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You guys, we saw Hamilton. On Broadway. Eeee! And it completely lived up to the hype.

The occasion was F's 40th birthday, for which we'd planned a grownup weekend in NYC with another couple, F's best friend Mike (also celebrating his 40th) and wife Sarah. F and I went up on Friday afternoon, and Mike and Sarah joined us on Saturday morning. We knew we'd do a show on Saturday night, but Mike really, really wanted to see Hamilton. We eventually agreed that if he could get tickets for $300 each, we'd be in. So Friday night, F and I are drunk on bacon (for serious) and exploring Central Park when we start getting texts from Mike, who has found tickets. I'm not sure how he pulled it off, but he'd been looking online for weeks, and Sarah's dad had offered them some cash as a birthday gift toward getting theater tickets, and I believe the tickets were close enough to our $300 cap that Mike and Sarah just kicked in a little extra. So, yes, tickets were acquired the night before the show.

I needed to spend the first five minutes of the show suspending my disbelief that it would make sense to rap about a guy born in the 1700s who was best known for the US Treasury. Once I got past that, before the end of the first song, I was hooked. It was amazing. Surprisingly, the first half with the Revolutionary War was the uplifting part; I cried twice in the second half. I cried twice during a rap show about Alexander Hamilton. It was just so good. So many nuances and layers. Such amazing performances. I loved it so much.

Afterward, we adjourned to Lillie's Victorian Establishment for drinks and to decompress and talk about the show. We left there after 1, I think, and stopped for a slice of pizza on the way back to the hotel, which was an amazing idea. Got to bed around 2. Awesome night.
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I bought the tickets back in September. We later booked a weeklong trip to Florida Feb 6-13; still later, I got assigned a business trip Feb 16-20, while still later I got a horrible cold right before the business trip. All this made the prospect of going to a concert on a Sunday night immediately afterward not too attractive, but we were both really, really glad we went.

The last time we went to a show at Union Transfer we made a whole night of it, got dinner out and had a few drinks and everything. This time, we just went straight to the show, all businesslike. We got parking no problem, and immediately upon getting in the door, we headed straight up to the balcony with the hope of getting actual seats (as the last time we were at Union Transfer, they had little cafe tables and chairs up on the balcony). This time, there were no little cafe tables, but there were risers with seats at the back of the balcony, directly above the bar. That was fine by us, and we sat in the very back row. (We feel extremely old and go to bed extremely early for this sort of thing so we need seats these days.) Another major perk of Union Transfer, besides the availability of seats, is the good beer. We had several.

Opening band was Elephant Revival, whom I'd never heard of but adored. Modern folk, really excellent, I bought one of their CDs and got it signed by the band. I also bought a Josh Ritter concert shirt, as they were selling girly-style V-neck shirts in size XL. My shirt is very comfortable.

Josh was great. It's wonderful to see him looking so happy these days, just so obviously loving his music and loving his fans and loving playing with his band. I'm not sure why he's wearing paint-spattered coveralls in his concerts and on the album cover, but whatev, he's awesome. He played Hello, Starling. He played Kathleen. He played the Mummy song, which is one of my absolute favorites. It was a great show. And we were sitting down and drinking craft beer during it. Five goddamn stars.
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I feel compelled to document this year's Trash to Treasure sale, just because we got a crapload of stuff.

Every year, the college where F works sponsors the Trash to Treasure Yard Sale in June. As the college students move out at the end of the year, they take all the junk that they would have just thrown away or left by the side of the road, and instead they drop it off at the field house/athletic center. All kinds of stuff, everything from mini-fridges and rugs to clothes to bookshelves to half-empty bottles of laundry detergent. Volunteers sort through all the stuff, arrange it, and price it, and then there's a huge yard sale to benefit United Way. This is seriously a fantastic event. It runs Friday-Sunday, but on Friday morning 8-10AM, there is a special sale preview for College employees. We were ready and waiting at 7:30, with big plastic IKEA bags to carry our loot and a list of the items we were looking for. With buying a house, we knew there'd be some specific things we'd need, and we wanted to get it all as cheaply as possible. Shortly before 8:00, volunteers come down the line with photocopied maps of the yard sale layout (clothes on the left, mirrors on the right, etc) so you could plan your attack. On the back of the map was the price list.

So the doors open at 8, and we flash our College IDs and run inside. First stop is cleaning products, where we fought a bunch of middle-aged women to the booty and picked up I think three mostly-full laundry detergents, a few green cleaning sprays, and three or four mostly-full bottles of shampoo and conditioner (all these bottles added up to $4 total). Then we dashed for furniture, where we snagged one square end table, a small folding table that could easily be an outdoor table or plantstand, and two-drawer file cabinet. Since it's kind of impossible to do any more shopping while lugging a file cabinet, we went up and paid for the furniture ($25 for the two tables and file cabinet) and set them to the side with a sign that said SOLD on them. We then found a round end table, a nice table lamp, and a couple of books, then split up to hit clothes. The pants selection was truly mediocre, but I had fantastic luck with dresses: I got four really cute summer dresses ($6 each), plus a cute top ($3). F found a table fan, a couple of energy-efficient light bulbs, some shorts, an exercise shirt, a pullover windbreaker, and a wintry hat, plus a set of silverware, a grill brush, and some towels.

Now I need to mention that F is actually injured right now. Without going into details, he took a tumble two weeks ago and banged up his knee pretty badly, and it turns out fractured his shoulder. So he's not supposed to be carrying anything heavy with his left arm. He's lugging around the round end table, which is very lightweight, and an IKEA bag full of stuff over his right shoulder. I've got the bag full of cleaning products, which is actually quite heavy, and the lamp, plus dresses piled all over me. We get in line to check out, and the line is very long now--stretching from the end of the field house all the way back through lamps--so we know we've got a wait ahead of us. I shove the dresses in my bag with all the heavy bottles and leave it with F; as the line moves forward he moves each object up one at a time with his good arm. I run up to go move our previously purchased furniture out to the car. I get the two tables first, at which point I realized that we're parked on the opposite end of the field house from the exit, so it's a bit of a walk. Tables loaded in the car, I head back inside, flash my ID again, walk all the way to the exit, pick up the file cabinet, and head back out. The file cabinet isn't super heavy, but it is awkward. With the help of a fence, I hoist the file cabinet up on my shoulder and hoof it back to the car. I am Super Power Woman. I am drenched in sweat. I am of course wearing my work clothes.

Then I head back inside and find F much closer to the end of the line. The line leads first to the pricing table, so the volunteers can add up everything you've got, and then to the payment table. Everything we have with us (table, lamp, fan, dresses, bottles, everything) adds up $70. Plus the $25 we spent on furniture already, we have spent under $100 total and gotten a crapload of stuff! We are totally pumped. That was at 9:35. By 9:51, we've gone home, unloaded most of the stuff, gave me a quick spongebath to deal with all the sweat, changed clothes, fixed hair, and I'm on the train. Score! Awesome morning! I'm wearing one of the new dresses now and have already received a compliment on it (as in, "You have to tell me right now where you got that dress!").

I also got some good news this morning, unrelated to shopping or houses or yoga or anything else going on lately, but I'm not at liberty to share it. I'm really excited about it and can't wait till I can tell you.

Tonight: new tires! Tomorrow: baseball!
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1. While in Pittsburgh, F's sister took us to a strip club to see a midget stripper. Yes. A midget stripper. Her name is Little Sassy Cassie, and she's 2'10" (exactly half my height!). She took it all off. She climbed the stripper pole and did handstands. I was pretty shocked by her obvious arm strength (I mean, she's lifting considerably less weight than I would be if I tried that, but she also has proportionally smaller arms than I do). Overall, it was a pretty interesting thing to do, and was worth seeing just for the ability to say that I have seen it. Cassie is on tour, and I totally recommend catching her if she visits your town.

2. F and I caught a fun play last weekend: William Shakespeare's Land of the Dead. The premise: it's 1599, and zombies attack the Globe Playhouse. It was a fun play in a lot of respects: fun if you like zombies, fun if you like getting splattered with fake blood (there were tarps for the first three rows), fun if you like clever writing and Shakespearean humor. Some of the jokes were great--there was a lot of playing with the idea that Shakespeare didn't write the plays and who might've written them instead. For example, Sir Francis Bacon shows up and wants Shakespeare to pass off one of Bacon's plays as his own, and later on, just about every character he runs into (Queen Elizabeth, John Dee, random actors) has a great idea for a play. The writing was just quick and clever and really fun. I also loved the ending, and the choreography was terrific. (And how thrilled the directors must have been when an actor wearing prosthetic legs signed up for auditions! Brilliant!)
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Well, she left me for Jesus
It just isn't fair
She says he is perfect
How could I compare?

She says I should find Him
and I'll know peace at last
But If I ever find Jesus
I'm kicking His ass
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The Proposal:

F's flight arrived in Philly around 4:30 PM on Tuesday 12/23. I met him at the airport, brought him home on the train, and we spent the evening relaxing. At one point, F claims that he needs to go out to my car--he says he hid something there the last time he was in town, which at first I completely don't believe, but he explains that he saw this perfect gift last time he was here and thought I'd find it for sure if he hid it in the house, so he found a secret spot in my car. I am gullible. He goes out to the car, where he secretly calls my parents and asks for their blessing. My mom is totally awesome, and doesn't let on a thing when I talk to her maybe an hour later. Instead, she tells me about how my dad spent like two hours at Home Depot buying this thing for the lawn that he's now assembling. Go Mom.

On Wednesday 12/24, I took the day off, we slept in a little bit, and then did fun holiday things. F had a lot of gifts to wrap, and I went to the grocery store and then baked yet another batch of cookies. In the early afternoon, F mentioned that he had one or two more gifts to pick up in my neighborhood (full of cute little stores and bakeries, FYI) and went for a walk. When he got back, I was finishing up the cookies. F took over in the kitchen for a bit and I tidied up the living room and put away the wrapping things; we had the holiday music on, and F popped into the room for a minute, said "This one broke!" and gave me half a cookie. I was so happy in that moment, just having F there and doing stupid domestic holiday things, that I burst into tears right there in the living room. F was very sweet about it.

A little while later, F told me that there was a poem he really wanted to read to me on Christmas Day, but he needed to check the book out of the library, which he couldn't do without me and my library card, so could we walk up to the library? I thought, You couldn't check out the book from your library before you left California?! But the cookies were done, and we had time before my parents were coming over for dinner, so I said sure. It's only maybe a ten-minute walk to the library in my neighborhood. We get to the library, and F says he doesn't want me to see the book he's getting, so I need to look at something else for a minute. Okay. He comes to get me, holding one hand behind his back, and says there's another book he wants me to look at. I turn to the shelf and I see...Read more... )


Jul. 1st, 2008 10:41 pm
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Tonight was my monthly small group meeting at church. It was AWESOME. We had such a good and thoughtful conversation! I really, really like these people.

Tomorrow I'm flying to Colorado! This is also AWESOME. I get to see F! And Amy and Josh, and their little boy Elliot! So exciting!

Because of the trip, I'm not planning to be around on LJ much for the next few days, so if something earth-shattering happens, drop me an email, OK?
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I am so incredibly excited about this:

Eastern State Penitentiary celebrates Bastille Day! There's a street fair, and then we get to storm the Bastille at 5:30 PM, and Marie Antoinette will toss butterscotch krimpets from the tower while shouting "Let them eat TastyCake!" FOR SERIOUS. I can think of nothing more awesome.

I so rarely get to use my I Love Philly icon, but this post totally warrants it.
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Okay, so I hate Pearl Jam. Don't get me wrong, they have some decent songs, but every single one of them has been so overplayed I want to stab myself in the eye whenever they come on the radio. And many of their songs are just damn annoying. To avoid causing myself bodily harm, I change the station every time I hear Eddie Vedder's voice. However, tonight on the radio, I heard something that made me very, very happy.

When you get to the main menu page, click on "Pearl Jam the Musical" at the bottom of the lefthand toolbar. I laughed out loud several times. Some of the interpretations aren't as good as others, but on the whole it's a beautiful thing.


Feb. 14th, 2008 06:14 pm
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My new speakers work!! There's no AM radio!! For only $25!! It's Valentine's Day and I have the awesomest boyfriend ever and I'm going to go order my favorite pizza and watch Buffy and then eat truffles and drink wine and take a luxurious bubble bath! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Jul. 27th, 2007 03:24 pm
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I am having a spectacularly terrific birthday. I spent the day at the zoo with my mom. We saw the tiger and lions and giraffes and coatis and monkeys and meercats (Jess, they do have some at the Philly zoo!), and we rode on the ZooBalloon! And saw the bird show. Then I cut across four lanes of traffic and a trolley to make a possibly-illegal left out of the zoo parking lot, and we didn't die (although the trolley dinged at me--Mom said "F-ck him!"), and then we had delicious gelati from the farmers market in my neighborhood. When I got back to my apartment a little while ago, I was just in time to intercept the delivery of my birthday box from the mailman. F put together a really awesome, wonderful, romantic themed box of little presents. And while I was on the phone thanking him, Carlos left me a message singing Feliz Cumpleanos. :) And I got virtual LJ gifts! I'm having an absolutely wonderful day! Thank you for all your emails and comments and things. So happy. Yay!
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Dude! I get out of work at 3:00 today, because it's a holiday weekend! AND I get the day off on Monday to spend with Chelsea! Double the awesomeness!

I booked flights to AWP in Atlanta. I arrive on Thursday March 1 around 8pm, and depart on Sunday March 4 at 5pm. I'm sharing a room with Fritz and Xina and JT, and Rhett and Jay are going too, and Tom and Jennifer, and Jim and Terry and Stuart and Dan, and probably a lot of other Greensboro grads. I foresee... lots of good times! And drinking!

I think I may spend my usual AWP book budget on liquor. At least then I won't feel guilty about buying a bunch of poetry books and not reading them, which is what I usually do. I know for sure I will drink any alcoholic beverages I buy. Although I will probably buy some books too, or at least subscribe to some journals. All part of my new plan to start being a writer again. I got an offer in the mail to subscribe to Poets&Writers at just $9.95 for a year--that's a pretty good rate, so I may do it, and P&W has a lot of information on getting published, so I bet it would be worth it.

I went to the gym on Tuesday and last night (Thursday). Tuesday I did 37 minutes of elliptical and then spread out my yoga mat in the third floor classroom space, which is in the center of the indoor track. I was in the middle of a downward dog with one leg in the air when I saw a guy I'd chatted with before running around the track, and waving at me. Next time I was rightside up he jogged over to say hi. That was kind of funny. The other really notable thing about Tuesday's practice was that I got my leg straight in a revolving triangle pose for the first time ever. Over three years of doing yoga, and finally! I felt triumphant. It was only my right leg, not my left yet (although I felt close on the left), and I couldn't recreate it last night, but still! I'm definitely making progress. Didn't feel the usual knee wobbliness in revolving extended side angle, either, which was surprising and good. I'm glad I took time away from that one and it came out well. Did the full pushups and squats routine, too. I feel like it makes a big difference.

Last night I had time for 25 minutes of elliptical before yoga class. Class was good--I like Debi, but I don't really like her teaching style, or the way she modifies some poses. It also makes me crazy that she way oversimplifies some poses, as if for a low-level beginner class (lots of the old ladies at my gym have been taking yoga for a while), but then includes poses that are above and beyond my capability, let alone a beginner's. But it's always nice to do yoga with others. I felt good and strong last night, even though I didn't have time to do my pushups and squats. And! Last night I weighed myself, and I weighed the least I have weighed in a really really long time. 151.5! I had just worked out and hadn't eaten dinner yet, but that's usually the case when I weigh myself. It's not like the weight really matters, it's just a number, but still. I felt good.

I've been noticing some other little changes in my body, too. More definition in my arms, for sure, and also in my thighs. My calves have been rock solid for a while now. It's the arms I'm most impressed with, because the heaviest thing I ever lift is me, and my full weight never even rests on my arms. Yoga is just really good for me. Doing yoga and elliptical both, three times a week, is creating results I'm really surprised at--and I haven't even been that regular about it for very long, I was all over the place in December. I hope I can find an affordable gym near my new apartment. I was planning to find a yoga studio and just do yoga and study it seriously, but now that I've been doing the elliptical I want to keep up with that too. So... I want a yoga studio, and I want access to an elliptical machine for 40 minutes three times a week. I don't know that I'd use a gym for anything else. I'll have to see what's around.

...I'm considering not getting internet at my new apartment. I love you guys, but I spend way too much time online. I don't know if I can manage that, though. I'll have to think about it.
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Holy crap, that was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I'm glad I went, and I'm glad I went by myself. So worth it. So awesome. I wonder when I'm going to be able to hear out of my right ear again.


Nov. 15th, 2006 01:50 pm
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Today's Dinosaur Comics is the awesomest ever. Because of the last line. I heart T Rex!!

long day

Jan. 16th, 2005 11:02 pm
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I just watched the entire extended edition of The Lord of the Rings. We started at 10:00 this morning. It's now 11pm. I'm freakin' exhausted. But the Eowyn/Faramir <3 made me happy. I am very content, and I'm going to bed.


Aug. 12th, 2003 08:51 am
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From the Kipling book:

An interviewer, noting the sometimes-insulting content of Kipling's travel letters published in India, stated, "If these letters are ever republished in book form, or any other form which will give the great American public a chance to get at them, Rudyard Kipling's name is Dennis so far as personal popularity in the United States goes." The footnotes tell us that according to the Partridge Dictionary of Slang, "Dennis" is nautical for pig, and "hullo Dennis" was an insulting catch-phrase in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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can i just say that i really, really like fondue? like, a lot? jorn and i went to Teh Melting Pot for our anniversary last night, and it was a super-ymmuy experience. we're too cheap to get an actual main course, so we just had the cheese fondue for our dinner. our waiter was josh and he was really nice. we *loved* the cheese fondue. we dipped bread in it and apples in it, but not vegetables (although some were provided for our dipping pleasure). we had to request more bread and apples because we still had cheese left. i didn't like the apples in the fondue as much when we first started eating, but then it hit me how amazingly good it was--the warm gooey cheesiness of the fondue plus the crisp cool juicy tartness of the granny smith apple chunks. shit, i could write advertising copy for these people. anyway, it rocked.

and then we had dessert. we got the cookies & cream dream chocolate fondue. i was still pretty hungry at this point, but jorn professes to have been fairly filled up after the cheese course. so since i was still hungry, we got the size that supposedly serves 3-4 people, rather than the small which serves 1-2. we totally made the right choice. a big pot of simmering chocolate, and two platefuls of stuff to dip in it: strawberries, bananas, marshmellows, cheesecake, poundcake, and brownies. it was amazing. it was orgasmic. it was everything every dessert should be. oh. my. god. it was better than any food i ate on the cruise i took with my parents a few years back, and that's saying something. i love food. i love chocolate. it was great.

the rest of the night was really fun too. jorn surprised me by shaving off his beard (yay softness!), and then surprised me again at dinner by giving me a present--a necklace i had liked at a store we were at last weekend. i was mostly joking when i pointed it out to him (ie, i really liked it but totally wasn't expecting him to buy it), but he went back and got it! (as a point of reference, the last time jorn bought me jewelry was the worry ring amy and alyssa helped pick out--he gives me lots of other sweet and good and fun gifts, but rarely jewelry. so this was an unexpected event.) after dinner, we saw Daredevil, which i pretty much liked but jorn didn't think too much of (as he says in his post about our night out). after the movie, we went back to jorn's place and drank champagne, and after that's none of your beeswax.

it was a great night. we always have good anniversaries, but this one was really, really good. yay.
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so last night, we went over to rhett's to watch buffy, and rhett gave me a present that she made me for my reading--using two bars of soap, she carved an Acathla (those who've seen 2nd season buffy know who that is) with his mouth open, and an Angel (whose leg fell off while she was carving him, but oh well), and the Angel is attached to the Acathla with a small sword stuck through them. this is seriously one of the most super presents ever.


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