a blank tile and was able to play it. I looked down at my letters, which included the X and a blank tile. Tariq unwittingly set me up for it beautifully, and I played XEROX on my next turn for 38 points.)

- My cat now lets me touch him. He in fact is a downright little touch slut, but only when he's safe in an enclosed space. I have him figured out now--I can pet him like crazy when he's behind the TV or on the windowsill behind the microwave, and he'll be all purrpurrIloveyou. And this makes sense, because when we were petting him at the pet store, he was in his cage, which was enclosed and safe. Now I just have to make him feel safe elsewhere in the apartment. I have been gradually trying to lure him out from behind the microwave with scratching. He still refuses to be picked up, and really wants me to pet him with both hands but is still too scared to let me do that. But the petting, in general, is making me much happier with the situation. He is terrified of open spaces, not me.

- I received a box of chocolate in the mail. Dudes, take note: sending a girl a box of chocolate will earn you major points toward getting in her pants. (Well, *this* girl, anyway.)

- I did yoga last night even though I got home late and I was tired and totally didn't feel like it. Go me! And I felt better after the yoga. I'm all sore and stretchy today.

- I watched last week's LOST last night also (so that I'm only behind by one episode). Jin tells the best ghost stories EVER! And I still love Desmond.

- It's been pretty warm here all week. I wore pretty skirts and flip flops both Monday AND Tuesday.

- I scored a free ticket to go see Erin McKeown tonight - fourth row, too, right in the middle. I was planning on going even when it was going to cost $17.50, but now it's free! My dad gets major coolness points!

So, yes, good things are going on! I'm pleased.

Things I need to do, hopefully this weekend:
- pay bills, including mail a check for the rent which is due on Tuesday
- vaccuum (cat litter gets everywhere) and mop (cat food gets everywhere)
- clean the bathroom
- change the sheets and put the new comforter on the bed
- do the clothing switch and get out all my t-shirts and tank tops! so exciting!
- make the mix cds I've been thinking about
- buy cards for the children being baptized and communioned this weekend
- revise poems; send out submissions
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I love this album. Love this album. This album makes me love the world.

No interesting dreams this morning. No cat news to report, other than that he ate all his food like a good cat and used the litter box and I found his hair on the couch so he must've been in the living room. Otherwise, we are still largely ignoring each other. Hopefully cat/human relations will improve soon. I'm not looking for snuggly just yet, but saying hello and not running away from me would be nice. American Idol at Mom's tonight, though, so less chance of cat interaction.

New discovery: I can no longer get out of bed at 7:00 if I want to catch the 8:11 train, dry my hair, AND feed the cat. Another new discovery: my hair is long enough to go back in a braid just like it did all through college. Luckily, it's not nearly cold enough that I need to fold the wet braid under a woolly hat like I did all through college. It should actually be pretty nice out today.

I forgot to do yoga last night in my post-library-walk bliss. I don't have enough time to do yoga tonight or tomorrow, and I have plans all weekend and I want to go to the Low show on Monday so that's out too. I am really getting annoyed at the not having enough time to do yoga. I have to see how the Wednesday night volunteering thing goes--yoga is more important, so unless volunteering is really really awesome that might get cut. I'm thinking about cutting it and I haven't even started yet. Damn.

I should get back to uploading things. There's 200 chapters and I'm on chapter 20.
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Wow, what a wealth of excellent litter box information from the last post! Thanks, everybody!

Cat is still under my bed, but apparently emerged during the day. Food was eaten, water was drunk, litter box was used, catnip mouse was moved. All good signs. Tomorrow, I'm going to move the food to the hallway while I'm at work; the next day, food will move further down the hall and litter will move into the hall. Gradually, things will end up where I want them to be and the cat will theoretically be using the entire apartment. And my floors will probably need a severe cleaning by then with the litter all over the place. Though I do have a rug under the box.

::edit:: Holy crap, the cat just came out from under the bed to eat some dinner! In broad lamp light, with me sitting right here! After he had a bite to eat, we regarded each other for a moment. I said hello. He went back under the bed again, but didn't seem in a big rush about it. Now he's out again. I think it helps to have my back turned. ::/edit::

Friday night, I started up with some yoga again. Seated postures, mostly, from Gene's numbered series of leg things. Very stiff, but not unworkable. After the seated work, I was warm and did my strength-building stuff: squats, pushups, camels, hero backbend, navasana, tabletop, bridge. I kept it mellow and didn't do as many of each thing as I had been doing before, but still challenged myself a bit. Yesterday I was a bit sore, but not too much. Today I did a standing routine--short, because my dad called and I needed to get out the door, but still. The standing work felt so good. Stuff was cracking and popping all over the place, too. I need to stick with this--I feel so much better, and get the hiccups less often, when I'm doing yoga regularly.

Plan for my evenings this week:
Monday: It's supposed to be really nice out, so I'm planning to take a nice walk around my neighborhood. Hopefully I will go join the library and stop by the spa where they supposedly offer hot room yoga. Also need to remember to catch up with Lost.
Tuesday: American Idol night. I might try to go to Walmart for some stuff on the way over, but I also might not. I'm not in a huge rush with the litter thing; the box and current system are functional.
Wednesday: Volunteering at the Historical Society of Philadelphia. It's a big library! Whee! No idea what I'll do for dinner that night.
Thursday: It is not supposed to be nice out, so I would like to try to go to a yoga class--either a hot room class at the spa, if that pans out, or drive out to the Twisters studio in Erdenheim (like 2 miles away). This place looks really good, honestly--they look really serious about their yoga, they offer a variety of classes, they have different levels of vinyasa flow (which is the kind I'm interested in / have experience with). Based on the website, it looks like a good place to deepen my practice, and that's really what I'm looking for (as opposed to just a general class at the YMCA or a gym somewhere). So I may try that. I would like it to be closer, but oh well.

Today I went with my mom to Famous Footwear, where we found nothing at all that fit, and to Ross Dress for Less, where holy crap I found so much good stuff. It was like they were having the Sarah Farbo's Closet Sale. I got four supercute tops and a cute dress, total: $48. Not bad at all! Farbs, if you have a Ross near you, you should totally check out their spring stuff. It was really kind of weird, because I haven't even been to a Ross in years because it had been years before that since I'd found anything good there. But suddenly, awesome clothes. And, further reinforcement of the fact that my summer wardrobe is totally awesome and cute and my winter wardrobe makes me look like a snowman. Summer clothes are just awesomer.

yoga ugh

Feb. 25th, 2007 12:31 pm
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Holy crap. I just tried to do yoga for maybe the second time in the past four weeks. I did a routine maybe last week and was pretty okay, just kind of stiff, but today was awful. My hips and knees just did not want to bend, and everything was creaking and popping. I just did Gene's seated numbered routine, which is pretty gentle, and then when I was more warmed up did my strength building stuff (squats, pushups, etc), and skipped the standing work entirely. It's going to take me a little while to bounce back, I think. Falling out of practice happened so fast! I need to get back into it a bit--I don't want to take this body to a new yoga class. Work ahead of me, I guess.


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