Jan. 22nd, 2017

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I enjoyed this so much. I liked seeing events unfold from both the adults' and teens' perspectives; I liked the characters; I felt a lot of empathy for the adult characters feeling stuck and was pleased at the routes they found out of it. The only thing that didn't ring true was the resolution of the Zoe/Jane problem - they go on a date and things are suddenly better? I felt like their reunion should have had some deeper storytelling. But overall, a really enjoyable book.
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Graphic novel. Apparently a Wonder Woman reboot, which is fine by me since I've never read any Wonder Woman before. But this had a little too much blood for me.
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Really enjoyed this. Many of Greenberg's preoccupations mirror my own, and she writes them really well. Sometimes the ending to a particular piece (poem/mini-essay/whatever) felt a little flat, but overall this was clever and really resonated.
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This was cute. Long have I wanted to see more of Elsa actually trying to govern her kingdom; Disney needs to do more, but this was a start. My daughter was just delighted for a new adventure with all her favorite characters, and by the idea of flangendorfers.


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